Indian writes: I started this forum a few weeks ago THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT OVERTAKES THE ILLUMINATI…..at David Icke’s forum. I highly recommend that you check out the main forum. It’s a british-based website….those brits, though gotta say, are many but not all are so rude sometimes….rude rude rude IGNORANTLY RUDE…so rude they as a society have become experts…each rude citizen becoming a disinformation agent…sometimes I’m rude back but mostly I can handle ’em and I’m not pulled from my peace, they are so quick to resist the truth in many but not all, cases….but imagine if you lived there, how enslaved everything is…cameras everywhere….sad/rude/bad/mad people everywhere….a blood thirsty monarchy overshadowing everything, a news media like the bbc who are experts at manipulating the masses….gosh, let’s send them some more light and love. Do you get the feeling that the entire world could use our light and love right now? Dieter



  1. The GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT will crash and burn upon entry of Earths atmosphere. Those who survive will be taken by my minions underground were they will be unmercifully tortured.

    The GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT are COWARDS and will not attempt to pierce Earths atmosphere, mark my words RETARD.


    1. if you knew the any idea of hell or eternity, your words would have no effect on those but your own soul light and dark mark your word of hate and make the fool left behind dammed.

  2. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems
    as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on
    just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

  3. Seems like a bunch of people recently broke away from the David Icke Forum and went and made their own, resulting in new clauses and ‘Forum Wars’ rules made by the DIF. Pass a link to another forum in Private Messages there and you are banned! Like most of these folk here – http://sanctumzone.co.uk/forum.html So if anyone is wondering why so many user names on DIF have Banned or Inactive under them, now you know why.

    1. The webmaster at David Icke forums, “sean” is none other than, Gareth Icke, David Icke’s 31 (sean is also 31 years old) year old son. It’s so obvious. I am really surprised no one else has spotted this?

      Take a look at sean’s avatar on DI forums even with a partially cover face you can still make out the prominent nose and eyes. Now google Gareth Icke, go to the image section see the image, and see the the resemblance for yourself.

      Notice the camouflage coat sean is wearing in his avatar on DI forums? Now look at images of Gareth Icke. See his infatuation for wearing camouflage clothing even at the young age if 6 or 7 years old?

      If you are still not convinced, take a look at seans likes and dislikes, now take a look at Gareth Icke’s.

      I rest my case!

  4. im sorry but are you all on crack or something, where is ur evidence for any of this, lizzard people my arse. follow the paper trail and it always leads to who is in charge and i will tell you now it ant the queen of england. the glorious revolution saw a pupet king put on the thown of england backed and surported by the rothschilds, they created the modernday money we use they credit the brittish government the federal reserve and in fact any country which uses credited finance. the first si fy author was a rhodes scholar and loyal to the rothschilds they put the idea of aliens into a state of normality. the queen is a lizard, and im the pope of space church. it people like you who stop the truth from ever being realised coz i blur it with ur horse shit unproven theories. like i said again where is ur evidence. iv got mine a whole long list of it. this david ickle chats too much shit and i would go so far as to say he is illumunati and part of a mass deception plot to keep people like you from looking for the real truths coz is easier to believe a lie than to deny it. when or if any of you wake up ask for some real facts and you will recieve. the world revolation start today. revolution simply isnt an answer!

    1. “those brits, though gotta say, are many but not all are so rude sometimes….rude rude rude IGNORANTLY RUDE…so rude they as a society have become experts…each rude citizen becoming a disinformation agent…sometimes I’m rude back but mostly I can handle ‘em and I’m not pulled from my peace, they are so quick to resist the truth in many but not all, cases….but imagine if you lived there, how enslaved everything is…cameras everywhere….sad/rude/bad/mad people everywhere….a blood thirsty monarchy overshadowing everything, a news media like the bbc who are experts at manipulating the masses….gosh, let’s send them some more light and love. Do you get the feeling that the entire world could use our light and love right now? Dieter”

      firstly all i have to say to this is im english im proud to be. we may be rude but it our way of dealing with a shit life we say stuff to make ourself feel better about our own lifes if you had ever lived in england u might get that, its just part of our phyci now we wanna talk ingorance lets talk about the american the world leaders in my shit smells better than urs, u have to be the best at everything ur arragant cant admit defeat and worst of all dont get sarcasm which if u did u may understand what we are saying a bit better. you took the most advanced language in the world and bastardised it colour is spelt colour not color ur fucking idiots. but no i guesing u were born in the usa. well all i have to say is at least we ant stupid enough to let another country run our finances. here are some facts the rothechilds forced congress to create rthe federal reserve, using thier pupet in power woody woodrow . in 1913 he sold ur country out. all ur finaces run through the fed, all ur credited debt is to the federal reserve all 14.9trillion, makes me laugh, land of the free hmm. ur last great president was jfk and he fucked u over big time he created silver backed government dollars (red deniminations), when he died (wacked off) all those notes went to the fed and in turn they took control of all 12.9billion troy oz’s which backed the currency. you got robbed big style. hell the american civil war was a set up designed to put the country into debt to start with both sides rothschild funded. why is a new currency being set up called the eurodollar and where is it being traded from london. just ask you self this when the imanipation proclimation was signed freeing all slaves and i quite. all men are created equally under god. now did they liberate the slaves up to our level or down grade out status to staves with em. what i can see it the latter. so i think the fact that i know more about ur own history than u do tells me one thing, u know shit!

  5. Anyone who finishes a comment with yuk! has me seriously questioning first their age then mentality. You are above no one my dear. All you seem to do is insult, yet you start your thread on the most gentleman like truth seeker/teller to be found. As i said before check yourself, stop watching others. I find your attitude gross. The planet has a problem and you focus on one nation. LOOOOOOL. Do not reply. My low vibrations may affect your superior self.

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  7. David Icke’s Forum is controlled by shills.
    The moderators selectively enforce the rules and let lightgiver get away with threats.
    They banned me for reporting his threatening PM. Avoid the DIF. It is just a bunch of arrogant people that think they are in the know about conspiracies. Truth is they know nothing but that they can ‘win’ an argument by simply banning someone.
    Basically a bunch of fucktards.

  8. Dieter,

    Earth had been under Plejaren spiritual juristriction for thousands of years and that cosmic “supervision” ended on April 24th 1994 (1 Muluc, 12 Kankin, 2 Caban) when the Sirians replaced the Plejaren in that official role….
    Though unofficially, the Plejaren remain and continue their support work..
    The former Plejaren Jschwjsch in effective responsibility for Earth was Ptah…and his role has been taken on by the Sirian Governing Council representative and Jschwjsch, Vashtar…now representing the Galactic Federation of Light, under the authority of Supreme Fleet Commander Atura..a past master of First Contact procedures, and I believe, more able than the Plejaren Federation at making the process work…

    In Light, Drekx

    1. Hi Drekx,

      I am a fellow English countryman in opposition to all oppressive forces in this world; I believe that the majority of these forces are only able to get away with their tactics because of the lack of understanding and increase of misinformation spread throughout the world.
      I’ve just, by chance, stumbled across this forum and find a few things rather odd yet strangely fascinating: firstly, how have you come across the information that you are setting out on Plejaren and Sirian accounts?
      I would absolutely love to see your original sources: the closer to the original truth you can get, the greater the experience you can gain from it.
      Also, your views on the leader of the Knights of Malta Cross are quite interesting: from my own personal research, the ‘lizardfolk’/’reptillians’/’snakes’ that you mention seem to have been falsely associated with evil intentions. As far as I can tell, these people were keepers of spiritual wisdom and served as a guidance for the masses of people. However, one sect became arrogant and placed themselves above the majority populace, even presenting themselves as gods in many instances.
      Truths supporting this claim can be found within native Red Indian belief structures.

      May Creation guide us all,

  9. Dieter,

    You said: “for example with the Sirians….we’re not learning much about each specific being.”
    I’ll provided some details which I maybe should have given out before:

    Vashtar is a Sirian Ascended Master who has attained the rank of “IHWH,” which is the 7th cosmic degree….also known as “Jschwjsch” and pronounced; “ish wish.”

    He is a highly advanced galactic human, who stands over seven feet tall, perfectly proportioned, is well built, has an oblong head, with thick shoulder-length, golden blond hair….his eyes are blue and piercing, and he has thin lips and very “nordic” features…
    exuding great love and wisdom…combined with razor sharp intelligence…
    By Earth standards, he appears to be in his early twenties, but it rapidly dawns on anyone communicating with him that he is actually much older in terms of knowledge and wisdom…
    His actual age (for this incarnation) is 550 solar years. The average life-span for Sirians being 2000 years.
    He wears either his Clan robes, which are royal purple, or he wears a special (IHWH) jump-suit, which is pale metallic blue, with gold insignia braid on each shoulder….unlike the standard Sirian white jump-suits, worn by his deputies and other officers…

    He has four wives and seven children…

    In Light, Drekx

  10. By all means highlight the corruption within corporations, banks, institutions, dogmas, isms, etc….
    To label an entire nation though, does seem unnecessary….
    For example, when I speak of Palestinians I do not equate them all with the word “terrorist.” Nor do I suggest that all Jews are “zionists.”
    It is so easy to tar all, as Hitler did….

    Please take my word for it when I say that not all Brits support monarchy….nor the massive numbers of CCTV cameras in the UK.

    In Light, Drekx

    1. Drekx, the rules change for many folks, when it’s flattering…… french are ‘good cooks’…..canadians are ‘friendly’…….ecuadorians are ‘kind and helpful’. And what about extraterrestrials……when we read about them, it’s through generalizations…… for example with the Sirians….we’re not learning much about each specific being. Dieter

      1. Dieter,


        You mean a kind of “ET pop celebrity interest..??” 🙂

        Who are you specifically interested in among the Sirians..??

        Lightly, Drekx

      2. Dieter,

        The Sirian Star system is comprised of nine stars of different classifications…
        Sirius B is where the Solar Logos is located we name “Akonowai”
        (place of the Great Blue Lodge.)

        To name but a few actively engaged First Contact A & E Fleet Crew Sirian contacts:
        Vashtar, Kalestra, Atura, Sandara & Mikala.

        They all originate from Sirius B-4….that is planet “Samanet” which is the 4th planet in the Sirius B, 6-planet system…

        This planet is slightly smaller than Earth and possesses one vast interlocked continent named “Sakara” (the soul of female creativity.)
        Surrounding the continent of Sakara is an ocean that makes up 18%
        of the planetary surface area…
        The oxygen content in the pristine atmosphere totals 36%, so is higher than the atmosphere on Earth…
        Most Sirians live within the planet, but some have dwellings upon the surface as well…
        The Sirian sky maintains a constant purple hue… there are two natural moons, which are both larger than Earth’s moon.

        Commander Vashtar lives in the foothills of the majestic mountain range named “Shadota” (the many fingers of Heaven.)

        If you are genuinely interested, please let me know…!!

        In Light, Drekx Omega

  11. Friend Dieter,

    Even England was not a nation until after King Alfred the Great of Wessex unified Saxons with Danes…and that was around a thousand years ago…
    The British “starring role” in “negativity” is but a drop in the ocean compared to the actual history of Earth….
    Are you also blaming “the British” for the excesses of Rome, Babylon, Atlantis, Japan and Germany…??

    Self responsibility is the way for all Lightworkers to travel…
    To project blame on others for this world’s darkened status, is to fail to appreciate that all reflections back to us are there to assist each and everyone of us to grow…
    If a particular suffering is presented to us by a certain nation or race, we are being presented with an opportunity to experience duality, in order to grow in awareness…..that growth will always take us back to an understanding of oneness…or should do so.

    When we see old war time antagonists such as elderly Germans and Britons discussing their war experiences (for example, WW2,) they often grow towards great compassion for their former “enemies,” when they realise just how similar they truly are…
    This demonstrates “harmony through conflict” as it expresses itself through the human kingdom, under the esoteric Law of Correspondences…4th kingdom/4th ray….

    Humanity requires to grow via duality, towards unity….
    To hold resentful energy towards a particular race or nation holds the world back from progress…on a collective level.

    In Light, Drekx

    1. Drekx…. probably much of Europe …. they’ve lived in normalized darkness for a long long time…..it’s the chosen land of Reptilians and other lizardfolks for certain reasons Drekx….souls in human bodies have harmonized with the Reptilians and I believe there is a measurable result that can be statistically analyzed. As we analyze our observations or even voice them, they may be flattering, they may be unflattering….flattering observations can be seen as “supportive” on planet earth….. unflattering can be seen as “unsupportive” or “resentful”.

      One question the world asks on some levels…. is “how much the brits will let the royal mafia get away with?” Since her face is on the money I use here in canada….it’s MY PERSONAL BUSINESS TO KNOW! I’ve personally supported the spiritual advancement for the british on many levels, probably more than most british even…..

      Good morning….


      1. I’m all for a complete analysis and then immediate overall of all human societal structures especially the corporations…..oooo did i just become “a racist” or “bigot” towards corporations?…. maybe i need to be bitch slapped by the internet thought police?…what’s their common message of the internet thought police? Their message is always….don’t look here. or don’t say that or don’t think that way and they always use basic truth suppression methods. Dieter

      2. Before you complain too much about “lizard” Brits, don’t forget that they were the first nation in history to decapitate a monarch (lizard?) and this happened a good century before the French Revolution..

        I’m simply saying that not all Brits support Queen Lizardbeth II….and we don’t all blindly support a police state either…

        History shows many non-royals who eclipse monarchy in Britain…Cromwell among them.

        In Light, Drekx

    2. I live in England , there are many lightworkers here but the general public are miserable , love to moan and be negative . They are so controlled they have no idea , cameras everywhere. But to be honest the Illuminati do not control us anywhere near as much as we control ourselves. They are a very very backward as regards spiritual development. I tried to inform people about things going on in the world which are not in our main stream media and i was attacked very badly .The German people call english people island monkeys , this i am afraid is true. They are in general super arrogant , if it was not for the wonderful land on which i live in cornwall ,i would look to leave right away. love alloya

      1. Greetings alloya,

        I tend to like to see the English cup half full, rather than half empty, but I appreciate your views…and live here too, albeit in East Anglia, now. Originally from London.
        Cornwall does have some amazing coastline, so a very admirable location to live…

        Well, you know, even though many English people seem to be deluded fools, behind their superficial conformity are often hearts of golden light…combined with much insight.

        If ever you feel that urge to think of the English as spiritually backward (I don’t mean lacking religion,) then remember the great English Esotericist, Alice Bailey, who created much literature between 1919-1949, which many around the world greatly admire for it’s ageless wisdom…
        She was a channel for Masters Koot Humi and Djwhal Khul…and her Archane School gave birth to many great students..

        And the Scottish too (our fellow Britons,) have many great initiates, including Benjamin Creme, who is the editor of Share International…
        and the great champion of Palestian rights, George Galloway..currently addressing Canadians on important issues.

        And don’t forget this blog’s namesake, the Englishman, David Icke, that renowned member of the New Age movement and former sportsman/TV presenter, who exposed many facets of the Illuminati control matrix to the world…

        And I’m also English (albeit half German) and feel that there are a great many switched on people here in England, in spite of the superficial conformities we also see… 🙂

        Our language is uniting the entire world, not unlike Latin during the Roman Empire, which brought Europe in closer communion with Asia and Africa.

        Our biggest shame is our evil banking sector, with it’s tentacles in everyone elses’s backyards…English bankers, among others, own the US Federal Reserve bank, which is an absolute disgrace..

        You are most welcome to visit my articles on this illustrious website, at the name link above…

        In Light, Drekx Omega

      2. You are in agreement with the German statement that English people are island monkeys? And you consider yourself a light bearer? I am so glad I caught this discussion. It shows me how many confused people are out there. Clear your heart before you try to share your knowledge with our fellow human who have been shut out from the truth. This thread is so of the physical boxed of earthly form, I will read no further. The sheer arrogance and ignorance in some of the writings is transferring itself over to the reader. The law of attraction is working in the wrong way. To accept such judgemental views clearly shows me you are deceptive in your task. Are you not supposed to continue to encourage the collective positivity of consciousness and love of the people? Or you have decided for yourself they are not worth carrying on with or for? I too am a Brit, struggling on a daily basis to be heard. losing closeness with people who cannot cope with what I am saying? Why can they not cope? Oh of course, the same lies we have all been blinded under. I will support the blind to the very end, but never give up the truth. You are a light worker? You are just another human?

      3. Absolutely, your msg made me smile. The sad thing is I sense it wasn’t supposed to. One thing I know for sure is my guides will never let me be fooled in this life again. I wish you peace and love Dieter.

  12. Well i think everyone distorted his original message a bit. Although he did generalize on British people. i think we can accept the bigger picture and accept that there are a LOT of rude people from everywhere…weather it’d be Britain or Asia or India or the USA or Canada….etc. …his point had NOTHING to do with how rude anyone was really.

    It was simply his observation. its great to see so many people correcting that mistakenly generalized outlook..but the message of his post was about the federation of light taking over the Illuminati…do not forget…”Illuminati” means the enlightened ones…or the ones of light. Why don’t we concentrate on that other than a silly observation?

    And to the original post author…please realise how your observation and the source study you provided to back up that observation completely sidetracks ones mind from the truth. My request as a fellow member of the light is to not generalize. It’s negative and hinders our progress and can also be assumed as racism or harmful bigotry by some people not patient enough to look beyond it.
    Other than that….Thank you for your post and all you others that posted as well.

    In light forever,

      1. Dieter,

        With the greatest respect for your views……

        I sometimes feel the temptation to generalise my annoyance of disability scooter drivers, zig-zagging in front of my car, slowing me down to a snails pace…
        It can be very frustrating to a keen driver, such as myself, who likes speed and style…

        And people who drive such disabled scooters are mainly elderly of handicapped, and in spite of my being annoyed by those who misuse the operation of such vehicles (sometimes hitting pedestrians, or causing cars to swerve dangerously,) for me to conclude that all disabled or elderly people are a “potential nuisance,” would seem both unfair and unjust….
        Such thoughts can cross my mind, but I try not to give them my attention, as they are not useful…nor constructive.

        So, as a rule I tend not to generalise the “behaviour” of groups, sexes, classes, nations, races, generations, or any other man made divisions that have been created by society…

        In Light, Drekx

      2. Drekx, thank you…..also keep in mind that you regularly do this as you provide a service to humanity in describing our extraterrestrial family. To not see nationalistic personalities oversouls or to acknowledge them, is folly….that’s what the nazi germans did, and look what happened there….what’s happening in the world today is much more extreme, and yet so few are willing to “go there”…..”let’s go all the way!”. D.


      3. OK Dieter,

        I’m a Sirian starseed who is currently in the guise of an Englisman (born in London,) so for me to label my hosts as; “generally rude,” does seem a little harsh for me to have to do…
        I chose to incarnate here on blighty….so they can’t be all bad, can they..?? 🙂

        My experience is telling me a different story, that is all…

        In Light, Drekx

      4. Drekx,….if we’re one of the most negative 3d planets that ever existed for a long long time….the brits have played a starring role on this starring planet…. not being able to see this, or not wanting to for fear of responsibility for what is, or responsibility for change, is probably the harshest. Yes all brits have light in them, but the dimmer switch is definitely been used for a long long time. Dieter

  13. I think, from my experience as an unapologetic globalist trying to help create a better future, (not all globalists are bad, just like not all democratic or non democratic people are bad) that environment has a great deal to do with peoples behavior.

    If you remove someone from their historical environment and place them, or they place themselves in a different environment. You’ll find that they shelve a lot of their bad behavior pretty quickly because they’re not sure if the new environment that they’re in is conducive to that type of thing.

    You can go to the south western U.S. and some of the cruder elements, not mentioning any nationalities by name, will place used tissue in the waste receptacle rather than the loo where it belongs so that it can be disposed of in a sanitary manner. But you can go elsewhere in the U.S., even where there significant concentrations of the unspecified nationality. And that type of behavior is non existent.

    1. Yes, this temporing of behaviour becomes particularly necessary when westerners visit places such as Saudi Arabia and hopefully learn not to behave in their usual way on beaches, or using alcohol, etc…

  14. Dieter,

    Also, you listed the following Brit institutions:
    “Coronation Street, BBC, The Sun, movies, tv shows, conversations, news, history etc.”

    I will agree with you that the first three on that list are pure crap, especially the Sun newspaper….
    But what about the majority of Brits who read other rags, such as; the Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Times, Guardian, etc…??

    Are those on your list Sun readers because they are “British,” or are they Sun readers because they are ignorant chaves..??

    I suspect most Britons hold Sun readers at arms length…!! 😉

    heh! heh! 🙂

    In Light, Drekxy

    1. Thank Drekx, keep in mind that those artificial lines do exist as people within certain nationalities may have certain mindsets….we can see that personality quite clearly in the consciousness grid…therefore it’s real. It doesn’t surprise me that a society with that many cameras watching and a society that is collapsing, that people would react with hostility to their fellowman, even though it’s them who are creating it all. We know there are good brits well intentioned….that still are figuring out what the heck has been going on in that country. Who do they roast and toast and let parade in their streets….royalty…..possible reptilians….possible baby eaters…possible murderers in collusion of lady diana….new world slave order promoters. Does that sound like a rude environment? Sometimes someone having the sweetest intentions is serving a poisoned dish to the others. Yeah. I support the brits, many have benefited from our sharing on the internet as we continue to do so…we’re all freeing ourselves from slavery of one form or another. Dieter

      1. Friend Dieter,

        One thing about the British that is unfortunately presented to the world for unhealthy consumption, is the extreme and artifical promotion (by the NWO) of the overbearingly privaleged “upper classes” (old Etonians, Oxbridge snobs, royal parasites, etc) and their equally overbearing (and loud) counterparts among the “lower classes” (footballers, football hoolligans, war heroes, rockstars, etc.)

        Of course, like “the lad,” Vinnie Jones, as well as “toff,” David Cameron, they are all “proud” of their “backgrounds” and “class.” They see themselves as particularly “British.”

        Such extremes are always being reported in the news…..and they are miles away from the majority of REAL PEOPLE in Britain….

        In Light, Drekx

      2. Well said Drekx,

        You can walk around a lot of places in London and the overwhelming impression is that of people just struggling to live their lives in a normal and congenial manner.

      3. Hi Drekx, Dieter and Space Cowboy

        All your comments are very interesting. I am the least of you, yet may I say….what about discerning the difference between deliberate “baby eaters, reptilian” and those unconsciously programmed to auto pilot along with the matrix unknowlingly….”Forgive them, they know not what they do” type of approach toward the ignorant ones (which I am sure are majority) ..this sounds like love to me……and to the deliberate creators of fascist government……have the attitude of the old guy in “independence day” that showed them the middle finger……

  15. Dieter,

    What did David Icke and his forum do to promote your generalisation that Brits are rude and getting ruder….??

    Personally I would never dream of making such an assumption of nationalities, as there are frequent examples of kind hearted and polite Brits, in spite of the forum you speak of…

    In Light, Drekx

      1. Hi Dieter,

        OK mate, don’t get me wrong…I’m certainly not suggesting that Brits are perfect, as there are a hell of a lot who are not…
        But, is it because they are Brits (English,Welsh, Scottish) that they are more rude than, say, the French..??

        I believe nationality does not really play a role in how people become rude…..there may be some bad ones, some rotten apples, but is it because they are apples that they are rotten, or is it that they have been left in a barrel and rotted away..??

        I truly believe that any divisions such as these are based on glamours and illusions…
        Does the Creator hold the British as an example of his/her most “rude” nationalities upon planet Earth..?? I think not..
        A nation with a 2nd ray Soul and a 1st ray persona….without the British, civillisation would not be the same…and they have certainly played an important part in the enfoldment of the divine plan of the civillisations, according to my master, the Mahachohan…
        Maybe the Brits are bloody minded, and that was why the tide was turned in 1944..?

        Some Germans can be pompous, but many are not….so we should focus on the persons who are pompous and help them not to be, rather than tarring all with the same brush and saying; “I told you so..!!”

        Same with Israelis…many do not support the zionist expansionism and would prefer to live in peace with their neighbours…
        Personally I try to focus on the good rather than the bad and that does meet the universal law of like for like…

        If we go down the track of condeming whole nations or races, then the Galactic Federation of Light will not be offering us membership, because for a small planet with very few real divisions between people, (only imaginary ones) we need to get things into proper perspective and see humanity as ONE…

        My own contacts would like me to see the cosmos as one, too, in spite of the massive species differences between human and non-human types…

        So for me to see Earth Humanity as divided by such artificial boundaries, as you are suggesting, does seem a little extreme to me, with respect… 🙂

        I’m sorry you have witnessed the more distasteful Brits, but I can assure you that they are not all bad, by a long chalk…

        In Light, Drekxy

    1. Saying “all Brits are rude,” is just as spiritually clumsy as saying that “all Italians are loud…..” or, “Frenchmen eat too much…!!”

      Such unhelpful comments are divisive and low vibe…

      The Illuminati only thrive when ignorant national/racial profiles are adopted as the norm, by the world’s public….

      Divide and conquer is the method the dark use… this world is run with such national divisions emphasised by the media…..

      In Light, Drekx

  16. Have to say most ordinary Brits aren’t rude at all! Noticeably at moment, perhaps with the influx of new energies, every day interaction shows the kindness of strangers, tolerance, and great sense of humour with a touch of irony (sometimes lost on other nations). The BBC also manages to slip in all sorts of great reporting beneath the radar of the msm reporting. Don’t recognize the picture you paint on this Dieter:).

      1. Wow this egotistical Dieter guy is still wasting energy slating the English, instead of focusing on positivity and light. This isn’t a British issue, although we know roots are in Babylon -don.

      2. You have no idea of anything about me my friend. Focus on yourself and stop watching others, that is the only way to raise the speed of the awakening of the mass/collective. Pushing your ego (which is so clear in the way you cope with insult or disagreement) is not a way to draw positivity. Infact quite the opposite. I do not promote myself by videos of myself spinning stuff e.t.c. What guidance are you offering the sheeples you slate? I also notice your site always asking donations. Good luck on your journey, as I wish for every human awake or still slumbering.

      3. I had it happen to me on a train in England. I wasn’t doing anything wrong and I didn’t say a word to the guy, before or after, and he made a rude arrogant comment to me, I was shocked.

        I remember reading a few years ago about British legislation aimed at cleaning up the problem that they have there with antisocial behavior.

    1. Good points that counter such generalisations anent the “rudeness” of the British….

      Rudeness may be a modern trend, but to blame the British solely, is just as daft as blaming Americans for levels of global homicides using firearms…..

      1. The religionists are trying hard to control us humans. Rapture prophecies fail. Now they got
        Nibiru, pole shift, galactic alignment, etc. Just like heavens gate cult. I would hate to be
        responsible for people killing themselves.
        These religionists are culls. May they be accursed.

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