Sheldan Nidle – Inner Earth ( Argathan Civilization) 5D Reality

Tuesday February 7, 2006. 2 Ben, 16 Yax, 1 Caban.
From: .

Selamat Jarin! We come yet again to inform you about many things! As we move inexorably toward the revelation that is First Contact, we intend to turn our attention briefly toward your inner neighbors. Inner Earth is a concept that has inspired numerous myths, legends, and fantastic stories. The first point to be made is that inner Earth does indeed exist! Your geological science has long claimed that Mother Earth is a solid spheroid, composed solely of a dense middle section called the “mantle” and a highly electromagnetic central core. You live on the Earth’s exterior “crust” that surrounds the mantle. Today, we come to tell you that Mother Earth’s configuration is quite different. Like all celestial objects such as planets or stars, the Earth is hollow. This fact is suppressed by those who secretly rule you, because the truth of this has a knock-on affect that can upset other core misperceptions used to manipulate you. Truth is a powerful “open sesame.” When wisely used, it can reveal vast new vistas of knowledge and encourage you to apply your inner wisdom to your current circumstances.

Inner Earth consists of two main features: The first is Mother Earth’s inner crust, which is a continuation of the external surface crust. The two Polar Regions each have a large entrance or hole, somewhat like a cored apple, and the crust wraps itself down and around the mantle into the hollow interior. The outer and inner crusts have very similar topography: Both comprise oceans, continents, mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers. It is merely that the inner crust faces the Earth’s core. This core glows and is surrounded by a cloudy veil. The light given off is more diffuse that the light of the Sun, so the daylight in inner Earth is softer and gentler than on the Earth’s external surface. The second main feature of inner Earth is the so-called cavern worlds. These are immense hollows within the mantle, some of which are natural features created by Mother Earth, while others were made using the advanced technology of inner Earth’s major society, the land of Agharta. This land is the last living remnant of Earth’s second Galactic Federation colony, Lemuria.

Lemuria, in her original form, was a surface society with a subterranean component. The primary capital city was situated on the large island that sank beneath the waves of the Pacific some 25,000 years ago. A secondary capital city was located in inner Earth. It was to this city that the government of Lemuria moved after the cataclysm. The new ruler of the surface, the Empire of Atlantis, ordered the major tunnel entrances to be sealed. It was only during the final days of Atlantis that the Lemurians broke these seals and thus saved many surface dwellers from certain death. These people formed a society that subsequently returned for a time to the surface and became the Rama Empire situated in Southern Asia. Then the Great Flood of 8,000 BC ended this attempt to save humanity from the dark ways of the Anunnaki. Despite this setback, Lemuria persisted in her role of protecting the surface world from these havoc-wreaking rapscallions. It was her galactic emissaries that maintained membership for this solar system in the Galactic Federation.

After the Great Flood and the demise of the Rama Empire, the Lemurians regrouped and named their newly combined society Agharta. The capital Shamballah was relocated to a cavern located far beneath the city of Lhasa in modern Tibet. Many tunnels connect Shamballah to the surface in the Himalayas. These were used by holy men who came to spread their great energy and divine wisdom to the outside world. In this area, an extraordinary place was kept for special occasions, where holy men and their chosen disciples met in order to maintain Mother Earth’s sacred energy grids. This work, together with numerous rituals performed daily throughout inner Earth, is largely responsible for keeping alive the divine energy that is Lemuria’s main legacy to the surface peoples of Mother Earth. Lemuria, and later on Agharta, have continuously held the Light for your transformation back into fully conscious Beings of Light.

Agharta is a world much like yours. Inner Earth contains a thriving ecosystem in which can be found creatures no longer existing on the surface. This exotic menagerie is carefully supervised. Close to the various cities of inner Earth are special areas where Aghartans care for and, when necessary, heal the many creatures of this varied ecology. Aghartans reside in a network of crystal cities spread throughout inner Earth. These vary in size from roughly 10,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants, although most range from around 100,000 to 200,000 people. These cities more closely resemble mini-settlements that together form the whole society. The underlying unit is the “podlet.” Podlets sharing a similar life purpose group together to form “clans.” Clans are the primary building blocks of galactic society.

Over time, fully conscious humans developed a format for harmonious living called galactic society, of which Agharta is a prime example. In her case, a system of 12 clans forms the core of this society’s operation, and these are organized according to task, e.g. administration, engineering, healing sciences, etc. Each clan breaks down into podlets that contain a maximum of 64 individuals. It is common for podlets from one clan to associate freely with those from the other 11 clans. These larger groupings form mini-communities that each possesses the resources for creatively solving any problem that arises. These mini-communities, in turn, blend to form the neighborhoods of a city. Thus, each city is a beehive of individuals who come together to share and contribute to their neighborhood, their city, and their world.

The ruling council of Agharta is composed of the 12 clan heads elected to this post for their past meritorious service to clan and society. From this council is chosen an individual considered to be the wisest and most deserving of the titular honor of King or Queen of Agharta. This person is in charge of the vast army of emissaries and liaisons sent to the surface world and to the appropriate councils of the Galactic Federation. Their responsibility is to see that your transformation back into physical Angels goes according to the divine plan. Their work on your behalf helped us to refocus this First Contact mission and indirectly resulted in “Decra Zau,” or Operation Spirit. Moreover, the King and his council have set the agenda for the amazing period that is to follow the actual mass landings on your world.

Advanced technology, which allows each person to create his or her daily food and clothing, makes each crystal city self-sufficient. The farming, building, and manufacturing industries of the surface world are rendered obsolete by this Light technology. For example, each individual can change the appearance and interior design of her residence on a whim. This technology also transports a person from one point to another almost instantaneously. This means that the world becomes a community as accessible to you as your immediate neighborhood. Thus, Aghartans’ thinking is not constrained by the limiting conditions that their surface neighbors live under. The freedom conferred by this Light technology has released wonderfully creative talents that are put to full use by their society. Happily, the Aghartans are now using these skills to reunite Agharta with their surface brethren.

Today, we touched on the enticing world that lies far beneath your feet. This land of inner Earth is quite similar to the one you live in and just as dearly loved. The people of this land, the Aghartans, salute you and look forward to the day when these two worlds of Mother Earth can once again become one! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

Tuesday February 14, 2006. 9 Ahau, 3 Zac, 1 Caban.
De: .

Greetings, Dear Hearts! We return with more information to discuss with you! Besides the wonderful individuals who inhabit the land of Agharta, there are the higher-dimensional Beings found on Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. These Beings do not actually “live” in these third-dimensional realms but on the seventh- or eighth-dimensional representation of these worlds. Most of these Beings are part of a greater galactic Council of Beings who have relinquished their physical bodies for ethereal ones. This special galactic council is part of the various Ascended Master Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods found throughout this galaxy. Their role is to guide the physical and conscious “essence” of the particular world assigned to them by Heaven. It is their prime intent to make themselves fully known to you once First Contact is accomplished. The Ascended Master Councils of your solar system are quite numerous and have been working diligently to prepare this solar system for your return to full consciousness.

As you can see, the sentient Beings of this realm, and especially those associated with you, are quite plentiful. All of them share a deep desire to help you in your task of restoring this solar system to its former glories. This sacred mission was given to you when your ancestors embarked from their former home worlds to found Lemuria some 900,000 years ago. Lemuria eventually split up into the surface world you live in and the subterranean realm that you largely do not know. The point here is that life is not only physical but also ethereal in form. Most of the Beings in this ethereal world do not openly associate with the lower, denser physical realms. Rather, they work only with the higher aspects of physicality. Here, there exists a more conscious exchange between planets, stars, and galaxies than is found in the realities of this third dimension. In effect, the ethereal Beings guiding your other planets are unique. Each council expresses its desire to guide you in the forging of a true star-nation for your solar system. This promised cooperation is yet another sign of how truly exceptional your reality is!

The various councils of sentient Beings in your galaxy decided eons ago that physical life in this third-dimensional realm was to have certain characteristics. These agreements produced the huge diversity of life that you see around you. Mother Earth, as we have often mentioned before, is part of a greater chain of similar life forms found from time to time throughout this solar system. We would also remind you that the evolution of sentient life follows a prescribed path laid down by the Divine Plan. In procuring the means to produce this solar system, the sacred, heavenly Councils of this galaxy gave the first sentient Beings of your world a special set of instructions. The mantle governing these sacred edicts eventually passed, some eight million years ago, to the cetacean nation. These edicts included the provisions for creating humanity on the distant worlds of Vega. This process led you later to journey to the beautiful world you call Earth. Mother Earth came to this solar system specifically to fulfill her special destiny and, in so doing, enables you to accomplish your own promised destiny.

This spiritual connection between Mother Earth and you is no accident. Mother Earth is the most sacred planet in this galaxy. Your destiny is likewise very special. The galactic councils that forged these realms expected conditions and situations would conspire to lead humanity to Earth. Further, it was long forecast by Heaven’s representatives that the group of humans settling Mother Earth were to undergo a very special training in both the joys of the Light and the tribulations that epitomize the dark. This you have done, and done well! Heaven now decrees your liberation and sets forth a path to return you to your natural state of consciousness. All around you, your planet is showing signs of the immensity of this transformation. The things you are presently enduring are the final hurdles of a long and arduous journey. All you have suffered is to be recounted by us at the time of our landing. Then we can explain the full magnificence of what lies ahead. To recap, the current period is but the final step of this journey.

As the spiritual realms filter through the nearly infinite parts of physicality, they come to your special physical realm. We emphasized in this message the natural connections between Heaven and physicality. We explained how special is the relationship between the various sister worlds of this solar system and Mother Earth; your solar system feels greatly blessed that she came here. Hence, the spiritual physical Beings that guide these worlds have pledged to aid you in forming a new star-nation. This star-nation has been most unusual from the start. She comprises not only Mother Earth but also a rare group of humans and their cetacean brethren. This combination has the potential to manifest the destiny conferred upon you by the Divine Plan. Accordingly, Lord Surea sent forth edicts to help you accomplish this destiny. Our presence here merely allows you to develop, in freedom, a reality that reflects your true nature.

This concept of a sacred destiny set forth by the Divine Plan lies at the heart of all that is happening here. We cannot emphasize this enough. Every moment of every day Heaven is changing the very basis of the physicality that is your world. We have talked in the past about the transformations occurring on your world and on others. We have described how worried are the various elements that form your last cabal. Having seen the evidence in its most holistic form, this cabal understands that it is literally fighting for its existence. Most of their avenues to continued mischief have been blocked off. The few that remain are the result of the ingenuity of their most gifted adherents. But now, these dark Beings, once responsible for many wicked schemes, are no longer at their disposal. This increases their panic, but also raises the possibility for our rapid success!

Your reality is transforming. All who thoroughly research the physical changes happening to your world know this for a fact. Another emerging fact is that Beings from other worlds have been visiting you for eons. Finally, the concept that you are much more than mere physical Beings with a single “flash-in-the-pan” life is also gaining ground. As these truths sink in, it becomes apparent that a Divine Plan is behind it all. The essential quest for your world must be to discover how these factors combine to produce a whole, and this is where we come in. As part of First Contact, our work also includes helping you to get over the many fears ingrained into you since childhood. First Contact is about teaching you how Creation operates and preparing you to fully accept your new responsibilities. This is something we cannot emphasize enough.

The purpose of today’s message is to help you comprehend that the realm of inner Earth and the many higher physical and spiritual realms that surround you are connected to each other and to this realm. The fears that many of you still harbor are founded upon a feeling of being alone. Every so often, it is good to remind you that this is not so. Moreover, it is equally important to remind you of the Love that flows freely between us all. This Creation is a universe of Love and Light. We are all related through this Love and this Light to which our lives bear witness, and by the living Soul that vivifies us all. It is this sacred connection that has brought us together and made possible the means to forge our mutual lives. We exist in the great Light given to us by the Creator. It is this same force that drives us to complete First Contact and celebrate this great joy with you!

Today we expanded upon the story of Inner Earth that we began in our last message. The Galactic Federation of Light works very closely with a whole series of Beings who occupy niches in the vast totality that is the physical. In addition, we operate only within the guidance and edicts given to us by Heaven and Lord Surea. Bless in the highest the Love of Heaven and the sacred edicts that brought us to your beautiful shores! We now take our leave. Blessings, Dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

21 thoughts on “Sheldan Nidle – Inner Earth ( Argathan Civilization) 5D Reality

  1. Although it is a real place, it is not a true 5d reality. it is a holographic reality, not a true ‘light’. Beautiful and ‘real’ as it is…it’s not 5d. it’s holographic 4d. and it is clearly fooling a lot of people. you don’t go IN our mother, you don’t get on ships to escape and abandon our mother, if you are can get the strength not to be conned off planet than congrats…you will ‘graduate’. If you leave, which lots will, you will be only taken to another version of this, maybe 4d. you will not ascend. So stay WITH the beautiful being that has given you this home. Good luck.

  2. leong chia how,

    The Lyrans and Vegans were the original humans in this galaxy.
    All peoples on Earth, originated from these civllisations, directly or indirectly (in my case, via the Sirians..)

    Before Atlantis was established on Earth, it had a “mother empire” known as Lemuria, and it was comprised of colonists directy from the Lyran star cultures.

    Later the Plejaren, Andromedans and Sirians came here, who also originated from the same source.
    An example of a planet Nissan ET who visited Earth in modern times could be a female Lyran called; “Taljda.” That would be pronounced “TAL-Y-DA.”

    She is of Chinese appearance and not an Earth human. She is 341-years of age but looks about 25ish… 😉

    According to Federation bio-data, the Nissans average 987-year lifespans, the Plejaren 1001-years, the Sirians 2000-years per incarnational lifespan.

    Hope this explains…

    A quote from Taljda reads as follows:

    “If the Earth person, through old-conventional maltreatment and wrong lifestyles as well as criminal genetic manipulations, etc., already dies at the age of 70 or 80 years and has gone to ruin to the aging process during this time, then this entirely corresponds to a misdirected life process, which was maliciously established by foreign compulsion and even by the people of this world themselves over long periods of time, by what means the Earth person exchanges life for death while still in his childhood.
    At about 75 years of age, the Earth person would have to be only so far along naturally that he would actually reach adulthood at this time at the earliest and would also first become marriageable at this time, as you say.
    Compared to us, the Earth person, at the age of 70 to 80 years, dies during his childhood, whereby he prematurely grows old during this period and is incorporated into a cell-decay. ”
    end quote.

    We Sirians are responsible for this Earth human genetic defect, which was implemented in Atlantean days and so are duty bound to correct it…thus 2012.

    Drekx Omega

  3. Now I am back. May I know further information about the nissan which I am originated from? I am yellow-skinned human, I am Malaysian Chinese. The idea of reforming the global financial system is interesting, which in fact should be put into place asap. Look around what had happened recently. Is it possible for human being to evolve automatically by the time of 2012?

    1. Welcome back, leong chia how,

      Yes, prior to 25,998 years ago, there were no Chinese people on this planet…

      When they arrived on Earth, having travelled far, from planet Nissan, Lyra star system, they settled in the most modern civilisation of the day, which was Atlantis, and contributed to it’s cultural and technological development, as the 4th race of the Atlantean racial type, known to esotericists and cosmic historians as the “Turanians.”
      These people subsequently settled in Asia and became the Mongols and Chinese….from which the Japanese issued.

      If you would like to see the development of the Atlantean root race, you may be interested to see the various stages, going back millions of years…

      1) Rumoahl
      2) Tlavatli
      3) Toltec
      4) Turanian
      5) Original Semite
      6) Akkadian
      7) Mongolian

      The Rumoahl were blue-skinned, the Toltecs were red-skinned and looked similar (the taller) to modern native American “red Indians.”
      This spiritual evolution was comprised of several cosmic races combining to create uniquely Earth human cultures…and expressing themselves through Earth’s paramount culture of Atlantis…which in those days existed outside of the Ice Age glaciers and upon the astral plane, as well as the physical….

      All Earth Humans are now preparing to return to their respective cultures off-world, as well as ascend upon Earth and make Earth the seed planet of the cosmos. So it becomes a very special place to live on and visit, after 2012.

      In Light, Drekx Omega

  4. Leong Chia,,

    The purpose of life is to evolve into ourselves….

    We are here to be the spiritual beings we TRULY are and to END this age of blind materiality and consumerism…

    In Light, Drekx

    1. Indeed, 2012 is the end of time, as we know it….!!

      It is also the beginning of Earth’s official galactic civilisation and the grand union with the Sirian Star system….

      I’m a Sirian starseed, so look forward to this great event…as I have been waiting a long, long time, to see it’s fruition…!!


      In Light, Drekx

      PS Earth is lie a “bubble” floating on the great cosmic ocean…!!

  5. Without mentality evolution of human being at the surface, it could be disasters if the aesteric duplicators to be used at the surface. People greed has make the financial system in this world.

    Could I says that Christ and Buddha are both from the inner world? They are here to spread the ideology of unconditional love?

    Through the advancement of technology, could we know where we are origin? Why we are here? What is the purpose of life? How about the brother and sister in the inner earth? Since they could live eternity, what they actually pursuing? At the surface, people get grades because they want the materialistic life (not applicable to all), but since brother and sister in the inner earth can live in abundance without worrying clothing, food… What they actually pursue in life?

    When could we be reunited again?

    1. Leong Chia,

      You asked where you originally came from and being of Asian Earthly origin, Malaysian, I can tell you exactly where the yellow-skin race originated….
      That would be Chinese, Japanese and many from the far east…which are mostly ancient Earth Souls, going back to the original Earth colonists of exactly 25,998 years ago.

      Now, the Lyra-Vega system has several ORIGIN planets, including a particular planet from which ALL yellow skinned Earth people originated from..
      The planet you came from originally, was (and still is) a planet in the Lyran constellation called “Nissan,” in the neighborhood of Lasan in the Lyra system. But before that your race lived on the other side of the Sun on a planet with the name Kudra, in a solar system that was named the Nisan system.

      If you are interested in this data, let me know….!!

      Incidentally, the original white-skinned peoples originated on planet Sater in the Lyran constellation…
      They migrated to Sirius, Andromeda & and the Pleiades…then finally Earth..

      Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!

      Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

  6. I came across the concept of inner earth recently. I am impressive with this concept and I believe it does exist. I am wondering, how the financial system of the inner earth would be. In fact, I am kinda shock when my thinking is actually exists, not in the earth that i am staying but in the inner earth – transformation of people / any physical thing via light technology. I always believe that what a human can think of can be accomplished, it is just the matter of time.

    I have a concern here. Why people in the inner earth cannot come out and influence the world, to be a better one? Why cant you all come to cure the greediness of human being? Isn’t that people in my world should evolve on themselves, rather than through guidance from the people from the inner earth? I believe, through the elimination of bad human behaviors can lead to a better world. World without war. World with abundances, where people no longer need to be greedy, as the condition would be the same as the condition in the inner earth – people can self-sustain.

    When would this be happen? When could we live like the people from inner earth? Damages has been done on the mother earth, and it will be continue unless there are major evolution of human’s mentality. I believe people from the inner earth does establish connections with the powerful government like US.

    I am studying financial engineering in malaysia, that is why I concern about the financial system in the inner earth and wondering could it be duplicated in the world that I am living. How’s the financial system in the inner earth looks like?

    Sorry for not structuring the comments. I am just expressing what is in my mind while commenting. hope to hear from you soon ~

    1. leong chia,

      They do not use a monetary system in Agartha, as they have evolved beyond the need for one… such as theose formats the surface nations adhere to….
      Agarthans are ALL in possession of technologies that can manifest any required physical-aetheric item, so there is no need for barter, nor exchange, nor work for wages, etc…so no banks are needed, nor desired.
      Aetheric duplicators can create food, clothing, housing, indeed all that is necessary, without needing to be pluggedinto a power grid, run by corporations, or governments….such things are totally alien to Agarthans and they view the surface world’s adherence and deference to resource monopolies (energy, fuels, food production, water supply, etc,) by the human NWO elites and their banks and corporations, as bizarre…and indeed, selfish..

      Ever since the establishment of Agartha, during the original Earth colony which founded the surface empire of Lemuria, the Agarthans have attempted to sway and influence the surface…
      Lemuria was destroyed by Atlantis and her off-world allies, but the conflict between dark and Light continued, over the milennia, the Lemurians survivors having retreated to the inner continent…access to which, had been sealed by the surface empires..
      Nevertheless, great avatars, such as the Christ and Buddha, have been returning to teach the Ageless Wisdom teachings, since the beginning..
      In the modern world, the Ascended Masters are planning to become more overt, through the Externalisation of the Hierachy, the Day of Declaration and First Contact, which will make knowledge of Earth’s true history official.

      In Light, Drekx

  7. Confirmation of the increased Agarthan activities is presented in Sheldan Nidle’s update, dated 4th May 2010
    1 Cauac, 2 Moan, 5 Caban:

    Greetings! We come again with much to discuss with you. The old reality structures of your world are crumbling, and because these structures constitute the foundations of your realm, their destruction threatens everything that you have come to trust and believe in on your world. This process can easily be perceived going on around you and foreshadows what is about to happen. Our Earth allies are in the last phase of an endgame that has gone on for far too long. The dark is using every last trick to maintain its nefarious creations. We are monitoring closely what these dark ones intend to do, and although their magic is swiftly fading, they are still intent upon not giving up. We continue to meet with their puppet governments to install some sense into these arrogant leaders’ heads. Meanwhile, the disintegration proceeds at an ever-greater pace and is reaching a point of no return. All the negative financial schemes begun in the past few decades are now proving to be the dark’s undoing as it tries in vain to sustain these unviable underpinnings. A fundamental change in your reality is now truly inevitable.
    While all this works itself out, Mother Earth is keeping to her time schedule. She dearly wishes you to become fully conscious and allow her to complete her own vast transformation. At present, her realm is divided in two: an outer, limited-conscious 3-D surface realm; and an inner, much-longed-for 5-D world. Merging these two realms is of utmost importance to her, which is why she now warns the surface dwellers to heed her and get on with their transformation. She longs for and needs you to return to your 5-D fully conscious state, which can now easily and swiftly be attained. To this end, the Agarthan ruling council has upped the number of its personnel imbedded in the surface world, and these envoys emphasize this need to everyone they encounter. They come to observe, as well as to nudge their surface cousins to spread the fact that a huge change is coming and that it is wonderful! Your awakening is bringing out a more activist mode in the Agarthans and they are determined to “light a fire” on the surface that can burn away the manipulation that prevents a true, quiet revolution from happening.

    Networks exist in your societies which are oriented toward replacing the present financial and political systems with more community-based banking and political groups that can help their respective communities grow and prosper. These networks are communicating with each other, creating organizations that are ready to join our Earth allies. These groups possess people-power capabilities that are essential for transforming your reality. When grassroots begin to interact with those seeking drastic reform, a movement takes form whose power is unlimited. However, it is essential that these movements remain peaceful yet able to make their points clearly and decisively. Our Earth allies welcome these developments as they attest to the rising tide of a new global reality. This upwelling energizes local communities and makes it possible for many to regain hope and envision what is needed for their communities and for the world. This is the energy that the Agarthans are encouraging and using to manifest a new reality.

    Mother Earth is encouraged by what the Agarthans are doing, and as the dark grip on your world continues to slip, we too are sending our personnel into this fray. It is vital that there exist in your societies organizations that can both support and accurately communicate what is happening once the major government shift happens. It is one thing to create change; it is quite another to do so successfully. We watched the way the Anunnaki throughout the ages caused endless catastrophes such as wars, pestilence, and mass hatred, and saw how these divided you with ease, to the point where you were conditioned to believe that this was how the world worked. But now, you are being asked to accept as normal the peace, prosperity, and Love that Heaven is about to bestow on you. These gifts are part of the prelude to our mass arrival on your world. Then we can begin the process of transforming you from limited to full consciousness. These final, exhilarating steps will of course be carried out in conjunction with the people of Inner Earth.

    What we are talking about is a revolution of consciousness. This bears no relation to nations and nationalism, but is about ending the barriers that prevent people from talking freely to each other and getting hold of resources that enable the potential within each of you. When we look at you we see a people who are starting to recognize this vast inner potential. This is why it is necessary to have you look beyond your Earth-bound xenophobia and to see yourselves as part of a humanity that spans the galaxy. As you do this, the petty worries that now engulf you evaporate. A new self-image is born, which includes the rubric of universal unity. This concept of unity relies on a full intuitive confirmation that you are indeed changing and that you are part of a greater whole. When you see our ships in the skies above you, know that we recognize you as our beloved brothers and sisters!

    This movement toward unity is both a consciousness and a reality shift. As we often reiterate, every human lives in a reality which they, to a certain degree, help to forge. This reality is flexible. It can raise or lower its general base frequency according to the requirements of its sentient inhabitants, and these shifts are overseen by Heaven and the divine plan. In our 5-D reality the same rules prevail. One of our roles here is to be a catalyst for profound consciousness change, and over the millennia we have done this is in an indirect way. Now, we are required to go into direct mode. First contact is being encouraged by a number of people in the higher echelons of government and we are in a position to help you create the foundations for a new reality. This new reality is close, and events that are starting to manifest will rapidly transform the world you know.

    Mother Earth is working diligently to raise her frequencies to the point where this great transformation can take place. The various tectonic plates that comprise her surface world are moving continuously toward a “locking position.” This has caused many 7+ earthquakes to occur in the last five years, and these larger quakes are on the upswing. Volcanism is likewise increasing, and the recent Eyjafjallajokull flair-up in Iceland is only part of a chain of events that includes eruptions in the Mediterranean, the Pacific, and the Indian Oceans. Everywhere, these mostly seabed eruptions are changing the environment. Mother Earth is determined to prove to you that this reality is to transform into something much better. This new world is based on changing you all back into fully conscious Beings of Light!

    Just as your planet is changing so too are you. Many of you are now feeling the aches and pains associated with your new heart, thymus, diaphragm, and head chakras. These changes are causing back pain as myriad new nerve networks are activated. In most cases, these changes are simply reactivations of parts of you that became dormant as you moved into limited consciousness. What you can do is call forth your visualizing ability to lessen the stress and pain that at times racks your body. These disorders can take the form of headaches, memory loss, listlessness, and sleeplessness. Apply your inner potential and use whatever self-healing technology is available to you, and joyfully keep in mind the wonderful goal behind all this!

    Today, we looked at how the Earth is moving toward a resolution of the strange dichotomy in her dimensional make-up (3-D surface v. 5-D inner realm), and at how networks in your society are forming organically to support the great changes that are imminent. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

  8. Date was: January 17, 2006


    Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts, to sit before you and impart some valuable new information about first contact. First contact is something that we have been working at for over a decade. At the outset, it was to be merely a full-scale public revealing of our existence. But this initial belief was soon to be greatly modified. First contact has now become a joint effort comprising our Earth allies, your Ascended Masters, and us. When the mission requirements began to expand, we started a log to keep abreast of the growing magnitude of changes. Reviewing this log recently led us to a number of conclusions: First, we need to keep the fleet at the ready and fully deployed to carry out an immediate mass landing scenario. Second, we require our Earth allies to commit only to those items on any given agenda that they are actually able to fulfill in a diligent and truly orderly fashion. Finally, we need to make sure a mass landing can in fact be likely in the very near future. These items are at the very top of our list of priorities. We expect the intensity of these desires to bear fruit in the form of a swift finale to this mission.

    We have said enough about our fleet’s personnel and make-up. We are diverse in both sentient species and in variety of craft. Our mission has studied your world carefully. We learned much and comprehend what is needed to finish this task successfully. Many of you believe that we can arbitrarily decide to stage a mass landing, but this is sadly not the case. Too many complex variables need absolutely to be accounted for before such an action can be carried out. We are ever mindful of what has hindered us in the past, and what continues to hinder us now. Moreover, we do not intend to make an early, small-scale landing in a spot that we would announce in advance. Those who put this about are merely spreading silly lies and spurious disinformation. As of this date, first contact is to be effected strictly according to the plan drawn up by the three groups mentioned above. It is to be a massively staged occasion, done in concert with our Earth allies and under the ever-watchful supervision of Heaven.

    Having set this straight, let us move on to what is now bearing on this case. We recently received a formal decree from Lord Surea in Heaven’s great throne! It gives us a dispensation to land and complete first contact. We rejoice at this wondrous edict from the triune Creator of all things! Yet, we must act with great responsibility. At present, your world strives to escape the clutches of a deep darkness. To you, this process seems to move like molasses! Yet, the opportunities this provides are gouging huge holes in the unity of the matrix set up by the dark. Despite this, the suffering of the global populace has increased. And while the end is in sight, many are needlessly dying, and others are oppressed by the illegal use of force by the dark’s minions. We have weighed this in our mission conferences and have devised a number of options, the foremost being to pressure our “partners” and to use this dispensation to land in the very near future. This has yielded some very positive results.

    Our heavenly “partners” are following the divine Will, and thus these divine Orders and Councils of Heaven have asked the Ascended Masters to clear the way for us to land on your most alluring shores. The pressure this puts on our Earth allies is immense and forced a quickening of their timetable. This pleases us greatly, and we rejoice in this change. Even so, their swifter action still leaves us basically in the same spot. We remain optimistic and sincerely expect this to be the year for effecting first contact. But, we recall to our cost how many came and strode onto the scene with much promise, yet in the end with little to show for their efforts. We know this and fully intend for this time is to be different. Meetings are now being held on your world holding the promise for the finishing of preliminaries. The prerequisites for regime change are being addressed as never before. Previously prohibitive factors are beginning to crumble, and we are close to a final resolution.

    This resolution has not yet evolved to the point of tying down a date; this aspect is still fluid. But we are trying to create conditions wherein all parties can agree to a firm date. As you know, we have gotten to this point many times before. But the difference this time lies in the compelling nature of this present period. Many of our Earth allies are vividly aware of how dangerous the present American regime is to the world. Its current posturing is destabilizing not only the Middle East but many other areas as well. Also, the arrival of the new currency system and the coming fall of the fiat-based dollar have thrown this administration into a panic. These elements do not bode well for your world. Accordingly, it is the wise opinion of the majority of our Earth allies to remove this illegally elected regime with all possible speed. Allegiance to this cause increases daily, and we fully anticipate a regime change to happen in this year.

    As the time for a truly momentous event draws nigh, we closely monitor your world and watch out for situations that can greatly endanger your global society. We stress to our Earth allies that the Earth is determined to change her configuration and is preparing her surface for massive “remodeling.” The huge chain of mountains that runs from northern Canada to the wilds of Patagonia, the Himalayas, and the Alps are due for major recasting. In fact, all the larger mountain ranges of your world are now at risk. This, taken together with the melting of your polar ice caps, signals that the great cycle of change is underway all across the planet. The global warming created by humanity’s negativity aids this cycle. This growing danger is a selling point for speeding up the arrival of our fleets upon your shores.

    As Mother Earth and we work hard to accelerate first contact, our Earth allies’ operations are at various stages: Some aspects of their programs are close to or have reached completion, while others progress at a snail’s pace or seem completely stalled. The overarching concern is how to legally remove this American regime from power. A number of possible tracks are being followed, all with different timelines. We have asked our Earth allies to focus on the fastest route and to commit to making it their primary scenario. So at present, all responsible parties are addressing this program for regime change. We intend to guide them to finally unify their efforts and forge a timetable for completion. All things considered, ousting this present administration from power is swiftly becoming the lynchpin for first contact.

    First contact is moving forward. As we said at the start of this message, the complex variables of your world must all be considered in the mix. Yet we know that this can be done rapidly and can lead to a number of positive and longed-for results. Thus, we have initiated Project Omega. This project is put together as a solution to all that we have so far related to you. Our fleet liaisons and their on-ship counterparts produced a network designed to move first contact forward by concentrating on the many current roadblocks. We are determined to solve them and to prevent any disaster that might derail the progress of our Earth allies. To this end, this network dispatched personnel and the necessary technology to rapidly make first contact feasible. Remember, Together We are Victorious!

    Today, we discussed the changes being brought to bear on first contact. The last decade produced many variables that impinge on first contact. The present intent is to reform anything in this mix that hinders the achieving of first contact. Hence, we set up Project Omega and put its wonders in motion! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)

  9. First Contact
    Don’t you think its enough already ??? There is no fixed date or time. There is no way to contact these so called superior beings. You speak in such a language that you can dodge any question . You don’t have concrete facts . Waiting waiting waiting. If you cannot help then please stop issuing false information. There are enough problems and dont add to them. Posting things like this makes you feel special ???

    1. Are you referring to me, Dieter or Sheldan Nidle..??

      And what exactly do you know about this, anyway….have you ever communicated with our off-world friends…?

      1. Thanks. It will be very helpful if you provided an email address and chat id. I dont know any off-world friends so i guess i cant talk to them face to face and neither do i have any of their postal address. Telepathy would be great but I dont know that either. You see there is so much “DON’T KNOW” surrounding me and many others. I really appreciate the time and and energy you people are spending to educate us but dont you think that we should be given a chance to talk to these beings ourselves ??? If you can please help.
        By the way…Cool Name Drekx Omega

      2. Reality,

        The email addresses I use relate to other Human channels, obtaining data via their own telepathic & physical contact links, with various Federation member star nations…..

        Mine is the Sirian Star Nation….they do not use email addresses for security reasons, but can use a number of alternatives that keep all parties safe…

        Direct GFL contact is only allowed for those who have telepathic skills, are sufficiently evolved, high light quotient, 4th degree and above….
        and STARSEEDS….preferably..
        As I was Sirian myself, 13,000 years ago, but have been trapped on Earth as an ordinary Human, since then…..

        If you are evolving, developing a fearless affinity with the ETs, becoming super intelligent and super intuitive, then they may contact you….

        Have you experienced any form of clairvoyance or ESP, at all…?? They are also contacting individuals (including non-starseed ancient Earth Souls) who seek to reform the global finance system….do you resonate with a need for sharing the world’s resources equitably..??

        See my article on human evolution and the NWO attempts to stop it. The Human race will require to be more evolve before open contact is allowed:

  10. Excellent Dieter,

    A good idea to post this Sheldan Nidle vid on the Agarthans, as so many readers are more aquainted with other Federation members, yet know very little about our inner-Earth brethren…
    The Agarthans are very active in helping surface humanity and have even reserved much of Agarthan territory for special crystal cities design for the use of those many outer Humans who will be migrating inward, just prior to the massive surface destruction and reconstruction by super-Elohim terraformers..

    As I suggested in my post anent the Polish UFOs, the Agarthan scout-ships are versatile, active and highly valued by the other Federation Star Nations…and it is about time that Lightworkers were more aware of the less famous Agarthans, who up till now have been somewhat eclipsed in the New Age collective consciousness by their more famous cousins, the Pleiadians and Sirians..

    Incidentally, do you remember what name this operation was designated before it became “Decra Zau” (Operation Spirit??) 🙂

    Anyway, thanx for posting this info on Agartha….
    I’m Drekxstatic…..!!

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