This image is what the cloud looked like before Archangel Zadkiel sprouted from it… notice the grandmother to the right… the whispy clouds that seem to emit light… the buffalo spirit on the left… the ‘wings’ were just starting to sprout…


Gertie Braun (Moosehunter)
May 1, 1943 – April 30, 2010

Mother of mine…dear eagle, cherished friend and inspired kindred spirit… soaring beyond my earthly sight. I know you are reading these words as clearly as if I were singing them to you…your time on earth is over for a moment, I wish for you to know that I love you, more than earthly words and sentiment can convey. Many angels now sing your name, how amazing and completely appropriate. Life is eternal although on earth it can be a challenge to believe it so, I’m totally convinced. God has carried you home safely and peacefully to one of his many mansions…you have earned your new home. You kept your faith and love alive and it showed in your earthly glow. You came to comprehend and fulfill your many earthly missions as child, sister, mother, grandmother, wife, friend, artisan, community member and healer.

On earth your creativity flowed freely and I shared in your joy and challenge to use your personal gifts as a source of healing of self and others. So rare it is to watch one’s parents take care of other people’s health needs but that is what I witnessed…you washing and massaging other people’s feet and annointing them with oil and your own lifeforce, is but one example.

In your fragile body you represented God’s strength and love. I had so much faith in your power to overcome, it’s still a surprise that you’re no longer here in body. In fact you were de-aging before my very eyes, a very rare demonstration of anybody’s determination to be healthy if I ever saw one. I delighted in your joy as you would share stories of folks who thought you were 10-20 years younger than what you actually were. We shared many good times and I was so blessed to be one of the few adults I actually knew who regularly hung out with his parents. We did numerous coffees, meals, trips together and joined quite often in earning our daily bread through crafts, ionic footbaths, drum making…concerts and health expos. We weaved our hearts together and made a living at the same time, isn’t that just the ultimate!

Together we talked like the blood Indians that we are… about the sky spirits, the cloudships, Jesus (Sananda), eagle sightings, ufo sightings, extraterrestrials, healing, spirit visions, detoxification, healthy eating, and mother earth. we drummed together on the shores of Manitou. We fished in northern Saskatchewan lakes. We juiced veggies and sprouts…I’ll always remember how much you loved my sprouted sunflower juice sweetened with honey.

We were constantly sharing ways with each other and others, as to how to detox from the modern world because we knew and faced things that the masses tend to ignore. You were wise of many conspiracies that are currently perpetuated upon our troubled world: chemtrails, fluoride water, societal brainwashing, cell phone tower mind control, cell phone radiation, table salt, and the poisons in the supermarket food.

You knew about the significance of year 2012 and the quantum shift that it represents, and I shared your concern and still do, that people take their health seriously, if they are to survive the upcoming shifts.

Many others recognized your wisdom and spiritual gifts, calling you “Elder” and seeking you out for advice and support. I constantly heard from people who had “run into you”…telling me with a smile, some kind words about you.

You came to recognize me for who I AM. You called me an old soul. You loved my voice, you called me your handsome son, you called my music beautiful, I know you meant every word because you truly believed in me. You have been such a support that my dreams became your dreams too.

You loved all your extended family from your children to your relatives and your church and beyond. You gifted me and so many others with your strength, I’m sure this is as clear as ever to you. You told me you could feel God’s presence in me. Mom, on your better days, you simply radiated God’s presence, and yes, it was and always will be, Divine.

Our spirits joined together in so many ways, I can see why so clearly, even through my tears, why I would enter into this world through you. It was a most fitting and loving time for us, our time together on earth. It is over now but never forgotten and forever blessed. May the power and beauty of your successful time on our planet be an example to all souls both physical and non-physical.

When the tears dry and they shall, I’ll still be celebrating you…know it. In you I got to see firsthand, how an earthly angel forms. My tears, my dear angel mother, represent my loss and my gain, and my joy. It’s you, you’re the one who has honoured me, both spirit and soul, by sharing your earthly journey, so freely with your love… and birthing mine.

Your son, Dieter

In honour of my mother’s earthly life and memory please feel free to read and share my websites with your circle in need of healing, knowledge, wisdom and truth.. The circle is never broken.



  1. A man who loves his mother will surely love his wife. ((((((((((((Dieter))))))))))))

    Love Nageeta



    My deepest condolescences to you and your family Dieter.


  3. Dieter,
    I just found out about your Mom’s passing the other day from my Dad. He had just found out as well. Last time I saw your Mom was at my Mom’s hospital bedside and then at my Mom’s funeral in July 2009. Your Mom gave me a wreath she made for my Mom and after the funeral I headed back to B.C.

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I feel bad for just hearing about it now. Hope your Dad is doing well!

    Kind Regards,
    Jackie Linke



  5. Supermum became a superangel :>))

    and her superson is carrying her galactic dna and therefore she will always be a part in you.

    Spiritwind wrote (when he came to know his mum had passed over):

    Mum will live with me, through the universals, and the love I have come to see representing the insides of Mother energy as expressed in the country herself. Same same energy energy. Live on mother, in all that I know.

    Love you mum!



  6. Dieter,

    Sometimes it is better when another comes around at a later time. In this instance, I am that person. I give you my condolences of your loss and my tardiness will help to keep that memory going and to help to let it be known and remembered that she is not forgotten so quickly.

    Your words in honor of your mother are from the heart, your heart and by reading the other comments here, I can tell there has been a merging of words and therefore feelings. May the togetherness remain and may this loss not really be a loss, but only a more definitive verification of a change, a change that will bring more power and unification to what is presented on this website as a whiole.

    To Dieter as well as to all who added a part of themselves to your loss,

  7. Hola Dieter,

    My deepest condolences on your mother’s passing. Thank you for allowing me to read your words, very beautiful.


  8. Enlakesh…I’m another you and your another me.WOW you and me think very much alike and we have been guided by the cosmic center conciusness and now its time for you to go to the next level.
    Love is the solution for everything and love is the KEY!

    check out 777ALAJE from the galactic federation of light from the pleidies star system and you can suscribe to his web page.
    and after you read this please lets keep in contact I feel a strong conection to you my brother, we are atracting people and situations when you have created the right energy for it!;)
    check out all his videos and try his meditations.

    he changed my life and theres no going back everything youve been thinking is true your guided like and many others by the cosmic center concoiuness G.O.D the light energy of the existece.
    love you brother.
    Vinton Zwahlen

  9. Tansay
    I could not add more to say then what you wrote except to add that anytime I spent with your mother, was an inspiration. Her energy had a quailty that calmed the soul. She will remain in my thoughts.
    I hope that we see each other on your return here.

  10. Hello Dieter, I am not sure you remember me. I was your neighbor across the street. I grew up with your family. You were quite young when I was best friends with Connie and Leslie. I used to babysit you and so did my sister Lori. Anyways, I read your website and I just wanted to tell you how beautiful it is. You and your Mom seemed very close and I know she was a great Mom and a just a wonderful person. I have run into her a few times over the years and I always went to her yard sales haha. I am so sorry to hear she passed, keep her memory close to your heart and someday you will meet again! Take Care Sonny!

    1. Jodi thank you!…..of course I remember you and Lori….a man never forgets his first ‘crushes’. lol. Your popcorn is still a legend in my mind….yummy!


  11. Hello Dieter,

    Your amazing words were read beautifully today at the prayers for Gertie in Saskatoon. Your presence was felt deeply. I am so sorry for your loss, but very inspired by you, Gertie and the relationship you had with each other.


    1. Thank you Tracey, I know she was also inspired by you and your family too….it was a rare time that your bread was not in the kitchen. As you know Mom loved the bakery coffee, and hanging out at Christie’s gave her a sense of peace, family and community.



  12. Hello Dieter

    I can feel your soul touched by your mom my tears coming down to my face , the words of expression of your mother touched my heart. Im a mother with two children. you are chosen one to have mother like Gertie what a beatiful souls both of you.

    Love from Light

    1. Thank you Sil, we all need mothers who’s souls can be touched, and who’s souls can touch others.



  13. Dieter,

    Over the years, I have come to admire your courage, undaunted enthusiasm and tireless efforts to assist your fellow travelers on this lovely blue-green planet rise to new levels understanding regarding health, wellness and the inter-connectedness of all of life everywhere. I see from your beautiful tribute to your dear mother, that so much of her is living in you, while so much of you, she carried with her as well. What a unique and wonderful relationship you had! Thank you for sharing the gift of what her presence in your life meant to you. I am very sorry for your dear loss. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours, as I continue to draw inspiration and glean wisdom from your insights.

    Much Love and Light,
    Phoenix Fire Nectar.

    1. Thank you Phoenix….we have shared our galactic journeys together…I am also aware of your consistent gifts to humanity’s upliftment and th expansion of God’s Light and Love. Your energy carries strong and gentle across cyberspace!



      1. Such memories never fade, because we embody them.

        Both of my parents (divorced when I was 3) are in their 80’s..reasonably healthy and active..but I dread the day I lose them, especially my Mom, whom I am close to. All the more reason to treasure the now moments I can share with them.

  14. Hi Dieter and Readers,

    My brain didn’t understand until last night that Gertie had died.

    My first reaction was a smile… but my brain said I shouldn’t do that, and that I should hide such a reaction from others.

    Then I became relaxed again and didn’t worry about such things… and instead of jumping up to send out messages of condolences and such, I went back to exactly what I was doing… watching a funny show that I was having a really satisfying laugh to before getting Gertie’s departure message.

    I gave Gertie an energetic nod and recognized that she could very well have been sitting right next to me (along with everyone else right now) and enjoying herself as much as I was in that moment. I continued what I was doing… but I continued with the reminder that I wasn’t doing it alone. I loved the feeling of having a good laugh with her while I watched my show.

    Gertie was always loved it when I sang. I’m glad to have shared some worldly times with her and provided something enjoyable to her here. I’m even more glad now to know that she might be enjoying time with us at any moment… whether we understand it or not. It’s also nice to know that this may have always been the case… and this may just be a reminder of that.

    Gertie, just as I might welcome you into any place I would call my home, I welcome you to where you are now. Welcome home.


    1. Thank you Cory, your words and music reflect your honesty, kindness and authenticity…that mom and I both appreciate. Love, Dieter

  15. Dieter! I am an avid reader of your great informative site. My deepest regards to you. What an absolute lovely dedication you wrote of her. I loved every second of it, and could perfectly imagine the divinity within your own mother without ever meeting either of you. I as well lost my own mother, at the age of 20 (four years ago). I was not nearly as lucky as you to have such a beautiful being to be my own mother (bad influential crowds at a young age of hers = horrible drug abuse = cancer which overtook her spirit). I was never able to know her like a son should, nor look up to her like one (parents divorced when I was 5 due to my dad being unable to handle my mothers emerging schizophrenia from heavy heavy drug use). Luckily I was given a father figure such as that of your mother, strong, smart, creative, caring, proud, and most of all truly loving every day that I have existed, which has shaped the man I am today and the love I emit constantly (try to) from my heart to all of life. What a blessing it must have been to know and be so deeply loved by Gertie. The reason I told you that of my mother (as I never have and don’t want/need sympathy/pity) is just to reinforce your personal belief of the magnificent spirit Gertie was and how much of an amazing blessing it is to have such a beautiful spirit in physical form love and care for you unconditionally every single moment. In much love, much grief, and most of all immense JOY for the life that which she manifested on our gorgeous Earth, I bid you great peace in her passing. I’m aware you are a very very wise person, and I am but a 24 year old still finding his path but ever more loving the light which I am discovering daily that permeates ALL, feel free to contact me via email if ever in need to ‘connect’ to one who lost his mothers spirit…….. for the time being anyway 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Dieter,

    Great to see the pix of your dear mom and the Braun family together, in your latest IITM page header…

    Mom is happy and in Heaven and smiling down at you all…..

    Kind regards, Drekx Omega

    A gift of some smooth soul music that sets the tone of rememberance:

  17. Heartfelt sympathies Dieter,
    Sorry for your loss; Mothers are such a guiding force. You project your wonderful, loving mother’s spirit. Blessings…

    1. Thanks RNC….the images that we see are the mirrors that we are. Blessings to you! Love, Dieter

  18. Dear Dieter,
    I am sooooo incredibly sorry to hear of the passing of your mother- Gertie. A part of my heart has been broken. Her faith she held true and shared with so many. Her beauty undeniable. Her spirit will forever be remembered. She is with Creator now in peace, love and all her grace. She was a strong woman with a smile that captivated your heart and her words held your mind captivated with her many stories. She was a true survivor.
    I will miss her…
    My well wishes, prayers and smudges to you, your father, your sisters and her grandchildren.
    forever in my heart,
    Marjorie Beattie and daughter Rebecca xoxo

    1. Marjorie, thank you, your motherly and wise word are food for my healing heart….I feel it getting stronger and stronger!



  19. I don’t know you or your mother, but I can see that your mother’s beauty shines in you Deiter; you honor her greatly with your loving presence. And your love for her, sooo beautifully expressed here, touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes. You are both blessed with each other and will be together forever! My love and prayers for you and your family and loved ones in this difficult time. Peace brother…

    1. Gracie, thank you…the peace and blessings of your words, is a gift to me during challenging times. Love, Dieter

  20. The 8th annual Caswell arts festival, Art in the Heart of Caswell, celebrates culture and community. People with diverse interests from of all cultures, all ages, and all walks of life can come together in celebration of our unique neighbourhood.

    This free one day festival is entirely volunteer-run and community-based. It features a variety of art and entertainment, highlighting local talent in the heart of the Caswell Hill neighbourhood.

    Formed in 2001, the festival committee is a grassroots committee of artists and residents who aim to support and enhance artful living in Caswell Hill. In 2002, the festival committee joined with the Caswell Hill Community Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community spirit and wellness by providing social, cultural, recreational, and educational activities and programs that will improve and enrich the quality of life in Caswell Hill.

    Gertie Braun – jewelry, drums, belts

  21. Prince Albert hosts Indian winter games

    By Jane Brown
    Sage Writer

    The Prince Albert Grand Council, host of the 1997 Saskatchewan Indian Winter Games, scored the most points during the four-day event. In his welcome to the athletes, Grand Chief Alphonse Bird said the games represent a great challenge and opportunity for the people of the region.

    “The Winter Games is a wonderful opportunity to share with one another our culture and our accomplishments,” he said. “Most important of all, the Winter Games is a time to celebrate our young people.”

    The young athletes, with their colorful team jackets and jerseys, were in full force throughout the city. Local school boards and the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology made their classrooms and gyms available for the athlete villages and competitions. The Prince Albert Communiplex, Dave Steuart and Kinsmen Rinks were provided by the city of Prince Albert along with the Margo Fournier Centre.

    Support was provided by private business as well. The Winter Games Office at Gateway Mall, the Prince Albert Curling Club and the Minto Bowling Centre were facilities that were donated, and the Prince Albert Indian Education Centre provided facilities for entertainment and social activities.

    In all, approximately 2,400 competitors and coaches were expected, as well as 5,000 additional visitors. However, when the buses started to arrive, it was evident that there were more than even the most optimistic organizers had hoped for.

    “We had prepared 2,400 name tags but we soon realized that wasn’t going to do us,” said Todd Isbister, the committee member in charge of posting results. “We printed another 400 and that just did us.”

    In addition to the regular sports, there were demonstration sports for fun and entertainment. Curling, boxing, martial arts and bowling attracted many participants and fans. The most popular, however, was Hand Games, with players from the Athabasca region demonstrated one of the oldest games played by First Nation communities.

    “This is all very new to me,” said Gertie Braun of Saskatoon, who had the only Aboriginal crafts booth. Situated in the Gateway Mall just outside the entrance to the demonstration, she was fascinated by the different cultural aspects of the events.

    “I was brought up with drums and music, but this sounds completely different. The whole sound is something I haven’t heard before and the young people are so enthusiastic,” she said.

  22. Beautiful words Dieter. Mothers are indeed special beyond words. I’m glad you have a wise understanding of it all….. makes it not quite as hard as otherwise. My love to you and your family, my brother.
    Michael Upchurch

    1. Thanks Michael, we’ve had lots of love beamed at us these past few days….I feel your’s. Dieter

  23. My deepest condolescences to you and your family Dieter. Try to stay focused on how fortunate you were to have her in your life. Time will heal your pain….

    God bless,


    1. Thanks Trish….I’m coming through this brighter and clearer than ever thanks to folks like you! Dieter

  24. Dieter,

    I’m very sorry to here of your loss, my friend….
    Please accept our sincerest commiserations..

    You will see her again, no doubt, after ascension…

    Blessings to you and your family,

    In Light Drekx

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