DAVID WILCOX: Disclosure, “The Event” and China’s “October Surprise”

Written by David Wilcock

Saturday, 23 October 2010 19:19


Even a year ago, weeks could go by between major Disclosure events. Now there are multiple signals per week. Are they trying to tell us something? Does a bear sit in the woods?



In the last few months, things have gotten really wonderful for the Disclosure crowd — to the point where I don’t even have enough time to try to track and write about all of it, while juggling my other responsibilities. This includes:

  • Multiple, blatant UFO sightings, some of which shut down entire airports;
  • Major press conferences with multiple eyewitnesses announcing that nuclear missile installations have been powered down by ‘flying saucers’ which otherwise were not aggressive, and may in fact have our best interests in mind;
  • A huge number of “life is highly abundant in the universe” scientific articles;
  • A raft of movies and television shows either already released or in production, which are dealing with the subject — both from the present day as well as “Ancient Aliens” who happened to enjoy building massive stone structures.

This is definitely not ‘smoke and mirrors.’ This is a clear, deliberate and concerted effort. And it’s building up to something.


Among all of these various elements, the NBC television show “The Event” stands out as particularly provocative. Here you have a television show about a black President — who looks and sounds just like Obama — stumbling into the truth of human ETs soon after he takes office.

In this story, some 97 human-looking ETs crashed in a spaceship in Alaska in the 1940s, and were held hostage at ‘Camp Inostranka’ ever since. The president learns this truth, meets the people and plans an open Disclosure in a live national press conference.

Right before he discloses these secrets to humanity, he suffers a 9/11-style attack by a hijacked passenger airliner. The plane then pops through a wormhole right before it hits the ground and ends up in a remote desert, apparently by ET influence.

All the passengers onboard the plane initially survive, but they then end up dying — or so we think. The analysis of the bodies at the crash site shows that they appeared to have been running from something — perhaps a beam weapon.

The government plans on ‘distressing’ the bodies to make it look like they all died in a fiery crash, which they intend to fabricate for a cover-up.





One thought on “DAVID WILCOX: Disclosure, “The Event” and China’s “October Surprise”

  1. this Event show already had me worried. What a fiery crash, worm hole, ET influence, beam weapon? All this influenced by whom. Our governments who stoled Tesla’s work especially the beam weapon and went underground in Colorado Springs in the 1940s, where by the way is where our government is really located secretly and under ground.

    So who are the Ets us versus us.

    I am tired of the BS please no more drama in regards to our divinity and sovereignty here on earth.

    Free energy! No one has the right to keep us from experiencing the divine light of our creator by controlling the energy grid on our planet any longer.

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