This naturally occurring yellowish brown drug was not mentioned in the Vol. 2 book, although it was mentioned in this author’s newsletters in ’93 and May ’95 The drug is obtained by sacrificing a terrified person, perhaps by plunging the athame into them, and then taking a hypodermic needle and extracting the adrenalchrome from the base of the neck in the pineal gland. A sacrificed person only yields about 10 c.c. so the drug is not only very secret on the black market but very expensive. A Scientific American article by Carmichael and Winkler is the best thing that I have discovered on the adrenalchrome. The Max Planck Institute in Germany did research into Adrenalchrome. Dirty law-enforcement officials and others have worked to keep the existence of adrenalchrome a secret. It is not known if Adrenalchrome has ever been used for programming, but it is a popular secret drug of the elite Illuminati kingpins. For many years, they were not able to synthetically produce the drug, and had to rely on human sacrifices as their source. It is possible that in the last year or so, that some method to synthesize the drug may have been found. Chromaffin cells secrete adrenaline, noradrenaline and other substances into the bloodstream which exert a great deal of control over tissue, and organs.


  1. TH I S I S S O T R U E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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  3. Hi Drekx,
    You’re good at posting songs ( ie. the moonwalk)
    What do you think about a ceremonial posting for the passing of Atlantis?
    Donovan’s Atlantis song lyrics are kinda corny, though. He sings about his antediluvian baby, and finishes with: Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, oh yeah;
    Oh glub glub, down down, yeah…

    1. Hi RNC,

      Yeh…Atlantis did sink, but I hope he learned to change his mindset, so we may raise him from the depths one day….Jus’ like the real Atlantis….. 😉

      May the real island be born again. ATLANTIS keep on movin and groovin…..!!

      1. Atlantis is not about the Island, it is about the DNA of those ancient being! It hasn’t sink at all and has become much more energetic!
        Actually I have learned a lot from you, but only by seeing how the system has eaten your consciousness! You are zombies trying to fight a system that has already eaten them… Nice… Seems to me that the ourobouros concept is reproduced here!

      2. Mr Barre,

        Your choice of pename seems to get you in trouble with all and sundry…so I won’t use it.

        You said to Dieter that; “Emotions are animal.”

        And then you stated the importance of Atlantean DNA..which is indeed one of the necessary stages in human spiritual evolution, we call “Atlantean consciousness.”

        Now, the purpose of the current human expression of evolution of spirit through matter, via the root races, is the “Aryan” which is currently peaked at the “European” sub-race..
        The purpose of the “Aryan” started with the Hindu Indian racial type…and that purpose was the development of MIND…The true Aryan is nothing to do with Hitler’s concepts…

        The purpose of the Atlantean consciousness was the development of the astral body, or the perfection of the EMOTIONS….

        So your slur anent Dieter being “animal emotion,” is a slur against the Atlantean consciousness….of which you appear to identify. Also, you are right that Atlantis was more than an island, and indeed, the last Atlantean sub-race actually evolved in Asia and not Atlantis proper….the Mongolian sub-race of Atlantean consciousness.

        Hope ths clarifies…

        In Light, Drekx

      3. Mr Barre,

        You mistake the ourobouros concept, which is that of INFINITY (circular snake eating it’s own tail,) with the mechanical actions of devouring, aka the “system,” in this case. The ourobouros has an inner and outer meaning and you appear to focus on the more mundane meaning.

        A “system” cannot “eat” consciousness, but can stunt it….and/or often play the part of a necessary foil with which consciousness is raised again…Indeed the very purpose of physicality is to play the arena in which the true gold of alchemy (consciousness) is gleaned.

        So devouring or eating of consciousness does not occur.. in practice, consciousness can only raise up. What alters is the rate over lifetimes, that this may occur and an oppressive system may seek to slow that growth, if they feel challenged by it. History is littered with a fearful establishment seeking ever greater control for fear of loss..

        We currently see such a state of affairs with the current PTB seeking to slow consciousness down to a trickle, but to no avail…
        Of all times in history, this particular time is one in which such a strategy will most assuredly fail…

        In Light, Drekx

      4. look animal…. you are not welcome here until you apologize for your ignorant comments ….until then your comments are deleted….. d

      5. It seems that Mr Barre is unable to remain civilized for long, if at all and Dieter is right to delete his obscenities…

        Pascal Barre may have mental health issues..
        Why would a sane person return to a website to batter all into submission…??

        Bizarre behavious Pascal Barre….I suggest you do haunt a different arena…

      6. Dieter, you must know that from YOUR system perspective my IQ is over 200!! Since ALL IQ tests stops at 200, no one knows my IQ!! So saying that I am ignorant means that you are well below ignorance level yourself!
        But this is only an ego game here, so I do not care at all about what you believe! I might seems not civilized to you because seeing blind peoples like you do hurt me! Do hurt my trust in Humanity! And makes me lose hope, while I shall gain some!
        You are the true embodiement of why I am here on this planet! because a war is needed to clean this planet from tainted minds like yours! And I am here to do just that! It is also why I am here, as god want me to see how ludicrous it is to keep hopes that peoples like you could see the light! And the worst in all this, its that you choose not to see!! Thats for me is a TRUE mental illness!
        Human soul is like oil and water mix in a shaker! In adult life our shaker is shaking big time, but when we find equilibriums the shaker stop mixing water and oil and the oil settle down on top of water! This is how ascension REALLY works! In case you ever wanted to know! Humans have dualities and needs to find a proper equilibrium between earthly life and spiritual life, you just barely scratch the surface of all this you both!
        It is why, time is lacking, and it is why many must go away from this planet! In other words many will die by the hand of god! And the process has already begun!
        So nature will have to find peoples that cannot be saved, and judgement will be done! Not by me, but by the CREATOR himself! Forget your friend aliens, they have guided you to show how unsalvageable most are! You might be saved but not in this life!
        So enjoy your system power trips! You will really want to do that!
        As for my mental equilibrium, I guess you need to look in the mirror! who talking about alien in clouds here? Who is seeing all kinds of conspiracy everywhere? Surely not me! So yes, there are peoples needs help, but help won’t come!
        See you somewhere else guys!

      7. By the way! Sorry guys for my last message! I do feel hopeless about Humanity but Its not to me to tell such things! God gives you freewill and it is for a purpose… I am just like everyone else learning about its place in life! I guess I need to relativize the seriousness of all this game in here…
        So used to be stuck in survival mode while here it isnt!! At least not directly!
        So again I will contain myself in the future and acknowledge my lesson!

    2. OK RNC,

      I guess you were hoping the “Atlantis” tune would be more anti, than antediluvian… 🙂

      OK, point taken and I suspect Pascal Barre hopes to evolve into a Cyberman rather than a Novaman……

      So, to demonstrate Pascal’s role as Illuminati Cyber-spokesman, here is a feel for the role he could play….with some fun, so I hope he’s got a sense of humour and a soft spot for mirth, in his cybernetic heart..!! But galactic commerce will be out of the question, I’m afraid to say, Mr Barre..

      1. You are really proud of being entertained by me Drekx! Your consciousness will arise just because of this!!

      2. Mr Barre,

        My consciousness will continue to raise, with or without your presence here..
        This is really just my humour and serves to lighten the load with many reading our discourse.

        But since you are here and you have provoked some thoughts on the matter, I thank you, without any bad feelings overshadowing the experience…

        I’m sorry that you suffered in the Chinese prison…may I ask how this came about..??

        Respectfully, Drekx

      3. Dear Lightworkers,

        About the Icelandic volcanic activity, recently:

        The Iceland volcano UFO was a single scout craft of the terraforming fleet, serving within the Federation. A craft of the member Star Nation of Tau Ceti…from the constellation of Cetus 11.8 light years away…..
        So not actually a “formation,” as conjectured by some…..

        These boomerang or diamond-shaped scouts were similar types to those observed over Phoenix Arizona in 1997, known as the “Phoenix Lights,”

        An interesting side issue, follow-on from my last message, regarding the GFL Tau Ceti craft….

        One 200 foot long Tau Cetian scout passed my office block window about six years ago and was rhombic (diamond) in shape, glowing bright orange as she glided slowly past me, travelling in a straight line, west to east…
        I was loving it and my collegues were either too shocked to speak, or in “religious” denial…One claiming this blantantly bright, glowing, pulsimg, diamond, was an airsea rescue helicopter…Amazing to witness this reaction in some humans….

        Later in the same day, reports of this same craft were coming in from the other side of the world, in Australia…


        The Tau Cetians are fun loving bear-like sentient beings, averaging 9 to 12 feet in height…

        ahrcanum said:
        “We’ve caught two more unusual sightings near the volcano! ck it out at

        Keeping looking up and out!”

        Drekx Omega response:
        Yes, the second craft observed only appears black against the sun, but is actually a silver sphereoid….
        Another Galactic Federation scout-ship, but this time part of the S&E Fleet, a Sirian Star Nation ship…..

        In your other photo you see the scout at higher elevation and you describe it as “a white circular light in the sky…” It is indeed a sphere with propulsion units located on the base…

        The planet it originates from is called “Samanet,” which orbits Sirius B…
        So a Galactic Federation member star nation, allied to the Tau Cetians, who’s specialist terraformer scout was also seen at the volcano…a “boomerang” shaped craft.

        We are assisting Earth’s transformation…..

        Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

  4. Dieter, I have stop 2 world wars from occuring and saved billions of life if not all of Humanity by doing so!…………………………….


  5. Emotions are animal… Your energy is nothingness Dieter! A bad loser and a chicken that thinks he is a human being! Really Dieter you shall spend ALL your energy on your TAM TAM! So really my energy shouldnt bother your rythm at all!

      1. …and you are addicted to social recognition!!!
        You can delete my posts Dieter but NEVER EVER edit my posts EVER again!!!
        That is the only warning you will get from me Dieter!!!

      1. FUCK your comfort ZONE Dieter!! You won’t EVER evolve by shutting down useful voices! You are such a coward can’t believe that you reformat my whole constructive post for your own credibility!! You are really just a prick Dieter! Not even a real man!!
        But I see that life has got your wrist! Really next time I hope it will be your head : ) You won’t feel a thing…

      2. Hi Dieter,

        This NWO-controlled freak,”Atlantis” (aka Pascal Barre,) sounds like he is on a power trip with the Illuminati….
        He’s now issuing warnings…reminds me of the NWO oddballs I have had to deal with on other occasions.

        Maybe Barre has already been turned into a cyborg..?? With the aid of Dr. Hugo De Garis…??


      3. passcal (like his friend janette)…obviously he needs to drink from my power and then tells me i am in ego for saying no thanks…….. dieter

      4. Hi Dieter,

        And they both swear like troopers….LOL

        They must be desperate to bring down IITM, otherwise they would have scarpered long ago…to haunt alternate venues with their dark energies.

        Just shows us here what a powerful tool for the Light IITM truly is. To get these nutjobs so rattled…heh! heh!

        🙂 cheers my brother, Drekx

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