Earth Changes UFO’s Iceland Volcano Sky News V-Shape UFO Formation 18/04/10

Earth Changes UFO’s Iceland Volcano Sky News V-Shape UFO Formation 18/04/10

8 thoughts on “Earth Changes UFO’s Iceland Volcano Sky News V-Shape UFO Formation 18/04/10

  1. The History Channel’s New Ancient Aliens 1st Episode is
    Uploaded on Youtube ! I just watched it, it is 9 parts, and
    it is Really Great !!!!

    Here’s the Youtube Link and Just Click Through to parts 1 – 9
    to See the Whole Show !

    Ancient Aliens 2010 series: The Evidence

    They’ve uploaded the 1st part of this new series
    From the History channel onto youtube,

    9th1 🙂

    1. ahrcanum,

      Yes, the second craft observed only appears black against the sun, but is actually a silver sphereoid….
      Another Galactic Federation scout-ship, but this time part of the S&E Fleet, a Sirian Star Nation ship…..

      In your other photo you see the scout at higher elevation and you describe it as “a white circular light in the sky…” It is indeed a sphere with propulsion units located on the base…

      The planet it originates from is called “Samanet,” which orbits Sirius B…
      So a Galactic Federation member star nation, allied to the Tau Cetians, who’s specialist terraformer scout was also seen at the volcano…a “boomerang” shaped craft.

      We are assiting Earth’s transformation…..

      Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

  2. The Iceland volcano UFO was a single scout craft of the terraforming fleet, serving within the Federation. A craft of the member Star Nation of Tau Ceti…from the constellation of Cetus 11.8 light years away…..
    So not actually a “formation,” as conjectured..

    These boomerang or diamond-shaped scouts were similar types to those observed over Phoenix Arizona in 1997, known as the “Phoenix Lights,”

    In Light, Drekx

    1. An interesting side issue, follow-on from my last message, regarding the GFL Tau Ceti craft….

      One 200 foot long Tau Cetian scout passed my office block window about six years ago and was rhombic (diamond) in shape, glowing bright orange as she glided slowly past me, travelling in a straight line, west to east…
      I was loving it and my collegues were either too shocked to speak, or in “religious” denial…One claiming this blantantly bright, glowing, pulsimg, diamond, was an airsea rescue helicopter…Amazing to witness this reaction in some humans….

      Later in the same day, reports of this same craft were coming in from the other side of the world, in Australia…


      The Tau Cetians are fun loving bear-like sentient beings, averaging 9 to 12 feet in height…


  3. Uhh..!! The UK airspace over my county has just started actual airline flights as of the time of writing this comment (12.50 BST.)

    Bad news, because the one being observed is laying a chemtrail…..correction, it may be a standard contrail, as the vapour tail is breaking up rapidly….!

    I think Lord Adonis was under considerable pressure from BA to resume flights….

  4. In spite of the government’s announcements about resuming flights I have seen no conventional airlines today or yesterday, flying over East Anglia, on the usual east to west flightpaths…
    The only aircraft I did see today, was one of ours (GFL,) flying at high altitude, disk-shaped, silver, which was a Plejaren atmospheric testing scout…so soundless, without any vapour trail; con or chem…

    And terraformers are at work too, over Iceland…..!! 😉 As the shot indicated…

    And remember that victory is assured…!!

    In Love & Light, Drekx

    P.S. See these three Sirian scouts over New Mexico. The best footage of Sirian ships yet. Note they are spheroids:

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