Company Makes Oil from Water !

This Oct. 26, 2010 photograph provided by Joule Unlimited shows the companyâ��s ethanol and diesel production testing facility in Leander, Texas, wher AP – This Oct. 26, 2010 photograph provided by Joule Unlimited shows the company’s ethanol and diesel production …

By JAY LINDSAY, Associated Press Jay Lindsay, Associated Press – Sun Feb 27, 9:15 pm ET

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – A Massachusetts biotechnology company says it can produce the fuel that runsJaguars and jet engines using the same ingredients that make grass grow.

Joule Unlimited has invented a genetically-engineered organism that it says simply secretes diesel fuel or ethanol wherever it finds sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.

The Cambridge, Mass.-based company says it can manipulate the organism to produce the renewable fuels on demand at unprecedented rates, and can do it in facilities large and small at costs comparable to the cheapest fossil fuels.

What can it mean? No less than “energy independence,” Joule’s web site tells the world, even if the world’s not quite convinced.

“We make some lofty claims, all of which we believe, all which we’ve validated, all of which we’ve shown to investors,” said Joule chief executive Bill Sims.

“If we’re half right, this revolutionizes the world’s largest industry, which is the oil and gas industry,” he said. “And if we’re right, there’s no reason why this technology can’t change the world.”

The doing, though, isn’t quite done, and there’s skepticism Joule can live up to its promises.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory scientist Philip Pienkos said Joule’s technology is exciting but unproven, and their claims of efficiency are undercut by difficulties they could have just collecting the fuel their organism is producing.

Timothy Donohue, director of the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, says Joule must demonstrate its technology on a broad scale.

Perhaps it can work, but “the four letter word that’s the biggest stumbling block is whether it `will’ work,” Donohue said. “There are really good ideas that fail during scale up.”

Sims said he knows “there’s always skeptics for breakthrough technologies.”

“And they can ride home on their horse and use their abacus to calculate their checkbook balance,” he said.

Joule was founded in 2007. In the last year, it’s roughly doubled its employees to 70, closed a $30 million second round of private funding in April and added John Podesta, former White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton, to its board of directors.


Fossil fuels are NO LONGER NEEDED. All we need is SUNLIGHT AND CO2. The NEW Fuel Formula is 50X TIMES more efficient than the Biofuel Production

Tue Mar 01 2011 15:48


Joule is pioneering the production of Liquid Fuel from the Sun™, surpassing today’s barriers to abundant, sustainable, cost-competitive supply.

More than a promising technology, Joule has a proven platform for renewable fuel production with greater efficiencies, scale and net energy yield than any known alternative to fossil fuels today.


Joule produces clean, infrastructure-compatible fuels directly from sunlight and waste CO2 in a single-step, continuous process that requires no costly biomass intermediates, processing or dependency on precious natural resources.

We combine breakthroughs in genome engineering, bioprocessing and hardware engineering to form an integrated, commercial-ready solution with unprecedented scale and productivity rates.


Joule leverages a completely novel SolarConverter™ system to manage the entire production cycle with up to 50X the efficiencies of biofuel production.

Requiring only sunlight and waste CO2, this system can produce renewable diesel fuel in virtually unlimited quantities at costs as low as $30/barrel equivalent, overcoming the challenges of oil exploration and production.


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