This was how they
kept their fortunes safe from outsiders or “dirty
blood”, as they referred to non-royals. Since these are
avid and practicing satanists, they participated in
witchcraft and the occult to the point of literally
reincarnating back into the same families. This way
they assured themselves of continuing to enjoy the
treasures they amassed for themselves on the physical
(The other effect of inbreeding created two medical
conditions that are not known to the general public
as being widespread among the royals. First is
mattoidism—a disorder that causes a person to
pretend that they care for other human beings and
their well being, while secretly human life holds
little value. Beginning to understand how your
leaders can send their citizens off to war to be
slaughtered at the drop of the proverbial hat? The
second condition is insanity and acute mental
illness. This was well known in medieval Europe,
and this is why the “Jack The Ripper” ritual
killings were hushed up by Queen Victoria and the
British crown. Secret Freemason writings and
symbols were left at the crime scenes and an
attempt was made to cover up the “family”
connection. The reason I mention this is because
these same evil, satanic elements have been
imported to the United States, and I want you ones
to begin to recognize what you are dealing with.)


Are both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip related to Queen Victoria?

Yes. Both HM The Queen, Elizabeth II and her husband HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh both are great-great-grandchildren of HM Queen Victoria. As such they are third cousins
Victoria’s eldest son Edward VII’s second son was George V. His second son George VI (aka Prince Albert) was father to The Queen.
Victoria’s third child was Princess Alice. Her grandaughter Alice was Philip’s mother.

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mattoid [ˈmætɔɪd]


(Psychiatry) Rare a person displaying eccentric behaviour and mental characteristics that approach the psychotic 

[from Italian, from matto insane]
European royals 

People often say that European royals are more inbred than the general population given the many intermarriages between the royal houses which took place over the generations. It is because of this that, for example, all the crowned heads of Europe can trace their ancestry back to William the Conqueror (1027-1087). And if you look at the family trees of Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip, you will see that they are not-so-distant cousins: King Christian IX of Denmark (1818-1906) was both Elizabeth’s great great grandfather and Philip’s great grandfather while Queen Victoria (1819-1901) was great great grandmother to both of them.

Here’s a few more interesting facts about the royal gene pool:

(1) The most recent common ancestor of all the current crowned heads of Europe is John William Friso, Prince of Orange (1687-1711).

(2) Queen Sofia, the wife of King Juan Carlos of Spain, is Philip’s first cousin once removed as King George of the Hellenes (1845-1913) was Philip’s grandfather and Sofia’s great grandfather.

(3) You may have heard the story of Anna Anderson who claimed to beAnastasia, the daughter of the last Russian tsar who was killed by the Bolsheviks in 1918 (there’s a good movie loosely based on her story starring Ingrid Bergman and Yul Brenner). In 1994, ten years after her death, a test was done comparing Anderson’s DNA to that of Prince Philip with the results proving that she could not have been who she claimed. This is because the real Anastasia would have been related to Philip (and Elizabeth) through Christian IX and Queen Victoria who were her great grandparents.

(4) Anastasia’s father, Nikolai II (1868-1918), and King George V of England (1865-1936, the Queen’s grandfather) were like “identical cousins.” Their mothers were both daughters of Christian IX.

I should note that a lot of new stock has been introduced into the royal gene pool in recent generations as many royals are now outbred to non-royals (cf. Prince Charles and Andrew’s marriages to Diana Spencer and Sarah Ferguson – Englishwomen from aristocratic families who were only distantly related to their husbands – and King Harald V of Norway‘s marriage to Queen Sonja who is a commoner).

Stay tuned for the most inbred royal of them all.



  1. the British Royal family are NOT inbred, contrary to popular belief (their ancestry can be easily studied online) . In fact, a Professor of mine did a study on the current family & found that they have all the maximum ancestors going back 3 generations required to not be inbred. For Inbred Royals, go to the Hapsburgs who ruled Austria.

  2. Hi , I ‘ sad . I ; all feel…. The children and family love beautifull … Their ar bad very man gum killing all family deid . I am form Russie angry your , bye

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