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1 Butterfly tattoos, clothes, belts, hats, and other fashion accessories; proof of mind-control because they refer to the MK-Ultra Project Monarch operation.

2 Black and white checker­boards or lines symbolise duality and good/evil. A more subtle variation on this theme is the stock portrait photo which hides half of a star’s face in shadow.

3 Mirrors and shattered glass represent the way the mind is shattered and mirr­ored during mental torture. Mirrored personalities represent hidden ‘alters’ who can be made to surface at will with appropriate trigger imagery.

4 Big cats, including lions, panthers and tigers, and domestic cats which are usually black or white and spiky rather than fluffy. Leopard-print clothing also qualifies. The message is that fierce pussies suggest animalistic sexual impulses.

5 Hello Kitty toys are a more childish version of the same idea. Interestingly, the Urban Dictionary describes Hello Kitty as a “Japanese mass-casualty weapon… Doctors warn that even low-level exposure may cause a perfectly sound mind to crack.”

6 Birdcages, chains and other symbolism of imprisonment represent physical and psycho­logical bondage in a very literal way.

7 Pink, purple and rainbow colours: it’s hard to see these as sinister, but purple is apparently used to reinforce programming. The rainbow represents psychological splitting.

8 Doll symbolism often appears in fashion shoots to reinforce the mind-controlled nature of a model, who can be posed at will.

9 The Marilyn Monroe look, blonde and classic, is proof that a woman has been ‘Stepforded’ and no longer has any individuality.

10 And finally, photo­graphers, fashion designers and direct­ors sometimes succ­umb to laziness and include more traditional occult symbols such as pentagrams, pyramids (with and without the Eye of Horus), horned animal skulls, and other familiar standards.



  1. When Gary Numan was a child he was selected by the British government to take part in an experiment to test intelligent children. Strange then that in his teenage years he had mental health problems then a few years later he becomes a million selling pop star with all his occult visuals and lyrics. 100% true.

  2. So pretty much just look like a human being? No colors. No black and white. Don’t you DARE get a butterfly tattoo. Oh, and don’t forget if you see a cat you’ll probably be brainwashed. See her? She has blonde hair. She must have succumbed to society. No more individuality for her. Really guys? You all just sound like you hate pop/rock and are now bashing it for no apparent reason. Go listen to your country music. They ALL seem to be individuals in that genre.

    1. Chelsea brown, are you retarded anyone who does not agree with this is already brainwashed and u don’t even know it. Study hypnosis magic and wicka these are all related. Did u know that our whole world is controlled by symbols and any magician artist or song writer have to become first stage indoctrinated whiches, read the bible maybe u will realize the wickedness in the world and demonic symbols are everywhere go to YouTube and watch labyrinth of truth part 1 to 55 and get over unselfish and open ur eyes. One day u will realize how evil this world is but for now don’t be foolish

      1. And don’t forget the Mickey Mouse ears, lady gaga Madonna Rihanna jay z the Beatles if u know the meaning behind Hollywood u would understand. Everyone is possessed be demons who are working miracles oh yah and thanks to all the Americans who voted for Obama good fucking job you just fucked yourselves over and Canada so thanks for that… Not

    2. Actually, if you look over country music videos they use the same dark symbolism as the pop and rock musicians do. It is frustrating when you realize that this symbolism is everywhere. You might begin to ask yourself -Should I no longer wear my butterfly necklace I have treasured for years? -The answer is up to you. For some it is too disturbing now that these symbols have entered the conscious mind. For others it is fine. We must remember that God first created the butterfly and all its abilities were designed to glorify him, not to keep us in control. He also created rainbows and colors for our enjoyment, not to restrain us. It is helpful to remember that when these symbols are used by evil they are done so to talk to each other. There is intended programming(done to the chosen few) and then there is accidental/unintentional programming (which is done to the masses). More than likely if we wear a butterfly necklace it does not signal anything to those in the know except that we might be unaware of the mind control programming that is rampant today. Peace to you

  3. Here is a list of pop/rock songs from the 60s-80s, with lyrics concerning mind control and/or satanistic abuse. Of course, the list is not definitive, and you can add other songs you know.
    Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat, Murder Mystery, Chelsea Girls
    Black Sabbath – Electric Funeral, Black Sabath, NIB/Basically, Evil Woman. Luke’s Wall/War Pigs, National Acrobat, Who Are You?, Shock Wave
    Pink Floyd – One of These Days, Us and Them, Brain Damage, Dogs, Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2, Welcome to the Machine, Wish You Were Here
    David Bowie – Beauty and the Beast, Underground, Station to Station, Sons of the Silent Age, Blackout, Big Brother, Because You’re Young, Magic Dance
    Kraftwerk – Model, We Are the Robots, Antenna, Hall of Mirrors, Showroom Dummies, Man-Machine
    Clash – Remote Control
    Siouxsie & the Banshees – Christine, Jigsaw Feeling, Carcass, Metal Postcard, Placebo Effect, Icon, Premature Burial, Desert Kisses, Monitor, Night Shift, Head Cut, Voodoo Dolly, Cascade, Cocoon, Slowdive, Scarecrow
    Talking Heads – Swamp, Wild Wild Life
    Devo – Going Under
    Stranglers – Meninblack, Don’t Bring Harry
    Billy Idol – Flash for Fantasy
    Ultravox – Artificial Life, Dangerous Rhythm, Maximum Acceleration, I Want to be a Machine, My Sex, Rockwrok, Accent on Youth, All Stood Still, Cut and Run, Paths and Angles, We Stand Alone, Stranger Within
    Magazine – Permafrost, Garden
    Visage – Mind of Toy, What Have They Done to Me, Questions, Only the Good (Die Young)
    Classix Nouveuax – Every Home Should Have One, No Sympathy No Violins
    Tears For Fears – Suffer the Children, Watch Me Bleed, Who Killed Tangerine
    Human League – Being Boiled, Circus of Death, Do or Die
    OMD – Genetic Engineering
    Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric, Call Out the Dogs, I Die You Die, Life Machine, Praying to the Aliens, Joy Circuit, My Dying Machine, Pleasure Skin
    Soft Cell – The Best Way to Kill, Slave to This, Meet Murder My Angel
    The Cure – Meathook, Faith, Pornography
    Eurythmics – Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)
    Fun Boy Three – The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum
    Thomas Dolby – Hyperactive
    Police – Demolition Man, Wrapped Around Your Finger, Murder by Numbers, King of Pain

  4. You think that all this mind control stuff is new and mostly American, but take a look at, for instance Ultravox, British band from 70s/80s (doesn’t its name remind of MK-Ultra). Go to the lyrics page and see lyrics of songs Artificial Life, I Want to be a Machine, My Sex, and others as well… they swarm with mind control (torture/abuse) and police state imagery. Lyrics are so, I don’t know how to say, they seem to come from the experience of songwriters/lyricists. Sometimes I wonder if the members of the band were mind-controlled slaves, too…

  5. I have watched Daddy Yankee’s music video ‘Descontrol’, from the album ‘Mundial’, and you can clearly see how the illuminati have gained control over his career. Its almost obsessive the amount of triangular piramid-like shapes in the video, even the album cover. Checkered floors, checkered gloves, black & white duality in clothes, a huge skull looking very omnipotent over the artist and the dancers, its all there. I would like to point out that Daddy Yankee is the most suçessful and influential reggaeton/urban artist of Puerto Rico and posibly all of latin america.

  6. Dieter,

    Interesting that “owl” symbolism isn’t used as well, by these Illuminati degenerates, as the “Molok” motiff has been a favourite at Bohemian Grove for decades…
    And you would think that such an important (to them) motiff would be paraded more actively by their degenerate minions in the pop world…

    Interestingly, all references to the esoteric “eye” symbolism predate the baddies, in so far as this symbol represents the third eye, or “Eye of Destiny” rather than only the “Eye of Horus.” So like the swastika, star of David and pentagram, another perfectly good symbol of the Light has been hijacked by the dark, and misused…
    The “Eye in the Pyramid” cap stone symbolism was made famous in the 18th century Bavarian cult of Illuminati, and later adopted by the US in their reverse seal…and dollar bill.

    As for music pop vids, have you noticed that satanic music is invariably heavy metal or rap, etc, which is absolute crap, anyway..unlike funk and soul…

    Also, the colour purple is not all bad, as it represents one of the Sirian Star Nation clans, of which Vashtar is a member. Later it became associated with the Greek god Zeus, and thence became a royal colour among Human kings & queens..
    Roman Emperors wore purple togas, because of their linkage with Jove, the Roman King of gods…

    I suspect that most of the “pop stars” listed are degenerate tools of the Illuminati, who similarly used members of the performing arts professions in the days of ancient Rome, when the actors, prostitutes, singers and dancers would often be invited to imperial orgies, in which bets would be made on the greatest numbers of conquests attained by their libido…

    Caligula, Tiberius and Nero would feel at home among our modern versions, no doubt…!! ;-

    As for the black and white dualism, that dates back to Solomons Temple…as the flooring was so represented, by black and white “chess board” square tiles..

    In Light, Drekx


    The constant and deliberate reinforcement of occult symbols in the media has the double effect of increasing their impact and also flaunting the controllers’ intent before their unwitting victims. But none of this is entirely secret, and it’s a feature of the new occultism that the signs are visible to those who can interpret them. Conspiracy watchers such as the Pseudo Occult Media blog have become obsessive followers of celebrity news, deconstructing music videos, fashion photos and movies to reveal hidden Illuminati symbols.

    Most of this symbolism isn’t obvious to outsiders. Traditional pentagrams and pyramids do occasionally appear, but colours, shapes, corpor­ate logos and other motifs are just as promin­ent and powerful. Even photographic lighting techniques can carry a message: for example, a face in shadow, which emphasises the duality and splitting of dark and light personality elements. Similarly, a monarch butterfly symbol on clothes, graphics or tattoos reinforces the MK-ULTRA MONARCH programme.

    Devotees of occult celebrity-spotting argue that not only are celebrities programmed and brainwashed, they’re also cloned and genetically engineered to manifest a pleasing combination of good looks. Illuminati science is decades ahead of our own, so their scientists can create genetic celebrities to order, blessed with a perfect eye-catching combination of sexual charisma and physical attractiveness.

    Where conventional fans try to keep up with the relationships and lifestyle fads of their idols, occult-spotters look for evidence of failing programming. The ritual of celebrity rehab is taken as a sure sign that conditioning is breaking down, and reinforcement urgently needed. If the situation is left unattended to, then a famous name might start acting irrationally, perhaps even leading to a public event that reveals their abuse. The ultimate success for spotters would be a tell-all public confess­ion – but this never happens.

    Instead, most celebrities are successfully re-conditioned and “Stepforded”. Just like the Stepford Wives in the book and movies of the same name, Stepforded celebrities acquire conventional family values and become pliably robotic. Unlike the movies, this process isn’t limited to women. Any individual who can’t be reprogrammed can always be replaced by a more obedient clone, or sacrificed in public with a faked suicide or assassination.

    This may raise a question or two in the minds of sceptics. There’s no evidence that cloning is possible, never mind likely. And sceptics might also wonder how it’s possible to tell the difference between the fashions and access­ories available in any clothing store and official Illuminati-approved mind-control apparel. It doesn’t take an expert knowledge of fashion to see that many of the claimed symbols and images are common to the point of being mundane. Butterfly images and leopard-print fabrics are widespread enough to be clichés in their own right. So how can these be images of mind-control?

    The secret seems to be that what celebrit­ies wear is proof of their mind-control, and ordinary women – and sometimes men – copy them to reinforce their own slave status. Sporting a butterfly tattoo or a leopard-print miniskirt might seem like harmless fun, but in fact it shows a willingness to conform and to support the Illuminati agenda of pædophilia and programmed mental destruction. Mind-controlled celebrities are dressed deliberately by minders to display these images, both to reinforce the conditioning of the celebrities themselves, and to symbolise the existence of their conditioning to the rest of us.


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