Gibiru don’t Track You. Part of the Search Engine Privacy Project Founded by Underground Internet Privacy Activists. No One Company should have so much information.

Gibiru don’t Track You.  Part of the Search Engine Privacy Project Founded by Underground Internet Privacy Activists.  No One Company should have so much information.

Gibiru Search Engine Proxy & Alternative Search Engine
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Google nor the NSA have commented publicly on the agreement. Absent any openness, there is no way for Google customers to know what information the company is giving the NSA and no way for U.S. citizens to know what NSA is doing for Google in return.  Gibiru don’t Track You.  Part of the Search Engine Privacy Project Founded by Underground Internet Privacy Activists.  No One Company should have so much information.

Protect Your Browsing Freedom and Set Gibiru as your Homepage.


Gibiru provides the Basic Google results most people are familiar with but when you search through Gibiru, the system simply breaks your IP address from the search query and dilutes the data that Google may connect you with.  Gibiru makes nor implies any guarantee that a site or sites you visit after leaving the Gibiru Search Results will not be tracking you independently or storing data about you so browse the internet at your own risk. Gibiru gathers no personal information on its users, however due to some Google code needed for results, Gibiru may use aggregated statistics to manage our usership rates, growth and site performance to properly load balance our servers.


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8 thoughts on “Gibiru don’t Track You. Part of the Search Engine Privacy Project Founded by Underground Internet Privacy Activists. No One Company should have so much information.

  1. Just try the news section on Gibiru. search for comet elenin for example. Then thy searching Google “News” for Comet Elenin. I think it is pretty clear who has the people’s best interest in mind.

  2. Some of the above statements are correct. I created Gibiru and Coup Media, which feeds the news section of Gibiru. I am a Mason and Rosicrucian, I can assure you that the project is not a false flag operation, sounds like some real alex Jones fans…. The program is designed to get Google’s and the NSA’s attention on internet censorship, and be scientifically credible. This is the real problem, freedom of information, and government control of it. Since Google has blocked “alternative News” sites using the same excuse as China for internet regulation. Believe it or not, masons are supporting “alternative news” and bettering Humanity, there are other evil forces at work. We are not the ones you should be afraid of. We are doing our best to preserve humanity and the rights that our brothers came to America for. I am happy to answer any questions.


    1. My (only theoretical) speculation about Gibiru beeing false flag seemed to be enought to provoke a response and defense from its (supposed) founder… I would not be surprised if this page would be attacked or disappear suddenly. Hope you regularly back up/export your blog content, dear Dieter! I saved this page by the way for any case 😉

      It has become impossible these days to find guidance in names and symbols, everything can be on this side or the other side, deception comes in many forms. So I wount blame “Gibiru Founder” for stating that he is a Mason and Rosicrucian. I hear that there are lower degree Freemason fighting on the good side against government cover ups and mass manipulation. Who am I to judge that?
      But what I can be clear about: Any kind of secret society, as are the Freemason, the Illuminati, the Rosicrucians by definition, are deeply suspect to me. Individuals have the right for privacy, as soon as groups act in secret, they have lost their responsibility towards God, the creator, and all living beeings. Good does not hide, it openly fights evil, if necessary.

  3. I just thought so not from the name, but from the logo which is pretty masonic/occult…

    Cool to be online at the same time, dear Dieter, I send you my best wishes and warmth over the big ocean, one day we shall all meet!

  4. A search proxy over Google, that’s an interesting idea. But next you need a proxy for YouTube, that’s also owned by google…

    Who tells us that Gibiru is not false flag? By controlling such a proxy the NWO has direct information on who wants secrecy and what they are searching… I think I’ve just gotten too paranoid by all this conspiracy stuff 😉

    I for myself don’t care if they know what I’m searching an surfing. The black forces must already have realized that we are too many to track down individually and they are on a lost stand. But for me its easy talking, they don’t build FEMA camps in my country…

    1. It’s good to be mindful because the deception does continue….but also know that there’s always a response to the dark, by the Light, and that includes “google”, whether or not it’s Gibiru remains to be seen….the name isn’t giving me hope though now that I think more about it….

    2. You are correct, friend..

      The dark cabal has so many problems keeping a lid on the matrix and is being completely overwhelmed by so many activated people, globally….with consciousness expanding all over the planet and groups and individuals demanding reform to this paradigm…
      Thus, their failing attempts to control, in spite of using many government agencies and corporate allies, accross several countries. They are placing a finger in the wall of the dyke, hoping to stop the deluge.

      We are all already identified by them, but there really is no need to be alarmed by that.

      In Light, Drekx

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