How the Violet Flame Works

How the Violet Flame Works

The electromagnetic spectrum is composed of varying frequencies or wavelengths that include radio waves, infrared radiation, ultraviolet rays, X-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, as studied in the Rosicrucian cosmic keyboard. The visible sunlight is but a tiny portion of this electromagnetic spectrum. Of this visible light the violet is the highest frequency of shortest wavelength and is at the limit or point of transition to the other “invisible” spectrum of spiritual inner divine light and as such it transcends to a spiritual, rather than physical phenomenon. In Rosicrucian teachings the manifestation of this violet light in the aura is regarded as a result of high advancement of the student on The Path(1) As the physical sunlight, this divine light is also decomposed or refracts into seven rays, each with its own specific qualities and served by an Ascended Master. This divine light, decomposed in the seven rays, is described by esoteric researcher Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

The Violet Flame when invoked is able to flush out the physical body and aura of toxins and chemicals, physical viruses, drugs and pollution. Emotional problems and distressing experiences of early childhood or of past lifetimes, scars of old hurts, fear and anxiety, karma, hatred and other negative emotions can be transmuted using properly this technique. This flame works by increasing the vibratory rate at which the electrons move in the atom. As stated in the Rosicrucian teachings all is vibration or frequency and every person (or living being) can be defined by a number which represents its rate of vibration. By changing the vibration of the physical or emotional bodies the other bodies by sympathetic actions follow suit. And so the vibrations of the individual as a whole are “raised” or transmuted to a higher state. This technique guards a close similarity to Rosicrucian visualizations to heal others or the planet practiced regularly in lodges and chapters and as such can be rated as a variation of these practices with a different focus or form but with same final aim.

Atoms have mostly “empty” or “hollow” space between the electrons and the nucleus. This space is filled with the pulsating energy of the Holy Spirit that is being constantly qualified and stamped with the impressions of our hearts and minds thus creating a densification of this energy. The lower negative emotions and thinking create a substance of lower vibratory rate between nucleus and electrons that slows down the free movement of the electrons. Hatred and other negative thoughts and feelings actually create acids (excess amount of phosphoric acid, uric acid and carbonic acid gases) that the body cannot assimilate. Hence the density of disease persists within the atomic orbit. Humankind has been doing this for hundred of thousands of years. With the practice of visualization on the Violet Flame, by energy transmutation, the vibrations of the hallow space increase so that the electrons can move faster. This increase of speed at the atomic level is in direct proportion to the increase of the interchange of the energy between the Source to the individual and back to the Source, the “giving” and the “taking”

During the meditation and visualization the flame of the almighty Mother/Father God I AM Presence wraps each atom individually. Instantaneously, a polarity is set up between the white fire core of the atom —which, being matter, assumes the negative pole— and the white fire core of the flame —which, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole. The dual action of the sacred fire in the center of the atom and in the violet flame without establishes a force field that causes the untransmuted densities to be dislodged from between the electrons. As this substance is loosed, the electrons begin to spin more rapidly in their orbits and by centrifugal force the dross substance is thrown into the violet flame. On contact with this fiery essence, the disqualified energy is transmuted into its native purity, its archetypal blueprint.

The Violet Flame meditation was known to the Egyptian mystery schools and to the Neo-Platonist predecessors of medieval alchemy. According to Neo-Platonist, “the Philosopher’s Stone was a self-transforming fire that would lead their souls upward, by drawing up to the Spirit all qualities which dragged downward and opposed the spiritual essence” (2). This was the pursue of the Alchemists of the Spirit, not just to transmute the base metals into gold, but to raise the soul to a pristine state of communion with the Divinity, a state of Oneness and immortality, the gold of the Christ Consciousness.

Now we will have a healing meditation using the Violet Flame:

5 thoughts on “How the Violet Flame Works

  1. “I AM” THE VIOLET FLAME MADE MANIFEST! ….I would like to know if anyone or group of people is trying to build a violet flame machine big enough for an entire human body? An idea would be to use Tesla technology with Plasma physics and electromagnetic fields.

  2. MY Decrees to the Violet Flame:
    I AM the Violet Flame.
    Picture an Ultra-Violet Purple Flame, churning, pulsating, and Loving its way to a Healing circumstance. So be it!
    I AM the violet flame, in action in me now.
    I AM the violet flame, to Light alone I bow.
    I AM the violet flame, in mighty cosmic power.
    I AM the light of God, shining every hour.
    I AM the violet flame, blazing like a sun.
    I AM God’s sacred power freeing every one.

    I Demand the Violet Flame move through my spirit and soul bodies NOW to transmute all my past discordant karmic experiences to resolve, balance, and erase any negative karmic energy to eliminate that energy and free me to ascend to the upper Fifth level plane of Superconscious existence. So be it. Indeed.

    I Demand the Violet Flame move through my physical body NOW to nullify and completely eliminate all toxins, metals, and poisons from my divine physical body to facilitate my ascension and to take my body with me to the higher realms of Creator Source (The Creation) and God/Aton. So be it. Indeed.
    “I ask that the Violet Flame of forgiveness blaze through and around me now and henceforth, expanding moment to moment to the maximum that cosmic law will allow, until I am free from every belief which is less than the reality of my perfect God nature. I am the presence of God made manifest in the physical world of form, and I accept my Divine birthright and my mission now!”
    “Surrounded in the radiance of our Father/Mother God, I call forth the energies of the Sacred Fire of transformation from within my Diamond Core God Cell, which dwells within the nucleus of my Sacred Heart. In the name of the I AM that I AM, I invoke the Violet Fire to blaze forth from the Seed Atom within the center of my Sacred Heart. From the White-Fire core of my I AM Presence, multiplied by the Seventh Ray qualities and virtues of Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and the Divine power granted to the blessed Ascended Masters, St. Germain and Lady Portia, I hereby decree:
    “I, hereby, agree to become a Keeper of the Violet Flame. I call forth the Divine Sacred Fire to permeate my physical vessel to its very core, and to activate my soul memory of full God consciousness and the original blueprint of my universal destiny. I call forth the Violet Transmuting Flame to permeate my mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies, my Soul, my DNA and RNA, in order to transmute cause, core, record and memory of any past, present or future lifetimes, in this or any other reality that is less than perfection, any and all that is not in alignment with the will of our Father/Mother God, for my greatest good and the greatest good of all.”
    “I also petition the Cosmic Council of Light to consider my request to join the Group of World Servers. I will faithfully integrate and radiate out into the world the maximum amount of Adamantine Particles of Light and the transforming Violet Flame my physical vessel can contain. I will always strive for my greatest good, the highest good for humanity, the Earth and all Creation. I will do everything in my power to serve faithfully and to be worthy of this great honor.”

    Love is the pinnacle of my study and focus; it is the way to understanding and GOD/Aton. Absolute Devotion to Love is the way home for me to Unity and Oneness with Creator Source (The Creation). So be it. Indeed.

    I embrace the wholeness of my divine reality NOW. So be it! Indeed.

    I now Know, I am Absolute, I am Complete, I am God, I Am! So be it! Indeed.

    Sainte Germain Contributor. Gods Peace-Eagle Strong-Keeper of Monuments Contributor.

    I am a Divinely Lighted Light Worker.
    I am a Powerful Radiant Divine Human Angel.
    I am an upper Fifth Level Superconscious Being of X-Ray Energy. I am a Starseed.
    I am fully Awakened to Christ Consciousness.
    (I Am the I Am Principle)

    great affirmations at this site! thanks jeff craig!

  3. Violet/Pink Moon?

    Did anybody else notice and it seems pertinent to ask at this time and the above article prompted to pose the question here?

    On Saturday night, here in England, our sky was mostly clear of clouds — just a few floating gracefully across and around the fullish moon. The moon looked to me to have a definite tinge of violet/pink.

    What was even more curious is that when I switched an outside light on, we have a mirror at the bottom of our small garden. The light was/is definitely cream/white but its reflection in the mirror was definitely violet/pink.

    I am really curious to know if anybody else has noticed similar effects…

    Last night it was pouring with rain so no chance of seeing if the effect continued.

    1. Hi Alison,

      Yes, I’m based in England too…East Anglia.

      And it did rain continually last night,but was clear the night before, as you say..

      Earler, the moon was definately violet in hue…
      That is the seventh ray vibration…

      And I believe that this phenonomen will occur more and more, as the planetary shuman resonance rises in frequency…effecting atmospheric frequencies..and ultimately the sky’s appearance, too..

      It takes acute observers to raise such matters though, as they don’t discuss this on News at Ten.. 🙂

      In Light, Drekx Omega

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