1. Kelly said:
    “when I thought about what my spirit name should be… one of the names I resonated with was Athena, she was always my favorite Goddess. I think I was drawn to her strength and intelligence; she was/is a thoughtform of a Spiritual Warrior, no?”

    Drekx response:
    Athena was a great warrior goddess of ancient Greece, who protected the city state of Athens…a perfect choice. 🙂

  2. Abayeya was a word given to a friend by sylphs; it means I love you to them; it’s kind of a celebratory love directed towards someone/thing. It resonated with me and I thought you may have heard it before.
    My friend is also an Arcturian contact, they are closely allied with the devic sylphs, I believe.
    As an aside, I have been having some very surreal dreams… I was shown light ships beaming people up but I am not sure if the people were etheric or physical beings… or if the dreams are just wish fulfillment or something more… Is anyone else having these kinds of dreams?

    1. Kelly,

      Devas lend their forms to the structure of matter, atomic and sub-atomic…
      So that would include the 5th aether of gaseous…

      However, as a collective life expression of the gaseous I have never heared Master DK or other Masters of Wisdom refer to “devic sylphs.”

      Such gaseous state devas possess sub-human consciousness…so a “language of sylphs” must be a higher expression, impulsed from the higher devic orders they serve…
      Is this actually a language of the higher conscious Angels, rather than “Sylphs?”

      Just curious…!! And thankyou for sharing… 😉


    2. Sister K,

      Your dreams are prophetic, as all Sirian starseeds of the Clan of Atar (Spiritual Warriors,) will indeed be beamed up to the ships…

      The majorty of ascendee ancient Earth Souls will be migrated to Agartha.

      As confirmed, Starseeds such as yourself will be collected by the ships, physically..you are indeed of my Clan and my challenge to mel has been met by your own gleaned wisdoms…his will be realised as well, when he deduces his clan name.

      Your fellow Atar, Drekx

      P.S. A joyous gift…! 😉

      1. Thank you for the wonderful information regarding my heritage! It gives me a higher perspective to deal with the issues of 3D life, this dual reality can be a chore but with the holidays coming it’s important to be with loved ones and open your heart. Ironically, when I thought about what my spirit name should be… one of the names I resonated with was Athena, she was always my favorite Goddess. I think I was drawn to her strength and intelligence; she was/is a thoughtform of a Spiritual Warrior, no? But I digress, thank you, Brother, for helping me to see the Light lol. I will continue to pay attention to my higher self and the signs of The Spiritual Hierarchy and the GFL. As my vibrations raise I fit in less and less with the world around me; I am relieved to be a starseed because then the future would be a really long haul with this negativity and fear drama. 🙂 God bless us all.
        Anent to the previous posting; I am sorry if I gave the wrong impression; the word Abayyeya was given to my friend to say to the sylphs by a higher self while she was saying the “HU” affirmation outdoors while cleansing a ley line node being used by dark forces. When I say the devic Sylphs its that I am wanting others to understand that Sylphs are a higher consciousness, not like we are; but thinking beings that can be communicated with nonetheless. They put on another “show” yesterday, spreading out like lace and I think they like me too, they make me smile inside. Abayeya is a greeting to them, maybe because the wind you make as you say it speaks to them…
        Thank you for all you are, Drekx, and spreading the message of hope and Light.

  3. The Schumann Resonance is also changing as earth “wakes” up… and when graphed into equations and sacred geometry it perfectly matches some of the crop circles found in Britain. Interesting, no?

    1. Hi K,

      No feedback from LadyT yet anent the healing we are offering her…21.00 GMT on 12/12.

      I will simply leave the offer open, if wanted, and remind LadyT that if she would like us to proceed, we will need a recent photo posted here on IITM…to aid with our visualisation exercise..

      The rest of this proposed ritual will be toning and affirmation….
      directing the violet flame to the target.

      In good will to all…Drekx

    2. Kelly,

      Did I tell you about the Sirian plan to complete a future “Ummac Dan” crop circle pattern in a field in Wiltshire, in the spring of 2012..??

      You’ll love it…!! 😉

      The intention is to symbolise, on cereal crops, the creation, resulting in the birth (goddess Ostara) of the New Golden Age…a birth, resulting in the union between masculine and femine energies….

      Ostara=Easter=Egg=Birth=New Life


      1. Wiltshire, eh? That area is well known; it should get a lot of publicity and reach many people. In regards to the two triangles, I am learning what/why they are…how they work… and the symbology behind the rest of the Ummac Dan is very poetic, isn’t it?
        I learned a new word today, Abayeya (ah-bah-yeh-yah). heh heh, I don’t think it’s galactic, can you tell me what it is?
        Have a great weekend; will be meditating the violet flame on the 12th, hope to see you all there!

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