PUBLIC HEALTH HAZARD #?: X-RAY Van That Can See Through Buildings, Cars, Clothes etc., radiating everything in sight.


6 thoughts on “PUBLIC HEALTH HAZARD #?: X-RAY Van That Can See Through Buildings, Cars, Clothes etc., radiating everything in sight.

  1. I’m sorry to say Vanessa they do in fact have these in Canada. In October a friend of mine was nabbed transporting medicine when he drove slowly through a stretch of highway undergoing road construction. A backscatter van accompanied by a couple of 4×4 trucks looking like hunters were on standby and a few moments later they gave chase and arrested my buddy with no questions just a gun in his face.
    This happened in south west BC. The cops were from IBET the integrated boarder enforcement team. We’re not positive but strongly believe the cop heading the operation was american. My friend has not been charged yet.
    Probably a few hundred people and kids/babies were radiated that day without even knowing what hit them.
    If the crown lawyer actually presses charges this will go public. So hopefully (for my friend) you will not be reading more about this in the Vancouver Sun comes next summer.

    1. Thanks for this info Ben….I’m planning to go to BC in January hopefully to settle somewhere for the winter, and would not want to be radiated on the freeways, in the airports, at the stores…etc….gotta love that BC energy otherwise though…..keep the love flowing.


  2. oh God please tell me they aren’t rolling these out in Canada… least not yet. I know the US just announced (admitted) on mainstream news that they were deploying these as part of the ‘war on terror’. You know, cause they are sooooo concerned about terror that they leave the South border wide open, give illegals drivers licenses and allow them to vote and legalize their children, lol…ya, terrorists my ass. That’s why Alaki, (the, at the time of 9/11,was the #3 most wanted man in the world) was hanging out at the Pentagon 2 or 3 months after 9/11 with the head of the army intelligence. They also admitted to that in the paper a couple of weeks ago. So now that we know Bin Laden AND Alaki are admitted CIA ops, why exactly did we go to war again?? Why exactly is martial law being laid down on their own citizens? Why is it taking so long for people to wake the hell up and think for a moment….THINK about what they said, and then what ended up as truth, THINK about the insurance companies being the ones who wrote Obama’s health care bill, and about Congress admitting they only read about 5% of everything that comes to them, THINK about how our leaders in Canada sold us out just like the US did to it’s people, like China did to it’s people. Think about Trudeau signing that draconian deal with the UN, BINDING us to become the North American Union with the US and Mexico…that is a DONE DEAL, contract signed, no going back, it’ just a matter of time before it happens, and that time is coming FAST. Along with a lot of other ‘done deals’ that most people wouldn’t even imagine.
    WE NEED TO EDUCATE PEOPLE, WE NEED TO MAKE SURE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. I can’t even stand this world sometimes, people just oblivious to things. I can’t wrap my head around it sometimes. We need to stand up to this shit, we have a constitution and we have rights as a citizen of our countries but more important than that we have basic human rights and Universal rights. And i’ll be damned if i’m gonna let some stupid greedy sociopathic reptiles make me a slave. Fight for your rights and fight for the constitution, and go to court pro say….you don’t take a lawyer, you inform yourself of what to do, you get advice from lawyers and you do it yourself. You as a citizen have certain powers in court they don’t like you to know about. You have authority over a judge when you are a citizen in court, authority that NO lawyer will ever have. Get people together, mass suits, the more the better, this isn’t ‘frivolous’ this is the laws that our countries have been founded on and it is up to the people to take our government back.

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