YOU CAN LOVE CHEMTRAIL AWAY WITH ORGONITE: How to Make an Orgonite Orgone CloudBuster

SenseiDennis | November 29, 2006

Instructional on making a Croft Style Orgonite Cloudbuster. For more information on orgonite and orgone energy see my forum at
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2 thoughts on “YOU CAN LOVE CHEMTRAIL AWAY WITH ORGONITE: How to Make an Orgonite Orgone CloudBuster”

  1. This is very helpful and self empowering.

    Today there were so many chemtrails just blazing over my head. I was angry and crying so I marched over to NOAA next door to ask what they could do about the chemtrails since they work with disasters in the waters and I figured that chemtrails effect our oceans, birds, fish as well.
    the guard just laughed at me when I asked if he could give me some information on NOAA. He had know idea what I was talking about and sent me back on my way with his gun and all. Have a nice day. He said he just worked there and for me to contact them on the Web site. Ok Ok I am an idiot to think the any Federal agency will really care about this issue, but it is time for our Governing powers to represent its citizens.
    I am angry today and confused and scared and it showed.
    and I guess i wasn’t thinking this out today but now that this video is here I now can empower myself. I feel better and not so nuts.
    Clean air, clean water, free energy, organic foods, and shelter from the storms. Is this to much to ask for?

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