US NAVY MAP of the FUTURE is this NOW?? 2011-2012

US NAVY MAP of the FUTURE is this NOW??


US Navy Map representing the future geophysical landscape,

consequences from the cosmic and geophysical events

during 2011 through 2012.




US Navy’s Earth Changes USA Flood Map, New Madrid Earthquake ZoneNLE 2011: What Does the Navy Know


18 thoughts on “US NAVY MAP of the FUTURE is this NOW?? 2011-2012

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  2. The tsunami generated by El-Hierro will counter – rotate the Earh, Will that weight will crush the crust on the east coast destabilizing the entire North American plate. Plus the gravitional rip tides from planet X will rip the crust apart and give us 2000 ft high tides

  3. Navy Map shows where water reclaims areas along and near major fault lines. Mississippi and Ohio River drainages was caused probably by it’s fault line. In the west follow the Colorado River drainages caused by the fault lines,probably caused the Grand Canyon to be carved out-Colorado River just following low area caused by fault(s)—I lived and camped in the Upper Greenriver Basin in the Windriver Nountains(Wyoming)–this is the head of the Greenriver drainage basin which feeds into the Colorado river–this map makes since if you follow the major fault lines in the USA and map out the major volcanic hot spots, like Yellowstone Park thru Utah, Idaho and Nevada.

  4. When WW3 happens, the polar caps will be melted. Mainly the northern one and global sea levels will raise, submerging most of the land masses you see today. The sea level could rise 5K + from nukes popping off at 10 K degrees each, and the U.S. and Russia & China have about 800 + each of those to pop on the world.

  5. It all really doesnt matter, whats important is that you know GOD and your SALVATION. ETERNAL LIFE WILL COME…

    1. That’s an extremely convenient excuse to not take responsibility for the world you live in and the state in which you will leave it for your descendants.

      1. That’s what religion does. It fills the believers full of garbage, guilt, fear and silly notions and beliefs, turning them into mindless, unconscious blithering idiots who will accept any atrocity in the name of their religious beliefs. It’s just plain scary how many of these mindless moles inhabit this planet. Maybe I should start believing in “miracles” because it’s going to take a damn big one to get us out of the mess we’re in.

    2. Wow, I know this is way behind, time wise. Cathy, I like Heather and your words of FAITH and TRUTH. I can only hope and pray the naysayers wake up before that millisecond after dying when they find “every knee will bow, every tongue confess that JESUS IS LORD”

  6. Nobody need be on the surface when these events actually occur….

    A much vaster happening will be scheduled when the human ascendees are either on board Federation ships, or within the crystal cities of inner-Earth..
    It will not just be a matter of floods, but of a major land topographic transformation, alongside volcanism, earthquakes, magnetic pole shift and 400 mile an hour winds…

    At the end of the process will stand a paradise, which will be resident upon the 5th dimension…

    There will be no US Navy then…. 🙂


      The sea level will be drastically dropped by the gravitational displacement of billions of gallons of water from rivers, melt-ice and sea, into frozen ice sheets of FIRMAMENT SHIELDS, placed at levels of 15,000 feet and 35,000 feet above the planetary surface…

      These will allow the correctly balanced biosphere to be nutured upon the surface, reducing excess solar radiation and allowing a virtually zero damage to animal and human DNA….
      All life will consequently GROW larger thn before…
      And no more sunburn, if you are upon the surface…. 🙂

      This project is a speciality of Agharta and they are champing at the bit to get it underway….

    2. Wake up, that is nonsense! Don’t get on any spaceships or you will be food for the demons. There isn’t any aliens!! They are shape shifting demons, seeds of Cain and The Watchers…Fallen Angels (DEMONS!) The Devil is The Master of Deception!! Get to know Jesus ask him into your heart, repent and follow the 10 commandments and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Hi Heather, Good and Evil Angels Demonsare real, but so are Aliens, Do you really think GOD only made us ? I have published faster than light. I have eaten with them. The Masons are a Alien cult. All the Pharohs were Masons, King David king Soloman were Masons And so was Jesus. GOD is at the front of our order and always will be. They are here now. GOD BLESS

  7. Hey first thanks for postng this. I have seen these maps before and they have led me to many sleepless nights. One thing that I don’t understand though is the fact that Utah is basically gone and that the whole interior of the country isn’t under water. I mean once you leave the coast there are the tetons, then you are at a high level plateau, then the Rocky mountain range. I mean we are talking about 5,000+ feet above sea level. If there was a huge gouge in that system, which all of the maps seem to imply wouldn’t the whole center of the country be flooded as well? Some if it makes sense like the great lakes draining into the gulf, all of those areas are much lower in elevation, but the mapping in the west just doesn’t make sense to me. Just my opinion mind you. Hopefully not much of this map comes to pass… Love and light all.

    1. Utah was completely under water before. This is simply the ocean reclaiming it’s basin.
      How do you think we have salt mines in Utah. How do you think we have an enormous Salt Lake in the middle of the Rocky Mountains?

      What do you thinks created the Arches State park in Moab? Spitballs? It surely wasn’t wind. This was created by currents moving through these stone structures creating them… Vortexes, Arches and standing boulders atop giant pillars.

      These maps are accurate. This isn’t the way we see 2012, this is the way we saw 1220. But being that water is the most powerful force on earth, on fragile event could put it all back where it came from.

      Good news here is: when this occurs, we will see 1000’s more islands that we can’t see now.

  8. Thanks for posting this, Dieter! The important thing is for people not to view this as a mass disaster. Mother Earth is birthing a new reality, and she too must change to provide us with a New Earth. Be prepared! And be at peace inwardly.

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