From: The Website of G. Edward Griffin:

2010 Sep 3 from MM
Dear Mr. Griffin:
I live in Redding, California after spending many
years in Southern California, in the Los Angeles area.
I grew up a military dependent since my dad was in
the USAF. I later joined myself, working on fighter
aircraft in the 1970’s. After attending college on the GI
Bill to become an industrial designer and artist, I spent
the next twenty five years working with the aerospace
and defense Industries, creating conceptual artwork
on many new weapons systems; many of which were
aircraft. Some are still classified as of this date, some
twenty years later.
Because I take issues of freedom and sovereignty very
seriously, I know from working within the military and
industrial complex that the giant corporations involved
in Chemtrail/ aerosol spraying programs are not doing
so in “our best interest”. After learning that Aluminum
Oxide and Barium Salts were part of the mix in these
aerosol programs, I thought that surely there must have
been some research done to try and ascertain whether
these compounds had any measurable, harmful effects
to living organisms on this planet. I was right; there
were research programs conducted. I found them
among documents published through the Defense
Technical Intelligence Center or “DTIC”. My search
phrase, using Google was simple: “Toxicological
Effects of Aluminum Oxide Nano-particles”. I think
a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request might
reveal additional documentation.
Some of my “hits” were unobtainable because
they were sequestered on websites only available
to subscribing medical doctors or their facilities,
which include a number of college-level, medical
training facilities. That is how I obtained the attached documents: Through a good friend who had access to
these archives.
The DTIC paper does not have any dates of the
research interval. In fact they appear to be redacted or
purposefully left blank in the publicly released copy.
Further research on my part determined that the period
these tests were conducted was from June, 1993 to
March of 2001. This means of course, that the USAF,
conducting these tests at Wright-Patterson AFB,
Dayton Ohio, KNEW that these compounds WERE
HARMFUL before the aerosol program began large
scale spraying around 1998.
I was able to find a few publicly accessible documents in
searching under the same basic phrase but substituting
“Barium Salts” and found documentation that this can
cause “Pulmonary Fibrosis”. A term that I believe
means the formation of scar tissue in the lungs. (It can
kill you!)
Here in Redding, these aerosol programs have been
dramatic and very prolific over the last three to four
years. In fact, the wild fires that started due to over
8,000 lightning strikes between July 31st and August
3rd in 2009 cost the State of California over $25M to
fight and extinguish. These fires were precipitated by
massive spraying that began the night of July 31st at
about 1 AM local. I personally witnessed this, and
took extensive photographs of the trails in the sky
and resulting thunderheads that formed as a direct
consequence of this event.
Aside from the obvious cloud seeding process often
cited, a high concentration of Aluminum Oxide and
Barium Salts in the atmosphere will dramatically
raise the electrostatic potential and conductivity of the
atmosphere. So lightning strikes were in abundance
during that few days. I even called the news desk at
the local newspaper, the Redding Record Searchlight,
predicting massive fires from this program, and was
completely ignored. It almost seems as though the
Editors are afraid to publish any commentary on what
is obvious to many people. The City Council in Mount
Shasta, about seventy miles north of Redding- has even
tried to put a referendum banning aerosol spraying
over the city limits on the November ballot and the
Registrar of Voters has been trying to block it.
Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn—page 1
JULY 11, 1991
“You must understand that most of the so-called natural
happenings which are occurring, i.e., volcanoes, floods
following massive eruptions, floods of unknown size
in China, lightning storms of unknown prior extent in
Florida—a rainstorm, the first in 114 years at this time
of year, in California and on and on and on. These are
man-made and you had better begin to understand the
mechanism involved in presenting this “phenomenon”
unto you. It will worsen and worsen until either the
demise of the globe or you turn around the political evil
thrust upon the nations and creations of God.”


2 thoughts on “From: The Website of G. Edward Griffin: CHEMTRAIL TOXICITY AND LIGHTENING STRIKES

  1. I just saw your DVD “What in the World are they Spraying?” A very good documentary. However, it seems there is one essential area that you missed. You went around the world gathering evidence of aluminum poisoning, you attended many conferences on geoengineering, you went to Washington to talk to our leaders, but you did not follow the airplanes. At the end of the documentary, you cannot prove that anyone is really doing all that spraying, and so you still ask the question, What are they spraying. Why not follow an airplane that you filmed. See where it came from and where it lands. Check out aircraft in general to see where they would store large quantities of spray. Is it commercial airlines or private? Is it not possible, with a little investigative ingenuity, to actually locate at least one of these planes and perhaps gain access to it? Or is there any way to investigate corporations who would make the spray and check their records?

    1. One company that is conducting this service for the Rothchilds is Evergreen international aviation. Look at ther “market” on their website. The 747s travel at 600mph, kinda hard to follow. Someone may be able to enter one of their bases and ask to take photos, in Marana AZ haha.

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