The Truth About Hair and why Native/Indians would keep their hair long

The Truth About Hair and why Indians would keep their hair long

Reported by C. Young

This information about hair has been hidden from the public since the Viet Nam War .

Our culture leads people to believe that hair style is a matter of personal preference, that hair style is a matter of fashion and/or convenience, and that how people wear their hair is simply a cosmetic issue. Back in the Viet Nam war however, an entirely different picture emerged, one that has been carefully covered up and hidden from public view.

In the early nineties,  Sally [name changed to protect privacy]  was married to a licensed psychologist who worked at a VA Medical hospital. He worked with combat veterans with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder.  Most of them had served in Viet Nam.

Sally said, \” I remember clearly an evening when my husband came back to our apartment on Doctor\’s Circle carrying a thick official looking folder in his hands. Inside were hundreds of pages of certain studies commissioned by the government. He was in shock from the contents. What he read in those documents completely changed his life. From that moment on my conservative middle of the road husband grew his hair and beard and never cut them again. What is more, the VA Medical center let him do it, and other very conservative men in the staff followed his example.  As I read the documents, I learned why. It seems that during the Viet Nam War special forces in the war department had sent undercover experts to comb American Indian Reservations looking for talented scouts, for tough young men trained to move stealthily through rough terrain. They were especially looking for men with outstanding, almost supernatural, tracking abilities. Before being approached, these carefully !

selected men were extensively documented as experts in tracking and survival.

With the usual enticements, the well proven smooth phrases used to enroll new recruits, some of these indian trackers were then enlisted. Once enlisted, an amazing thing happened. Whatever talents and skills they had possessed on the reservation seemed to mysteriously disappear, as recruit after recruit failed to perform as expected in the field.

Serious casualities and failures of performance led the government to contract expensive testing of these recruits, and this is what was found.

When questioned about their failure to perform as expected, the older recruits replied consistantly that when they received their required military haircuts, they could no longer \’sense\’ the enemy, they could no longer access a \’sixth sense\’ ,  their \’intuition\’ no longer was reliable, they couldn\’t \’read\’  subtle signs as well or access subtle extrasensory information.








113 thoughts on “The Truth About Hair and why Native/Indians would keep their hair long

  1. Blessings and Love to all creation! may we all find what we are seeking, and may we seek truth, love, brotherhood, understanding, and light, as well as our proper ‘place’ in this great universe. My hair is long and had been since I was a youth. there have been times of short hair cuts because I felt I needed to ‘fit in’ with society. after I became a targeted individual used by my government for non-consensual human experimentation into mind control using technology, drugs, genetically designed organisms, poisons, gang stalking, remote neural connection, surveillance, torture, etc, my hair is staying long! if you want more info about myself and my girlfriend/partner Petra schiller, please feel free to check out my videos at:
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL BLOG! Namaste! Blessings and peace! TimothyTrespas

    1. Love your spirit brother… good info on your site too. 😉 You’ve been through so much… whoa… glad you’re still here, and are helping us to become more aware of the world we created… blessings, Dieter

  2. Then there is Gandhi and General Custer…or The Buddha and Charles Mansion. This ‘hair power’ joke is what we used to call HIPPIE BULLSHIT on the ’60’s. Fun stuff for wankers, stoners and fakers and yet really just another distraction from what is true, which is quite simple: ‘We are here and we will go, that is all we ever need to know.’ I said that!

  3. Can’t find anything else online to substantiate the claim that without long hair the Cherokee, etc. would not have been able to walk through the forest quietly, etc. They found that the Japanese who did not know that WWII had ended had the same ability to be alert from sleep at the slightest sound, etc. Seems like an urban legend.

  4. I don’t believe the belief that Anderson copper is a satanist…because we are all manipulated by the evil force within the earth. You can say he is influenced by evil forces. He might even be prone to self worship, but aren’t we all?

  5. i really enjoyed this article. thank you so much. i always feel raped when i leave the salon. sure, i like the pampered part. but when i specifically state i only want 1/4 inch trimmed and they take off 2 or more inches, i feel naked and taken advantage of. do you know how long it takes to grow 2 inches!?

    1. Reply
      John D link
      03/31/2012 12:49pm

      Hair as an antennae (plural)

      I laid out electronic circuit boards for a profession.
      All current creates radio radio waves as a matter of fact.
      Alternating current is changed to direct current by means
      of a diode.

      Diodes are either made of selenium or germanium.-fact-
      Hair follicles contain selenium.
      Selenium is needed for hair to grow.

      Hair needs copper.
      also check out ‘copper peptides’.

      Hair contains copper. It acts as an antennae.
      Radio waves are received by the hair, converted in to
      DC current by the selenium in the hair follicles.
      The selenium in the hair follicles can be of varying strengths
      therefore even possibly creating some transistors as well.

      It is my supposition that the current goes directly to the
      brain, which just happens to be very close to the hair

      We are radio receivers.

      The evidence of the indians with long hair having an extra
      or I would say different sensitivity/awareness is because of the long hair. If you have short hair you will be receiving
      wave lengths of higher frequency. Longer hair will receive
      lower wave lengths.

      This is all natural physics and chemical facts.

      I’m gonna let my hair grow long again and see what happens.
      I’m also going to start taking copper supplements.!

      You welcome, JD

  6. Why do I feel physically stronger and more mentally aware when I cut my hair very short ~ I am of irish and german decent –

      1. Having a bit of your hear cut opens up the hair and its more usefull, more powerfull, but having it long also power it over short, so i would say have it long and cut the ends every now and then is the best solution

  7. 40 above & never had a hair cut since birth.. hence the long hair&beard.. been a full vegetarian just 12yrs back..all said feels true via my own experiences but it’s multiplied many times over if we also indulge in true honest living and selfless service to others in need..however,there’s also a fine line between long hair/being vegetarian etc & EGO ..(lookup book on ‘Power of Hair’-american/russian scientist-long hair maintains&stores protein level, antibodies agnst cancer etc) or which/whatever scientist have anaylsed to be amazing but somewhat against popular social look&feel. Glad to be part of the minority..somehow, some secrets are not meant for the majority unless born into it or via journey’s own self-realisation..but,pls do not follow and then expect tangible results within a certain specified period of yr lifetime..u’ll lack a sense of gratification&humbility..the intangible or the unseen is far greater..if u’re interested, allow it to come within but not with what yr eyes see, ears hear.. gone were the days when laws of creation strived above popular social beliefs..

  8. ive studied electrotechnology and communications. how did i not see this before? its so obvious. nerve fibres. fibre optics and wireless transmission. just like signals over the air. i always wondered why humans are more or less bald creatures apart from the head and face. “braintennae”. i hate shaving. i literally feel sick and naked and self conscious and prone to anxiety and miserable and more or less damaged for the first 24-48 hours after a shave. hair and a beard? i can fight like a pro. clippers and a shave? i just wana hide my face.

  9. In Sikhism, they never cut their hair whole life. Google on sikhism and find many interesting facts about them. They wear turbun on their head. You can see them all over world . Just 500 years old religion . Quite interesting . Visit them at

  10. I always hiked having my hair grown. Now I have a reason. Keeping in tune with my enviroment. I would rather stick around ten years longer than look ten years younger. And I do feel like I get a little lazy after every haircut. Giving up my intuition is not sometings I’m willing to do just to look more attractive to someone else”s eyes. So to all you people who constantly tell me to cut my hair. Put that in your pipe & smoke it. Just like the my ancestors did.

  11. Is there any photo’s of these scouts with long hair in the army i would love to see some photos or back up evidence.Easy to say something profound but if there is no solid proof your just a crazy guy making up stories. Here’s one, the human ear was evolved from the fish, during the second world war navy divers had their ears removed to give them super sonar hearing underwater …. they could hear the enemy subs from over 100km away… a friend tried it he now works for the cia as a underwater is top secret thats why there is no information on this topic…. see how easy it is.

  12. It seems that everyone’s experience is valid. Many Buddhist monks cut and shave their hair and cultivate sensitivity and openess. Perhaps there is no one dogmatic answer or way that applies to everyone. There seem to be many cultures and many paths and we can all learn from one another if we are open. The sensitivity and transmissive aspect of hair sounds very interesting. I think of dogs’ hackles being raised and humans bodoy hair raising at uncanny times. Thanks for this thought-proviking post.

  13. Hi Sean, good question…. I’m sure there’s something useful for the baldies… building things, cooking in the kitchen or skinning rabbits?

    Hahahaha. Well I like building things at least,ladies are in the kitchen too so not ll bad, and picking wild plants has been easy enough. I notice that different tribes grew their hair in different styles(mowhawk, pigtails, etc) also the beard is never prominent in any native american people. Even in old men. I remember my History teacher stating that no facial hair was laughed at by some tribes. Indigenous Australians grow their hair and beard long. Hebrews, have samson, and they grow beards as did the western magicians. Perhaps people have cultural strength placebos. Shaolin monks had to be bald, and would fare well as scouts. Perhaps better if they let their hair down. In terms of awareness i could see how the extension of oneself leads to more awareness. I appears to make no difference in combat however. I need to find me some rabbits.

  14. I thought about how Hindu people will shave their heads as part of a renewing process too, but I think that actually lends to this story rather than taking away. It’s my understanding they believe the hair contains energy/history from the past, so shaving it clears that energy and history away – which would be in harmony with the military tracker story actually..

  15. That’s funny… I used to have long hair, and really found my path a few years after shaving my head. I do sometimes miss the glory days of hair, yet my spiritual senses have been opening up like never before, even without it.

  16. I’m a 55 year old man who hasn’t cut his hair in 5 years. I truly believe that long hair has improved my spirituality, mental acuity, creativity, awareness of my surroundings, and overall improvement in my health. Why cave in to what is the norm and what is fashionable? The only one you need to impress is yourself. If you feel good wearing long hair, then do it!

  17. Why is it so difficult for humans to acept ourself and the others, as we are. Without taking away any part of our dodies, without putting in, at, on, ours bodies any unnecesary objet etc etc.
    To know and respect your own body (mind and spirit), is a must for all sane people.

  18. Fascinating! Thanks for posting this. There are cultures the world over that never cut body hair, and legends/myths the world over about the power of hair, and powers lost when hair is cut. Now it makes sense! I knew there was a reason why I have not been cutting my hair in recent years.

    Kim Goldberg
    (Nanaimo, BC)

  19. Who is C. Young and what exactly were the military tests called? Is there a link to these tests? I searched the net and found zero information on longhair sensitivity testing by the military.

  20. But Buddhists monks and nuns think the other way they shave their heads to to gain higher spirituality and better knowledge . All people are different in what they believe in.blessed be 😉

  21. i have always had long hair my entire adult life except twice…i had dread locks and was about to give birth to my 3rd child and heard a warning that to wear any type of knot when in labor could cause a still birth so i cut my dreads off..[the baby was alive but almost died cus his cord was around his neck so he was born blue].then at 43 my birth mother passed and i cut all my hair off in mourning…

  22. Hey Brother love your work. I have a question regarding hair. What does this mean for the bald, balder, and balding man? Are they losing sensitivity. Also should they still grow their hair long even when it looks funny(I know this sounds silly). I knew an Indigenous Australian Family and the father and son both felt weaker, and less grounded when they cut their hair. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  23. Thank You for giving me the insight,( reminding me; somehow) of the importance of long hair. I will be 49 soon, and have contemplated on cutting it short for two years now. Something always happened; The most recent time, was last month, I had to pay a bill with the money I put aside for my hair cut. Before that, it was my daughters wedding, she wanted it long; (That was back in April.) Now, this web sight . (which I’ve never heard of.) I guess I was always meant to have long hair. Only twice in my life did I get my hair cut short; I was 5 & 8 years of age, and how I hated it,(bawled for days, both times.) Very angry with my mother and grandmother; until it started to grow back. Well, I have received the message, loud & clear. I will embrace my gray roots in the manner it was intended. Thank You, Christine

  24. I’ve always found shaving my hair really therapeutic and it has never effected my intuitive side. And what about Buddhist monks who keep their hair shaved? I wonder if this has more to do with “belief” rather than the physical hair? The Buddha cut off his hair when he renounced the world and became a monk and this was when he was enlightened — just flying the flag for all us baldies lol 🙂 Although I do have a lot of body hair so maybe this makes up for it hehe 🙂

  25. what about those guys that their hair falls out and they get bold?? Sometimes from post-traumatic stress after army duties and other traumatic events.. Mmmmh??

  26. wow ,that why i never cut my ear seans i am just jung boy ,one time my mother make me cut and i was so sad that i cry an dont speak to her for a week…
    after that i just shorter them and that it .haug my friend

  27. What a fascinating article, much to my mother’s horror I have been wearing my hair long for years, she tells me all the time that I am too old to have it long, Im 44 and Im not going to cut it off. My youngest son wears his long too, he is adamant that he is not going to have it short, ha as you can imagine his grandmother is horrified.

  28. Hello
    It is an incredible article. I read it quite a time ago and never forgot. Is there a way to contact the author? C. Young right? I have a lot to ask him

    Thanks again!

  29. i stopped cutting my hair when i left school at 16 until about about 6/7 years ago when i reached late 30’s. i was (i think) so in touch with the earth then. conservation worker, peace camp dweller and anti nuke activist, tipi living, organic gardening, spirit talker, earth walker, even able to manifest anything i needed. i started staying in asia working with a yoga group about 10 year back and for some reason cut my hair, part of leela – playing the game of life, i guess, but since then my spiritual awarness has decreased, my groundedness has wained, my conection to god and the spirits have nearly ceased, even though i was doing hard core yoga (6-8 hours a day) i didn’t feel as enlightened as before simply sitting in the woods or atop a mountain, though i have yearned to be close to the mother, i have felt detatched. i have felt to grow it again but was out of the habit but now thanks to this inspiration i’m on my way back home
    blessings to all

  30. I am 77 years old and my hair is half way down my back. I am happy to hear that long hair makes me more psychic as I am a working psychic who assists many people every day. God has given me inner strength so I can assist others on their spiritual path. Call me if I can help you. 310-547-9420

  31. I think this makes perfect sense.

    The other days I was watching squirrels outside my window. I noticed as the squirrels communicated with each other that there very hairy tails moved in a certain way as though they were somehow communicating with there tails.

    I believe those squirrels were gathering information from there surroundings via there tails then sharing it with other squirrels.

    We are all connected on a level that people can not see with there eyes. Trance is a stage that Shamans can go into to communicate with all things in nature from plants, to animals, to the earth and even beyond the earth but to go there can be very dangerous as some places are only viewable in an altered state close to death. It is at that stage that all things can communicate on a spiritual level. About half of true shamans die during this test. If they survive it, the spirits find them worthy and develop a relationship and start to teach them.

    The reason why Shaman do fasting and deprivation or use certain plants such as purple salvia is it allows a somewhat safer journey to an altered state.

    In times past many tribes would go hungry when there were no animals, plants or fish in there area to eat. This starvation mode would cause an imbalance in the thyroid and pineal gland which would cause a state some would call psychosis and others would call an altered state. It really depends on the person’s ability to perceive, there understanding of the spirits and there own unique DNA combination. Not every person would be a shaman who did this. Some really did just end up in a state of psychosis. Tribes however accepted both as it was still possible for those in this state of psychosis to eventually make sense of the unseen and be able to help other’s with this information. This altered state was not only achievable through starvation but through injury, illness, stress or trauma. All of those things effect the careful balance of hormones in the body and the pineal gland. But again, it won’t work on everyone, only on those who already have a predispostion and unique DNA. That is why you read those stories about a tribe electing a Shaman after they had an accident or after a great trauma. They knew on a some level that these people had a greater ability to become Shaman. They also elected there Shaman through bloodlines as they knew on an instinctual level that this ability was passed down in families and sooner or later someone in that family would have the abilities they sought. Not everyone wanted to be a Shaman nor were all of them pleased about it, because frankly who wants to live with trauma, facing death and meeting spirits, but in times of survival, knowing what the spirits had to say could decide the survival of the tribe.

    I believe it can decide the very fate of mankind if he does not start paying attention to what is happening in the world right now.

    Because the things that are happening right now effect not only us but our ecosystem, nature, birds, animals, plants, insects, the oceans and more you will see the Shamanistic way’s coming back. They were always there to protect us. In the spiritual world all things communicate and all things look the same in the Qui state. (A life force)

    We are as much a rock or tree as we are a human in the spiritual world and everything is at stake right because this precious system of interchangeability from Qui to what we are born to is challenged,

    the very day they made the law that life could be patented.

    This evil law effects all living things on earth including you.

  32. Perfect – I was going to cut my husband’s hair tonight because he is over due. We always joke that I am making him vulnerable while I do it (in reference to the bible). I didn’t realize how true my joke may be. He is very intuitive being close to nature and growing up on a farm taking care of animals. Our world is a wonderful, magical, beautiful place. Thanks for sharing this. It is very interesting.


    These Laws were given forth by Creator God Aton of Light, and The Creation, and are also called The Laws of Balance. –

    A. The highest command of The Law of Creation is:
    Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation.

    B. The highest command of The Law of God is:
    You shall Honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for HE is the “King of Wisdom”.

    We attain spiritual perfection by learning and wisely following the Laws given forth by God and Creation. We learn through the Spirit of God within us how to live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.

    The Laws are as follows:

    1. You shall have no other gods than the Creator God before you and abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all. Also known as the “Law of One”.
    2. You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as gods for therein you give power into the hands of evil.
    3. You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and being (you must love yourself as God and God as yourself).
    4. You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use it to swear to a falsehood.
    5. Remember God’s “day” and keep it holy. (Every day is God’s “day”.)
    6. You shall honor your mother and father.
    7. You shall not murder your fellow man. (Killing to preserve your life or of your family is not murder)
    8. You must not commit adultery.
    9. You must not steal (materially or emotionally).
    10. You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neighbor.
    11. You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another. Also known as “The Law of Non-interference.”
    12. You must not judge (condemn) others, but you must wisely judge all behavior and actions which are contrary to the Laws of God and The Creation.
    13. As you sow, so shall you reap. Also called “The Law of Cause and Effect.”
    14. You must honor all commitments made in service to God, the Father, the One within.
    15. You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsible and balanced procreation of your species.
    16. You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also called “The Golden Rule”.
    17. Evil (adversaries of God) must always wear a sign of their evilness. (By their fruits you shall know them).
    18. You must not commit the act of slavery (physical or emotional) upon any human being of Creator God.

    With the communion of the Spirit of Life within us, we must first wisely understand and follow the Laws of Balance, and secondly, we must wisely know where our responsibility begins and ends within the Creation upon this wonderful Planet Earth.

    The first question to ask is how can I maintain my life in “harmony and balance” with the rest of “creation”? The answer is, you begin with the pure desire to know Truth. We must recognize that we are limited in our perception of Truth, and that God knows the best pathway for us to travel in His service. So we must then surrender our “will” (ego) to that which is God’s Will.

    “In your daily prayer you must ask God for the loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve His Will and not your will (ego)”.

    Then in our quiet corner we must meditate. We must listen. We must wait upon our Father-God who is within us (our God-Spirit) to give us that which we need to sustain us in His service. Our will and His Will must become one again.

  34. I use to shave my hair a lot but recently i have started letting it grow for the past 3-4 and its starting to get really thick now. One thing always comes to my mind when i think of long hair and that is Jesus. Am gonna keep growing my hair and stop worrying about weather i look fashionable or not and weather people are laughing at my long hair:-)


  35. Yet ANOTHER reason to be happy that Long Hair on “old” women is more & more common … we’re RECLAIMING our POWER !

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