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James Cameron and MK-ULTRA by “Morning Star the Light Bearer”

Mar 17 1998
From: Anonymous [Morning Star the Light Bearer]

There is obviously no way to communicate with the author about the veracity of this work, which he sent by anonymous E-mail. It is featured here for critical analysis.

Being one of the most successful movies in the world is an astounding statement from people who have seen James Cameron’s “Titanic”. It is a reflection of how many people have been affected by the imagery and emotion within the film. Although there have been those who have found fault in parts of Titanic’s technical side, the emotional side turned out to be perfect; or was it deliberately engineered that way? Some have called the emotion within Titanic manipulative to the point of deliberately having scenes that elate, sadden, shock and anger the audience.

This manipulation is an interesting aspect of Mr. Cameron’s work. No matter what he works on or writes, the emotional atmosphere always is perfect in the finished product and according to Cameron is “biographical” of his life. Born in Canada in 1956, James Cameron has always strived to be the best, whether they were class projects or playing soldier with his friends. According to Cameron’s “official” biography, his childhood created the drive to overcome obstacles which stood in his way and would help later in life.

At this point in history, another person, who shares the surname Cameron, was at work making progress manipulating behavior and emotion for a deliberately engineered goal. The person is Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron.

Dr. Cameron began his career in psychology assisting the Office of Special Services (O.S.S.), interrogating prisoners during World War II. His most famous patient was Rudolf Hess, who flew in a plane to Britain in order to make a peace deal between Germany and the Allies. Hess was captured and imprisoned and later was interviewed by several psychiatrists, including Dr. Cameron. Much of Dr. Cameron’s work, involved psychiatric techniques designed to modify and control a persons behavior patterns. Dr. Cameron’s work was also derived from experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners in Nazi Germany and brought to the U.S. after World War II by the O.S.S. under “Operation Paper Clip”.

In the 1950’s, Dr. Cameron’s successful work led to his appointment as head of the American Psychological Association (APA), the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the World Psychological Association (WPA). By this time the O.S.S. had changed it’s name under President Harry Truman’s Administration to become the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) in 1947. Dr. Cameron was contracted by the C.I.A. to continue his work in behavior manipulation under Projects Bluebird and Artichoke which would later become MK-ULTRA in 1953.

MK-ULTRA had several sub-programs, approximately 149, from fields ranging from biology, drugs, sexual activities, technology, physics, psychology and even motion pictures. It’s no accident that movies created in the McCarthy era in the 1950’s, were designed to scare the public about the threat of Communists, brainwashing or space aliens. Hollywood’s motion pictures became a tool of MK-ULTRA.

In the world of psychiatry, Dr. Cameron was a relentless, merciless man driven by a need to know how to control and modify human behavior, in other words, direct it. His most common experiments were drug inducement, sensory deprivation, sensory overload, as well as “psychic driving”, the process of replaying his voice recorded in previous sessions with his patients. Dr. Cameron also performed prefrontal lobotomies and electro-conclusive shock treatments.

According to the CIA’s charter, Dr. Cameron’s work, especially in creating potential “Manchurian Candidates” would have violated the ban on domestic CIA operations within the United States. With the help of the Canadian government and C.I.A. Director Allen Dulles, who was one of Cameron’s colleagues in the O.S.S., Dr. Cameron relocated his work to the Allen Memorial Psychiatric Institute in Montreal, Canada in 1957 and stayed there until 1963.

On a side note, Allen Dulles would run the C.I.A. until after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, when he and General Charles Cabell (brother of Earl Cabell, the mayor of Dallas) were fired by President John F. Kennedy in 1961. After the tragedy of John F. Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Dulles was appointed to Warren Commission by Chief Justice Earl Warren to help investigate the assassination and the background of supposed assassin or patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Allen Institute would soon become an infamous brain butchery under Dr. Camerons control. Many patients were subjected to extreme and harsh conditions that included drug induced comas that lasted months, lobotomies, bright lights, sounds, moving images and electro-shocking that were in such excesses that it killed the patients. Other creations of Dr. Camerons butcher shop included the development of psychedelic drugs, most notably, LSD.

After Dr. Cameron left Montreal, he retired to private life in the United States and vanished from the picture, but his work continued on in MK-ULTRA until it was supposedly shut down by CIA Director Richard Helms in 1973. Many of the documents from MK-ULTRA were destroyed on orders from Helms. Helms was also responsible for providing E. Howard Hunt with the information necessary for the break-in at the Watergate hotel in 1972 for the purpose of helping President Richard Nixon smear Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon aide who leaked the Pentagon Papers. Watergate would eventually lead to the resignation of Nixon in 1974.

The murky world of intelligence operations became murkier as names changed to protect secrecy. MK-ULTRA simply assumed the new name MK-SEARCH and continued on into 1984.

In the late 1970’s as MK-SEARCH (MK-ULTRA) continued on the intelligence front, a yet unknown film maker in California, named James Cameron decided to quit his job driving trucks and get into the film making business.

According to “official history” James Cameron, after attending five semesters at Fullerton College in Orange County, California, convinced a consortium of dentists from Tustin, California seeking a tax writeoff to finance a short film. The word “consortium” is interesting in itself; it’s dictionary term is given as “international business alliance”. Since these dentists are from a local area, why are they described in this manner? If “business” is dropped from the definition, we’re left with “international alliance” meaning they belong to some large organization which envelops the world.

In actuality, these “dentists” were “psychiatrists” and operatives connected to the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program and Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron. James Cameron as well as the “psychiatrists” knew each other from a fraternal organization they belonged to. This secret brotherhood helped finance Cameron’s first film and would continue to help his career. He had entered this organization when he turned 21 years of age. The majority of persons in intelligence community, including Dr. Cameron belonged to the same organization, which is commonly known as the Freemasons.

The Freemasons are a global fraternal organization that exist for the express purpose of enlightening those who choose to join it’s ranks. According to public sources, Freemasonry was created in the 1700’s in Europe, but if one delves deeper into the mysteries that make up Masonry, it is learned that the origins of the brotherhood trace back to a highly advanced civilization named Atlantis which existed before the one we’re in now. Much of the high technology, advanced thinking and philosophical ideals were handed down through the generations in secret after the “Great Flood” destroyed Atlantis.

This technology would be revealed to the people of the world once again at a prescribed moment in time. It’s no accident the 20th Century is one of the most technological achieving centuries in our civilization. This century saw the creation of techniques that would be used to control the mind as we saw earlier in this document with the CIA’s implementation of Dr. Cameron’s mind experiments and MK-ULTRA technology.

The reason the “consortium” approached James Cameron was for the opportunity to use in the motion picture field for the purposes of subliminal imagery and emotional manipulation on mass numbers of people and prepare them for an engineered future.

James Cameron continued on from his short-film project to enter the world of Roger Corman. The studio owned by Corman was aptly named “New World Pictures”. The “New World” was short for “New World Order” a phrase that embodies the idealism of Freemasonry, a global government. The phrase wouldn’t be uttered in public until 1991 by President George Bush(Former Director of the CIA and 33rd Degree Mason).

Cameron worked as miniature builder, model unit DP and matte painter on a film called “Battle Beyond the Stars” in which the title was symbolic of a belief held by many in the UFO community as well as Freemasons, that an ancient battle took place in this solar system about 12,000 years ago. The idea was to use MK-ULTRA technology to begin preparing the masses for the belief in extra-terrestials for the purpose of bringing humanity into the “New World Order”. More of this would be used later in Cameron’s film career.

Determined to get into directing, Cameron worked on another sci-fi film with a symbolic name, “Galaxy of Terror”. Cameron became second unit director.

In 1982, during the early years of the administration of President Ronald Reagan (33rd Degree Mason), Cameron wrote “The Terminator” along with his 2nd wife Gale Anne Hurd, who’s a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, a Masonic women’s organization.

The basic idea of “The Terminator” involved sending a man back through time to prevent a cyborg from killing a woman who would give birth to humanity’s savior who would save humanity from a world ruled by machines. The symbology of this story was taken from the Bible with the woman’s situation somewhat compared to the “virgin mary” and humanity’s savior paralleled to her son.

The Freemasonic symbolism in the Terminator was prevalent through out the movie. One of the first signs was the use of “blue light” used in dark situations and would later become one of Cameron’s directing styles.

The blue light was symbolic of Cameron’s ascension from the first three degrees of Masonry which are known as the blue lodges, to the next level of degrees which are known as the York Rite.

The next symbol was the use of a particular set of words by one of the characters who described the machines as “a new order of intelligence”. You can hear the words “New World Order” in the sub-text.

The most concrete symbol was the name of the distributor for the film. Although Cameron worked with Hemdale and HBO to get the film made, the film was distributed by Orion Pictures. Orion is symbolic of Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the Sun and fertility.

This sun-worship symbol is heavily used in Freemasonry to represent light and fertility or the “compass” in the square and compass symbology of Masonry. Osiris’s counterpart Isis, is symbolic of Sirius, the star system in which Freemasons believe they came from as well as being the symbol for the carpenter’s square in the “square and compass” symbol.

The purpose of Orion’s release of “The Terminator” was to be the first mass use of Dr. Cameron’s work in a James Cameron film. The film was designed to imprint a subliminal message to unconsciously prepare the public for a higher form of technology to arrive on Earth in the future and if they didn’t go along with it, they would be exterminated. Note that “terminated” is part of “exterminated”.

While Cameron was unknowingly getting financing from the “consortium” for “The Terminator”, he wrote two more scripts, “Rambo: First Blood Part II” and “Aliens”. The subtitle “First Blood Part II” from the Rambo title was symbolic of Cameron’s ascension throughout the York Rite degrees, while “Aliens” was being prepared as another step in manipulating the minds of the public with MK-ULTRA technology.

After “The Terminator’s” success, Cameron directed “Aliens” and began production in 1985 in England. The film was directed in England so Cameron could receive the rest of his York Rite degrees in the town of York while on breaks from shooting the film.

Aliens, was the sequel to Alien, a 1979 movie about Earth explorers searching another planet for use as a mining colony. When they got there, they were slowly hunted down by the inhabitants of that world, which were acid-blooded creatures; insect like as adults, and as snake-like parasites when young that used the humans as hosts and eventually killed them by bursting out of their chests. Aliens debuted in 1986.

The film became one of the highest grossing ŒR’ rated films and also won Oscars for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound. It was fairly obvious to anyone with the knowledge in this document that the fear and excitement generated by the sounds and effects of the movie was the result of mind manipulation for the purpose of further solidifying the fact that humans will one day face a threat from outside this world and force them to unify as one.

Once Cameron has finished this film, he had completed his York Rite degrees in Masonry and had moved on into the Scottish Rite. It’s also worthy to note during this time in 1985 and 1986, 33rd Degree Mason President Ronald Reagan had made several speeches alluding to a threat from the “outside” that would unify the world.

Next on Cameron’s list of films was the Abyss, a film about a group of oil rig workers who help recover a sunken nuclear submarine and are unknowingly being watched by another form of intelligence. In the special edition of the film, it was made clear that the aliens were warning the human race to come together as one or face destruction.

During the shooting of the movie, Cameron had been “trained” by the “consortium” in techniques similar to Dr. Cameron’s “Psychic Driving” by pushing the workers and actors on the set to the limit. According to published reports, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio was pushed to such a limit that she now avoids Cameron like the plague. To this day, Ed Harris refuses to even talk about his experience with Cameron on the set. “The Abyss” was also the first movie with the “morphing” technique which makes a photo-realistic computer animation which was used to spellbound the audience. The film had also gained Oscars for Best Visual effects, more proof of MK-ULTRA now being involved with the addition of computer technology.

The film was released to the public in 1989. This was the same year as the swearing in of President George Bush and fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany which was a staged event by the Masons to prepare the world for a global coming together as one. The name “Abyss” was symbolic of Cameron getting ever deeper into information which is privy to the Freemasons.

In 1990 Cameron co-wrote “Point Break” with his third wife and Order of the Eastern Star member, Kathryn Bigelow, who directed. He became an executive producer on the film and the film was released in 1991 and went on to make $100 million and topped the video rental charts. Although the film was about a group of persons who robbed banks, a lot of subliminal imagery was added to the film, which explains why the film was popular.

Lightstorm Entertainment became a new production company created by Cameron and financed by the “consortium”. The name Lightstorm was allegedly symbolic of the appearance of the Terminator in the films but was really symbolic of Cameron receiving more intellectual light from the Masons. The first film that would be produced by Cameron’s new company was Terminator 2. Judgment Day, the sequel to the Terminator.

The title of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” was symbolic of the future war to come because of technology, to further embolden the public to a form a destruction beyond of their control.

The film also featured the use of computer technology to make a morphing character that would leave the audience with chills. The character was created at Industrial Light and Magic. “Light and Magic” is symbolic of the mysteries inside of Masonry. All of the revenues from Terminator 2, including the box office receipts, video, TV and merchandising made close to 1 Billion dollars.

More incidents of “psychic driving” had also taken place. One of them being an incident involving Edward Furlong, who played John Connor in the film, and lip balm. He was coerced by an under-cover “consortium” member to use the lip balm. After shooting a scene and congratulating Furlong for his performance, Cameron noticed the lip balm on Furlong’s lips and yelled at him for screwing up the scene. After this, Furlong admitted in an interview that the incident left him paranoid about the rest of the shoot.

To some people outside of the “consortium” this mind control technology was becoming apparent and needed to be covered up. Cameron’s script for the film was rewritten with some parts removed to conceal facts related to the technology. One such example of proof follows when describing Sarah Connor’s treatment in the mental institution with electro-conclusive-therapy;



Sarah, straight-jacketed and strapped on to GURNEY, is being wheeled down the corridor by Douglas and the other orderlies. Silberman is right behind her with the interns. Sarah’s eyes are full of suppressed rage as she stares up and back at them.

SILBERMAN (to the interns) What’s fascinating about her case is that the architecture of the delusion —

SARAH Don’t talk about me like I’m not here. I’m right goddamn here!

SILBERMAN We know where you are,Sarah… (continuing to the interns, as before) ..the delusion seems to have begun with the boyfriend and then been adopted by the patient. He believed he was a soldier from the next century, send to protect her from a killer machine called a “terminator”.

Frustrated, Sarah begins struggling against her restraints. Douglas, blocking the action from the doctors, casually smacks her solar plexus with his baton. Sarah gasps for air. Douglas winks at her.

SILBERMAN You see, it’s all about machines, for her. We’re seeing more and more of this new syndrome, a sort of acute phobic reaction to technology. It’s a defensive response to the dehumanization of relationships in a high-tech world.

They sweep through a set of double doors. The doors swing closed into CLOSEUP. Big block letters stenciled across them read:

ELECTRO-CONVULSIVE THERAPY. Yes, they still do this shit to people.


Sarah’s eyes go wide, clocking the sign on the door as she is wheeled in to a room full of ominous machines. Aging shock therapy equipment.

SILBERMAN Sarah, today we’re going to be trying ECT…electro-convulsive therapy —

SARAH No! Don’t do this. Okay, look, Silberman — hey! Don’t put that — HEY!

She struggles vainly against the gurney straps as a NURSE tapes electrodes to her head. Silberman leans down to Sarah. The interns and the orderlies watch from near the door.

SILBERMAN Now relax, we’re found this very helpful with problems like yours. Such as this feeling that you’re being persecuted —

SARAH I’m not being persecuted, you fucking moron! I’m not a threat to them anymore. I told you. It’s my son who’s the target!

Silberman sighs. They finish placing the electrodes on her temples.

SARAH You’ve got to let me go so I can protect him! He’s naked if they come for him now! Why won’t you listen? You know how important this is?

The nurse sets the dials on the machine. Sarah starts to thrash now, becoming irrational. Starts shrieking at everyone in the room. She sounds exactly like what they say she is — a whacko

SARAH Goddamnit. Let me go!! I’ll kill you, FUCKER!!

She screams incoherently as they jam the rubber biscuit down between her teeth so she won’t bite through her tongue when the voltage jump starts her brain. Silberman is smooth and cheerful as he turns to the interns.

SILBERMAN ECT is coming back into favor lately, and we’ve had good results with it. It looks worse than it is. As soon as the current hits her brain, she’s out. It’s a bit like punching the restart button on a computer when the program crashes.

He nods to the nurse and the current blasts through Sarah’s brain, locking every muscle in her body into a painful contortion. It triggers an epilepsy- like seizure and she bucks and flops on the gurney.

SILBERMAN She’s not feeling anything right now.

TIGHT ON SARAH’S FACE, contorted, jerking spasmodically. Then…

STROBOSCOPIC FLASH CUTS speeding up in rhythm, images coming at us like a roaring freight train:

TERMINATOR’S STEEL HAND lunging for her in the punch press. A CHROME SKULL, eyes burning red, a demon after her soul. STEEL FINGERS closing on her throat. Then… SARAH’S FINGERS groping endlessly for the switch to the press. Then…

TERMINATOR’S RED EYES filling frame. Lightning arcing all around as the press crushes the hideous machine. But even as it dies it has her by the throat. Even now, long after it’s dead, it still has her by the throat. The lightning gets brighter and brighter… WHITING OUT FRAME


Cameron’s description of the ECT scene would not be tolerated by the “consortium” who funds Cameron. This scene was removed in order to prevent any person’s who have been unknowingly affected by MK-ULTRA technology at the movies to discover that they’ve been mind controlled. This scene also made the “consortium” wonder about Cameron’s loyalty to them.

In 1993 Cameron began doing research for a future project called “Titanic” which would fit into this pattern of mind-control and Masonic symbolism.

True Lies, released in 1994, became the next big film for Cameron. The title “True Lies” was symbolic of the inversion of words and meanings commonly found in Masonry to confuse outsiders. The best way to understand the title was to remember a phrase created by English Occultist/Freemason Aleister Crowley; “If you want to understand, learn to think backwards”.

Symbols that appeared in the film varied from helicopters shilouetted against the morning sun so they appeared black as in “black helicopters” which have been seen all over the United States that year and the use of the name “Trilby” for the leader of the Omega group. “Trilby” was symbolic of the type of hats Masons would wear at many of their gatherings. A play based on a novel called “Trilby” was written in 1848 by a Mason, the same year in which Freemasons were nearly driven out of the United States after the murder of Albert Pike who had revealed many Masonic secrets.

By this time Cameron had gained enough momentum to move further up in the Scottish Rite degrees of Masonry to receive guidance and direction from an established Hollywood “consortium” known as the Hollywood Twelve. “Hollywood-12” was a mirror group for the U.S. government’s Majestic-12. MJ-12, which was created in 1947 after the crash of the extra-terrestial vehicle in Roswell, New Mexico and designed to manipulate history to control information on extra-terrestials. HW-12 was originally created in the 1950’s during the “Red Scare” and McCarthy witch hunts.

When the Masons and their “consortium” of psychiatrists first introduced the MK-ULTRA technology to Hollywood to prepare the public for extra-terrestials and the New World Order, it was determined that a consortium would have to be built among those experienced in film making to implement this technology and to keep it in the proper hands. All of this culimated to become Hollywood Twelve, made up of film studios and television networks. Among HW-12’s members today are;

20 Century Fox, Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony/Columbia Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Disney, Orion, CBS, NBC, ABC.

It is the mission of HW-12 to use MK-ULTRA technology to it’s limits in ALL entertainment mediums, including, films, television, magazines, computers and now the internet.

In 1995, the world saw “Strange Days”, a film written and “produced” by Cameron and directed by his 3rd wife(now ex-wife) Kathryn Bigelow. “Strange Days”, named after a “Doors” song was symbolic of the weird things that would be occurring from 1995 onward that would shape history toward the world government by the millennium.

The film was based on a type of technology called “SQUID” – Superconducting QUantum Interference Device. This device could be used to record human experiences on a CD ROM and play them back for later use. “SQUID” was an actual device created from MK-ULTRA technology to record and play back memories as well as for use as a “psychic driving” tool for mind control as Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron did by replaying his voice to mental patients to cause “de-patternization” of human consciousness and multiple personalities.

A lot of the SQUID imagery in “Strange Days” was loaded with subliminal messages which were inserted by “consortium” members who had infiltrated “Digital Domain” a special effects company created by Cameron in 1994. The film didn’t make much at the box office and it was designed that way for the purposes of determining what kinds of subliminal images would draw a person to Cameron’s films.

The negative portrayal of the SQUID technology was influenced by Cameron and the “consortium” began to see him as a problem that needed to be handled. It turns out that while writing and researching Strange Days, Cameron discovered the MK-ULTRA connection and read about Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron’s brain butchery in Montreal in the 1950’s and was horrified to discover that his great artistic talents had been used in this way. He would try to break away from this madness.

The next big project on Cameron’s list was “Titanic”. A culimation of five years worth of research, Cameron was finally going to make a film that would be free of MK-ULTRA’s influence. Since “Strange Days”, Cameron had learned that all of this time, he had been manipulated and controlled. by a group of “bad” Freemasons who work for evil purposes.

In order to understand this, you have to trace the history of the Freemasons from Atlantis. In ancient Atlantis, there was originally ten republics that made up the island continent located in the Atlantic. During it’s history, a disagreement over how Atlantis was going to be managed split the Atlanteans into two factions, the Sons of Belial and the Law of One. The disagreement evolved into a civil war which led to the suppression of the Law of One, which emphasized spiritual existence, and the creation of a dictatorship by the Sons of Belial which emphasized materialism.

The continuing materialism of the Sons of Belial led to the creation of changes in the Earth’s climate, via pollution and waste of resources and the eventual sinking of the Atlantean continent as described in many ancient texts, including the book of “Genesis” in the Bible. The Law of One preserved the intellectual and philosophical idealism from Atlantis and stored it inside of two hollow pillars they named Boaz and Jachin that floated away from Atlantis and were later discovered by ancient travelers in Europe. Boaz was the Atlantean word for “strength” while Jachin was the word for “stability”. From the information found inside these pillars by travelers who were known as “sojourners”, they founded the earliest remnants of Freemasonry with the precepts of “strength and stability” and passed them down through the generations.

As Freemasonry evolved into the 1700’s, several members had quarreled with other members and secretly revived the Sons of Belial into their own faction also known as the Illuminati. Upon discovery, the rest of the Masons became the Law of One faction. Both factions worked toward the same goal, the recreation of Atlantis. Thus with the help of several of their members from both sides, including George Washington of the American Masons and Adam Weishaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati, they created the United States of America in 1776. Since then, both factions have two versions of the same goal. The Sons of Belial faction wants to enslave the human race in a “New World Order” while the Law of One Faction wants to create a “Pax Humana” or Human Peace.

The Sons of Belial faction are responsible for events that set back human history and creativity while The Law of One faction has been responsible for advancing the human race toward the it’s ultimate goal, to rejoin the community of civilizations in the universe where humanity originally came from.

After breaking from the Sons of Belial faction of Masonry, Cameron was finally approached by members of the Law of One faction to help him create one of the most emotionally moving and popular film of all time.

When Cameron casted actors to fill the roles, the Law of One faction helped him find other Law of One members who would make the film a success.

Among them were Order of Eastern Star members, Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart for the young Rose and old Rose roles. For the Jack Dawson role, Cameron had chose Leonardo Dicaprio, who is a Freemason. He had admitted to being a Mason in a 1995 German television interview. When the reporter had pressed for further details, Leo became uncomfortable and abruptly ended the interview. This was because he’s been followed by members of the Son’s of Belial faction and they’ve intimidated him into silence.

Cameron wouldn’t remain completely free from the Sons of Belial faction for long. During part of the filming in Nova Scotia, someone had spiked clam chowder that was going to be fed to crew members with PCP. This had sickened many people, including Cameron who’s eyes had become as red as the eyes of the Terminator. Everyone recovered but more events would take place. Another Son of Belial member posing as a Mexican mafia hitman had threatened Cameron’s life on the Titanic set in Baja, Mexico.

The Law of One continued to help Cameron make Titanic into a “religious experience” and to serve as a metaphorical warning to the world of the consequences of the Sons of Belial faction taking over with their “New World Order” and moving carelessly into the future with only technology. Under the Sons of Belial, the population of the world would be coerced into slavery and finally destruction. Similar ideas of the choice between servitude or destruction have been placed in several Hollywood recent movies ranging from films like “Independence Day” to “The X-Files Movie” as warnings of the future to come.

The number of Oscar nominations received by Titanic explained the Law of One’s influence on the “religious experience” side while the MK-ULTRA technology held by the Sons of Belial influenced the films subliminal imagery and created repeated viewing by audience members to the point of the film taking in 1 Billion dollars. The success of the film created a rewarding situation for Cameron who had now achieved the status of a 32nd Degree Mason and in August of 1997 he had married Linda Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 and is also a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.

The Academy Awards will be held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The building was built in 1927 by The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, better known as the Shriners. The Shriners are an organization which admits only 32nd degree Masons and was founded in New York City in the 1870’s by American actor William Florence.

Upon entering the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, on March 23rd, 1998, James Cameron will become instated as a 33rd Degree Mason. The outcome of the Oscars will determine which side James Cameron is being influenced by in Freemasonry, the Law of One faction or the Sons of Belial and the “consortium”.

This document is delivered by C.S.M. to bring the truth to reality.

Morning Star the Light Bearer



  1. sounds to me like two evils at play here..and to various degrees we are all M.A.D. (mind altered degenerates) from the years of outter worldly influences, just saying…question everything…???…”CHRIST” light, heart energy, inner truth/knowledge…go within…connect with nature….too much focus on info./dis info….disengage with it all, tune into “Higher self”…be authentic…be kind, empathetic and compassionate towards all life.

  2. As a survivor of Mk-Ultra who for over twenty years has attempted to bring my truth forward, I want to thank those who help to educate the general public regarding governmental misconduct and inhumane actions against unwiting private citizens. Please visit my blog:

    I would like to be in communication with other Mk-Ultra survivors. The survivors need to galvanize and take legal action for the purpose of establishing justice for the courageous individuals who step forward. Thank you and I look forward to your comments on my blog.


    Maryam Ruhullah

  3. Albert Pike was a Confederate general, so it’s not possible he was murdered in 1848 (decades before the war). There’s some interesting things here though. Nice effort.

  4. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your website. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Exceptional work!

  5. Maximus is right.

    The Purple Hatted Dumb Bastards(tm) are an “outer” group that leads to the “inner” group of twit-ism and douche-baggery. A zombie apocalypse would fix those fucktards who have managed to claw their way to the top of the Masonic sewer.

    We need a good flushing to unclog the esoteric sewers right quick.

  6. First of all, your assertions about Masons are false. How do I know? I am one. No where are we taught that we came from Sirius, so I don’t know where you even pulled that one out of. Second, there is not now, nor has there ever been a worldwide Masonic cabal. All Grand Lodges are independent – there is no one Freemasonry, but many related but separate Freemasonries. Differint jurisdiction even use differing rituals, so not even that is standard. Even in the Scottish Rite, which is the favorite target of conspiracy theorists, most of the Brothers couldn’t find their ass with both hands, much less control anything. Heck, the old guys do good to control their bowels. Did you know you become a 32 degree in one weekend? And, you don’t know anymore than when you walked in the door. And don’t say that “the real secrets are revealed in the 33rd degree – my great-grandfather was a 33rd in the NMJ, you get awarded the 33rd for service to the Scottish Rite, period. No dark secrets or drinking out of skulls.

    Sorry people, you need to start living in the real world. Shit happens sometimes for no reason whatsoever. No-one is in control.

    1. Maximus….you are in the dark…. sorry not to believe that us presidents get their 33 degrees in one weekend and it magically and unexplainably becomes a ticket to the white house. Face it….you signed a death pact and you didn’t know with whom or, the real cost and it’s affect on this and the next several hundred lifetimes…..oh well, back to grade school eh?

      1. you have absolutely no idea or proof about what you are talking about. check you facts by experiencing things. there’s no death pact in freemasonry, no nothing.

        you can’t even read properly. he said the 32nd degree was given in one weekend, not the 33rd. the 33rd is given for helping organize fundraiser, participating in plays, and generally just helping out as much as you can.

        you need to take control of your own life and take off the tin foil hat…..

      1. Hi Dieter,

        I note that you posted this in November, so my response is a bit late as I just took note of it.. 😉

        Maximus’ email is “hecatesown333,″ which has indications of black magic connections…

        He is probably connected to a UK-based occult group of degenerate satanists, who call themselves the “Friends of Hecate,” or one of their offshoots..

        They look upon themselves as “children” of the goddess Hekate, who is a demoness on the astral plane..known in many cultures under differing names. Her symbols being the old hag and the wolf.

        F.O.H. have been creating havoc since 1968..with members in freemasonry, politics, law, police and media..and the use spievial alchemical rites in their rituals, based on the work of Zosimos of Panopolis, the Graeco-Egyptian alchemist from the 4th century AD.

        Something to note..

        Kind regards, Drekx Omega

  7. Each member of the dark cabal has the potential to return to the light…James Camereon has…in my humble opinion and with Avatar he has done it in a huge way….It is the Name of the article and author that I take exception to.
    Morning Star…A New Dawn….this is code speak for the nwo…’Light Bearer’…Lucifer…Am I the only one who sees the deception in this…and then there is the tried and true dark way to present this…
    By stating in the Opening that James is on the dark-side…and then reinforcing that thought through out the story ….then at the end actually telling the truth…this is journalistic mind-control at it’s finest and darkest. …Do not be fooled by their play on words.

    Start using your minds…see through the deceptions…all around you…Nameste’…H O

  8. It seems to me that Cameron is on the LAw of One’s side. I did not want to see Avatar as I did not enjoy Titanic. I though it was emotionally manipulative and the love story did not fit in with the tragedy of the Titanic sinking. I was pleasantly surprised by Avatar – the story of the NAvi’s battle to save their Sacred tree and Sacred way of life I thought was inspiring. I thought Cameron had a spiritual awakening or someone had helped him write this script as it was too positive for him. The destruction and contamination by the military and mining is exactly what is happening here. The NAvi lived according to the Sacred teachings of the Law of One. Cameron has walked towards the light and his ex Kathyrn Bigelow has walked towards the dark. It seems the Academy is supported by the Dark as Hurt Locker won over the inspirational and visually beautiful story of Avatar. I was disappointed that Avatar did not get reconized as this is one more victory for the Sons of Baliel. The Hurt Locker is a depressing biased look at the war in Iraq. It glorifies the American soldiers as helping the terrorist Iraquis. I was appalled this film won Best picture and Kathyrn Bigelow won Best Director. The Academy is obviously influenced by those that want to perpetuate the War on Terror and denigrated Avatar as fluff when it was an inspirational movie about spiritual warriors protecting their way of life from those that want to control them and the resources of their beautiful Planet. Bravo to Cameron and to the return of The Law of One.

    1. Yeah I loved avatar, it was inspiring. Made me think about what some of the other planets could be like. and if you remember, the Navi saw all life as one, and they were more connected to nature than our societies.

    2. Ouffff! That is something… Avatar a spiritually charged movie?? It’s NWO at its best… with the “TREE” being a kabalistic favorite and base… and a beautiful romance brainwashing the sheeple into accepting human hybrids… YEEEEhaaaa, let’s all kiss and make up and make one with the savage creatures, get chipped and be happy… Geeezzz! How does it have to be spelled to be read ?

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