J.G. Janzen: Saskatchewan Chemtrails, HAARP, Weather Modification, Farmer’s Suiciding

J.G. Janzen:  Saskatchewan Chemtrails, HAARP, Weather Modification, Farmer’s Suiciding

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Three Dead Words

Sask Truth Watch (is it possible for 100’s of missing foster children to go missing while judges and social workers cover everything up?)

Sept. 26/10 Russian P.M. Putin Blames U.S. President Obama’s HAARP for Global Weather Warfare

I have been blogging regularly about HAARP in 2010, but especially since June to date, because it is so obvious that the New World Order (NWO)/Illuminati/high-degreed freemasons have been using their electromagnetic TOYS, to create weather into a weapon vs. the global sheople.

Their motives are easy to discern based on their centuries long goal for global one world gov’t, since how else does one get the sheople to lay down their national sovereignty and their individual human rights by super stressing them by wars, rumours of wars, pestilence, plagues and famines, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes & eruptions of super volcanoes or some mega-environmental disaster like the 2010 Gulf of Mexico British Petroleum oil & gas gusher (which is still gushing by the way).

So please review my past summer of 2010 blogs on how the NWO is using HAARP & chem trails & cloud seeding to help disrupt food growing conditions & cause general expensive havoc with sheople assets or lives in 2010.

They are titled:

July 3/10 Canada Earth Quake, June 23, 2010: HAARP Induced?

July 23/10 North Battleford SK City July 22/10 Single Day Rain Storm Flooding Due to Cloud Seeding?

Aug. 21/10 Ashes Raining in Saskatchewan: 2000 & 2010 and Smoke from B.C. Jet Streamed to SK

Aug. 25/10 B.C. Forest Fire Smoke in SK W. Canada Smothered Us for Five Days in Mid-August 2010

Sept. 14/10 HAARP Induced 2010 Global Weather Disasters: Global Food Shortages Follow

Sept. 18/10 Strange Cloud Formations like Chem Trails in Saskatchewan Prairie Skies This Week

Sept. 18/10 Chem Trail War Zone in our Saskatchewan Skies Today: September 18th or 3×6 or 666

Sept. 19/10 Chem Trails Sprayed Today, SK Skies, Rainbow Cloud Photo’ed Yesterday

Sept. 26/10 Chem Trails in SK Canada Skies Clearly Visible on Sept. 25/10 Saturday

Now as of September 24, 2010, one of my sounder sources of online alternative news, the U.S. independent Baptist org, cuttingedgenews has posted some of the intel I posted in my blog (listed above) titled: Sept. 14/10 HAARP Induced 2010 Global Weather Disasters: Global Food Shortages Follow.


Here are some modified excerpts from this hyperlinked, September 24, 2010 article.

In the summer of 2010, Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens’ plane crashed in Alaska, which appeared to be sabotage from an EMP.

He was apparently gathering intel on the allegations that U.S. President Barack Obama had in 2010 unleashed the powerful electromagnetic tool, known as HAARP, which can change weather into a weapon & induce earthquakes.

The U.S. has HAARP/ionosphere heater/ELF wave pinging technology sites in Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Russian intelligence with the support of their Russian P.M. Putin is trying to warn the sheople of N.A. what the New World Order pawn U.S. President Obama is up to in terms of his HAARP induced enviro-terrorism and they stated that U.S. Senator Ted Stevens was assassinated by insiders for his snooping around about HAARP.

In 1997, U.S. Secretary of Defence, William Cohen warned that foreign scientists were engaging in an eco-type terrorism, whereby they could alter the climate, by setting off earthquakes and volcanoes remotely via electromagnetic waves.

There exists United Nations’ treaties prohibiting the use of electromagnetic wave technology tools like HAARP which can be used to alter climate, control storms and create extreme drought conditions and they were passed into law on October 27, 1978.

Now many international scientists like Russian Dr. Andrey Areshev have expressed their belief that the extreme weather chaos currently battering the globe is being caused by the TESLA technology based weapons system from Alaska’s HAARP (High Active Auroral Research Program) site.

What U.S., Alaskan (R) Senator Ted Stevens was assassinated over this summer is contained in the following facts about HAARP-induced weather aberrations globally in 2010.

The chaos that this weather modification has created globally in 2010 is described as being Biblical in proportion, in terms of apocalyptic destruction and includes:

Russia: 2010 growing season: greatest heat wave & drought & fires ever experience in 1000 years.
Central Europe: 2010 flooding, the worst in 800 years.

Pakistan: 2010 flooding, based on bizarre monsoon activity, considered worse than the 2004 Indian Ocean Boxing Day earthquake/tsunami.

China: 2010, severe flooding, taking 1000s of Chinese live.

Japan: 2010 heat wave sent 21,000 heat stroke victims to hospitals.

United States, South East: 2010 summer so hot with a heat wave, no signs of abating.

United States, California: 2010 growing season temperatures so low their heat-needing fruits (citrus) and vegetable crops are being destroyed.

Africa: 2010, a catastrophic drought is holding & which may lead to 10 million Africans starving to death.

South America, Bolivia: 2010 winter season so cold that from 3 to 6 million fish killed.

South America, Brazil: 2010 winter season so cold that from 1000s of cattle killed.

In my summer of 2010 blogs, I reported on local growing season weather conditions, since the Western Canadian province of Saskatchewan where I live is agricultural, once having been the hard, red spring wheat BREAD BASKET of the WORLD.

We in SK, in some places received from two to three fold of our annual precipitation volume (semi-arid province: 13 inches total annually) from the spring of 2010 (April/May) to early fall of 2010 (September) so that in some parts of the province farmers could not even seed their fields.

SK which is somewhat centrally located in Western Canada with Alberta to the east of us, and then the Pacific Coast province of British Columbia (B.C.) just east of Alberta appeared to swap B.C.’s wet & more cool 2010 growing season conditions with them and they experienced unusually SUNNY & DRY conditions on the coast.

Right now, in the area where I live in SK, which is NE central, we have some of the best grain growing land in N.A. and SK has 40% of all arable land in the vast country of Canada, the harvest is hardly begun and we have an early winter climate (as early has the end of October).

We historically want our harvest off by the end of September.

Swaths of grain are sprouting in our fields, based on the massive amount of September 2010 rainfall we have received and when it is not raining we have cloudy, cool, non-drying-out weather.

Imagine my distress, when I may be the only blogger in Western Canada covering HAARP and weather modification, which they clearly HID IN PLAIN VIEW like when they sprayed the skies over our farm with CHEM TRAILS on the sunny Saturday, September 18 (3×6, or 666), 2010.

All I can say to you SK Canada sheople who obviously have been socially engineered to notbelieve “the sky is falling down’’ as long as the gov’t does not say anything but then let’s all you farmers go broke based on HAARP and its abilities to turn weather into a weapon vs. the sheople.

The word out on the street is that in Western Canada in the past seeding/growing season months in 2010, there have been at least “18” farmer suicides (hangings & shootings) based on the havoc the weather has had on their farmer pocket books.

5 thoughts on “J.G. Janzen: Saskatchewan Chemtrails, HAARP, Weather Modification, Farmer’s Suiciding

  1. I live in southern sask an I’ve been noticing for the past couple months that the sky has not been the same from ears past.
    I’ve taken numerous photos of the tankers dumping their death on us. I’m outside for my job all day every day,so I tend to notice the trails being left behind.
    The trails seem to originate west of us and go towards the east.
    This actually scares me.

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