Indian in the machine – Two Giant Sylphs Transmute Chemtrails Over Saskatoon


8 thoughts on “Indian in the machine – Two Giant Sylphs Transmute Chemtrails Over Saskatoon

  1. Many Chemtrails being sprayed today over palm harbor Fl, Jan 1 2012. The year of the awakening, is this happening today in mass scale in other places?

  2. My Dad was in the US Air Force and explained (30 years ago) that the chem trails were to deflect the sun. Gold was the preferred reflector but aluminum was cheaper. Of course now they can spray whatever they want.

    1. The aluminium “micro-chaff” is primarily designed to block out incoming cosmic rays from the galactic core, preventing favourable human evolution and genetic changes….

      It is an attempt by the NWO (human elites) to halt humanity’s freedom from their clutches…

      See my article on IITM:

  3. Thank you for posting the info on sylphs- I hope that they are not just a trendy complaint- the more people notice them- the more information about them- the more likely there is to come an explanation…
    Have you ever seen any other nature beings? I wonder if they can help with the gulf spill… the whales seem to be trying to communicate…
    Be in the light- enjoy this beautiful day!

  4. We rarely get chemtrails here in Hawaii. The last one I saw was right before the H1N1 flu hit us not that long ago. It was the one day I didn’t have my camera with me to video the massiveness of this chemtrail. I knew something was wrong when I saw the chemtrail. Within a few weeks, people were sick. If anyone sees a chemtrail, I ask that you call upon the sylphs to transmute them. Your intention to help heal this planet will be felt and they will come. Have full faith and trust. Continued thanks to Dieter for standing in the light and continuing to open doors for all of us.

  5. j,

    Seems a little harsh….?? To condem someone’s beingness expression upon Earth, with such determination…

    Duality is an opportunity to be kind to your image, reflected back to you in life’s mirror….

    WE ARE ONE…..!!

    Peaceful blessings, Drekx

  6. I ask the Sylphs to get rid of chem trails I see in the sky and low and behold, they move toward the chem trails and engulf them, thanks for helping me open my eyes to the many wonders of this living world, my friend: Indian in the Machine,

    Your friend.


  7. Hi Dieter,
    I marvel how you tribute Mother Earth and nature, I have been learning how to do this all my life, it is not natural to me but I have taken up the cause! What a great influence you are, I have obviously aligned with you by regularly scanning your RSS communications and enjoy your ideas. Keep up the good work, I read your message of light frustration of your challenge with the monetary situation that you were experiencing at that time. Though, at the time I chose not to comment, if I had the money I would contribute! Many of us are going through what you seem to be experiencing. I also have completely turned myself to the LIGHT and consequently stand out a bit and my earnings have are less apparently because of this but, I am happier than I have ever been. I just do with less and it seems to work! Hang in there buddy, you are in great company!

    Gods Peace-Eagle Strong-Keeper of Monuments

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