THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT: The challenge to hold your Light is not easy when all around you the lower vibrations are encountered. However, because of who you are, you have the power to focus upon your heart centre and surround yourself with powerful love energies.


[] 11.15.10SaLuSa 

Let no one take you from the path you have decided is correct for you. You planned your life with all major decisions made in advance, and your spiritual experiences laid out for you so that your evolution advances. Clearly as you are all at different stages of understanding, it would follow that your life would follow a plan that would specifically fulfill your needs. Therefore although many souls may have Ascension as their goal, there could not be just the one path leading to it. By all means enrich your knowledge by learning about the various beliefs, but in the final reckoning follow your own intuitive feelings. You may not always be right but it will be your path for better or worse. Sometimes you may attract undesirable experiences, yet they are meant to be steps that give you the strength and motivation to continue your quest for knowledge.
You are gifted the opportunity to evolve at a pace that suits you, and no one is pushing you to move faster. However, if you are intent on ascending you cannot wait for it to come to you, so work towards completion by living life to your highest ideals. Walk in love and Light as the serene and peaceful Being you really are, and spread the joy and happiness you are capable of and you will be successful. At the same time because your vibrations are increasing, you will attract yet more Light to yourself.
The challenge to hold your Light is not easy when all around you the lower vibrations are encountered. However, because of who you are, you have the power to focus upon your heart centre and surround yourself with powerful love energies. That is all you need for your protection, as it will deflect or transmute the dark energies.



4 thoughts on “THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT: The challenge to hold your Light is not easy when all around you the lower vibrations are encountered. However, because of who you are, you have the power to focus upon your heart centre and surround yourself with powerful love energies.

    1. Hi Extiviumm±,

      Selamat balik..! (welcome) 😉

      It’s good to see you posting here again..

      Maybe the latest PAO update will cheer you up..?? 🙂

      In Light, Drekx Omega


      Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
      16th Nov 2010 (4 Cib, 14 Xul, 7 Ik)

      Selamat Balik! We return with more to discuss with you! Currently, we are watching what promises to be the resolution of the struggle between the last dark cabal and our Earth allies. We see that the dark is extremely troubled by what our Earth allies have in store for them. We have intervened and intervened, and helped both sides to create the conditions for a new reality to begin to manifest on your world. The crucial element was to convince both sides that what was to finally come about was a series of events that were to mark formally the change in power and the transmuting of a karmic cycle of life and death that began over 13 millennia ago. These alterations to this reality’s landscape were made possible by some concessions introduced by the Anunnaki and then agreed to by both sides. What is transpiring is more than a mere change in how you do business or how you live your lives; these changes are monumental in scope. For the first time you have been set truly free and are able to live your lives in peace, abundance, and true sovereignty.
      These reforms are a natural reaction against the darkness inculcated by the Anunnaki into their former earth minions. That group, the dark cabal, is characterized by hubris, misused knowledge, and erroneous beliefs that have long since been intrinsic to this reality. Nearly a half century ago, a point was reached where you were to be given some of the technologies you are now enjoying. At that time the dark chose to deny you these benefits and assassinated or drove from power those who were on the verge of forging a world quite different from what then ensued. This process of repression was marked by several vicious wars and economies taken, at times, to the point of collapse. The present world is a result of what occurred over those decades. These harsh events gave rise to our Earth allies and a determination by the Light to transform your world and bring you to the very brink of full consciousness. These points led Heaven, at the end of 1980, to call for a full-scale first contact mission. These decrees sent us to your shore in vast numbers and we began to intervene in your affairs shortly after our arrival.

      We soon joined up with the Agarthans to forge a path for the Light’s victory. This victory was to be made possible by the centuries of hard legal and spiritual work that those dedicated to the Light had so diligently carried out. We are most grateful for their devoted efforts, for it laid the foundation for the present success of our Earth allies. We have used what Heaven permits to aid these noble causes and continue to use our good offices to ensure that the dark cabal and its various allies are unable to achieve success of any kind. We are determined to see you become fully conscious and a proper member of the Galactic Federation of Light! These goals are achieved by our joint labors and a true dedication to the Light. We have watched as a mostly unreported global movement dedicated to equality, abundance, and cooperation has moved stealthily to the most primitive and ignored parts of your world. This broad movement has shown how wealth can be created from almost nothing and how a feeling of mutual Spirituality can be shared with most of your realm.

      First contact takes what you have so lovingly brought together and expands it instantly into something very different from the present reality. First contact takes your recent humanitarian upsurges and turns them into something special: a way to alter your society in a radical and sacred way. Each of you is related to each other; and each of you is related to every one of us. We come to renew these relationships and bring a set of truths that can link you back up to full consciousness. Your world has spent the past three decades on the verge of a vast paradigm shift in science, the arts, and even philosophy. This now-interlinked underground movement is ready to see the light of day. The physics behind these changes has been used by the secret government to produce antigravity craft, teleportation, and even time travel. These wonders can be used by you to end your dependence on fossil fuels and create a whole new series of insightful truths on how the living universe actually operates.

      Your new transitional governments are simply to be instruments of change. After the grand pronouncements that bring in your abundance, there is a need to move beyond your present reality and embrace aspects of your True Self. This path leads directly to us. We come to fill in the blanks of who you really are and what extraterrestrials like you are doing, seemingly alone on the surface of Mother Earth. Gaia wishes you to solve these mysteries and reconnect with your space kin. We are that space kin! We have come from all parts of this galaxy to see you and start a dialogue that can permit all of us to learn from each other. Embedded in you is a vast store of knowledge that is needed by us all to ensure a great galactic peace. This peace is the great fruit of the Anchara-Michael pronouncements that brought galactic peace in the mid-1990s. What is occurring on your world is to become the cement that glues this peace together!

      First contact is therefore a massive watershed in your recent recorded history. We have watched you develop for millennia. We have watched you become a Being who desires dearly to move away from the dark reality put forth by the Anunnaki some 13 millennia ago. Heaven heard your prayers, and the divine plan has decreed that the darkness covering your surface world in tears, blood, and sorrow now be lifted. This solemn pledge is another reason for our presence. You are special Beings who came in joy to live in the realm of the Anunnaki. They and their minions have been quite harsh in their manner of treating you. This treatment is to end and end now! We can assure you that a new reality is manifesting around you. So far this new reality is found mostly in the sidelines, but now it is to emerge from the shadows and be publicly proclaimed.

      When you reluctantly gave away your power to the Anunnaki and their ilk, you sent yourselves on an odyssey that at times made no sense to you. This strange artificial ream was to be your home. Its rulers were arrogant, selfish, and prone to great bouts of self-proclaimed delusions. These rogues kept sending you either to your death or foisted a primitive and brutish life upon you. Yet you persevered. Generation upon generation of you survived and learned enough to teach these skills to your children. Inside each of you were a strong will and an urge to carry out what was so brilliantly stated in the US Declaration of Independence. The striving for these ideals reached fever pitch in the latter part of your 20th century. Then a rising spiritual movement allowed Heaven to decree a first contact.

      We came, and in a flash realized what was expected of us. You needed a special unit capable of expressing your viewpoints to those in power as well as providing a means to permit your ascension to full consciousness. This process was something we needed to go through with you. The past two decades have forged a link between us, and our diplomatic corps has gladly informed those of influence and power of this. We now approach the part that most excites us: disclosure and first contact! Disclosure is an idea whose time had come. Nation after nation has stated to its citizens that we are real and benign. We have even had a series of long-standing, friendly interactions with a number of countries. The next step is formal disclosure and more open and direct contact between us. The time for great celebrations is upon us!

      Today, we carried on with our discussion of what is happening on your world. Ahead lies a period of growing interaction between us, which will very shortly lead to first contact. The amount of technology and knowledge that we are giving you is only a prelude to your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

  1. I have seen variations of this beautiful poem and prayer for the last 6 months. I say it at least three times a day. It speaks directly from the heart to the sun and beyond. It has helped me very much.. i am happy to see it appear again and to more an audience. It helps the earth rise its energy levels too.
    Try saying this prayer in cities, freeways, etc it helps the Earth sing.

    keep singing


  2. Dearly beloved souls (“dratzo” in the Sirian language,)

    It is important that the individual links within a chain are made sound, as a chain is only as strong as it’s links and if one link fails to take the stress, than the entire chain fails….

    We are Lights within a GREATER LIGHT……links within a greater chain…

    So let us esoterically connect with that greater chain of Light, through the power of spoken invocation..

    1) Spoken out loud effects the aetheric plane.
    2) Whispered softly, effects the astral plane.
    3) Thought in the mind effects the mental plane.

    In Light, Love and Will, Drekx Omega

    From the point of Light within the Mind of God
    Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
    Let Light descend on Earth.

    From the point of Love within the Heart of God
    Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
    May Christ return to Earth.

    From the center where the Will of God is known
    Let purpose guide the little wills of men ―
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

    From the center which we call the race of men
    Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


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