(Special report by Dieter Braun in Cuenca, Ecuador; and Dario Carlos Palma Silva in Santiago, Chile)

This report documents some timely dialogue between internet artist Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) and reader Dario Carlos Palma Silva who is living in Chile and has a firsthand account of the Chile earthquake February 27, 2010.

Dario Carlos Palma Silva: Dieter, the Earthquake was absolutely terrifying !!! I was n my apartment then and I awoke standing up near the door of my room and seeing my apartment shake like a cocktail drink. It has been reported that the sky changed colors during the earthquake, my friends told me they saw strange lights in the sky right after it. I can not discard a man made event, but I was warned by my guides that something huge was going to happen 2 weeks ago but the thing was that I never thought it would be my city and country !!!!

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine): I’m glad that you are well and able even to communicate with us, as you may have some valuable information. 1. When exactly did the Lights occur, before or after or during the earthquake? 2. Who saw the Lights in the sky right afterwards? 3. Where were these Lights in the sky seen? 4. How did your guides warn you that something huge would happen within 2 weeks? 5. Is there a message from you that I can relay to my readers?Stay blessed!

Dario Carlos Palma Silva: Dieter, The lights were seen during and after the earthquake, it was almost 1 minute and a half and since it was so strong many people went outside. Also, it was at 3:34 AM and I was asleep and I awoke stainding up near the entry door of my room. I have other friends descrie the strange color and lghts on the sky, as they were above us (electricity was out). There is even a report of a girl on CNN and she describes the sky as looking almost “surreal”, look under the latests videos and find the one that goes as “terrifying exprience”.
Now, as to my guides, it happened almost 2 weeks ago, and it was an Angel, it had never happened to me before, but it appeared while I was watching some TV, it stayed there until I payed attention and He urged me to do a Meditation as soon as I could as “something big was going to happen”, I immediately thought about a catastrophe, maybe in Asia or some other place, I never related that it could be here. I did the meditation right after, and sent loving and balancing energy to the Earth, and repeated that for many days. I was told that I needed to be a part of the Human Netwrok that were meditating and sending energy to our Earth. I recorded my experience as it was unique and then payed attention to events afterwards. But last night I had no inner warning that I could recognize, and that was weird for me, as usually when something happens I feel very anxious previously. The message is that we need to become a beacon of light within our communities and silently work to send loving and balancing energy to our planet, that is all I can think of now.

Dario Carlos Palma Silva:
Look at the previous link and watch the girl’s commen about strange lights and color of the sky. I saw weird lights, of a reddish color, and so so very close friends of mine.

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine): Great info Dario…where are you? I’m preparing a special report for this with both of us in the byline, so anything else you can add is most useful….let’s get to the truth of this. Got any pics?

Dario Carlos Palma Silva: “Unfortunately I have no pics, in the area where I live is basically well prepared for earthquakes so no major damage here. But there are pictures on the net about the Earthquake and some of them describe very well the intensity of it. Right now I am in the city of Santiago and watching some news on the spot. I will provide you more comments on the lights as I speak more with my friends, but actually communication on the phone here are very very difficult, telecommunication systems are not normalized, maybe tomorrow I will be able to have an uninterrupted phone call.”

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine): Okay I’ll be ready and waiting. If this is yet another earthquake relating to secret weather weapons, let’s bust this baby wide open. There seems to be some info on the internet that suggests the lights may be related to HAARP, a us military weapon. If so, those on the darkside are being widely exposed and will and should be held accountible for all the destruction. Humanity needs to wake up now!

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine): Check out this Youtube video that shows the lights in the sky that occured in the China 2008 earthquake.

“Bizarre colorful (luminous/glowing) cloud phenomenon in the sky was observed about 30 mins before the May 12, 2008 Sichuan earthquake took place. This was recorded in Tianshui, Gansu province”

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine): I found this:

13 reasons to suspect HAARP caused Haiti quake

Was Haiti caused by HAARP?

1) Haiti is near a HAARP array in Puerto Rico just a few hundred miles away.
2) Haiti is a low tech, unguarded, unwanted country, a good place to experiment without getting caught.
3) A street cam running at time of quake clearly showed ground moving up and down only! as if roiling, percolating or boiling. Very little sway in the telephone poles. This salient fact indicates super heated ground water not crust smashing or crustal slippage which always goes sideways. This is the most telling evidence I have uncovered so far. My friend said the lightpole supporting the camera was swaying forward and backward from horizontal motion, but you decide. The other poles don’t seem to be doing this. The ground actually looks like the surface of a crusty, boiling pot of old stew.

Dario Carlos Palma Silva: “I agree with you Dieter, as I said before I do not discard it is a man made event, I personally believe it is related to dark or evil energy, the time it ocurred and the fact that I had no inner warning somehow indicats me that this may have been triggered by outside forces, but at the moment I need to obtain more information. I iwll keep you posted. Dario”

Dario Carlos Palma Silva: Dieter, one thing i forgot to tell you about the Earthquake was that I now remember clearly a very large sound, like the sound of a huge Thunder or like an electric bomb exploding at the moment of the earthquake hit, I do not know if this is natural or not, but since Chile is a country very familiar to earthquakes I do not remember ever hearing that before in the many earthquakes I have felt, even the big one we had in the 80’s.

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine): Thanks Dario….I’m curious as to what Chile’s relationship with the united states of satan is like?

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine): Here’s a related video…there does seem to be a correlation with earthquakes and rainbow colours in the sky….could be HAARP related.

Rainbow Chemclouds in CHILI = HAARP !!! these were in China day of earthquake

Dario Carlos Palma Silva: Dieter…., another comment and trying to connect the dots here. On February 6th 2010 my family and I who were on the top of a 26 story building spotted 3 huge cloud ships near the mountains of the Andes at approximately 8 PM (summer time here and still very sunny). These clouds were lenticular in shape, just like the ones you have photographed and posted on your site. Now, as I previously posted, there were strange lights being seen at the moment of the Earthquake in the direction of the Andes mountains and the sky to the center and north of Santiago.


Dario Carlos Palma Silva:
Dieter, look at this picture, it was taken the day before the Earthquake in the city of Santiago, could this have been a HAARP effect? also look at the comment I made on the earthquake, on 6th February we saw 3 cloud ships near the Andes mountains.

Dieter (Indian in the machine): Thanks Dario! What a great find….this is very very likely to be HAARP….what the evil governments do is that they spray the air with planes with metals that will respond to their magnetic weapons….sometimes it looks rather “soapy” as in this photo…. I’ve seen this effect also in the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada sky. The world can now definitely see that the weather is now being modified for evil purposes and must be stopped. China earthquake, Chile earthquake, Haiti earthquake….these are all “canaries in the coalmine” for humanity that evil people have weapons of mass destruction….this is why it’s important for humanity to IMMEDIATELY WORK WITH GOD AND HIS HEAVENLY HOSTS TO REESTABLISH GOD’S WILL ON OUR LOVING PLANET.


Bookmark this link and check back on this very “real and now” developing report. Thank you for sending your Light and Love to Chile and all areas of the planet that need YOUR positive and powerful energy. Together we are strongest!


  1. We are clearly in an evolutionary phase and should all be meditating on love for one another and the mother earth.

  2. When I first heard about the earthquake…My sister Marina called me about the one in Japan…I spoke to her last week about preparing for the sunami coming…after she told me what was happening in Japan I told her the star rels said there is another one coming soon…I did not think that it was going to happen so quickly…I always feel anxious and alert when a big earth chage is going to happen or when the dark energy is out there like before the 911 went down. I got very ill and uspet and called my family and said something was wrong and something not good was going to happen. I went to bed and then my mum had rang and left this horrible message on my phone…I woke up and thought oh my god she is having a nervous break down..I didn’t watch too much telly back then. The Haiti inicident I felt a week before and began to meditate more then normal…when I found out last night about Chile being hit my first thought was harrp…I am grateful that u guys are on top of it and going to expose this mess. Another big one is coming I feel from L.A. CA by Jan 26 2011 this was the message I got this afternoon when I was alone by the river. All I know is everything is alright and everything is going to be alright. Thank u for putting some of the truth out there. That nstallation in Alaska is not on the arial map when u google it…just the main road out there. Glencoa is a little spot out in the middle of no where.

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