1. Dear Lightbearers who have fallen to earth,

    Here is a life-changing challenge for you to complete in June, utilising the very special energetic opportunities offered by this unique 2011 Summer Soltice (21st June.) It has been offered as a gift to all Starseeds and Lightworkers who gave away their great strengths to the dark, in ancient times…That strength given was your own sacred Soul Force, which has a unique pattern of energy that is a taste of pre-ascension…each of you possessing special sacred powers now lost, but shortly to be reclaimed, if you so decide….this is NOT your Soul, but a missing aspect of it….say, like the wings of a figurative Angel. Your power of “flight,” thus keeping you earthbound, in a spiritual sense. A bird without wings, a fish without fins……..thus stranded for now….YET…

    You must CONSCIOUSLY reclaim your sacred Soul Force back from the dark, which has been usefully liberated for you by the Light (recently) and is held in custody by the local Spiritual Hierarchy, kept in trust in a type of holy “lost property office,” awaiting reclaim by the owners….NAMELY YOURSELVES. 😉

    Today is the 11th June, so you have three days to prepare for a most important meditation, which, if you agree to so complete, starts on the 14th June, continues daily through the Soltice itself and terminates on the 24th June…..And remember, you are utilising the special energies of June to complete your work of recovering your sacred Soul Force……lost to you in Atlantean times…now ready for recovery.
    This is the official Federation meditational guideline: “Call upon the Spiritual Hierarchy and GFL, the Prime Creator and your “I Am” Presence to come together and reunite you with your sacred Soul Force….

    I suggest toning using the words of power as a follow up…

    Good luck dear ones….

    Selamat Kasijaram Zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”)

    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

    1. Starting on Tuesday 14th June and repeated each day, through the Summer Solstice and ending on the 24th June….10 days.

      The Galactic Federation suggests that all who seek to, complete this daily ritual, which will recover your unique and sacred Soul Force. Only now will the energies be available to extract, so a special chance is offered, which cannot be repeated.


      1. Spend 5-minutes centering in a meditation space, with your preferred scents and candles lit..Become conscious of your breathing and clear all thoughts and worries from your mind.

      2. Invoke the energy of intent, using these words:

      “I call upon the Prime Creator and my own mighty “I Am” Presence, as well as the Spiritual Hierarchy and GFL, to come together and reunite me with my sacred Soul Force….!

      “I send gratitude for this special gift restored to me..!”

      3. Tone the “OM MANI PADME HUM,” seven times.

      4. Sit in your chair with palms upright to receive your individual gift…approx 2-minutes.

      Good luck, Drekx Omega

  2. Hi Drekx,

    I also read Kelly’s article after Bhavick mentioned it, and maybe like most are focused on raising our vibration (light) measurement. What I do is not merely hitting the corporation in the pocketbook, but includes more meditation, sweating, and ultimately passing on benefit to a healer/ teacher we know, who is dear to us 🙂
    Relating to a recent video, I am aware of positive energies happening; Are they related to my thoughts and activities?
    Quite possibly. Almost time to pick up some landscape. Thanks much, Drekx, Kelly, and Dieter, for keeping me on the lighted path.

    With deep lighted regards…

  3. Hello Drekx!!!

    I fought like crazy to get by the glitch and to the comment section. Whew!
    So pleased to see your watchful eye on A.C. regarding my comments 🙂
    Admittedly, I definitely acquired the taste for fugue from you–proud to say so 🙂
    Thanks much for posting more–can never have enough.
    I’m enjoying the global protest against the corporations lately.
    Found some great bike paths to avoid traffic, and will cut gasoline consumption by over 90%, riding over 23 miles per day or 37 kilometers. Doing this daily, which I do, equals nearly 1110 clicks per month! (11.5 miles= 35 minute ride)
    I’ll be clicking the comments on IITM closely now.
    Lighted regards …

    1. Hey dude,

      1110 clicks per month…?? that’s so cool… 😉

      And you just don’t know how much I appreciate having intiated a Bach Fugue convert in you….

      This type of classical organ music normally only appeals to highly intelligent people, which tells me alot about you, dear friend… 🙂

      Blessings of cosmic light, Drekx

  4. Hi,

    I just read the article on Ashtar Command called ‘The Different Layers Of Lightwork & The Ascension Process’ This was a very informative article and explains a lot about the ascension process and the different lightwork that people undertake. Thanks Kelly for posting it up on Ashtar Command:-)

    1. Well Bhavick,

      The world did not end yesterday, in spite of so may church earth humans wanting it to…

      If you see another religious fruitcase with a “biblical prophecy,” I suggest that you ignore….as evidence always suggests that such people are delusional and do not truly understand God, nor the Divine Plan….

      However, my organ recitals sendoff for the old religious world was a suitable energy for the mass depression over this planet, yesterday…??
      I wonder if RNC enjoyed the scores…??

      Blessings of Light, Drekx Omega

    2. Thanks, Bhavick 🙂 I appreciate that you took the time to read it. Interesting times we live in, eh?
      Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

  5. Hi RNC,

    I noticed that on Ashtar Command you asked Charles Magus if he liked Bach fugues.

    I do, as you know and I’ve placed several here…

    That great and immortal composer, JS Bach, has such a vast majesty to his work…there is so much he created that I adore…

    Do you enjoy this organ piece; Prelude and Fugue in A minor BWV 543…??

    Blessings of Light, Drekx Ω

    1. RNC,

      Also, this exceptional piece, played by a good organist…Fugue in B Minor BWV 544.

      Just goes to show what can be achieved if you work at it.. 🙂

    2. Bhavick asked me the question as to whether the religious devotees were correct in suggesting that the world is due to END today…??

      My answer was, of course it won’t end, although maybe it deserves to…as that is what I feel about this gloomy, negative, reductionist, world, today.. 😦

      A world that always seeks to limit it’s potentials for beauty, strength and great works…

      Here’s some appropriate finale music to set the tone for planet earth’s possible ending today…please remember to buy a copy in the foyer on your way out…


      1. Hello, my dear friends,

        Just to say that my post above (May 21, 2011 at 12:51 PM) does, unfortunately, appear far more harsh and uncompromising, than I originally intended….It was only after I pressed the “post comment” button that I realised it sounded so dark and excessively pesimistic, on that “end of the world” date…This was in response to the religious bible-punchers and their low vibe predictions of doomsday, which were beginning to annoy me, somewhat….

        And Bhavick, that post was certainly not intended as any form of belittlement of you, so I hope you didn’t feel it was..? 🙂 Please, always feel free to ask such questions, although I think you know the kinds of answers you will get from me now, where churchianity is concerned.. 😉
        Subjects like “satan,” “lucifer,” “biblical rapture,” etc, will always bring out my Theosophical side and we tend to consider the church view as deluded…

        As for that music and the gargoyle, I just loved it, very gothic and JS Bach at his moody best…One of my favourite classical composers, so I hoped Rear Naked Choke appreciated it as much as I…?? 😉 I’m so honoured that he said I aided him in discovering Bach fugues…wow..!!

        Blessings of peace and joy, ever your friend at the end, Drekx Ω

  6. Thank you Drekx, I forget about the Rays sometimes, I think that would a good area for my next assignment lol.
    Unfortunately my blog isn’t getting much traffic. The emotional blogs are much more popular lol, Lightworkers are a pretty empathic lot, not so much into the technical side of things, I think. Not all, just some 🙂
    And Loupy, thank you so much for your comments, I find you very refreshing and easy to understand, we speak the same language lol.
    Take care, I hope you are having a blue sky day 🙂 (Not I, chemtrails began again yesterday…sigh) Canadians do not get to see many blue skies these days…

    1. Hi Kel,

      Yes the more technical spiritual issues always seem to frighten some people off…and as you said to Swatso on AC;

      “personally I think some people do not care for theosophy because it is not one of those happytime religous things, it is pretty hardcore and I’ve read some things over and over trying to get the meaning of it… I’m still learning but to me it’s better to educate myself about divinity and Life than sit and sing prayers and pray to Jeebus lol.”


      Nope, I can’t envision you or I delivering happy-clappy Jeezus platitudes and singsong prayers in any setting..It goes against the grain for me and obviously anyone who seeks real spiritual answers and not just social astalisms.. 🙂

      No intended offense to churchianity, but it is just not for Theosophists… 😉

      Hehehe..!! I also notice the church brigades on AC have stopped trying to convert you now…

      BarefootPilgrim’s last post was on the 2nd April and last time he addressed you was 30th March….
      I think they understand us now….!!

      Much Love, Light & Joy, Drekx

  7. Hey Drex Hey Deiter

    I also think the suggestion is a good one. There is a lot of disinformation out there. It seems people just don’t know how to be in tune with mother earth and the universe, and the fear is a bit toxic at the mo. It’s certainly coming in waves at the mo, and help with understanding what is what would I also think be very beneficial, it might even make my job a bit easier lol. Discernment seems almost to be out the window at this time, people do not know who/what to trust and doubt it creeping in. A greater understanding of the natural order of this process, which has been greatly accelerated for our benefit, although it is a strain on the body, can only help in all ways.

    Love peace and rainbows to you both

    Loupy x

    1. Thanks for your support in this matter, Loupy…

      Like yourself I feel that Kel’s Ashtar Command article, with supporting pix and links, is just too valuable to be on one website blog…
      It needs to be aired on multiple sites and I know IITM is a popular one, alongside AC…

      She works really hard to collate her data and I want to see as much exposure as possible for her latest blog.. 🙂

      Also, if “Mr Ed” of Rumourmill is reading this, maybe he could place her article on that site, as he did with my recent one..??

      Love & Light, Drekx Ω

      1. Thank you Drekx, I appreciate that you understand my blog, so many are lax and impatient and do not take the time to understand my words. I really feel that I am onto a greater understanding of this process, and I thought yesterday that perhaps I am still veiled because my concrete mind needs to find the physical proof of the divine.
        I believe that I have found it… it’s like an enormous puzzle, you just need to have the right pieces lol.
        I will continue to seek information and collate it, and will try and communicate the message that we have nothing to fear, that this change is a natural evolution. I really hope to make a difference in helping others to lessen their fear and foster trust in the GFL and the Hierarchy. Well, and I’m such a keener that I enjoy research and learning new information and putting it all together lol, it’s my “fun”.
        Take care, and much Love and Light to you and yours 🙂

      2. Kelly,

        Oh yes my sweet, you are indeed onto a greater understanding of this process…

        The 5th ray method you use (for reasons of ray structure,) are most appropriate and I will always encourage those who wish to, to utilise it’s qualities and allow themselves the discovery of objective results, which may constructively confirm certain esoteric truisms…

        My rays are 3-7-4-6-7, so slightly different to your bodily rays (soul ray is the same,) but being 3rd ray I can resonate with my polar opposite, the 5th ray of concrete knowledge and science.

        A summary of the ray polar opposites, is as follows:


        And the 4th ray is he central pivot of the divine septenary, so has no polar opposite…

        And you, Kelly, are a friend and ashramic collegue I can be proud of… 🙂

        So please keep up your marvellous and elevated divine work of selfless service..

        Incidentally, I also enjoyed your recent Denise LeFay article, which you posted on AC..
        “The Different Layers Of Lightwork & The Ascension Process”


        Like you I find Denise to be accurate and highly accomplished…

        Much Love and Light, dear one, 🙂

        In Drekxstasy, the Commander

  8. Hi Kelly,

    That was some explanation, thanks for that:-) That is amazing what one can bring in to creation just by thought forms and visualizing it. You say that those of lower vibrations need us to exist? How do you mean by that? They drain us by there lower vibrations? It reminds me on episode on X-Files. Might have to revisit that episode again he he. Oh yeah before i forget i wanted to ask you something Drekx. You mentioned in another post that the planet is heading towards 5TH density but what exactly does that imply? Any articles i can read of what earth maybe like in the 5TH density? I am assuming it’s 5TH density consiousness or a new planet?


    1. Hi,

      There is already a 5th density earth, but it is not visible because yet, because of it’s high vibration…
      The Ascended Masters reside there, as do all Agarthans.

      When ever we physically die, we return to that 5th density, where our Light bodies reside, on the higher tiers of the manasic plane, the plane of mind…
      That is the “light at the end of the tunnel” reported by NDE*ers…People who die, make the transit, but return to continue physical life and are fully aware of the experience.. as the Law of Forgetfullness is waived under such circumstances, as that incarnation is not a new one, but the same one continuing…

      * Near Death Experience (NDE)

      To research with greater accuracy…and to glean salient points anent 5th density, I suggest you Google “NDE” and read the case examples provided of what it was like once the dead person’s Soul reached the end of the tunnel…The tunnel is astral plane, so should not be breeched and entered sideways..
      The pull is towards the light at the end, or exit point upon the higher 5th dimension.

      In Light, Drekx

  9. Hi Kelly,

    Anymore information on the tulpa thing you mentioned? I don’t get offended that easily but i don’t know about other members on this board.

    1. Good day, Bhavick 🙂 Here is a brief blurb about Tulpas. A Tulpa is a thoughtform that has an existence outside of it’s creator. They are parasites of a sort who feed upon belief for their sustenance… you can create almost anything with your mind which is probably one of the reasons we are born with the “veil” of forgetfullness, would you give an immature selfish being the power to create indescriminately? And that is why we are soooo valuable to less vibrations, they need us to exist.
      **When Alexandra David-Neel journeyed through Tibet, one of the many mystical techniques she studied was that of tulpa creation. A tulpa, according to traditional Tibetan doctrines, is an entity created by an act of imagination, rather like the fictional characters of a novelist, except that tulpas are not written down. David-Neel became so interested in the concept that she decided to try to create one.

      The method involved was essentially intense concentration and visualization. David-Neel’s tulpa began its existence as a plump, benign little monk, similar to Friar Tuck. It was at first entirely subjective, but gradually, with practice, she was able to visualize the tulpa out there, like an imaginary ghost flitting about the real world.

      In time the vision grew in clarity and substance until it was indistinguishable from physical reality-a sort of self-induced hallucination. But the day came when the hallucination slipped from her conscious control. She discovered that the monk would appear from time to time when she had not willed it. Furthermore her friendly little figure was slimming down and taking on a distinctly sinister aspect.

      Eventually her companions, who where unaware of the mental disciplines she was practicing, began to ask about the “stranger” who had turned up in their camp-a clear indication that a creature which was no more that solidified imagination had definite objective reality.

      At this point, David-Neel decided things had gone too far and applied different lamaist techniques to reabsorb the creature into her own mind. The tulpa proved very unwillling to face destruction in this way so that the process took several weeks and left its creator exhausted.

    2. Hi Bhavick,

      What do you think of this splendid example of a Tulpa given by Kelly…?? 😉

      I’ve also heard of that particular “Friar Tuck” Tulpa…and it’s a salutary lesson for all students of the occult to be especially careful when creating with undisciplined thoughtforms…
      As, if care is not taken, you only have to work harder later to un-create it and dissipate the energies back into balance, which can be draining, as described.

      Lovely example Kel…… 🙂

      Many divine blessings, Drekx x

  10. Okay will try this again, my posting disappeared…sigh. How frustrating.
    Thank you, Drekx for the information regarding Ashtar, some will understand and it is those ones I prefer to reach out to; such as Einstein… who is spending time here- hello Einstein- feel free to chime in- your views are appreciated 🙂
    I’ve noticed quite an increase in hostility among members at AC. Perhaps it is the solar flare or earth changes, but people are aggressive and angry it seems, over the smallest things. I should talk, lol, I can be just as bad. I’ve felt lately as I did when I was younger… that I was faster then everyone else- thought faster- moved faster… and was surrounded by “impediments” aka slow people lol. It was very frustrating and I am finding that impatient girl coming out again. Sooo, I am practising patience and understanding today, we shall see what happens…
    It occurs that you must be feeling the effects of the energies quite strongly being a telepath. I hope you are doing well, I know you get assistance from the GFL but it must be trying nonetheless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do, and the positive vibrations you send out. I am truly blessed to have your friendship and grateful that I am allowed to be “awake” for this experience. I look forward to more growth and higher understanding.
    I hope you are enjoying your day, spring is my favorite season. What joy to see the flowers bloom and the animals at their happiest 🙂

    1. Oh thanks dear one…!! You are such a sweetheart to me and I appreciate you so much…!! 🙂

      And recently, like yourself, I’ve also felt more impatient with “slow people,” as you describe…these may be symptoms, but I’m being rebalanced daily by various beings, so that comes and goes, but I know what you mean…It’s almost as if we are vibrating faster and thinking faster than the mundane world around us, but I’m assured that all is rising, not just a “select few.” 😉

      And thanks for moderating some of my more excessive comments, which you edited out before pasting the essence on AC today…I really should be more careful not to offend AC people…”opium,” etc lol

      Much love to you Kel….You are a treasure of a companion for me during these times..

      Blessings, Drekx x

      1. Oh anytime, Drekx. I think most of us here at IITM are familiar with you enough that it is doubtful we would become offended by your words, however we’ve seen that those at AC can be a prickly bunch and I would hate to lose the message because of some sensitive people lol.
        I am working on some research into the blue “vortex” sightings, will post it today I hope… very very interesting…
        And may I say that it’s astounding how many sightings there are DAILY that are ignored by the popular media? I could spend time every day compiling pictures, thank goodness other people do it for me lol.
        Much Love to you, and to all our Lighted friends, finding our way together 🙂

      2. Dear Dieter,

        If you are reading this, would it be possible to create a new IITM blog that mirrors the good work that Kelly has completed on Ashtar Command, at this link?

        The Ascended Masters would like to get word out to the world that the Plasma Vortices are aiding mother Earth and are not part of a NWO black-op, as some suppose.

        The link to her article is here:


        “For the Scholars… a bit of research on KUNDALINI, SHEKINAH, and YOU!”

        I won’t reproduce it here, as it contains numerous pix and supporting links, which aid objective research..which, hopefully IITM can likewise include, along with her text… 🙂

        Thanks, Drekx

  11. Kelly said:
    “This is not the only recording from Vrillion… there is at least another time when he took over transmissions to give us a warning. I believe youtube has both copies…”


    Drekx response:
    This was the full transmission which was conducted by the Ashtar Galactic Command in 1977…
    Vrillon was serving Ashtar then….

    A reminder to rune handberg that at the time of this incident, Ashtar was around, as he suggests, but six years later, the AGC was no longer contactable, nor making such bold transmissions over the airwaves of UK television…

    The southern (Hampshire and Berkshire) television hijack imperfectly suppressed the live televised programming of both the ITN News, as well as a “Loony Toones” cartoon, which followed the news programme..

    Note the official response..and also note that the culprit was never caught, nor came forward later, as with the psychology of genuine human frauds…such as the crop circle fakers, Doug and Dave. And that example is not intended to detract from genuine crop circles, which are real and far more splendidly rendered..

    Blessings of light, Drekx

  12. Kelly said:
    “Well, there is a bit of debate about Ashtar. My friend Drekx advises that the real Ashtar is in another universe (Dal) and will not be returning… but is emphatic that the decent good people who believe in him are not wasting their time (ok I’m paraphrasing lol but you get the point).

    I do know from my research that in the fifties and sixties an entity emerged through various people stating his name as “Ashtar” and giving the spiel about being from another planet etc…. however the same entity was involved with the Heaven’s Gate suicides so I am careful about feeding this “Ashtar” entity my energy and attention. Quite a few UFO cults popped up in the sixties using his name, you can find all kinds of information out if you are patient and persistent 🙂

    Since that time he has become a celebrity of sorts… but I should mention also that there is a Commander in charge of first contact names “Vashtar”, you can see from the similar names that it is possible that in confusion some people are meeting with Commander Vashtar and using the Ashtar name because it is so familiar.

    Ashtar Command is still a good site, and not all the Ashtar postings are negative, I don’t see names being such a big deal in the bigger scheme of things, I just follow my instincts…”


    Drekx response:
    This is a very important summary for the good people of Ashtar Command to know…
    So thanks for covering this Kel.. 🙂

    Commander Vashtar is a Sirian Ascended Master who’s name is very similar to that of “Ashtar Sheran.”
    Sheran is no longer within this universe, but in a parallel one, which means telepathic transmissions are not possible accross the ring-pas-not.
    He was aetherically “killed” in 1983 and has since been karmically bonded to planet Timar in the Akon Star nation, DAL universe, on the astral plane. This was because of his attempts to create a base of operations on Timar, which were popularly repulsed and his ship disintegrated in the atmosphere…

    The Timar are allied to the Plejaren Federation and thus members of the GFL…

    Looking at rune handberg’s link, even the rendering of “Ashtar” has an uncanny resemblance to the real Vashtar and that has been confusing for many.

    Indeed, “channels” have produced two visual approximations of Ashtar Sheran, and the one depicted with a helmet and dark eyes, is the closer of the two, though comical…The other, with long blond hair and nordic-looking, a very popular rendering, is actually Commander Vashtar, who’s name (to compound this confusion further) is often mispelt and mispronounced; “Washta.”

    The channels of Ashtar have been drawing energies from a tulpa projection, which has snowballed to one of basic good will…The desires and hopes of aspiring humanity.
    Ashtar has become a force for good, but is based on a falsehood…

    However, with corrections made I hope everyone can realise that the benign ETs depicted in the post above show Commander Vashtar and to his right is Srut Semjase the famous Plejara (female Plejaren.) The others I don’t know.

    Much LOVE, Light & Joy, Drekx Ω

    1. LOL, God love you, Drekx. You are the only other person I know who also knows what a “tulpa” is. Yes, I had thought the same thing about Ashtar, but many aren’t ready to hear the truth, having opened themselves up to the possibilies now they are resentful of any change to their idealism.
      Master DK talks about a similar situation in which a person will encounter his “Master” and be filled with joy, but in fact he is meeting with the “Master Within” and not an outside being at all, merely the embodiment of his spirituality.
      I wish sometimes that people would understand their true power, and why the Dark Lodge is so desperate to control what they think… we as humans have the creative power to do anything -literally- that we set our minds to… it’s not mind over matter, it’s that the matter doesn’t exist anywhere BUT your mind, therefore anything you imagine- you create. And the Dark cannot access the creative energy – it simply cannot… Creativity is tied to Source and the Hierarchy… hence the battle over the hearts and minds of the populace… for once humans get something stuck in their minds it takes a long time to remove it lol. I wonder how many Jesus’s there are out there lol, poor misunderstood things. A tulpa feeds on belief,and can achieve form and personality but it’s very existence forces it into vampirism and it lives like a parasite on the hopes and dreams of the unknowing victim(s).
      I will post your information but I sense that it will cause some controversy, lol. But we will touch some hearts who will sense the truth.
      Thank you again, Drekx. By the way, did you see the picture I posted of the volcano in Chile? Judging the pink and orange colors I guess that it is a helping hand from our cosmic relations ha ha. I was lucky to catch it.
      Wishing you Love and Light and all good things 🙂

      1. Hi Kel,

        Maybe worth saying that Ashtar was first invited to Earth by the German Thule Society in the 1930s…He was active for several decades working for various dark agencies, before going “freelance.” He finally turned to the light, but in a limited way…

        It seems that my mention of tulpa has gone over several heads on AC, if not all…
        You also mentioned it to them and it was promptly forgotten there.

        Apart from yourself, there are some on AC that I always enjoy to read, such as “Einstein,” who understands our comments anent the way parallel universes, (unlike dimensions,) prohibit the interchange of telepathies between sentient beings…
        Also, this compels a disembodied soul to return to it’s new universal sphere and not a prior one, under the law of return. So Ashtar cannot be incarnated within our DERN universe now.

        The other laughable thing some of the Ashtar people think is that Ashtar Sheran is interchangeable with AA Michael. Now, as we know, the archangels are high level members of the Devic kingdom, which is a parallel evolution and not one that allows the transfiguration of powers and responsiblities between one evolutionary path and the other…

        Ashtar Sheran was a 4th density being, so upon the same evolutionary arc as humanity Ascended Masters and Logoi, on and off-world.

        When most “New Age” people depict the archangels, they erroneously try to present them in humanoid form, in the traditional biblical sense of angels. In truth, the biblcal angels were Ascended Masters and the true Angels and Archangels are Devas, so possess inhuman forms of expression, which can vary from microscopic, to vast rod-shaped bodies in space…many miles in length.

        So some Ashtar Command devotees muddle these occult truisms and seem to be motivated by flights of fancy, or sentiment, rather than a deep commitment to study the Ageless Wisdom.

        And with parallel universes and parallel kingdoms of evolution (meaning humans cannot evolve into elohim,) there seem to be several Creational and Universal Laws that “Ashtar Command” devotees seem to be unaware of…

        At least it keeps them happy I suppose, but then we could say that of opium… 😉

        Nevertheless, you particularly have been very courageous in standing out and speaking up and I simply love the way you handle them…Some seem intractable, others less so…

        Well done anyway my sweet, at least the seeds of truth have been planted and we know not to be attached to the outcome and just let it be… 🙂

        Yes very nice volcano pix..

        Love, Light & boundless Joy, Drekx x

  13. LadyT said:
    “I was reminded of times in the last few months where weaponry and electronics were rendered useless, and there was much confusion. I have always thought as I have awakened, that it would be very logical that these kinds of things would happen and be apparent before things progressed further, rendering the dark elite frustrated…
    and the rest of us seeing that we are not alone, yet not prematurely overwhelmed or shocked by the obvious possibilities.”

    Drekx response:
    Yes, these ship to ship combat techniques are the safest way to ensure an aggressive operation against us is neutralised without harming the earth human pilots…as they have a safety procedure which may entail parachute ejector seats. If not, then we can teleport them to safety from their cockpits.
    We never DIRECTY destroy their jets using beam weapons, although our weaponry is vast and includes the most awesome of cosmic technologies…

    We are also aware of the secrecy the dark elites seem to want to incalcate within their military intelligence forces, rendering such operations as above top secret, usually above by 20+ levels, in these ET engagement cases.

    And the dark elites utilise at least 40+ levels in total, the UFO reality many levels above what the current President may glean.

    So, like many Lightworkers, you will be dependent upon using your own intuition for answers, which I know is considerable…

    Yet in my own humble way I shall speak our truth to the world.

    LadyT said:
    “I want to ask you, with the utmost respect, if I can speak with you through private email, or must it be public like this? I will understand either way. I have reasons for asking for some privacy. But, if that is not to be, then I understand it may be for the good of helping someone else who may come across reading the communication.
    I am not asking for proof, or anything at all. I have received proof by personal experiences, and things you have written in past posts that cannot be coincidence.
    I do feel this is important. Thank you for your consideration.”

    Drekx response:
    And I lovingly thank you for your interest in my work. But I do have a firm policy of not discussing such matters in private with individuals outside of my close-nit GFL Ground Crew operatives…

    Our purpose is to raise consciousness for all, so we always seek that anything discussed should be shared upon the forums, unless these be specific security procedures and processes of the Galactic Federation S&E fleet, or the Sirian defense forces.

    Very enjoyable discussing these matters with such a receptive and knowledgable person as yourself..

    Please feel free to discuss most matters with me on these IITM forums…which Dieter has so benevolently bestowed upon us, for common use..in service to the wider world’s growth and planetary activation.

    In Light, Drekx Omega

  14. When I speak of the Universe sending back to us what we each send out, within universal law, we must remember that is is a vast multi-dimensional living entity, which comprises bodies and oversoul, made up of all the galaxies, stars, planets and ourselves….
    We are subject to Universal laws because we are part of the Universal body….

    But to truly define the Universe’s body is highly complex, so I’ll provide Semjase’s description from her Plejaren contact notes…..

    Semjase said:
    “To answer your question, I must be somewhat detailed:

    The Universe is divided into seven units, i.e. rings or belts that, entirely together, form the whole Universe, and all of these rings are rotating against each other and have different diameters and an ovoid shape.

    These seven rings, which we call belts, are the following:

    i. Central Core,
    ii. Ur-Core Belt,
    iii. Ur-Space Belt,
    iv. Solid-state Matter Universe Belt,
    v. Transformation Belt,
    vi. Creation Belt,
    vii. Displacement Belt.

    And we also call the Creation Belt the Creation Matter Belt or the Expansion Belt, and the Displacement Belt, the last and extreme, embodies, according to your sense, a bumper belt.
    Now, the Solid-state Universe is that part of the Universe in which the new births exist, so the nascent stars, etc. with all their life forms.

    This real Solid-state Universe is calculated from the end of the Creation Ur-Core’s outer wall up to the beginning of the outer wall of the Transformation Belt, which exhibits a half diameter of 7,869 octillion light-years and is, thus, the next largest belt after the Creation Belt.

    In addition, the outer wall of the Transformation Belt is where this belt collides with the inner wall of the real Creation Belt, also known as the Expansion Belt or Creation Matter Belt.
    So this is that space which embodies the Solid-state Universe and is so called because in these three areas, the coarse-material becomes existent and is existent, and the course-material becomes existent in the Transformation Belt only by a transformation from remains of the penetrating Creation Belt, which are converted into course-material from immaterial energy.
    This is the real Solid-state Universe, which consists of the Transformation Belt, the Universe Belt, and the Ur-Space Belt.

    In addition, the Transformation Belt exhibits such a gigantic mass and is the next largest belt to the Creation Belt because it is responsible for ensuring that in the space created by the Expansion Belt, the transformation of fine-material energies into course-material takes place, and at the same time, time itself appears and becomes existent.

    Already in this Transformation Belt, time begins to run into the past, from which aging originates.
    This means that in this Transformation Belt, chronons begin to exist, then are aging and becoming tachyons and are representing the past. By the way, tachyons may be proven by the terrestrial scientists in a short time.
    At the same time, the speed also decreases from the Transformation Belt in an irregular manner but in a certain half-life.

    The irregular decrease in speed, which amounts to 147 times the speed of light in its starting point and expansion point, comes about through mutually self-influencing and different time streams that have already changed in their speed.

    In the interior center of the Universe is the real Ur-Core, which grows with each fall-back of the Creation, so of the whole Universe, doubling itself in size.
    Thus, the Ur-Core will be twice as large with the next fall-back as it is today.
    From this Ur-Core, referring to the energy field resting in the Ur-Space Belt, which is the fallen-back Creation, new energies form for the renewed expansion to the next universe, whereby at the end of the slumber time, a new Big Bang takes place and a new expansion creates a new universe, generally all things of a much more refined form, which means that all coarse-material will not be so stable any more as in this Universe.

    The Ur-Space Belt itself is that part of the Universe from which the expansion of the Creation occurs, in which the Creation energy also slumbers and, on the other hand, after every fall-back, develops itself and takes up new fundamental forces from the Ur-Core, just to expand again through a renewed Big Bang.

    Of course, the dimension of the Ur-Space Belt also grows from fall-back to fall-back because through every expansion of the Universe and through the associated unchangeable effects and the extreme expansion that again follows contraction, the mass of the entire Creation grows, always doubling itself in size.

    So thus, it becomes evident from this that in the becoming and passing of the Universe, a cycle of Big Bang expansion – contraction – Big Bang expansion, etc. is arranged.

    Now, the Central core embodies that belt which consists of the real Ur-Matter, which carries out its existence as generative material and life material of a pure, spiritual form, as real idea energy, created from an Ur-Creation, by whose strength alone this Universe was able to create itself.

    This Central core resembles an immense and continually loading accumulator block, which exhibits a magnetic energy that is immeasurable to us up to now, which binds the existing Universe to itself and prevents too great of an expansion.

    This power guarantees that with the start of approximately 47 trillion years of expansion, the expansion speed starts to decrease from 147 times the speed of light and slowly drops until the expansion comes to a halt after 155,520 trillion years and, thus, begins the fall-back, the contraction.
    Thus, the Central core forms the real power and life center, while the Ur-Core can be seen as a real energy storage.

    But this Central core, the Ur-Core and the Ur-Space, are only an infinitesimally small fraction of the size of the whole Universe.

    The most gigantic belt is embodied by the Creation Belt, which further spreads itself into the gaps of the surrounding universes and creates a new Universal space.

    This Creation Belt is the real Creation and the Creation center, while the Central core, with its diameter of seven light-years, as well as the Ur-Space Belt, with its half diameter* of 103 trillion light-years, and the Ur-Core Belt, with its half diameter of 103.5 trillion light-years, represent those structures known as the Universe’s Central Sun and the Universe’s Central Galaxy, respectively.

    In addition, the Central core represents the central sun of the Universe, while the Ur-Space and the Ur-Core carry out their existence as a central universe-galaxy.
    Now, the outermost belt, with its half diameter of 14 million light-years, which we do not count with the actual Universe, is the Displacement Belt.

    This has the task of displacing outwardly and against adjacent universes and against the nothing-space of the Absolute Absolutum, so to speak, as the ramming force, which pushes everything away from itself and displaces outwardly, so that, after knocking against it and before pressing itself behind it, it can provide the Universe the necessary space for expansion and, therefore, the expansion itself.” End quote..

    Also, you can see that the commonly accepted expression among Earth scientists (and so used by us,) “big bang,” is actually a process of expansion and it’s contrary phase is that of contraction…Or, akin to breathing in and breathing out, as we do with the lungs…inhaling and exhaling….the sign of life and confirmaton that the Universe lives and breathes..

    Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!

    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

  15. If anyone would like a reminder of the Ashtar Galactic Command message to humanity, via England’s southern counties TV broadcaster, ITN, I attach the actual audio taken in 1977….This was Ashtar Galactic Command representative; “Vrillon,” who worked with Ashtar Sheran, before his aetheric disintegration within the DAL universe, in 1983..

  16. Dear Lightworkers,

    In preparation for First Contact, we should all be learning as much about our cosmic family members as possible. I suggest that Billy Meier’s extensive data and experiences is completely real (with some minor human and ET error) and recommend that you study it….
    Check my link to Billy Meier’s website….

    An example of a sentient galactic Human being, a Plejara:

    “Semjase is 344 years old, about 1.7 meters (5.5 ft.) tall and is a slender, young, pretty woman with fair skin, sparkling blue eyes and light-blond hair. Her very long and somewhat forward-placed earlobes form a special distinguishing feature. This is the only anatomical difference compared to our women here on earth. Due to her exceptional knowledge, which far exceeds the average of her home population, she has assumed the rank of half-Jschrjsch, which means a half-queen of wisdom or a half-goddess, as they were called earlier on earth (and which can be read about, for example, in Greek legends). Having occupied herself with various matters on our planet years before taking up contact with Billy Meier on January 28, 1975, she is by far the best-oriented extraterrestrial concerning our situation on earth. During the period from February of 1965 until June of 1973, she stayed in the DAL Universe with Asket’s people. After her return from the DAL Universe to Erra, she came to earth in July of 1973 and continued to carry out the task she had performed here earlier in a hidden station. The First Contact with Billy occurred on January 28, 1975. Of all the earth languages, she only mastered German and learned no others.”

    Continuing our timely revelations anent our space family, I will also include some data on a male Plejaren (Plejare) named “Quetzal:”

    “In 2007, Quetzal was 376 years old. He is 1.9 meters (6.25 ft.) tall, blue-gray eyes and light brown hair. He is the father of six children. During the 11 year contact period (1975-1986), Quetzal was Commander of all Plejaren stations in our SOL system. According to Billy Meier, Quetzal possesses enormous abilities, especially in the field of technology. He is also quite a distinguished inventor who has invented and constructed several very useful devices for Billy and FIGU, which have been of great use in the fulfillment of their mission. Regarding various concerns and problems on our earth, the four contact persons, Sfath, Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah, have been extraordinarily willing and active in the fulfillment of their tasks.”

    I thought that I had better include that entry, lest I be suspected of a personal preference for Semjase, which is only natural…

    Note the Plejaren speak an ancient Lyran dialect, and have masculine and femine versions of certain words, such as Plejare (males) and Plejara (females.) The German language is the closest approximation to this ancient source, among Earth languages, upon outer-Earth…

    Also I would like to say that Commander Quetzal is not an incarnation of the central American god, Quetzalcoatl, although they did have dealings with the person of that name..

    A rendering (photos not permitted) of Quetzal is attached for your reference…remembering that such a man could be passed in an everyday crowd upon Earth and remain unnoticed…..

    Truly, the Plejaren are our relatives from cosmos and so the physical similarities are plentiful….

    In Light & service, Drekx

    Kelly said:
    “Greetings Drekx I just had a brief question regarding first contact and some of the “older” contacts like Semjase and Vrillon… are any of the old school contactees going to be ambasadors for first contact? There must be delegates chosen, I wonder if it will be anyone we would be familiar with. I wonder if earth has it’s own leaders and spokespeople chosen…
    What great times we live in : D
    Thanks for sharing, brother Drekx, be in the light always.”

    Drekx Omega response:
    Thanks K, Old school contactees…?

    I would nominate both Billy Meier and Sheldan Nidle as ET spokesmen ambassadors….as these two are very highly regarded by the Plejaren and Sirians, respectively….
    But I know that it won’t be as simple as that….

    There are TEMPORARY political leaders for interim governments chosen, such as Ron Paul, but they will not be “in charge” after ascension…

    For the Federation will not be using familiar “leaders, or ambassadors” to represent the people, as the golden age is a shift of consciousness away from leaders and led…and towards a totally different approach, in which things will be done differently…

    The mechanism for the allocation of government, diplomacy and leadership will be a system called Group Fluid Dynamics, in which a particular mission role will be fulfilled by an individual on the basis of consent and suitability to accomplish a given task…

    Then with the next mission, maybe another will be a leader, ambassador or commander, for another purpose or objective agreed by collective needs…

    And all will be free from want and survival existence, so that they may be truly educated and discover their skills, abilities and talents, which maybe they did not realise they had, as opportunities for development where not available to them….yet will be in the Golden Age.

    The Sirians are EXCELLENT teachers and have some wonderous devices to aid in the development of everybody’s intrinsic talents…

    Of course, our current Ascended Masters will be “heads” within the civilisation that will be created and we wil work alongside them…

    Kelly I may find that YOU will make an excellent ambassador for Earth, when we meet the missions from other systems…..

    So, don’t count anybody out or in, as yet…..Humans will step up to the plate and there will be much hidden talent from which the Federation will be made even more effective.

    As or Vrillon…..we may have to visit him on Timar, within the Arkon Star Nation, where he remains, to this day…!!
    I must confess, his UK TV broadcast was spectacular in 1977….After First Contact I may even travel back in time to enjoy the event again, in person…!!
    Observing the Ashtar Command technology in operation as it cut accross the terrestrial southern counties transmissions…
    The Plejaren and Timar are not his greatest fans, but personally I thought that wake up call was timely and bold…. Revolutionary back in 1977…

    Would you like to try some time travelling, yourself..??
    Some past and documented UFO reports are actually ascended humans going back in time to the sixties and seventies…to see things “as they were.”
    It’s like seeing yourself in a photo, at a certain age and location, maybe with deceased people around you….
    Then experiencing the event as an observer from the future..very sentimental, as long as the timeline remains unchanged.

    Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie..!!!

    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

    1. OOhh getting so excited for contact, thanks Drekx! I know this feeling won’t last long until 3D overwhelms again, I appreciate the HOPE that you offer, it is sustaining 🙂
      I would love to be an Earth ambassador! I don’t know if I am a star seed or not, but my resonance with the earth has increased exponentially! My meditations are getting more powerful, I am able to “push” my energies much farther and hold them longer. I look forward to experimenting this summer some more with communicating with nature.
      Time travel has always been a pet idea of mine, where to go? What to see? History is fascinating isn’t it? I’ve still got some work to do, I think though, because I’m sure it would be near to impossible to not reach out to the “locals” and help them out, at the price of becoming a messiah. lol. Which is completely against cosmic law, right?
      And is it just me or are there tons more sightings out there? I keep seeing weird lights and silent planes at night, and I am drawn to that bright green red flashing star, Dieter says it’s a giant ship, which I believe, but why hasn’t anyone else noticed it? Not even the hard core UFO-naughts have mentioned it.
      I theorize that each city, state, country has it’s own “crew” who patrol and monitor their populace; can they sense me, personally? I’m just getting the feeling that they are doing “drive-bys” when I am around as a “hello”. It would explain why I never have my camera or witnesses about lol, and why they would show up at a little town like mine where there is not much to see or do 😀
      Take care, Drekx, as always thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, it must be a trial at times. 🙂

      1. Kelly, I know I know! Hardly anyone mentions it, the same crew that never mentions the Phoenix Journals or Hatonn or Sananda or Ashtar or GFL.

        George Green mentions it in this video.

        George Green: Messages for the Ground Crew



      2. Dieter & Kelly,

        Take a look at these many international “star” photos…and note the colour changes, red, green, white, red & blue…
        Numerous witnesses have seen them, including myself.

        They are vast ships and part of the solar system inner-ring fleet of the GFL.

        These many and varied pix do appear on the Share International site, who are making a great effort to familiarize the public with this data…claiming that the star “heralds” the return of the World Teacher..

        Worth looking at…


      3. Kelly,

        As Salusa says, keep focussing yourself on First Contact…

        And don’t let 3D ever get you down, sweetheart…!! It is an illusion, after all…!!

        “The more you build up the energy of intent that we should come; it will help manifest conditions that will result in such action. It is tied in with the Law of Attraction, and as individuals or collectively you get what you focus upon. Suddenly you are seeing so much happening at once and the truth is emerging all around you, and there is an awareness of what is behind it. The once hidden is being revealed and as long as you can spot the disinformation, you will get a clearer picture of the direction of Mankind. Nothing will ever be quite the same, and it is not in your interests to return to the old paradigm.” Quote from Salusa…

        in Love & Light, Drekx Omega

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