Valiant Thor from the Planet Venus

Left to right: Jill, Donn & Valiant Thor
All three were reportedly from Venus
Photographed in 1959 at Highbridge, New Jersey

On March 16, 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia, Valiant Thor landed his craft and was met by two police officers, weapons drawn. Through thought transference, he convinced the officers he meant no harm as he was ushered into the back of their patrol car. After crossing over into Washington, D.C., they were met by the Secretary of Defense along with six of his staff members.

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  1. “14 He created man of clay like the potter’s,
    15 And the jinn did He create of smokeless fire.” [Qur’an Ar-Rahman 14-15]

    “And the Day We gather them all: ‘O tribes of Jinn, you have managed to take many humans.’ Their supporters from the humans said: ‘Our Lord, we have indeed enjoyed one another, and we have reached our destiny to which You delayed us.’ He said: ‘The Fire is your dwelling, in it you shall abide eternally, except as your Lord wishes.’ Your Lord is Wise, Knowledgeable.” [Qur’an Al-An’am 128 (The Cattle) ]

    Who are the Jinn?


    Jinn are beings made of energy “Plasma” that is derived from smokeless fire;
    Jinn were created before mankind to serve God;
    Jinn were able to travel the galaxy and listen-in on God’s commands to His angels;
    Jinn overheard God’s declaration that humans are to be the beings of authority on the planet Earth;
    Jinn opposed God’s judgment and Satan pleaded with God that he and his kind be allowed to remain on Earth so as to prove that mankind is unworthy;
    God granted Satan’s request, with restriction on the movement of Jinn to this universe only;
    Jinn remain mainly invisible to the human eye unless they chose to be seen.
    Jinn may affect physical items, move objects and mold matter into useful tools;
    Jinn camp is has been split between those who repented to God and those who insist on Satan’s way;
    Human messengers are sent not only to revert mankind, but also to revert Jinn;
    Jinn and humans may communicate based on the fact that humans welcome such communication.”

  2. You seem like Jinn to me, and Jesus did not bite the apple nor would he ever bite the apple, nor would he even tell his followers to bite the apple, Jesus came to warn against biting the apple by telling his followers how to turn away from biting the apple and giving in to the temptations of the devil and what to look for. Your picture of our beloved Messiah with an apple computer implying he needs modern technology and not the power of God behind him instead is very offensive to believers. May you ask God to guide you to the light and source of truth and away from the darkness clouding your mind, body and spirit … Ameen

      1. I am not your sister and I don’t bite apples they are to sour and taste to much like smokeless fire. I’m hear to tell the truth about your little operation here, it’s obvious, you can’t handle the truth

      2. And your arrogance has been explained

        “Call to mind, when We commanded the angels: Submit to Adam, they all submitted, but Iblis did not; he refused and was arrogant, being already one of the disbelievers.”
        – Qur’an Chapter 2, Verse 35

        “Allah questioned him: What prevented thee from submitting when I commanded thee? He retorted: I am better than he. Thou hast created me of fire while him hast Thou created of clay. Allah said: In that case, depart hence. It behoves thee not to be arrogant here. Get out, thou art surely of those abased. Iblis pleaded: Grant me respite till the day when they shall be raised up. Allah said: Thou art given respite. Iblis said: Since Thou hast brought about my ruin, I will assuredly lie in wait for them on Thy straight path and will approach them fore and aft, and from right and left, and Thou wilt not find most of them grateful. Allah said: Get out hence, despised and banished. Whoso of them shall follow thee should know that I will surely fill hell with you all.”
        – Qura’n Chapter 7, Verse 13-19

  3. I am reading a great book called Aliens over America.I wonder if Alfred Webre Exopolitics has had any communication with Alien friend Thor? Does Mr.Thor know why chemtrailing and microwave cell phone radiation towers are allowed to go up all over America and spin out our pinial glands.I have always believed in good and bad aliens.Did aliens help clean up Fukushima radiation in our jet stream??My mind is open so please share information .Thank you ChemtrailKansas,Ness Kansas.

  4. Throughout the ages man has always known that we were not alone. We worshiped the “Gods” because they were something new to humanity. Now i am going to share with you my research on this matter.
    What is God??? God is neither living nor dead,God is a representation of those who created mankind. God said “Let US make man in OUR own image”, so doesn’t that tell you that “God” is humanoid in appearance.
    Humans and the Gods share the same DNA patterns, enough for them to be able to mate with the daughters of men, as told in the old testament. Does anyone actually believe that Jesus wasn’t extraterrestrial in origin? He was the SON of GOD so he shares DNA with the beings that created us.My beliefs are that Jesus and Val Valiant Thor are of the same species. They could both perform “miracles”. They both appeared and disappeared at will. They both vanished mysteriously.
    Ezekiel saw the Wheel within the wheel and god’s throne inside it.. Why would the christian interpretation of god need a vehicle in witch to travel if in fact he wasn’t omnipotent, and all knowing.
    If god were everlasting and there were no death in heaven then why would there be an uprising of angels? What point would Lucifer have to revolt and start war if God and the angels were immortal? And if the bible is true then it contradicts itself when it stated that Angels have no free will and man does. If that is in fact true then Lucifer would not have the will to revolt.

    These are many of the exciting topics that i will dwell on in my first book
    I will not be selling this book but my ideas are for the world to enjoy.
    Email me for information and a copy when it is finished, my email address is
    Thank you.

  5. Naõ teno duvidas quanto à existencia nem de Jesus nem dos Extraterrestres, visto que o Grande Mestre era um extraterrestre.

  6. Hello, my name is Scott. I just came across your site while looking for information on Val Valient Thor. Although, I am not aware of who you are yet, it didn’t take me long to realize you are one of the good guys. The reason I am writing this is because i wanted to share with you a vision i had had while induced on DMT, “the spirit molecule”. As i was coming out of the threshold of uncomprehension and egolessness, i had looked up in my room and saw a golden city. As i gained my wits and speach again, I turned to my friend and told him, “We are all so dumb.” This statement, though a broad and not completely directed at ALL of humanity, was the beginning of my explanation to him of how that city, a visual representation or hallucination, that to me (with no words; just knowing) it was the “infinite”, and was no human city. Within that short time period and through that seeing of the alien city, I had only a taste of what the “infinite” had really actually meant. I know this may sound like any other story of that guy who took a drug and saw aliens, but i can say i had no contact whatsoever with any type of being. I like to keep that account as a memory that although things may seem quite hopeless sometimes, it’s all apart of a much grander plan. Seeing that DMT is apart of us, I tell you this story in hopes that you too undertand the power that can come from it. But hey, it could’ve been myself making up the city, reacting to the DMT, but even if so, it would make even more sense that i would relay a message from my own sub-concious, that dwells in a universe that i’m physically and mentally apart of. Either, or, I am happy to say that i know that we are not alone, even if it’s not in our own dimensional plane, and take pride in sharing in my experience, with you or whoever else is willing to listen. I hope to speak with you at some point, but if not, have a good, day, week, month, year, and beyond.

  7. “Jesus” SANANDA Esu Immanuel on EARTH CHANGES

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    The message itself, reflects the ideas of Gordon Michael Scallion’s Future end-times-changes map.

    Dieter writes: Yes the bible has been fraudulent since it was written, however that doesn’t mean “Jesus” didn’t walk the earth. He did walk the earth, and since he was the son of Archangel Gabriel, I guess that might mean he wasn’t mortal like the rest of us think we are and could still be living!

    “Jesus” is back bearing a new name “Sananda”, and he has come to gather his flock to bring them home, and the rest are gonna stay with satan’s angels (the majority thus far, of humanity) in the void of Light. I feel like I’m living in satan’s void with the rest of you, since so few of you are even conscious enough to comprehend the reality vs. the illusions and have thus become angry, jaded, depressed, powerless, ego-based, and just plain satanic. Obviously our planet is going through a major transition this can be clearly seen by anyone using the remaining 3% of their brain still active. Read on and find out about the earth changes that we will experience in this lifetime, either as our personal version of “hell” or as the rebirthing of heaven on earth, the choice is always our’s. Love and Light, Dieter

    “Jesus” SANANDA Esu Immanuel on EARTH CHANGES

    “We are in the preparation to come in mighty numbers as your preparations for war and holocaust are being formulated behind thy visions. We are in the standing by in readiness to loose ones of other time bands. You, and they, will be gathered up and relieved of the terrible experience of the mighty holocaust of these events which will come to pass in your time. We are prepared; are you ready? Nay, you talk and talk and ponder and marvel – you are not ready! You will be where you will be, brothers, you will be where you shall be. None will escape the transition; must these things be repeated and repeated unto you? How long before you listen and hear my words?

    The cyclic time is at hand; no more, no less. What is told unto you that is new? The cycle has come to full circle. There shall be a mighty awakening in the days ahead; it has already begun. It is only that you do not hear or pay attention until thy clock is late for you choose to sleep on and ponder that which �might� come. But I warn you,; do not effort to outthink your brothers of the Higher Planes for you will be tended if you do as bidden; run helter-skelter and you shall bring upon self destruction.

    Do not project of maps with lines which represent death of the body or land mass lest you be caught in the trap of perceived doom. The great promises are already brought forth, it is only for you to understand their meaning and continue with your works for the time is at hand and you must come into balance. There will be no place wherein you can proclaim �safety� – only within myself! I am your shelter and I am the way and except by me no one shall come unto our Father. Hiding neath the rock or within the caves will do naught for no place shall remain unchanged. Your way and your safety is within mine hands and I am of a mind to be tending of thee. So be it, come again into your balance. You have of me in your presence and it is time that you come into understanding and comprehension for you sadden of my heart that you do not recognize of my presence.

    I have told you that your country of the United States, it will be rent in twain in the area of the Mississippi River and the region of Canada, the Great Lakes as you call them, and that river shall be split to the Gulf of Mexico, into Central America and all that environ shall be changed.

    The land to the West will be as a great sea and therein shall the Lotus bloom again. The times of the fulfilling of these things are close at hand, brethren,. The �Land of the Lotus� is the great land which was submerged thrice and than has remained beneath the waters of what you call the Pacific Ocean. Just as she was cast into the fury of the deep, she will rise likewise in the glory of the new dawning as a new order and a fertile land. When this is in accomplishment, the mid area of thy country shall be as she, sunken into the sea with only a few of your highest mountain acropolii felt as islets, perhaps three and no more than five. After the waters settle there may be a few scattered more. These shall be in the area of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Further, to the areas of the Atlantic; the bottom will submerge the land of the seaboard. The risen land will be as a new mountain range of the eastern portion; rugged beyond thy comprehension as to reflect the mightiness of the Himalayas; they will stand at the highest point some 18,000 of thy measured feet in altitude, and the land will bear the city of the old for the scientific ones to explore. That land will be cold as your present highest peaks and uninhabitable. This particular mountain range shall extend unto the Equatorial belt.

    That which is known as England will be as naught seen; the place of France will be to the bottom of that which is now the Atlantic. The great place known as Russia will be a sea as that one now known as the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. To the north it will flow as one into that which is known as Siberia.

    There is no law, brethren, of the Earth that will change a hair of it or cause it to be stayed.

    Now hear me well, children of the Human and Elders of thy races, hear me well. There will come, after all these things come about, a resting of planet Earth for some 3,000 of your years. Peace shall be as calmness and solitude of quietness upon the surface of the blessed Earth to the ending of the cycle. Then she will again be peopled as from the first, with the ones from the planets of thy solar systems. There are solar systems within solar systems in the omniverse. You ones of mine flock are here at this closing of cycles to cause and assist in her wondrous transition into her rightful place of glory and to again bring light unto our Father�s creation – unto all life forms.

    Nay, there is no law upon your place which can stay the hand of the Creator for he again sends me to reclaim of his creations. I come not again as one to be dealt with lightly; I come again to reclaim that which is my Father�s and that which is thy Father�s heirs. I shall meet my fallen brother and I shall prevail. Those who choose of his darkened path shall be cast into the void with his angels.

    You of mine ones shall be lifted up into those craft which ride the waves of the energies of the universe and rest upon the clouds of space. I went forth from you to prepare a place for thee; the preparations are in readiness. Who of you will come with me?

    Those ones who will serve as your rescue workers are trained well. There are multitudes of the rescue workers and you shall do your portion from the land masses. You are not back upon this place to play of thine own fun and self-centred games; you are here to do your appointed work that man will not perish as a species upon this beloved orb. Open your eyes and stop your dickering and silly ponderings. Truth is afront you; stop looking for it under thine bushel.

    Yes, the ocean waves will wash over those lands of desert sands and roll upon the new shores of the mountains of the great Rocky Mountains – this new and great tide of the Pacific. The land will be drenched though not sunken – but, the great places of Coastal lines will be no more.

    Ah yes, there will be ones who will awaken to find their beds aflooded by those might Pacific waters. This will be the lay of the lands awash with the ocean and will run the distance from your Washington State unto the coastal areas of Chile whereupon the great and mighty waves shall roll in unto the Mountains of Rock. Those great places that you now know as the coast area will be no more.

    Ah yes, brethren, your rescue workers are mightily trained. In our Command will be the Light forces (that which are recognized by light beams). We utilize the light beams as a magnetic impulse to bring into such impulse as the frequency demands. We will be given whatever level of energy light forces of cosmic energy necessary for such transportation into the safety of that craft readied unto your needs. This science is not unknown unto your knowledgeable scientists but the impulse timing of light force is not comprehended. I, Sananda, shall be in control of the timing of the bands unto the various densities.

    The place of the desert will be an open place for the “Timeless Ones” to take up their charges. For they will be in number to be as numerous as a great flock of birds. Whither Man will go he will not know for they must be grouped and herded into the prepared craft. They will be as the dead of the floods and mighty upheavals; the dying will then cry out in terror and hysteria unto the Christ – why must man wait until his perishment to petition for his transit? None shall escape the upheavals; why do you wait?

    Let us speak of that place within the United States called by you ones as California. There will not be a place within that state which shall be as is, for there shall be a great purging, and a great overflowing; teeming and seething of the masses beneath the waters, and a great sinking of that which is above; not a place shall be left untouched within the Earth. But there shall be areas of protection whereby the land masses will be thrust upward into an altitude above the onrushing waters. Island will be left thrust above the waters. The seed of the beginning will be kept in safety for the replenishment of these portions. Ye who trust of me not, shall find yourselves in great conflagration. You better be getting your beliefs into order and cease the inner sparring. Which shall it be, brother? Which shall it be? Great numbers of ones shall find themselves swimming in their beds – and the whirlwind shall catch them up. So be it for it is so.

    Wherein shall you turn for safety in the days of the great upheavals of the greatest magnitude the world has ever known? It shall be in the fulfilling of this law within your time, precious ones. I remind you that no person who has gone the last mile will be mid the great cataclysm; therefore, no person shall be in the wrong place, nor shall he be in another other than his own place; and it shall be the right place. I shall know wherein you are; I shall know. You ones of mine rejoice for within the ocean bed lies the cradle of the next generation upon the Earth and you shall see it come to be if you walk with me. You can walk within the calm stillness of my protection if you but come with me. But take yourself away and into the fray and you shall find “hell.”

    There shall be such a great rush of winds and great upheaval of the Earth and the greatest of all, the fire from Earth within shall leap from beneath. It shall be as a molten mass and ye shall be glad to be on the mountain peaks. The havoc and storms will be most mighty in that place of Los Angeles in the California. There shall be thousands upon thousands who are homeless and in great tragedy and it shall extend Southward and Northward all the length of the coastal areas.

    Then shall come the great force from within the Earth which shall be as a parting of the land, which shall be from the North to the South; and it shall be between the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico; and it shall be in the time when the trees shall bend down their boughs unto the ground.

    There shall be such mighty winds as to wipe away all the places which are now standing with the radius of the great open places which are known to you as Oregon and Washington of the United States. The winds shall increase and become more and more great until they impact the great mountains you call the Rockies; then they shall change direction and move into the lands of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, and they will destroy most of the towns of greatest size to be known as cities and villages. Therein shall it blow and blow, taking many lives. So many of them have been unto themselves traitors and traitors unto Father Creator.

    The Earth shall be thus renewed, and she shall be made new, brethren, and she shall be within a new posture but she is not to be destroyed for she is in rebirthing. She will no longer and in no wise be as the old, for she shall be made to shine in all her glory for she shall be renewed in the cleansing.

    Man will awaken or man will perish for naught will change of the tides. Man has been told thus for eons of time that they would know of that which would come to be: it is written that there would be pestilence, there would be famine and there would be horrendous war. And they shall call for peace but where shall they be in the finding of peace? They shall be as one which has no place to lay of his head and they shall make their beds in holes, and they shall be as the burrowing creatures seeking protection from that which will come upon them. So be it for it is written in the Word.

    I shall not be in the forsaking of you for you ones are my beloved and I shall walk with you unto the ending of the cycle for you, too, are about our Father�s works. So be it and selah; blessings in the Light of our holy Creator/Creation; that which is all unto all.

    I am Esu Jesus Sananda of the Golden Ray of Christ in humble service to my most revered Father and unto you of my brotherhood. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

    28th June, 1989.

    1. My mother always told me when i was young that other planets had life on them.My mother is 84 now.I never saw any U.F.O. activity intill i was out side of Seligman Arizona in the year 1999, miles up on a desolate mountian prarie.It was 11 oclock at night, and i watched one big U.F.O. totally still with 4 little U.F.O.s darting back and forth collecting energy from it.The little U.F.O.s were within a small radius of its big Mothership.October sky was clear, a warm fall evening.Two of my younger sons were asleep in the back my of truck and i observed the U.F.O.s for an hour and a half.I had a feeling that they knew i could see them.I was happy to have seen such a wonderful sight.I recently ran across a you tube video about life on Venus ,and it lead me to a free book by the now deseased V.M.Rabolu called Hercolubus or red planet.The book was mailed to me from Canada .The book has some great food for thought about Humans,how we have totally ruined our planet with nuclear radiation testing,and life on other planets.I hope some day our gov. will tell us the truth about area 51,and E.T.s

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