The Sirians have instructed Sheldan to place more details before the public anent their S&E mission personnel….
This raises expectation among humans, because they then have an idea as to what should be aimed for….
It takes away any residual conditioning that the Sirians are “aliens.”
They also want people to realise that Sirians are also “human,” but on a cosmic scale of experience….
Moreover, they are relatives from afar and guests of the planet.

Also, Sheldan is working on getting the spelling and pronouciation of certain words and names, right..:

“Vashtar,” rather than “Washta.”
National Economic Security And Reformation Act, rather than National Economic Stabilisation And Reformation Act…..etc, etc.

However, it was a great achievement for him to overcome his once extreme stutter and it is marvellous that his webinars are now being conducted with such effect…..

It would be nice if Dieter could publish my channeled article below at blog level…!! :-)The GFL Ground Crew would like to get this data out, in support of the cultural acclimatisation initiative..leading to First Contact.

The Sirian Star system is comprised of nine stars of different classifications…
Sirius B is where the Solar Logos is located we name “Akanowai” (place of the Great Blue Lodge.)
To name but a few actively engaged First Contact S & E Fleet Crew Sirian contacts:
Vashtar, Kalestra, Atura, Sandara & Mikala.

They all originate from Sirius B-4….that is planet “Samanet” which is the 4th planet in the Sirius B, 6-planet system…
This planet is slightly smaller than Earth and possesses one vast interlocked continent named “Sakara” (the soul of female creativity.)
Surrounding the continent of Sakara is an ocean that makes up 18% of the planetary surface area…The oxygen content in the pristine atmosphere totals 36%, so is higher than the atmosphere on Earth…

Most Sirians live within the planet, but some have dwellings upon the surface as well…
The Sirian sky maintains a constant purple hue… there are two natural moons, which are both larger than Earth’s moon.
Commander Vashtar lives in the foothills of the majestic mountain range named “Shadota” (the many fingers of Heaven.)

Vashtar is a Sirian Ascended Master who has attained the rank of “IHWH,” which is the 7th cosmic degree….also known as “Jschwjsch” and pronounced; “ish wish.”
He is a highly advanced galactic human, who stands over seven feet tall, perfectly proportioned, is well built, has an oblong head, with thick shoulder-length, golden blond hair….his eyes are blue and piercing, and he has thin lips and very “nordic” features…exuding great love and wisdom…combined with razor sharp intelligence…
By Earth standards, he appears to be in his early twenties, but it rapidly dawns on anyone communicating with him that he is actually much older in terms of knowledge and wisdom…
His actual age (for this incarnation) is 550 solar years. The average life-span for Sirians being 2000 years.

He wears either his Clan robes, which are royal purple, or he wears a special (IHWH) jump-suit, which is pale metallic blue, with gold insignia braid on each shoulder….unlike the standard Sirian white jump-suits, worn by his deputies and other officers…
He has four wives and seven children…
Earth had been under Plejaren spiritual juristriction for thousands of years and that cosmic “supervision” ended on April 24th 1994 (1 Muluc, 12 Kankin, 2 Caban) when the Sirians replaced the Plejaren in that official role….

Though unofficially, the Plejaren remain and continue their support work..
The former Plejaren Jschwjsch in effective responsibility for Earth was Ptah…and his role has been taken on by the Sirian Governing Council representative and Jschwjsch, Vashtar…now representing the Galactic Federation of Light, under the authority of Supreme Fleet Commander Atura..a past master of First Contact procedures, and I believe, more able than the Plejaren Federation at making the process work…

Sandara is Sirian and the chief organiser for the planned tours aboard the mothership, following First Contact.
She was born in the hamlet of Bregge, on the Kearonet plateau, in the central highlands of Planet Samanet’s outer continent of Sakara….

If you may remember, Samanet is the 4th planet within the Sirius B star system…
She has extensive duty experience with the S&E Fleet, and has been on duty for the last 20 earth years, aboard various ships in the Federation fleets…involved with First Contact.
She stands at a perfectly proportioned 6′ 1″, which is the case with most Sirian women, who average six inches taller than Plejara…Strikingly good looking, by Earth standards, she has a proud and sometimes haughty poise, with distinguished aquilline nose, brown-green eyes, long thick straight golden hair and appears to be 18-years of age, by Earth standards, but is actually much older, and totals 192 years…The average age of Samanet Sirians being 2000 years of physical life..
She wears either the purple and gold dresses and gowns, favoured by her clan, or she wears the standard white jump-suit, while on duty….

On the surface of Samanet there are no cities, towns or villages, at all….as part of a deliberate policy to maintain the surface, primarily for the planetary guardianship purpose of ritual….so there are vast temple complexes, only, upon the surface, as well as hamlets and small dwellings.
Most Sirians live within the planet, inner-Samanet, within the crystal cities of great splendor…which are grown, rather than built, in the conventional way…
Some Sirians, within priestly clans, seek surface dwellings as well, in order to be at hand near the temples…
There are individual dome-shaped houses, surrounded by beautiful gardens and occupied by individuals and their families…
When common work and purpose compel a closer proximity for joint ritual, within clans, and between clans, then hamlets are set up to house a special “podlet,” which Sirians call “bhada,” which is a podlet consisting of a maximum of 64 individuals….
If there is a purpose that stipulates the neccessity to reside upon the planetary surface, then the bhada is housed within a hamlet of several dome-shaped dwellings in closer proximity, than normal..
Sandara was born in such a hamlet and it’s name was Bhada Bregge..”podlet of the temple bridge.”

Tony Q:
“You talk of Ritual, in what way?,are they to focus on an out come?
what roles do the “priestly clans” play in their society and the “temple bridge,” must also have some meaning?.
Thanks for the time and info Drekx… society in space is very intreging indeed.

Drekx A:
Yes the continued vivification and balancing of the planetary form and all related natural biospheres…
It is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the current Earth Human disfunction we witness here, in which a planet and it’s biosphere is degraded, mined, polluted and shattered by wars and atomic weapons…as an example…

On Samanet and all fully conscious worlds (which will happen here to) the cosmic human inhabitants are the spiritually “official” planetary guardians and responsible for the maintainance of the good order of nature, using advanced and harmonious technologies and magickal ritual practices, to achieve those results….
These are the practices of creational laws and their religion is more a science of occult (made known) dynamics…in support of the Divine Plan.
An example would be the many water temples who’s purpose is the maintainance of the FIRMAMENT..
Or the land temples which maintain the atmosphere at maximum efficiency and vivification…
The temple bridge is the east side (rising sun) location of the stone and marble steps that lead up to the bridge and ceremonial platform at the apex of the temple…
The rising sun Sirius makes special violet light patterns upon the stairs of the east side…as it rises…

Try to picture a Mayan pyramid, but factored-up many times in size and splendour…
The hamlet of Bregge is named after the temple bridge because of it’s easterly location…in relation to the temple.
Also notice how the Sirian language, as well as that of the Plejaren have a common Lyran origin….
On earth, the nearest approximation is old German and it’s Saxon offshoots…..and the German word for bridge is “brücke.” The mordern English word evolved from the Anglo-Saxon; “bricg.”
And all these subtle variations in spelling and pronounciation are related in some way or another, on and off-world…
Again, demonstrating our cosmic roots….!!
A holy temple bridge (always on the east side) having the masculine relation with the rising sun Sirius and so an “e” on the end of the written and pronounced word…
The Sirian word for a normal bridge would be in the femine form of “bregga” and so a letter “a.”
A practice adopted on Earth from our star brethen….it’s origins lost in antiquity, as with so much Earth history….

Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!

Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew



  1. Oh Drekx! 🙂 Wonderful that your blog has received such a wide audience! It is the message that we needed to hear, there is much frustration out there right now…the pot is bubbling 🙂 I am sure more than a few souls from AC are checking this site out now as I write this- welcome friends 🙂
    And I am a little surprised that even those closer to the conspiracies seem to resonate with your posting lol, that shows I’m still learning.
    Much Love to you, it’s going to be a wonderful weekend… the sun came out today- SO happy 😉

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if you are near me, i’m in NC USA and after a couple of rainy days the Sun finally came back out, yeah!

  2. Dearly beloved souls (“dratzo” in the Sirian language,)

    Blessings of light to all here.

    I have necessarily been absent from these boards for the past few days, engaged in important and difficult GFL preparatory work, relating to the possible worse case scenario of an emergency First Contact, expedited in the event of our Earth Ally’s failure to neutralise the dark governments (UK, US, etc,) within the necessary planetary ascension timeframe…And thus was rapidly activated, specifically in connection with our Sirian project, under the umbrella codename of “Decra Zau,” which was originally created in January 2006 (1 Cauac, 2 Yax, 1 Caban) to speed up First Contact, by removing all barriers to it’s divinely decreed manifestation. This project now includes the option of enabling emergency mass landings of our fleet scout ships, making physical terran touchdowns upon vast swathes of rural farmland, greens, fields, parks and assorted open spaces, in my allocated landings sector and jointly co-ordinated with GFL Ground Crew, in other European and American sectors too…
    My command sector for the Galactic Federation landings (emergency scenario) plan encompasses responsibility for south east England (East Anglia and Kent,) so Movella and I scouted ahead, preparing the possible locations for the sites, on the 27th March…we had a comprehensive Atar security brief, that included Federation technical details that I’m not allowed to divulge, currently. So I cannot describe our special aetheric devices and the detailed technical specs associated with our defence systems, in this article…as hostiles may be reading. But I can say that only the very basics will be covered here, which nevertheless, may be of interest to you..

    I spent the whole of Tuesday 29th March, with Commander Vashtar, setting defence beacons on the perimeters of specially selected landing grids, within the beautiful green countryside of the English county of Suffolk, including our well visited and somewhat better known sector area at Capal Green, near Rendlesham forest…the nearby military base now usefully vacated by the USAF.

    On Wednesday 30th March, I worked that wet day with Sandara and when we arrived at the scheduled anchoring phase, she cheerfully instructed me to relay her aetherically beamed energies, with me painfully grounding them (“ouch….I’ll wear my jumpsuit next time..!”) at numerous geomantically selected co-ordinate points, on open fields in the Walderingfield area, usually four or five per vertical landing strip… and they have invisibly remained there in readiness, in the event that they will be needed..This exercise was repeated in the Newbourne area and surrounding countryside…and maybe dowsers will notice something strange in those fields, now…?? 🙂

    After several time-compressed “odurs” (hours) of work, (a day is one “musal”) we had established potential force-field protected defence grids, designed for multiple scoutship landings, that cannot be attacked by the RAF from the air, nor special forces (SAS) from the ground..Even so, it is planned that our Atar defence ships (those famous triangular craft) will accompany all landings, to deter any government aggression….Landed craft are always more vulnerable to attack, as we deactivate the implosion reactors when in readiness for the embarkation and disembarkation of crew and passengers.

    Further joint operational Ground Crew/Flight Crew teams (psi, sigma and epsilon) had been working in my expanded sector areas also, instructed to repeat the same processes as described, in rural locations, always away from population centres, the personnel involved to remain incognito, for the time being. The whole of my landings command sector completed within two “musals,” which was pleasing, as I enjoy a good challenge, as does my Crew.

    This required emergency preparedness is not an ideal situation, but will be activated in the event that our Earth Allies fail in their difficult mission to topple the dark governments, who remain fixed upon a deadly outcome for all…and are currently in the process of trying to start WW3, with David Cameron at the front of the “charge of the dark brigade,” in Libya.

    Yet, in spite of appearances to the contrary and all the things not being reported to you in the mainstream media, we are confident that the preferred option will prevail and had prior received instructions from the akanowai High Council, to make such contingency planning objective, so that failure to instigate a first contact would not be allowed to develop, unchecked. Our Sirian strategy has always possessed multiple facets of variable factors, covering all contingencies and projected permutations, as events our engineered to play out upon the timeline.

    Now that this landing grid contingency planning and execution has been rendered complete, at least for my sector of responsibility, I can happily describe it to you in my deliberately peripheral way on a public forum, as this constructed work cannot realistically be nullified now, using earth technologies, including some of those more exotic devices still in the Illuminoid’s rapidly shrinking arsenal, which we still have a joyous habit of destroying for them, prior to any effective deployment by their dark forces…. 🙂 Yet, still we like to maintain some caution when describing recent events, to protect the crew personnel involved and the technical aspects of the advanced technologies utilised….Technologies that the dark have long coveted.

    Dear friends, the Sirians are lovingly and dutifully here, but would surely prefer to be more open with you, less covert, yet, for the moment, must remain hidden from official (if not always from plain) sight, in order to protect you from the reactions of your own dark governments, who have stubbornly demonstrated much determination to take their pathway to hell…and to vindictively take you along with them. Yet plans are being prepared to thwart their insanely nefarious machinations, by secret forces within our own Lighted Federation…the GFL.

    So be joyfully focussed upon a desirable reunion with our star family, for that blessed time has arrived for some and is rapidly approaching the lives and reality matrices of many others. Remember the power of your thoughts and energies of hopeful loving expectancy? Starseeds, with your open willingness, dedication and preparatory hard work, you may also serve within our GFL Ground Crew cause, but you will be selected at the right time and will be activated when the circumstances require your particular skill-sets to be utilised…..many will be called to serve then in a more active way. Those dear Souls upon the 3rd, 5th and 7th rays, being of particular applicable service to the aims of “Decra Zau,” as they fall within the line of power and thus, are of objective usefullness to the Plan, in these historical times of planetary transition. Note that under the Plan of the Logos, 1st ray souls are not currently incarnated upon the earth, as their work was completed in an earlier phase of the cycle.

    1-3-5-7 = line of power (objective application of spiritual service)

    2-4-6 = line of love (subjective application of spiritual service)

    And let nobody assume that because our revolution is a quite one, that it is not achieving the desired results..

    We are the workers of white magic and have prepared miracles for the world, as the planet passes ever more completely into the age of Aquarius and the incoming seventh ray increases in potency, allowing for a greater energy of cultural synthesis to occur between terrestrial and celestial humans.

    Selamat Kasijaram Zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”)

    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

    1. Welcome back, Commander! So nice to hear you’ve had a productive time 🙂 I sure missed you, though have been busy as usual on the net doing my “investigations” lol. And there is still so much fear and misinformation about the GFL and the cosmic races, do you think the GFL can calm the populace down in that regard? I think they need a good PR person lol. Perhaps a celebrity spokesperson? 😉
      Looking forward to things moving forward, and if there is anything I can ever do to help, I would; though I’m a nobody in Canada lols. Our government has fractured, there is an election looming ahead and the politicians are at each others throats… and our current PM is “supposed” to step down after he received a majority vote of non-confidence, but of course he isn’t …sigh. So, I’m voting for the Green Party again this year. Be so nice if they won.
      Much Love to you, for all that you are, Drekx. I hope you are relaxing and enjoying your time with loved ones 🙂

      1. Hi Kel,

        Always nice to be among my friends either here with your kind self, or on operations with those dear ETs, who have such awesome powers of intelligence, as well as massive compassion…
        And they also have such a great sense of humour, which you will share… 😉

        Hey, did you miss me..?? 🙂

        I’m honoured that I am viewed that way on these forums, which I sometimes have to leave to attend to other duties, as and when.

        Actually, the Sirians would prefer a spokesman like the highly poised Dr Stephen Greer, who is taken seriously by the science establishment and political classes. Someone like Bono, or a pop star celebrity simply would not do…not that they dislike art, but people only “look up” to celebrities among certain stratas of society. Unfortunately such celebrities do not possess the light quotient required either, in many cases.

        If “looks” are so important to people on earth, then we will need someone who is both intelligent, knowledgable, compassionate, confident and “good looking.”
        I might even suggest yourself for this unique public relations role, as you possess several qualifications that the Sirians truly appreciate..and we don’t view you as a “nobody in Canada.” lol

        As the world turns upside down, those at the “top” will find themselves at the “bottom” and vice versa.

        Yes, so much to really party about, in spite of all the gloom and doom promulgated by the declining order….

        Blessings of light, beloved Kelly…you are a gem and we truly appreciate you…!! 🙂

        Some funk groove that says it……

        Love, Drekx

      2. Dear Lightworkers of the world,

        It is with great pleasure that I can now post the latest official Federation update after several weeks delay (since 15th March) and would like to thank brother Sheldan for his loving service and his dedication, having overcome his varius ailments to continue this great work.

        Note that in new update of the 19th April, pasted below, Sheldan states:

        “We have often mentioned to you the existence of a cutoff date, at which point the management of Earth’s societal changes is transferred from our Earth allies to us. We desire to avoid this action-of-last-resort and accordingly have exhorted our Earth allies to stop “dragging their heels”! Their preferred timetable is no longer relevant and does not conform to the one laid out in Heaven’s decrees. It is Heaven’s timetable that must now be honored.” end quote.

        Which was precisely why the GFL Ground Crew were recently mandated to make preparations for an emergency landings scenario, which would have to be activated in the event that the Earth Allies failed to eject the dark governments within the stipulated timeframe (kept secret for now)…Which you have all read about here on IITM and maybe on various other websites, including: Rumourmillnews.com, Ashtarcommandcrew.net, Mountzion144, Dimensionalbliss.com, Earth-starmysteries.com and even the skeptic site; “funfactory.” 🙂

        This global snowballing of data is down to my dear friend and chela, Kelly S, who created a blog for me on the Ashar Command site, at a time when the world hungered for information anent this matter, during the period in which GFL/Spiritual Hierarchy updates were not being made, for reasons relating to Sheldan’s health. Gladly we kept the consciousness ship afloat during the period of uncertainty in hearts and minds around the world.

        I think someone on IITM (“Pure One?”) also asked me about Japan and I stated that this event related to the raising of Lemuria. The official report states that too,

        I am now very releaved that Sheldan’s health has returned to him and I bless him as a fellow Sirian starseed and for being a great servant of humanity and a nice guy…



        Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
        (19th April 2011) 1 Muluk, 7 Kankin, 7 Ik

        Selamat Gajun! We return! Much has happened since we last spoke to you. As is now very apparent, the world is moving ever deeper into change on every level. All of you know what has happened in Japan. This dramatic event is the result of both the energies of Mother Nature and of the dark. In March of this year, Mother Nature began a process to lift the lost continent of Lemuria from the Pacific Ocean floor, the first step of which was the recent massive earthquake off the coast of northern Japan. Another purpose of this earthquake is to change the energies surrounding the Japanese home islands. This prepares the area around Japan to be lifted up, creating a quite different surface configuration for the Japanese island group. This goal will eventually lead to further quakes to the south of Japan. All these geophysical events pertain also to the changing of Earth’s declination and her overall surface reconfiguration. Although the Japan quake was initiated by Mother Earth, the aftershocks were aggravated or created by devices belonging to the dark cabal.
        Since the end of the 1990s, we have been working with our Earth allies to end the various forms of dark interference in many aspects of Mother Earth’s and your ascension process. We are keenly aware that the incremental containment policy laid out for us has appeared to take an inordinately long time to yield results that are visible to you, and that frustrations are running high among those of you who long to see the start of a new era for your beautiful planet. We share your concerns, and are increasing the pressure upon our Earth allies every day to complete the transfers of governmental power and to authorize the release of the long-promised prosperity funds. Meetings between us focus increasingly on the urgency of the situation and we are ready to take certain actions to push through these vital measures, but naturally we cannot reveal details of these actions to you at this time.

        We have often mentioned to you the existence of a cutoff date, at which point the management of Earth’s societal changes is transferred from our Earth allies to us. We desire to avoid this action-of-last-resort and accordingly have exhorted our Earth allies to stop “dragging their heels”! Their preferred timetable is no longer relevant and does not conform to the one laid out in Heaven’s decrees. It is Heaven’s timetable that must now be honored. Many things on many levels are coming to a head. Mother Earth needs your support in moving forward with her changes. Your many-leveled physical and spiritual changes are also crying out for more enhanced methods of healing assistance than are available to you at present. We want to assure you that we are working hard with our Earth allies to see that the dark’s capabilities to run interference on you are neutralized.

        In all matters concerning this first contact mission to Earth we are guided by Heaven’s Hierarchies. We are aware that many of you question the fact that things seem to be taking so long while so many suffer. Know that we too share your desire to resolve all the problems facing you and Mother Earth but it is important to remember that there is a wider framework here. This concerns the primary goal of this particular Creation: the reconciliation of the dark with the Light. What is happening on Planet Earth is not just another battle between these age-old adversaries (the Light and the dark) but the bringing together into unity of these opposing forces in order to create a Greater Light. This Greater Light is to be the prime mover for carrying out the divine plan in the second half of this particular Creation.

        Today, we talked about developments taking place on your world. Earth is changing and these changes are set to accelerate even further in the months ahead. It is important for you to be prepared for this and to use your knowledge of what is happening to be a source of stability and reassurance for your communities. Great change is almost upon you! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One and Be in Joy!)


    2. LOL, where do you find this groovy music? 🙂 Thank you, a little dance break in the morning is always welcome. And thank you for the reply, I know you are probably very busy so I appreciate your time.
      I hope you don’t mind but I would like to post your blog on AC, I think there are some very responsive people who would like to know your opinions. As well, you are aware some of the more negative inclined are likely to be rude…sigh.
      You know how it is… you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him THINK. lols.
      Much Love, best wishes 🙂

      1. PS… I was thinking more on the lines of Nelson Mandala… westerners loooove him 🙂 But I thank you for your vote 😉

      2. That’s OK Kel,

        You post it on Ashtar and represent us, if you want to….

        If they are aggressive, just let them know we mean no harm and we want to liberate humanity and share our technogies freely with all…when we are able to do so…

        And so glad you enjoyed the funk….a lovely catchy tune that one, which brightens up the lives of listeners, unlike some “current” rap, etc…lol 🙂 I beam at you with sunshine…!! Drekx

    3. Hi Drekx,

      Sounds like you’ve been involved in SOME exciting work! Possible emergency first contact? Any notion how the public would first become aware of this. Governments seem to have taken the same approach as the MSM does to the truth(pretend reality is nonexistent), so maybe the television connection where so many humans reside can be the informing device.
      Saw Dr Steven Greer speaking with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy the other day. Kerry got real argumentative with Greer over Greer not making a clear distinction between good and negative ET’s. Greer’s position was NOT to dwell on the negative ones since this would continue 3D’s left versus right paradigm into the next dimension.
      Ryan backed Kerry up, kinda. Hey they work together.
      Drekx, what’s your idea of how humanity would react to ET’s? Is there any discussion on governments trying to set up this military offense by conditioning the minds of masses via Hollywood and mind control? Best to you…
      Tranquility Base, out.

      1. Hi RNC,

        Selamat jarin….!

        Good to hear from you again, my brother….

        Yes, the possibility that the dark governments are not removed and replaced by new caretaker regimes, is of concern to us and we know how stubborn the dark can be….

        Yet the planet WILL ASCEND and we have to produce strategies which allow greater flexibility and thus applied Operation Spirit (“Decra Zau,”) to lever solutions to this empasse….

        For us, the solution to all dark things is spiritual evolution and we demonstrate our well cherished philosophy by presenting it visually in our “Ummac Dan” symbol, in which the “silver cross and scythes stand for the manifestation of spirit into matter and it’s victory over darkness.”


        As ancient ET visitors taught ancient limited conscious mankind the meaning of these symbols, likewise, Earth magical symbols tradition describe two side-by-side arcs, extending their curvatures outwards and away from each other, as with our scythes, to SYMBOLISES POTENTIAL SPIRIT…


        You can reference this occult truism on page 17 of an occult book by Federick Goodman, titled “Magic Symbols.”

        This occult truism states that everything is evolving and everything has potential to be made perfect by spirit within, working through the form, inceasingly growing in influence.

        So, we apply this understanding to Earth Humanity and realise that in spite of the continuing control matrix of materialism and darkness, people everywhere are waking to spiritual impulses…and demanding change.
        Even those who appear asleep are simply waiting for a sign to act with confidence..in many cases.

        Earth cultures, especially western, teach ET xenophobia, yet in spite of this, many are coming to realise (from internet reports, etc) that there are some ETs who closely resemble humanity and are indeed loving and compassionate and not here to exploit…

        People are always more curious about the “good ETs.”
        That message is in the grapevine, in the growing consciousness and psyche and that is why we will defeat government and “science” propaganda, because the truth is found within each human heart and inspires dilligent research and mental application, too.

        Now if a mass landing were reported, even if only by word of mouth, say the internet were deliberately taken down by the PTB, many still would gravitate to the locations out of curiosity, interest and inner knowing…even if not receptive to our telepathic impulses, they will still come with hope, excitment and expectanty in their hearts.

        In my command sector for Decra Zau, which covers East Anglia and Kent, the rural locations are not too far from the small villages and towns. And as people spread word, even those from London will migrate to the landings with much hope and joy…
        We have monitored that many seek a new dispensation and tire of the same old “norms.”
        Given the choice, many will reject government and favour us….

        The government may try to make contact illegal, ban it, or threaten people, but remember the spirit in Tahira square, Cairo..??
        The human race is awakening and the dark is unable to keep the balloon submerged underwater for much longer… 🙂

        In Light, Drekx Ω

      2. Oh, I didn’t mention the mechanism we will use to alert non telepaths….

        SOUND……and projecting outwards from the landing grids, and perceived in many receptive minds, as well as ears…

        The sound will be harmoniously pleasing, calming and will bring back ancient memories of connection with your ET ancestors, for when you hear it you will know and remember it from ancient lives in far off times…

        After that, word of mouth and grapevine, if the net has been taken out by the state.

        Even if they make petrol (gas) unaffordable, so you have to walk to the landing grids, many will arrive on foot,in a modern “biblical style.” Indeed seeing the multitudes will inspire the religious-minded too…to open their hearts to these events and not close them in fear. 🙂

      3. FAO: “Exo” and others on Ashtar Command who may be interested:

        Dear Ashtar Command Lightworkers,

        Thanks for your kind responses to my summary of recent adventures….You all carry much light and love and I reciprocate to you, in turn..

        We can all thank to my dear friend, Kelly S.

        I also noticed that Exo was wondering if I’m “Sirian or Human.”

        Just to clarify and say that the Sirians are Humans…who originate off-earth, as do we who are Sirian starseeds, though karmically and temporally connected with Earth, through ancient misdeeds…(misuse of energies millennia ago)

        Originally I was a full ET..

        My karmic bondage with Earth happened around 13,000 years ago and I’ve had to incarnate here since then, yet feel a greater spiritual bond with my original family on Samanet (Muktarin,) which is a planet that orbits Sirius B…

        between GFL Ground Crew and GFL Flight Crew.
        We are always being reminded to focus on ONENESS…. 🙂 This goes with the team training.

        The Sirians also view me as a fellow Atar Clan member, working with the GFL, in a direct way, on the ground… (boots on the ground, as it were…..!!) 🙂

        I’m also an Ashramic Disciple of Master R, the Mahachohan, and thus involved in work to create the new galactic civillisation on Earth. Such a Solaris Star Nation will become even closer to the Sirian Star Nation, in numerous ways….

        Hope this explains to AC people who may wonder who or what I am… 😉

        Kelly is also a Sirian starseed….who will be discovering more about herself as she grows towards continuing awareness..

        Blessings to all, Drekx Ω


  3. Urgent Message to all PAO Supporters and Webinar Registrants:

    For the past week, PAO has been experiencing major technical problems in processing shopping cart credit card orders and Webinar registrations. Pinpointing the cause has been difficult, but we hope to have everything back to normal by next week. For now, credit card payment transactions are receiving an error message and will not process your payment.

    Just after our GH101 Webinar on March 17, Sheldan fell ill. The Galactic Federation has told him that he is being downloaded with initiation plans for the PAO by the Ascended Masters. For this reason, Sheldan has been unable to carry on with his usual work.

    There will be no update on Tuesday, March 29.
    Webinar 16, originally planned for March 27 and March 31, will be re-scheduled to early April. Those who have successfully registered will be welcome to participate in Webinar 16’s new time in April. We encourage anyone who tried to sign up while our shopping cart was down to re-register, once it is fixed. Please stay tuned!

    We at PAO thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Sheldan would like to share the following with you:

    Dear Friends of PAO,

    I am experiencing a spiritual renaissance – a rebirth of my original dedication to the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy that will free me to successfully take the PAO, its friends and family to the next level in our preparation for first contact and the arrival of our Spiritual Hierarchies.

    With this will come the great changes and prosperity to which we all have looked forward for so long. The next milestones for PAO will mark the beginning of renewed commitments and another step forward in our consciousness awakening.

    For the past week, I have been undergoing an intense spiritual, mental, emotional and physical integration that has taken its toll on my eyes and energy levels and made it virtually impossible for me to work on a computer. As a result, I have had to miss a couple of updates and reschedule my latest Webinar 16 to early April. During that Webinar, I will bring you up to date on Earth changes, such as the recent series of earthquakes and the Japanese nuclear plant catastrophe, as well as the political upheavals in the Middle East and North Africa.

    First Contact is a spiritual contact – an awakening to a new consciousness. It is a time for us to see ourselves with new eyes. It is a time for us to come together in unity as one people. It is a time for us to commit ourselves to sustain and uphold each other, always.

    PAO is committed to the re-dedication of our role in this unprecedented spiritual event. We can do this by re-emphasizing our inter-connection through Planetary Activation Groups (PAGs). PAGs need to become PAO’s critical center. PAO seeks to encourage the formation of PAGs and their interaction within the Planetary Activation family. I will be dedicating a future Webinar to the role of PAGs and how they operate. A good information source for everyone is my book, Selamat Ja! A Guide for Galactic Humans.

    I look forward to resuming the updates as soon as I can, and to serving you even more completely by means of my newly acquired understandings.

    Selamat Kasi Da! Selamat Gajun!
    (Sirian for “In Loving Service~Be One!”)

    Sheldan Nidle
    Founder, PAO


  4. 1HappyKelly said:
    “I think China knows alot more than is being disclosed; and India as well. The area where China borders Tibet is rife with history…. I’ve come across tons of sightings reports from that area. Definately the Argathans are going to be involved with first contact; they are our earth liason team but that will change after disclosure.”

    Drekx response:
    Hello K…Yes I explained why so many sightings occur in that particular region, which relates to the proximity of the Primary GFL Command Base, near Shamballa, 400 miles beneath Lhasa in Tibet and the navigation tunnels that emerge on the borders..

    The elites within both China and India are mostly decided to pursue First Contact and have far less power and status to loose from it then the Dark Cabal, that runs the western world..

    Both mature nations are well aquainted with the GFL and some very powerful forces within those nations may be numbered among our global alliance of Earth Allies…

    Of course, they are not all with exactly one voice, but, by and large, predisposed towards the Light and the requirements of the Divine Plan for Earth; First Contact and Externalisation of the Hierarchy programmes.

    The ancient societies that continue to wield much influence over the Indian elites are well aware of the illustrious past that India has, namely the Rama Empire period, when Agartha made an historical attempt to establish a surface influence, in spite of opposition from Atlantis, Anchara and the Annunaki, many millennia ago…
    India was that ancient nation which centred upon that effort and the wars described in the Mahabharat, spoke of ancient vimana technologies used in combat by those ancient Aryans upon Earth…It was the same technology used by the GFL in present times.

    Unlike the dark cabal, many eastern elitists long to return to those far off splendors and look upon this current planetary quarantine as abominable..The secrecy, the lies, the stunted growth and all to maintain the matrix of western material hegemony.

    And the Agarthans are very much active in India and walk among their vast populations on a daily basis….albeit, incognito to most casual observers.


    In Light and love, Drekx

    1. The interesting information…
      We also are able to wait…, long to wait.

      The commander of the seventh attacking fleet
      distant investigation and counteraction

      Admiral of fleet RASA:
      Kathm T’han Dceron.

  5. Dear Ground Crew N. America Station,

    Please note that in spite of official and repeated Sirian Star Nation refusal to continue negotiations with Richard Stoddard and the HC, they have continued to attempt a reactivated diplomatic protocol, using unacceptable channels, directly with some of our flight crew personnel…

    Please take the necessary precautions…

    Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!

    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

    P.S. Recent sample communications below.


    Dear SaLuSa,

    Integration is an incentive for stopping war and eliminating poverty, knowing that help could be available for extending life spans and mass producing new municipalities to improve our standard of living on a planetary basis. My function on this planet is as a catalyst to bring about positive change. I would like to get to know you and your extraterrestrial colleagues on a physical basis and develop working relationships with you so that I can serve as an intermediary between our leaderships and civilizations.

    This planet’s leadership, which includes me, has a direction that we want to take our civilization, and I would like to incorporate what good extraterrestrials could provide to help us eliminate war and poverty and extend our life spans. If you want our cooperation on things that you’d like to see us do, such as planetary and human ascension, then it would be helpful if you would work with us directly on the things that we want for bringing our civilization to a higher state of development. Otherwise it’s unlikely that you’ll get the level of cooperation from us that you seek.

    Your Friend,




    Could you ask Vashtar who evidently shot me in the face and why?

    Your friend,



    Dear Vashtar,

    I’m scheduled to attend 48 hours of firearms training next month to obtain my multi state concealed carry weapons permits. I’m willing to help protect your people that may be working with me.

    Your Friend,



    Dear Vashtar,

    I read the PAO update this week and I think that it’s worth pointing out that changes of the scale that are being described are normally done through the legislative process on this planet, which ranges from decree to referendum depending on the circumstances. I’m an American with a lot of international political and security experience.

    It sounds like the changes being suggested would be implemented outside of the normal legislative process here and would be viewed as a takeover attempt by extraterrestrial interlopers by many people on our planet. And would be resisted by many people both in government and amongst the citizenry. Which would lead to violence and rejection of your overtures by large sections of our civilization in my opinion.

    There are better ways to go about open interaction between our civilizations, and I would like to help design and implement this process.

    Your Friend,



    Dear SaLuSa,

    I’m capable of bringing about disclosure under the right circumstances. It would need to be conditional and based upon collective agreement and understanding with the people that I work with. There is a lot of information that is being withheld from us by your civilization that would need to be provided to obtain the necessary agreement.

    Natural ascension could be brought to our planet by extending our life spans and engaging in reproduction with you so that our offspring will evolve in the direction that you want.

    Your Friend,




    If you’re interested in citizenship and residency rights here, that’s something that we can meet and talk about.


    1. Omigosh! This man is wrong in so many ways it boggles… Have his subtle threats been counted for? I am truly disturbed. Moreso that he professes to be high up in the chain of command among world leaders…
      The ego is dripping off the page! There is one word that comes to mind and it is HUBRIS.

      1. Kelly,

        Yes, he really does have power and influence with the PTB, unfortunately. He has been involved in some peace talks, but they are mostly on America’s terms and one sided.

        The dark elites use him because he is insane and mostly dedicated to preserving the status quo….

        But then, many who serve in US politics and work with HC, UN-OCBN and DHS, seem to suffer the same afflictions, and the Dark Cabal like it that way, it sees…
        They are desperate to cling to power and wheel him out, sometimes, to try to soften their political position with our Fleet, but on their terms…

        Kind regards to you, my dear,

        With blessings of light, Drekx

      2. As demonstrated in the Richard Stoddard example I presented, please note the state of play for all their failing obstruction tactics, described in the latest GFL official update..

        Cmdr Drekx Omega


        Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
        25th January 2011 (8 Chicchan, 3 Yax, 7 Ik)

        Selamat Balik! We come again to discuss the many secret events that are preparing to go public on your world. These events were originally set to change your world many years ago; what is happening instead is a slow, drawn-out demise of the old order, due in large part to the decision of the dark (former) rulers of your world to obstruct Heaven’s edicts at every turn and by every means. These denizens of the dark are now regretting much of the fallout of this decision. They are vividly aware of the baleful repercussions that their relentless obstructionism has garnered for them and are using their dwindling positions of power to try to negotiate last-minute deals with our Earth allies. These shots at reduced sentences are falling on deaf ears. Our Earth allies plan to push these transgressors to one side and render them powerless to interfere with the policies that will be introduced once the interim governments are in place. The bankster gangs and their corporate friends are wholly lacking in the moral fiber that is to be the hallmark of the new temporary regimes.
        The new regimes will bring in universal sovereignty and freedom from the enslavement policies enacted by the dark Earth-minions and their former bosses, the Anunnaki. It is time for Truth and an end to the rule of lies and manipulation that has been the modus operandi of the past 13 millennia. We fully realize how difficult it has been for our Earth allies to stand up to the wealth and power of these long-entrenched dark masters; nevertheless, each of you has been given a divine dispensation to leave this nightmare realm set up by the dark. We have had to listen to these dark cabals’ insolent protestations of entitlement when asked to explain to us why their old-order policies are still in play. Indeed, the past decade of futile meetings with them has demonstrated clearly that their vengeful and unrepentant stance remains rigid. Now the escalating quiet revolution is pushing them rapidly aside. The critical component in all this is of course us. We can see how much you need a committed champion and a dedicated mentor, and we are stepping forward to provide you with this.

        These exigencies have morphed this first contact into something quite unprecedented: a mission that is both the herald for and the moral executive branch of the Galactic Federation. In this role, we are learning how to relate to each of you and how to best assist our Earth allies in bringing the rule of the dark to a close. This transformation of planet Earth back to the Light has been decreed by Heaven and by Lord Surea, and so we have permission to perform certain tasks not normally tolerated by our superiors. Hence we have conducted missions on your world that have required the direct insertion of our personnel into your midst, and have followed the lead of our Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans, and placed nearly 10 million men and women from our fleet on your world, with a back up of almost 15 million more. Our fleet is huge, and since we have a wondrous group of living Beings (our Ships), this sizable contingent of our personnel on your world does not deplete our resources. These people are our eyes and ears on the planet surface and their feedback prepares us for our future tasks of mentoring.

        Freeing you from the oppression you live under is our prime objective, and to this end we have teamed up with the Agarthans to ensure that our plans are appropriate for your societies. We have a moral obligation to contribute our good offices to the cause of our Earth allies because getting the dark cabal to relinquish the reins of power into the hands of our Earth allies is paramount. In the same vein, we also intend to see that our Earth allies carry out those policies that we have jointly agreed to. To this end we have helped provide the precious metals needed to allow for a return to a global hard-currency system. We have also used our technology to give our Earth allies the intelligence they need to outsmart the dark’s negotiators. We provide the transportation and security to whisk our Earth allies from one critical meeting to another, and are also engaged with the dark cabal to ensure its compliance with the demands of our Earth allies. This is only a small part of what we are doing.

        The key element in this is our defense technology, which is far in advance of that of your secret governments. Using this superiority across a broad range of defense missions has clearly demonstrated to the cabalists the extent of our capabilities. We have neutralized nuclear weapons and shut down missile launch pads and aircraft and spacecraft bases. This necessitated the actual elimination of the occasional spacecraft and of other exotic technology bases. We have also prevented the deployment of certain secret-weapon modules against our Earth allies, which we had to do repeatedly over the past six months. We have given out clear warnings time and again that any attacks on precious-metals depositories and safe zones for our Earth allies cannot be allowed. These caveats are now starting to sink in. Our neutralizing of their combined satellite networks was the final straw that swayed them that a military solution was not an option.

        Protecting and supporting our Earth allies is one thing; it is quite another to attack these shadow governments directly. Bating us into this silliness is a tactic that has taken hold among the dark’s top strategists. We know of this absurdity and have let the cabalists know that the only alternative open to them is unconditional surrender. Regarding the upcoming trials, our Earth allies comprehend that capital punishment is ‘off the table,’ as are lengthy incarcerations for the guilty. The time remaining on the planet surface after the governmental shift has happened is no more than 16 months. The trials are not concerned with judgment or vengeance, but about allowing exposure and understanding, and then moving on. The focus is on mentoring all of you back to full consciousness, and this old game of blame and retribution is well past its sell-by date! Your reality is set for a vast change for the better.

        ‘A shift in consciousness’ is largely an expression that has little actual meaning for most of you. Yet its implications are explicit, and we are pledged to honor this responsibility. You are a people of great, untapped potential, who are to transcend the pettiness that the dark represents. The deepening nightmare of these times is to be the catalyst for your awakening, and once you emerge from the toxic pall of your present reality, you will be able, so to speak, to smell the wondrous consciousness of Heaven’s rose. This exhilarating experience enlightens the soul and brings joy to your I Am Presence. It is this that lies just ahead of you, and in ‘light’ of this, any dwelling on the unpleasantness of the past 13 millennia would be counterproductive indeed. Focus rather on the glorious future that is about to be birthed!

        You are to be awarded with great responsibilities and great things are expected of you. It is not easy to attain to a new measure of who you are, while being harassed, restricted, and derided by your present environment. Your task is to rise above the ridicule and abuse you have endured in this lifetime. You are at a pivotal point and Heaven has given you the divine Grace to succeed at your sacred tasks. We are here to provide you with the means, when necessary, to ensure your success. You are destined to become able to restore yourselves to your former glory! Ours is a supporting role, to clear the way and act as your physical mentors. Your move to Inner Earth completes the journey that you began millennia ago. The time to rejoice is now upon you!

        Today, we talked about the great changes that are beginning in your reality. The moment for ending the UFO cover-up is here. Let this be the first step in our grand family reunion. We are in Joy! Our coming is to complete your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


  6. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation – January 18th 2011 (1 Etznab, 16 Chen, 7 Ik)

    Selamat Jarin! We come again with more things to discuss with you. Right now, some breakthrough developments are taking place around your planet and a new series of meetings has brought us to the brink of your deliveries. These meetings are setting the stage for the events marking the start of the changes we have all been waiting for so patiently. Ever since we arrived en masse above your world, we have been waiting for the global changes that are the precursors to first contact. These much-needed events are getting ready to be presented to you. Federation personnel who are at these meetings have informed us that the last obstacle is being worked out, and at the same time, the delivery schedules are being finalized. The change in governance and the deliveries need to be synchronous, and it was the inability hitherto to achieve this critical timing that resulted in the seemingly unending delays. But now, the dark cabalists have been given to understand that their future safety may be in jeopardy and this has caused some of them to alter course.
    We can also report that several of their associates have been forced to step aside. This breakthrough has much heartened our Earth allies. The dark cabal has been able to keep a number of nations and their respective banking systems from joining the growing movement for a new global financial system, and the recent developments have put this movement for banking change back on track. Further, a number of new criminal trials are close to happening, which will put these obstacles to rest once and for all. Indeed, it is the threat of these upcoming trials that triggered this most welcome change of heart, and we look forward to seeing a sequence of progressive events roll out like a domino effect. The prospect of the looming economic disaster proved too much even for the dark and its cronies to contemplate! This scenario would have pulled the rug out from under the present system and led to an unbelievable rise in global chaos. In short, the change of heart was induced by the twin specter of unpleasant legal repercussions and a financial crash that would bring no relief to the dark’s present dilemma.

    We stand at the edge of the precipice! Several adjustments in personnel have been made to the composition of the first cabinet of the interim President. It is important that the caretaker government be able to operate cohesively in carrying out the programs announced in the official broadcasts. We are pleased with the way our Earth allies are using the remaining moments to prepare for the grand charge. The first month in office requires that the scheduled agenda be dutifully and quickly brought into being. We see that each of the departments of this new government is prepared to institute several new precedents on policy, and this applies to many other governments worldwide. A global effort is underway to establish a policy of debt forgiveness, new banking and finance, and even worldwide cooperation. These initial policies will be followed speedily by a full disclosure of our existence and benevolence, which will lead to our full cooperation with these new regimes in bringing out formerly suppressed technologies.

    These new technologies are to lay the foundation of a new paradigm, beginning with the sciences, which will turn over a new leaf for humanity and reveal the truth of your origins. We watched as numerous individuals in the physical and social sciences pioneered new directions in scientific research. These forays into new methodologies, initially pooh-poohed by their peers, are now being recognized, and we respect these pioneers who were courageously showing the way to a new science. We are putting together a series of educational broadcasts that will introduce these heralds to you by name, thus pointing the way to a more spiritual science. This will be the prologue that will introduce you to the science that we use every day in our monitoring and upkeep of Gaia. As your responsibilities grow, you can rally to the challenge of developing a science of consciousness, which can enable you to pick up the slack in taking care of your global society and the living planet that sustains you.

    What is happening on your world is not only a quiet revolution in governance and finance; it is a revolution that vaults you into full consciousness! Just think for a minute what this implies. You are moving into a realm filled with spiritual responsibilities. These things constitute our prime reason for existence. Physical Creation is a most special part of the infinite heavenly realms. It exists to provide many unique experiences that are vital to all spiritual Beings, the most important of which is the concept of ‘time.’ Time in Heaven has little meaning, and whether it is seen as sequential or as the omnipresent, eternal Now makes little difference. All things in Heaven are immortal and each moment simply a given. Time is an element needed for physical Creation; it is time that regulates the process that turns inter-dimensional Light into matter, and it is matter that shapes all of physical Creation.

    As you begin to see the physical universe through the lens of spiritual science, you come to better understand how physicality is put together and how it relates to the Divine. You begin to see why you are here and how best to interact with your fellows. This leads inevitably to galactic society. We see our societies as a sacred, organic meld, in which each Being can visualize their part in society and get the necessary feedback from their fellows, enabling them to potentialize their abilities to the utmost. This is best achieved by what we call fluid group dynamics, which is a system of give and take that we find solves all problems creatively. We intend to impart this to you both before and after you return to full consciousness. You are a most magnificent group and you possess in abundance the logic needed to achieve this.

    As you approach the start of your transformation process, keep in mind how precious is the world you are living on. It is one thing to consider yourselves to be ‘masters of this realm,’ and quite another to be ‘sustainers and guardians of Mother Earth.’ These expressions reveal very different approaches: the first is self-serving, indeed ‘savage’; the second, spiritual and Loving. A ‘master’ rules as one who is the predominant and prime species of the realm, but this is not responsible nor is it the Truth. We repeat, you are a very special group of Beings and the ground of your Being is Love! It is your nature to see ‘beyond’ and to perceive the vast interconnected web of mutuality that is Life. Maintaining this web in its most potentialized form is vital to the preservation of all.

    This web of life is something you can actually see and feel once you regain full consciousness, and as a result, you will immediately perceive how upside down and back-to-front the operation of your society truly is. We have seen many societies rapidly restructure themselves as they rise in consciousness, and this is now the case with yours. It is becoming quite apparent to many influential thinkers on your world that this is a time of immense change. A grand transformation is required to save humanity and sustain Gaia. We have come to know these wonderful visionaries and have done what is divinely permissible in bringing into being what they are trying to tell you. In any event, your society is on the brink of great change, leading you to reunion and transformation!

    Today, we explained more of what is happening on your world. You are on the verge of things that on one level are deeply longed for, but that on another will be truly shocking to many. We come as a divine messenger and mentor, whose prime purpose is to return you to the stars, and your world to her former self. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


    1. Welcome starseed,

      Vashtar is a Sirian Ascended Master from the planet Samanet, which orbits Sirius B….
      He heads the Sirian First Contact mission to Earth…

      In 1994, Earth came under the spiritual guidance mandate of the Sirians and the “baton” was passed from the Plejaren Jschwjsch, Ptaah, who no longer has an official mission here.

      Jschwjsch Vashtar has nothing whatsoever to do with Ashtar Sheran, who’s spiritual essence resides within the parallel DAL universe and is now karmically bonded to planet Timar, following an abortive attack on their infrastructure in the 1980s (in Earth relative terms.)
      Ashtar is noted for his renegade activites in relation to Kamagol…

      The names are similar, both ETs, yet they are unrelated beings.

      As a parallel, think of the English name of “Smith” and note it’s similarity to “Smyth,” as subtle differences are present.

      In Light, Drekx Omega

  7. thank you…… i found your website when searching the meaning of the word Vashtar which received in meditation with my crystal skull. I found many answers, and I will be passing on the info. thanks again..blessings jennifer

  8. What are the Pleiades’s role in the Galactic Federation? I feel a very strong connection to the Pleiades. I have read many books of channeled wisdom, including the 9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective. They also seem to be here “watching” but do not speak of an invasive/active role over the next few years. It is my understanding that their “agenda’ is to “wake us up” as to prepare us for the next dimensional shift.

    So, do you have any information regarding the Pleiadians and the Galactic Federation? Also, I have read that ETs with will “ill intent” tend to come from the Orion star system/Draco/Zeta systems (greys and reptilians)

    1. Josh,

      The correct name for them is the “Plejaren” and the system of stars they reside within are known as the Plejares.

      50,000 years ago these galactic humans came to Earth as a colony of 70,000 refugees, lead by an Jschwjsch known as Pelegon..
      An Jschwjsch is a “King of Wisdom” so a cosmic initiate of the spiritual teachings, known throughout the universe.

      The inhabited planets within the Plejares are Erra, Askal and Luseta. Erra orbits the Tayget star system and is where the famous Semjase originates..I’ll attach a rendering (photos not permitted at present.)
      Tayget (the Plejaren sun) is pronounced “TA-GET” in Plejaren.

      As I summarised on another blog, there are political unions, within the greater cosmic union, we call the Galactic Federation of Light, or GFL…
      A greater Intergalactic Confederation which seeks to unify the galaxies under Lighted leadership, of which the GFL is a part, along with the Andromeda galaxy.

      One example of a smaller galactic federal system of multiple star nations within the greater GFL, would be the Plejaren Federation, that some erroneously refer to as the “Pleiadian Star League.”
      The planets that owe alligiance to the Plejaren Federation, as members, are as follows:

      Erra (Plejares System)
      Bardan (Coma Galaxy)
      Luseta (Plejares System)
      Askal (Plejares System)
      Nissan (Lyra System)
      Druan (Nol System)
      Deron (Vega System)
      Deneb (Cygnus System)
      Sater (Lyra System)
      Timar (DAL Universe)

      The Plejaren have representatives on the main Galactic Federation council in the Vega system…
      The Sirians are represented by Kalestra, who is the chief representative on the GFL High Council.

      The Sirian Star System once negotiated independently, but now chooses to conduct the great majority of diplomatic missions from within the political structures of the Galactic Federation of Light.

      Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!

      Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

    2. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 11 Chicchan, 7 Zip, 7 Ik (7th September 2010.)

      Selamat Jaran! We return with more information about your world, Mother Earth, and your ascension into full consciousness. In our last few messages, we focused on the history of the UFO cover-up and the Anglo-American contingent of the dark cabal. We talked about how this group, whose ultimate intention was to become the favorite of their Anunnaki overlords, was following a grand scheme hatched several decades ago. This scheme was to reach maturity in the mid-1990s, but the abrupt switch of the Anunnaki to the Light astonished and shocked the cabalists, compelling them to come up with a new plan to secure a global position of preeminence. After a series of setbacks in the late 1990s, the American election at the millennium gave these power seekers the supremacy they sought, quelling all remaining opposition in both the US and the UK. A new joint policy was now possible. The grand plan also called for a drastic large-scale domestic terror strike as a first step on the road to global domination, and so this was duly carried out.
      In recent decades, the oil industry saw much nationalization and this change in ownership deeply worried the Anglo-American energy cartel. Inroads into the Middle East were required in order to reassert the necessary strong-arm dominance needed for future regional negotiations. The same held true for Asia, the Americas, and Africa. Oil was a convenient global industry that could be used to re-create the power networks abandoned by the Anunnaki, and the dark cabal moved swiftly to execute the strategy drawn up in the final years of the 20th century. At the same time, we were strengthening our relationship with the groups and individuals that were quickly becoming our Earth allies. Together, we gathered the intelligence that illustrated how the dark’s grand plan was to unfold. We positioned our craft around New York City and watched the first horrible step of this plan manifest. This ‘incident’ involved both known and secret technology and was a dry run for an ‘event’ planned for later in the same decade: a holographic space-invasion display using technology gleaned from their former dark off-world allies.

      The technology used on the World Trade Center was masked by the spectacle of very realistic 3-D airplane holograms (but without the telltale light sources). The effect, though primitive, was enough to fool those not familiar with this technology. This was coupled with a series of doctored videotapes constantly aired by the major TV networks. The use of particle-beam weaponry and preset explosive devices completed the theatrical display, and all went off with only minor glitches. We could see that their level of technology had not progressed much beyond that used in several attempts to stage false UFO invasions in the 1990s. We advised our Earth allies of this and put into effect the means to prevent them from using this technology in the future. After several botched attempts to use holographic technology, the cabalists turned to nuclear conflict as a means to achieve their ends. They focused on the flashpoints in Asia and the Middle East, and so we sent our liaison personnel to these regions to preempt such insanity.

      Needless to say, we spent this decade reiterating to the major nuclear powers that such dangerous weapons are not an option. Nuclear arsenals must be abandoned across the board! You are entering an age of peace and prosperity and this requires a global dedication to disarmament. Those now in power represent the tail end of a dark age of violence, fear, and constant deceit and mendacity! They are reeling in disbelief as their supposedly unchallengeable empire crumbles and their wealth, for so long squandered on their every whim, vanishes. The new governments are set to prosecute them and return the mountains of wealth to the people. The dark cabal’s dominion is inciting a final spasm of chaos around the world, just like any great dying empire of the past. New ways and attitudes are blossoming; opportunities for a new reality are starting to materialize; and our Earth allies are preparing to broadcast some truly startling announcements!

      Your world is poised on a precipice! The dark intends to take you to the very brink of extinction. They are a severely mean-spirited bunch, and dealing with them is like working with a gang of spoilt and malicious 5-year-olds who intend serious, grievous harm. It takes a process of stick-and-carrot, outright threats, and the judicious use of ‘cattle-prod’ incentives to get their attention. They have been notified, time and again, of what is expected of them by the Federation and by Heaven, but most of it seems to go in one ear and out the other! In this event, we instruct our teams to render inoperable the particular proscribed part of their nuclear or secret-weapon ordnance, and these demonstrations seem to get the point across for a short while. Then their national cliques do something utterly scandalous again and the above cycle repeats itself. At times, we dearly wish to do something to tip the balance in favor of our Earth allies!

      Heaven has decreed a timetable and this time crunch is almost upon us. Each day we stress this fact to the cabal. We also point out that a nuclear action on their part precipitates an immediate first contact, and this knowledge has indeed deterred many of their most horrible plans. Each of the major militaries of your world possesses some type of craft weaponized to varying degrees, and these dark governments have deployed these craft against us, both manned and unmanned, with no success, thus further emphasizing what we tell them. Indeed, it seems they relish these weekly cat-and-mouse games, which is another reason to remove them from power. They are truly amoral, and we have advised our Earth allies of their unreliability and sincerely suggest that they never be placed in any position of consequence.

      The present time is one of negotiation and preparation. What seems insuperable today will be gone in a twinkling tomorrow. Your global society is ready to implode; economic difficulties are not going away! In fact, they deepen by the day. The ill-gotten gains of the dark are evaporating, and the reign of fiat currencies and its electronic wealth is ending. True-value, hard currency is the bridge to a time of abundance. The prospect of this, coupled with the new transparent banking system, makes the dark cabal cringe. For your part, be of good cheer! The Light knows what is to be done, and all you need is to be patient a bit longer. A great movement, with us at its back, is sweeping over your globe and will snuff out the cruel activities of the dark. The collapse of this world is imminent; the economics alone guarantee the cabal’s waterloo!

      As you know, Mother Earth is preparing the preliminaries to the locking of her tectonic plates and this is causing a number of large earthquakes. This upgraded seismic activity also results in more volcanism, most of which, but by no means all, is confined to the seabeds. The ‘ring of fire’ that encircles the Pacific Ocean is becoming more active and the number of eruptions is set to nearly double in the next few months. These eruptions are affecting your atmosphere and are changing your planet’s climate. We observe that your weather patterns are becoming more extreme, as highs and lows in temperature and amounts of precipitation are increased. This is another sign that you are in a time of transition from one reality to another.

      Today, we talked about the developments that are bringing you closer to a great time of peace and prosperity. You are also on the verge of a grand first contact with us. We look forward to our joint celebrations and to mentoring you through your final journey to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


    3. Josh,

      Note that the “Annunaki” spoken of in the official GFL update have turned to the Light, as of 1994, leaving their Illuminati minions on their own to struggle for world dominance.

      All the former Anchara Alliance worlds, including those upon which the Minaka Orions reside, as well as the Zetas and Draconians, have all given up their imperial designs upon Earth.

      The only remaining dark forces are those Earth human elites of the Anglo-American Illuminati, who have split with the formerly dark European Illuminati and Asian Societies, such as the White Dragons..


    4. Josh,

      A summary of data for you:

      “The Galactic Federation of Light was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy. At present, there are just over 200,000 member star nations, confederations or unions. Approximately 40% are humanoids and the rest are varied forms of sentient beings. Most members of the Galactic Federation are fully conscious beings.”


  9. I thought Salusa’s latest update deserved to appear on my blog here, for you good people to read and enjoy… 🙂

    love, Drekxy

    SaLuSa 18-August-2010

    You have power beyond your imagination, and as you get nearer to the end of this cycle, it will become more evident. Up to now it has been largely expressed through your mass consciousness, and has created the conditions and experiences you are having now. There are some exceptions where a soul has been able to lift their vibrations, and the most common example is one with positive healing abilities. To a degree you can all do it and it is healing with the love vibration. A mother’s love for her child is a typical example. It is not too many years ago that claims to have healing powers would have most likely been ridiculed. It requires a firm belief in your ability to do such things, and you are now in a period when it is becoming easier to do so. People are also more accepting of natural healing methods, and some prefer them to a lifetime of drugs with their own side effects.

    As you progress through the next few years, the vibrations will increase more rapidly. You will find that as you lift up your own, you will be less afflicted by illness or any health problems. Your body is becoming more crystalline, and it will be able to overcome any attack upon its bodies defensive system. You will no longer be subject to any form of disease, and eventually the process of aging will stop and be reversed. There is a point coming in the future when you will be in the most perfect body form. May we say that is why you have never seen an “old” Space Being, and when we speak of long past events it is because we often have first hand experience of them. We live many hundreds of years and do not age as you do.

    As you keep on ascending, so you will reach even higher dimensions and eventually become a Being of pure Light. It means that you have no need for a physical body, but with your godlike powers can create whatever form you may need. There are times when such Beings drop down into the lower dimensions to serve the souls at that level, such as for example the one you are in. The higher dimensions are the creations of pure love, and cannot be affected by any energies of a lesser nature. They are levels that you would find too powerful to remain in, and because of the Law of Attraction you cannot in fact reach them. However, some souls are taken to them under the wings and protection of a Higher Being, and it is usually as part of their spiritual teachings.

    For many of you what has been described will sound familiar, and some will have had such experiences in your present lifetime. There are very few of you that can bring back such memories to your waking state. Virtually all souls will leave their bodies at some time during their sleep period. You will most likely meet your loved ones in the Astral regions, including those that have passed over. Sometimes such meetings are partially remembered, but simply seem like dreams. It is a quite normal experience, but those who have no belief in life after death or the other realms remain poised above their body. When you realize how much more you do than you are aware of, perhaps you can see how limited you are in your understanding of life in the 3rd.dimension.

    If you approach life in the best way, even although it can be a great trial you can move through it without being affected by it. Nothing that can happen to you will be lasting, and at a point that comes nearer each day we shall be allowed to enter your lives. A great cleansing will commence very quickly, whilst steps are taken to reverse some of the pollution that affects very large parts of your Earth. At the same time negotiations will ensure that unjust laws and actions are no longer possible. It will result in your sovereignty being restored, and freedom assured for the future. You will quickly put all of your present concerns behind you, and there will be a totally different sense of well being not experienced for a very long time. Our plans will be shared with you, and many of you will obviously work with us.

    We wish you to feel part of everything that is happening, and there will be a coming together of many countries that have previously been archenemies. Your history shows that the dark Ones have deliberately created tension between them, and have perpetuated the idea of continual wars. It has been to drain your resources and keep you in state of fear, whilst projecting the possibility of a world war. In fact but for our actions the predicted Third World War would have commenced some years ago. The Galactic Federation have been active in this way for a long time, to ensure that you safely reached the point of Ascension. You sometimes forget that we are behind you all of the time, and we continuously monitor what is happening on Earth.

    Be assured that we are tightening the net around the dark Ones, and the longer it goes on the less opportunity they have of avoiding the inevitable. They know they are losing the fight, but cling to the hope they can hold out. However, their days are numbered and plans in disarray, and they cannot escape the days of reckoning. God may allow you total freedom, but that does not mean that you can treat others just as you wish. You are all on Earth to learn lessons, and without laws there would simply be anarchy. All experience is to lead you along the path of understanding, to the realization that everything is founded upon the love energy. When you find the true God you will then realize that all life is irrevocably connected, and is infinite.

    It is in order for you to concentrate on your own advancement, as the end times are rushing towards you. Your consciousness levels will by now have increased, and as a result you are better able to be discerning where your future is concerned. You do have all knowledge within, and can trust your own decisions. Sometimes your Guides will help you, by trying to influence you in your actions and that is quite allowable. They know your life plan better than you do, and will always act in your best interest. Get to know that they are there with you and talk to them, as they will hear you.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoy sharing my thoughts and understanding with you. I also like the opportunity to tell you about our part in your future. We have been preparing you for this time for ages, and you are now well informed. We appreciate and thank you for your welcoming messages.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.


  10. “Magnetic mega-star discovery challenges black hole theory
    A neutron star with a mighty magnetic field has thrown down the gauntlet to theories about stellar evolution and the birth of black holes, astronomers said today.”

    Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/7952620/Magnetic-mega-star-discovery-challenges-black-hole-theory.html



    When I speak of the Universe sending back to us what we each send out, within universal law, we must remember that is is a vast multi-dimensional living entity, which comprises bodies and oversoul, made up of all the galaxies, stars, planets and ourselves….
    We are subject to Universal laws because we are part of the Universal body….

    But to truly define the Universe’s body is highly complex, so I’ll provide Semjase’s description from her Plejaren contact notes…..

    Semjase said:
    “To answer your question, I must be somewhat detailed:

    The Universe is divided into seven units, i.e. rings or belts that, entirely together, form the whole Universe, and all of these rings are rotating against each other and have different diameters and an ovoid shape.

    These seven rings, which we call belts, are the following:

    i. Central Core,
    ii. Ur-Core Belt,
    iii. Ur-Space Belt,
    iv. Solid-state Matter Universe Belt,
    v. Transformation Belt,
    vi. Creation Belt,
    vii. Displacement Belt.

    And we also call the Creation Belt the Creation Matter Belt or the Expansion Belt, and the Displacement Belt, the last and extreme, embodies, according to your sense, a bumper belt.
    Now, the Solid-state Universe is that part of the Universe in which the new births exist, so the nascent stars, etc. with all their life forms.

    This real Solid-state Universe is calculated from the end of the Creation Ur-Core’s outer wall up to the beginning of the outer wall of the Transformation Belt, which exhibits a half diameter of 7,869 octillion light-years and is, thus, the next largest belt after the Creation Belt.

    In addition, the outer wall of the Transformation Belt is where this belt collides with the inner wall of the real Creation Belt, also known as the Expansion Belt or Creation Matter Belt.
    So this is that space which embodies the Solid-state Universe and is so called because in these three areas, the coarse-material becomes existent and is existent, and the course-material becomes existent in the Transformation Belt only by a transformation from remains of the penetrating Creation Belt, which are converted into course-material from immaterial energy.
    This is the real Solid-state Universe, which consists of the Transformation Belt, the Universe Belt, and the Ur-Space Belt.

    In addition, the Transformation Belt exhibits such a gigantic mass and is the next largest belt to the Creation Belt because it is responsible for ensuring that in the space created by the Expansion Belt, the transformation of fine-material energies into course-material takes place, and at the same time, time itself appears and becomes existent.

    Already in this Transformation Belt, time begins to run into the past, from which aging originates.
    This means that in this Transformation Belt, chronons begin to exist, then are aging and becoming tachyons and are representing the past. By the way, tachyons may be proven by the terrestrial scientists in a short time.
    At the same time, the speed also decreases from the Transformation Belt in an irregular manner but in a certain half-life.

    The irregular decrease in speed, which amounts to 147 times the speed of light in its starting point and expansion point, comes about through mutually self-influencing and different time streams that have already changed in their speed.

    In the interior center of the Universe is the real Ur-Core, which grows with each fall-back of the Creation, so of the whole Universe, doubling itself in size.
    Thus, the Ur-Core will be twice as large with the next fall-back as it is today.
    From this Ur-Core, referring to the energy field resting in the Ur-Space Belt, which is the fallen-back Creation, new energies form for the renewed expansion to the next universe, whereby at the end of the slumber time, a new Big Bang takes place and a new expansion creates a new universe, generally all things of a much more refined form, which means that all coarse-material will not be so stable any more as in this Universe.

    The Ur-Space Belt itself is that part of the Universe from which the expansion of the Creation occurs, in which the Creation energy also slumbers and, on the other hand, after every fall-back, develops itself and takes up new fundamental forces from the Ur-Core, just to expand again through a renewed Big Bang.

    Of course, the dimension of the Ur-Space Belt also grows from fall-back to fall-back because through every expansion of the Universe and through the associated unchangeable effects and the extreme expansion that again follows contraction, the mass of the entire Creation grows, always doubling itself in size.

    So thus, it becomes evident from this that in the becoming and passing of the Universe, a cycle of Big Bang expansion – contraction – Big Bang expansion, etc. is arranged.

    Now, the Central core embodies that belt which consists of the real Ur-Matter, which carries out its existence as generative material and life material of a pure, spiritual form, as real idea energy, created from an Ur-Creation, by whose strength alone this Universe was able to create itself.

    This Central core resembles an immense and continually loading accumulator block, which exhibits a magnetic energy that is immeasurable to us up to now, which binds the existing Universe to itself and prevents too great of an expansion.

    This power guarantees that with the start of approximately 47 trillion years of expansion, the expansion speed starts to decrease from 147 times the speed of light and slowly drops until the expansion comes to a halt after 155,520 trillion years and, thus, begins the fall-back, the contraction.
    Thus, the Central core forms the real power and life center, while the Ur-Core can be seen as a real energy storage.

    But this Central core, the Ur-Core and the Ur-Space, are only an infinitesimally small fraction of the size of the whole Universe.

    The most gigantic belt is embodied by the Creation Belt, which further spreads itself into the gaps of the surrounding universes and creates a new Universal space.

    This Creation Belt is the real Creation and the Creation center, while the Central core, with its diameter of seven light-years, as well as the Ur-Space Belt, with its half diameter* of 103 trillion light-years, and the Ur-Core Belt, with its half diameter of 103.5 trillion light-years, represent those structures known as the Universe’s Central Sun and the Universe’s Central Galaxy, respectively.

    In addition, the Central core represents the central sun of the Universe, while the Ur-Space and the Ur-Core carry out their existence as a central universe-galaxy.
    Now, the outermost belt, with its half diameter of 14 million light-years, which we do not count with the actual Universe, is the Displacement Belt.

    This has the task of displacing outwardly and against adjacent universes and against the nothing-space of the Absolute Absolutum, so to speak, as the ramming force, which pushes everything away from itself and displaces outwardly, so that, after knocking against it and before pressing itself behind it, it can provide the Universe the necessary space for expansion and, therefore, the expansion itself.” End quote..

    Also, you can see that the commonly accepted expression among Earth scientists (and so used by us,) “big bang,” is actually a process of expansion and it’s contrary phase is that of contraction…Or, akin to breathing in and breathing out, as we do with the lungs…inhaling and exhaling….the sign of life and confirmaton that the Universe lives and breathes..

    Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!

    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

  11. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation – 10th August 2010 (3 Batz, 12 Pop, 7 Ik)

    Selamat Jarin! We come with more to discuss with you! Your world is being transformed by a number of large solar flares that are adding a new boundary layer to the upper atmosphere. These new sections are being used to return the exosphere to a degree of normalcy, and the lower atmosphere, too, is seeing an increase in ozone. In sum, an extensive exchange is taking place between the gaseous mixtures of the boundary layers of the upper and lower atmospheres. In addition, repairs are being made in many areas where the blending of oxygenated air and nitrogen-filled air takes place. Similar changes are happening in Mother Earth’s mantle. Here, temperatures are rising in places where tectonic plates meet, and this jump in temperature helps to reduce the incidents of volcanic activity. As more of these plates prepare to lock, the probability of larger earthquakes can increase. We work with the planetary Elohim to ready Earth’s surface for a grand transformation that is very close.
    Because the time for these changes approaches rapidly, we have requested that our Earth allies accelerate the remaining steps preceding the manifestation of their overall agenda. On one hand, your present societies are being torn apart by the inadequacies of its current structures and being undermined by urgent social needs exacerbated by shrinking economies; on the other, a huge, hidden abundance awaits you, held back by the non-resolution of the conflict between the dark cabal and the Earth allies. Governments around your globe are in peril and their citizens are in want and fear. The future seems bleak when in fact the reverse is true! We have watched as this long, weary struggle winds down, and have observed the astonishing obstinacy of the dark. In the past, these tactics won it many victories, but not this time! This time its nemesis is upon it! What amazes us is how difficult it has been to dislodge it from power. Happily, our Earth allies have proved resilient enough to surmount this refusal to go. The final elements to remove the dark legally are now being put together in a series of special negotiations.

    These negotiations are producing the formal documents to legally and swiftly transition to new governance. An immense amount of detail is being provided by many courts in America and by several international courts. Switching this planet over to Common Law is essential for bridging the gulf from your present setup to a prototypical galactic society. What this amounts to is guaranteed personal sovereignty for each individual and protection against any interference of the unalienable rights underpinning this axiom. Liberty and freedom are important conditions for what lies ahead. Prosperity is another aspect of what the new governance is all about. Our Earth allies have secured the gold that is needed to underwrite the disbursement of global prosperity; moreover, these depositories are in places where Mother Earth needs them in order to ensure her own well-being. This quiet revolution is about not only changing the very nature of governance but providing a supportive environment for your expanding consciousness.

    First contact is ultimately about consciousness, which means full consciousness. Our task is to progress you from your present state to where you need to be, and so we have set up the means to do this. The Agarthans of Inner Earth are also ready to assist us in this wondrous transformation. What we have yet to deal with is the dark matrix that runs your world. This entity systematically and quite subtly denies our very existence and covertly works to develop weapons to thwart any landings. This concerted policy is responsible for the cabalists grip on power after the sudden defection of the Anunnaki, and so, ousting them from power is essential. We realize that the dark-controlled media has spent decades drumming the irrational concept of ‘alien invaders’ into you. We are benevolent, and understandably do not wish you to perceive us otherwise. We ask our Earth allies to complete their goals and remove the dark from its dominion over you. Then we can easily proceed with the mass landings.

    At present, we are increasing our level of assistance to our Earth allies by doing many things not previously allowed. We need to emphasize that we are breaking normal evaluation protocol in order to carry out Heaven’s decrees. She authorized our use of necessary new measures while remaining within the bounds of her previous decrees in order to progress you to first contact. Our liaison personnel are formally integrated within groups both on and inside Earth who intend to liberate your society from the restrictions imposed by the dark’s agents on Mother Earth. This period of darkness has outrun its divinely prescribed time span, and all dispensations made in the past are hereby revoked. The dark ones, however, do not believe this and remain defiant. This is why a complex noose is now tightening around their neck. A trap door is taking shape beneath them and will be sprung when so commanded by Heaven.

    This noose is made up of the economic and monetary systems that are imploding around them. The various key individuals and corporations that they own are rapidly being reduced to nothing. This process has been going on now for over a year and is only recently bearing fruit. Many formerly extremely wealthy individuals are discovering that their secret funds are quickly disappearing and such asset loss truly frightens those who had not previously known fear. As their secret debts begin to influence their public assets, many see a possible return to the dark days of September 2008. We offer a way out: resign. And allow our Earth allies to implement new governance and global prosperity. Another big concern for the dark cabalists is the many court cases that are sure to follow their mass resignations.

    This upcoming due process of law is something our Earth allies have had in the works for the past five years. These court cases establish the legality of the new regimes and the flagrant illegality of the regimes presently in power. Furthermore, the dark ones are anxious about the extent to which their remaining assets are to be stripped from them and their families. However, the new governance is about providing prosperity for all and banishing the present scarcity. In the same vein, any punishment metered out is not to last long, and our liaison officers continue to push this point at all meetings and emphasize that capital punishment is not on the table. What has been planned is in the ultimate best interests of all involved: to get everyone into their Light chambers as soon as possible and back to full consciousness! The longer this takes, the more likely it is that it may lead to a different heavenly solution.

    The Galactic Federation is focused on carrying out a mass landing within the timetable given to us by Heaven. This timetable is irrevocable and has been mandated by divine decree. We are therefore bound to a first contact with you under the most amicable conditions possible. We have reiterated to all governments possessing nuclear weaponry that disarmament is fundamental. The nuclear option does not exist where first contact is concerned, and this equally holds true for any attempted nuclear exchange. A special decree allowing for unprecedented changes to your body, mind, and Spirit was made to prepare you for your return to full consciousness. This was only permitted because it is your true destiny!

    Today, we discussed developments on and around your world. Events are coming to a head, and this ensures that first contact is close. Your preparation for full consciousness goes forward as planned, and the moment for great events is near. Let us rejoice and happily anticipate their imminent arrival! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


  12. Selamat jarin….!

    How will Earth “operate” within the Galactic Federation administration structures, after full membership is consolidated through ascension and planetary guardianship…??

    Firstly I would like to remind everyone that Earth officially became a member of the Sirian regional council on 5th March 1993: With the Agarthans representing surface humanity until the process is consolidated, following the omega point for surface humanity.

    I’ll reproduce the basic structures here:

    MAIN FEDERATION COUNCIL (located in the Vega star system)
    ———————————————————————–Main Liason Groups

    Sirian Regional Council (our regional liason)
    ————————–Regional Liason Groups**

    Solaris Star Nation Local Governing Councils
    ———————————————-Local Liason Groups*

    Earth—-Galactic Federation of Light Ground Crew (to be part of Solar System’s Governing Council)
    Mars—-TBA (to be part of Solar System’s Governing Council)

    Venus—TBA (to be part of Solar System’s Governing Council)
    Pax—–TBA (to be part of Solar System’s Governing Council)

    * Local Liason Groups act as information networks between governing councils and the main liason groups

    ** Sirian Regional Council is one of fourteen regional councils. Earth is now a member, as of 1993 AD.

    I hope this explains the basic political structures planned…

    Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!

    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

  13. I have used the term “Starseed” on occasion and have provided this video to fill in any gaps to the understanding of some readers who need more data and also to assist the awakening of others who may actually be starseed themselves and require a prompt to activate their necessary awakening and service at this time…!!

    zazuma..!! (thanks..!!) Drekx Omega (Sirian Starseed)

  14. Hello Drekx!
    Thanks for the invitation to visit. I’ve been gone a while to a peaceful locale, where the night sky is packed full of stars and the only distant sound is of crashing waves. Counted many shooting stars also, in my search for galactic travelers.
    Question Drekx:
    If man is wrapped in a cocoon of fear and distraction, won’t he have to go through metamorphosis before Sirians and other star cousins decide to make contact?
    I had the feeling the Dogon tribe, as most ancient people, were more approachable; They did not have an enemy suggestion wired into their brains.
    The whole Sirian society sounds most inviting, and they have “green” concepts and the equivalent of high speed rail 🙂

    1. Hi RNC,

      Glad you could make it here…… 🙂

      Yes, the metamorphosis you speak of is related directly you soul connection (integrated light body) and so the elder brothers would prefer that Humanity raised it’s vibrations to a particular (scientifically calculalated) level, before First Contact proceeds officially….that target level has actually been reached among the masses of people, the only factor that holds back the process is the intransigence of the human ELITE powers that be…who feverishly and with much fear, seek to keep the tensions going..

      It may seem that the masses of people are just as aggressive as ever, but many of these trends are artificially created by the NWO elites to stoke up hate and conflict…preventing First Contact.
      The Federation will eventually be given the permission of Heaven to intervene more directly, if this persists…

      All consciousness surveys conducted by the GFL in places such as Mexico, indicate that upon seeing large numbers of our craft, the masses of people feel interest, curiosity and joy…..the opposite of what the Elites would like. This was not the case a few decades ago, when panic was noted over areas of mass flights…Washington DC, 1952, springs to mind.

      The obstacles to First Contact are known to us and we seek to expedite this stalemate shortly..

      In Light, Drekx

    1. There are thousands of sacred books with knowledge not entirely Moslem or Christian that are aware of Sirius and the relationship it has to our solar system and human family.
      I do not use the word God to personally describe my creator.
      God could be reference to any man or women who is powerful.
      I find it interesting however that Sirius is getting closer to us that makes me feel good for some reason.

      1. katherine,

        A better term for the great being that created all things would be the “Prime Creator.” From which the various Logoi are a part, galactic, solar and planetary. The angelic beings that actually create matter, as instructed, are the Elohim.

        Many use the word “God” frequently, because of the limitations of Earth culture and language, only. It is familiar to most.

        It is a commonly understood term to describe the creator of all things, but is also used to describe any fully conscious being who is self-realised…which may be erroneous, yet is, at the least, understood.
        For example, a “King of Wisdom” may be described by some as a God.

        Sirius has an ancient connection with Earth, so inwardly you know this fact..and thus, feel good about it.


  15. Thanks for letting me absorb this info. Alot of people are sleep in the mind at this moment. As you see, I’m re-educating my self because of the fact these will be destinations in the near future for me and others. This is very enlightning on all levels.
    Thank you again Mr. Braun. You don’t know how appreciated you are! I thank you for this knowledge. I shall pass it on as to my sleepers as well well as your advanced brothers and sisters have given to you and other ground crew. C ya my friend! LET THERE CONTINUE TO BE LIGHT!

      1. Can you tell me where the planet Druan and the Nol star system is located? I just want to know what galaxy it is in.

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