Colleen Thomas and Robert Hender on New World Order Indictments




Colleen will consult on physics, human-alien affairs and spiritual experiences with the Creator Gods. Call (888) 626-7386 ext 67362 to speak with her.

Wild Colleen has got her Irish up!

Submitted by colleen on Sat, 09/18/2010 – 16:22

I have it on divine authority that there is NOT going to be a next president of the United States, we will be governed by committees of people, not by a single leader. The power in this nation belongs to the people and their communities. Our centralized government is a sham and disgrace and is being dismantled. Obama blows in the winds of the Bilderberg Group’s whims and they are all self-centered rat bastards who care nothing for human health and well being.

Pleadian shipmates

Submitted by colleen on Sat, 09/18/2010 – 16:10

I spoke with my Pleadian shipmates and was informed that UFOs do not crash, they get shot down but I can assure you humans are not shooting down star ships with projectile weapons from helicopters and such. The recent CA downing of an apparent UFO is most likely a false flag display to frighten humans into thinking they are under attack from on high when the real enemy is below amongst us. The Pleadians are warrior protectors of innocent life. They have chased the dark for many eons through many dimensions back and forth through time.


7 thoughts on “Colleen Thomas and Robert Hender on New World Order Indictments

  1. We all need to make a living and I think we do it anyway we can, without cheating or stealing. I like what you said ” There’s God in naked people”. Love to you all.
    I see money as energy, and energy as to flow.

  2. I say this out of concern, as someone did for me. I was a follower of Colleen, untill I was alerted to her selling vids of herself naked. Im sorry, but it just doesnt sit right with me. Regardless of what she is telling us, I think it shows who she works for. She is trying to instil fear. She has no love for those in power, they need it more if they are ever going to see the error of their ways.

      1. Dieter,
        lol! Always the perfect response!
        You are so awesome!
        You shine like a beacon to the whole Earth and beyond!
        I just HAD to say something!
        Carry on.

        Love Always,

    1. I am sorry, Dieter, but I have to agree here. I don’t trust Colleen’s motives. I have issues with Lightworkers asking for money and living well off of their “knowledge”; it’s one thing to make a living, we all have to eat; but some of these folks are charging really high prices for their “consultations”. Money that could be spent helping others.
      And the fear talk really polarizes people, it makes them angry and increases confusion.
      It’s actually been really confusing for me to understand that etheric beings (angels, galactics etc.) would take the time to talk to someone who I feel is egoic or shallow or misinterprets the messages…
      But I guess we are all part of the rainbow, it’s a slippery slope once you start to judge others… 🙂 I am glad you have such balance in your site, that you allow so many different perspectives.
      Wishing you much Love and Joy today and always! 🙂

      1. Kelly, thank you, you have highlighted an issue that is common on the planet right now…. most people have a big issue with financially supporting their isn’t surprising that someone would eventually strip for cash…


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