Bullshit alert!…Queen comes to canada after G20 police state mafia meetings and says “very good to be home”

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Bullshit alert!…Queen comes to canada after G20 police state mafia meetings and says “very good to be home”.  To read more about what these two clowns are into, check out HATONN SPEAKS THE TRUTH….http://hatonnspeaksthetruth.wordpress.com and while you’re at it, you better KNOW YOUR ADVERSARY too..  http://www.indianinthemachine.com/knowyouradversary.html

13 thoughts on “Bullshit alert!…Queen comes to canada after G20 police state mafia meetings and says “very good to be home”

  1. Good evening Dieter,

    I wanted to express my humble opinion on this G20, European financial meltdown and Queens visit to Canada: The brits are in deep deep financial ditch and… I think the G8/G20 budget was over rated to allow some secret money to be sent to Europes failing economy and the 5 billions that will supposingly go to save mothers and babies in Africa is most probably going the same way (at least parts of it). And, to make sure that the cold cash comes in, they send the Queen to come begging for the last little crumbs (230 millions $$$) under the cover of the 100th anniversary of the Marines.

    During the summit, Harper said : We have to prevent a financial downfall at (almost) any costs…

    How about 1.2 billions+5 billions+230 millions…

    Thanks and see you at our next G20 for the rest !!!

    I was also very sad to see how things were handled in Toronto and how this country has become a dictator state…

    Last thing : on CBC news, they reported 900 arrests and said most were from Quebec…

    In Quebec, the news channels said only 85 people from Quebec were arrested… Maybe those two should have consulted before airing it! Quite a gap here !

    That was my input from Montreal

    Have a great and wonderful day !

      1. Good evening Dieter (between eclipses!),

        You’re so cute !!!

        With my personality, I would probably invite her for dinner and offer my help !

        Forgive me for saying this here but as a child, I remember admiring her and recognized that she is a very empowering symbol for many women (subconscious level)… After all, she was born in that family so what else could she have become ? My unconditional love goes to her also ! Maybe in her heart, she just wanted to be a out of that royalty thing child, like all the others. (Again my compassionate side talking !!!)

        Too bad I have slow internet connection (cant watch the videos or listen to audio) but I experience a lot of Joy visiting since I often feel the subjects resonate with my own beliefs. Subject of the video seems interesting and totally believable considering the lack of ethics in the school programs for the “forces”. (Just imagine what these people are tought in schools… no kidding they feel agressive!)

        PS… I’m surprised they have Value Village in Saskatoon (the same name as here!)… I guess we connect in more than one way !!!

        Again, thank you for the time you offer to expand our vision and change our perception of life.


  3. Ok chap, no sweat…..have you talked about your worries with your folks?
    Maybe you could point out a few things about what is going on by showing them some info from the net.
    Most of all mate do not fear…….you will be fine….i have a feeling you have alot to offer in this new beginning of ours, and i doubt the lads/lasses up stairs will let that go to waste.
    I will leave you an audio link of another good interview on the subject.
    Here if ya want to talk anytime about your worries dude…your not alone in this.
    Be strong and ask for the light…..IT WILL PROTECT YOU!

    God bless

      1. You are more than welcome.
        God bless

        PS…nice map of oil slick on other post.

  4. Extiviumm…..i posted a vid of a woman speaking at a meeting ….. very good if you have not watched it… its on the chem trail /modification post.
    I worry about the bubble of gas thats under the bay,that goes….”THATS ALL FOLKS”.
    Addmittedly i live on the other side of the world, but with what i have been researching i would be packing up and moving at least 150 miles inland and also away from those lakes.

    God bless and safe passage

    1. Hm the video wouldn’t load. And I’m afraid I can’t leave, I’m only 16 and don’t have any of the resources required. But at the moment I don’t feel like I am supposed to leave, that I am supposed to stay here for the time being.


    Well lately here in Florida in the Tampa Bay area it’s been very rainy lately. I’ve heard things about a thunderstorm or possible hurricane of some sort, but i figured, thats kind of the usual for Florida this time of the year. So i went and switched to channel 9, to see what was of this hurricane or whatever. Well I guess pictures will speak better than words regarding this:

    I do believe this to be the direct result of weather modification, by the illuminati/dark cabal or whatever you want to call them. What do you think of this?

  6. I always thought that the institution of monarchy was just a load of bullshit…

    If the UK could resolve it’s massive deficit by selling the Queen to Canada, I’m sure such an option would get my vote…..!!
    They can have our overpayed English football team also…

    Or maybe we could sell the monarch to the highest global bidder, the Americans, French, Germans and Aussies love her more than we do, in England.


    Maybe we could have a return to the English Commonwealth? That not very well known political republic we had in the 17th century?

    In mirth, Drekxy

  7. England the dominate class eurocentric lateral behavioral thinking as Russell means calls them… seem to feel right at home wherever their soles meet the ground…God save the Queen! what is she there for in the first place? It has been awful quiet in the peanut gallery lately….Tony Blair backing Bush was their biggest muck up….

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