US Government Shutdown March 4: Comet Elenin?


Will the federal government shut down on March 4th and does this have anything to do with the arrival of the comet Elenin?……!5768805/tsa-hara…

One thought on “US Government Shutdown March 4: Comet Elenin?

  1. The true Spirit told me to write this…
    My people your hearts have growing cold and you minds as stone , Come to Me My people and no longer delay~ I love you all and have chosen many in calling . Let go of your fears, your doubts; for they will paralyze you and your Souls(=mind will and emotions) will die. No more reincarnations it is time to become “ONE” within with Me by unconditional love, healing with My true peace will set you free!
    Many out there call me Spirit for I do not have a name. So there is no one to blame for your choices and your realities. You are the creators I do not create, for I have no needs and wants.Duality needs to come out of you. the mighty truth within Thee, I am the Golden Silence!The essence of who I am anyone can attain, Come to Me My people , so you will Remain. Remain stedfast and true- then you will stand alone in Me!
    Oh mighty warriors, it is time to ROAR, the darkness will leave as you all surrender your souls to Me. Come now and follow Me, not after the birds of the air, not the humans on this planet, not the stars, suns and moons in the skies, not after symbols nor signs, not after the religious traditions, ways, laws,and regulations, not after the planets, nor the saints.. They are of NOT ME! I am everything for I am the One who truly loves you. Let go of your arrogance, your attachments, and your beleifs and come to humbleness in this shift; For it is time to hearken and time to be lifted into My Presence for We can become one… One in UNITY! Unify your souls and hearts in prayer and let the lion(soul) lay down with the Lamb(the heart/your home where I dwell) and let us be in Peace!So many of you are stuck in this matrix of the “Creation” world of your souls and body..Let go of your souls, all past lives, all lies that are within your bodies,integrate,and emerge them into Me. For I will set you free. Hearken to My warning for another one will come soon then after that one the energy of Judgement will come upon the households. this energy will hit the earths grid and come through the fields starting the summer solitice.. this is your timing and after that timing is no more. I brought to you messengers who you’ve judged wrongly and couldn’t see My light in them for your hearts are deceived. Let go of your fears once and for all and See with My eyes, deprogram yourselves of the matrix of astrology, the matrix of your souls for they will no longer serve you for your highest good. Come and serve Me, for I am you and you are Me.Come now My people let us rejoice because My judgement is at Hand For I love you more than you really know. When your darkness is revealed within humility will come upon you and you will be humbled and the veils will be lifted..then.. THEN.. I say toyou My children… I can use you and you again will become My children. For no one can enter into heaven without becoming my Child! An innocent, pure being of my true Self.. Ahhh… just a delight to SEE. For we are One one with ME. I love you more than you really know; come now and let us be together and Celebrate My Heaven on earth and your Heaven on earth ..I love you My Children I LOVE YOU!

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