Dear Elites of the World,

We the people of the world know that many of you have gone evil for several generations due to inbreeding, satanic ceremonies, secret deals, and your evil intent to commit crimes against humanity because you want this planet for yourselves. Not all but many of you have been trying to depopulate us, and many of the elite who have not been trying to depopulate us, have been silent accomplices. We are now aware of you and our awareness has empowered us and dis-empowered you….it’s unstoppable and unavoidable due to God’s Divine Will.

Face it…your plagues are not working, Aids, SARS, Bird Flu, H1N1 and all your genetically engineered whatevers, are not going to work. Humanity has assistance from our star family who’s technology is far more advanced than your technologies. You have lost this round…we don’t want to die!

Face it…you have created underground bases where you think you will happily live while the rest of us perish on the surface. This is just plain silly….there is NO EVIL IN THE FIFTH DIMENSION. Maybe satan forgot to tell you that one eh??? Face it, satan has punked you BIG TIME!

Face it…the meek will inherit the earth. Anyone who’s intention is to control another, is not meek. Face it, this earth is not your inheritance. Believe it, there is a planet with your name on it….it’s a hell planet…enjoy!

Face it, there are no chosen ones….you the elite are not special just because you’re able to convince yourself that you are….just plain silly. Is a bird really a cat, because it thinks that it is? Of course not!

Face it, you have been used by satan. We know you have been feeding yourselves human blood, you have been sacrificing babies too, and you have been plotting so many evils, that even satan is shocked. Why don’t you just face it, that this planet is no longer your home and your antics are no longer welcome here, nor will they be tolerated. Your games of evil are just about over.

Face it, our planet has millions of Galactic Federation of Light ships that have technology that makes your technology look like baby toys. Give it up, this planet has a freewill and a destiny that trumps your evil antics.

Face it, we know that you are trying to depopulate us, and poison us, and to force us into permanent poverty. Face it, we don’t want any of this and our mass conscious awakening is quickening everyday…why don’t you join the party and wake yourselves up!

Face it, you elites of evil cannot trust each other and we don’t trust you either. Trust is earned not brainwashed.

Face it, no evil is allowed in the fifth dimension…this is why so many evil doers are finding it very difficult to exist on this planet because the Light grows stronger everyday….this is why you are weaker everyday….can you see this as clear as we can?

Face it, we don’t want a financial system controlled by you….you are greedy children who cannot be trusted. We don’t need you and desire that you go to another planet where you can play your evil games on each other.

Face it, everybody including you are better off if you surrender and admit your crimes against humanity. Face it, Israel isn’t the center of the world and war isn’t the answer…war is for spiritually underdeveloped humans.

Face it, we know about the human cloning, the secret weather wars, the secret space weapons, Project Bluebeam and all the other tricks that you gloat about.

Face it, the Light has already won and will always win!

If you have any bit of wisdom within you, you would turn to the Light immediately…your cohort of evil have nothing for you and what do you have for them….nothing!…..

Face it, you need God’s hand right now and the hand of your Lighted brothers and sisters….take it and let the Light in.

Repeat: “I am done with my evil ways and I immediately an open to the Light of God right here and right now…my denial ends right now!”.

Love and support,

Indian in the machine



  1. Thank you Drekx…It is good to be connected with some TRUE people of light….I am not fretting at all…For this is the greatest time of my life. Being liberated from this world and the ways of society is indeed a feeling all to its own. My TRUE work in life has completely begun now. WE are not here to work for man but with man to create a better place to live that is free from the rule or control of another man. FOR THE SPIRITS are with in me and they ARE AWAKE INDEED……they have some things to say and some things to do here on earth before the Great Change goes down….


  2. I am not worried about being jobless. I feel totally liberated in letting go of all my attachments to money. I have dedicated my life to helping others in this world. I know in my heart that things like money will work themselves out when it comes to me doing God’s work….’Don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself……the birds do not worry about their food each day, yet it is provided for them each day…..” I feel like a soaring Eagle high in the sky just gliding with the wind…..

    1. Ponder,

      Excellent words, and being unemployed by a failing economy, is nothing to fret about, as so many do, usually for financial or social reasons…

      Spirit will always have work for anyone who choses to complete it, whether they be officially unemployed, or not..
      Sometimes being free from the corporate grind allows TRUE SPIRITUAL LIFE CONTRACT WORK to happen.
      Total liberation is what all should aim for, including liberation from corporate hierarchies, with their professional judgements, targets and balance sheets….

      Abundance flows to those giving out like energy, and mental attitude….”tomorrow will worry about itself..!” as you say…
      Who needs to work to prop up an illusionary-usuary and dieing system of finance…??

      namaste, Drekx

    1. You’re welcome Ponder…..hey I ‘m jobless too…..but making it up as I go, making cash along the way. 😉 Walking away from teaching at college has been the best 7 years of my life. 😉 Dieter

  3. Thank you again Dieter for sharing your wisdom and insight of the world…..
    All is true about this group of men that like to call themselves the “elites”…they have asked for a world all to their own and they shall get one. It just won’t be this ONE. They will be given a new world of sticks and stones again. There is no Satan or evil…man has created that himself. These men we speak of are satan and evil. They invented satan and evil to “pass the blame to” and not take full responsibility for their own actions. The invented satan and evil to control the people with fear, like they do with ‘terrorists’ today. To hide behind and fool the people that they are fighters against the very thing they invented or created….their time is over with here on this LOVELY PLANET…IT IS UP TO US TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY NO LONGER CAUSE HARM TO MAN KIND using their weapons and technologies….That they no longer cause harm to our GAIA, Mother Earth……Time is of the Essence and the time to act is NOW! We must come together now and show people the TRUTH and the LIGHT…The people of LIGHT must come out now…I ask you Dieter, are you him? If not, then you must be his guide and he might be looking for his guide here on earth…..??? Dieter…I have gone through a major ‘transformation’ to find MYSELF and who I TRULY AM and what MY purpose is here on this planet…but I have also found that it is not mine to claim. Nor do I seek to claim it. It has been a mystery for a reason and it must continue to be a mystery for those who choose to keep it that way. Not all will choose to see the LIGHT or TRUTH and to them IT, WE, will always be a mystery in their small world……I know my abilities are gifts that all can possess here if they choose to…but it is up to them, not us…..

    1. Thanks Ponder….I’m here as a guide and to evolve. 😉 We are all stepping into the Light, or another planet./learning situation. Life is all about choices and consequences. 🙂 Dieter

      1. Stepping into the light is for those who choose to do so. For if you are not in the light then you are still in the dark. Under an illusion of light that will eventually run out…like the illusion we have currently been living in…..THE MAYA……the darkness will indeed take one to another planet…for this ONE will be too bright for darkness to reside on…

  4. The Illuminati are no longer the force that they were, but we have yet to disable them sufficiently to stop all interference in our plans. However, their influence is also falling away, and many who were recruited to do their work are leaving the sinking ship. Not everyone involved with them is necessarily in favor of what they are doing, and with a heightening level of consciousness even their hearts are yearning for the Light to enter their lives.


    1. I agree Dieter,

      There is a growing divine discontent with the status quo…. the endless wars, the ongoing banking greed and so many other low vibes felt, within transforming 3rd density. Many in finance, science and politics have had enough of the dark agenda…and desert it droves, if they have awoken from the stupor.

      Even the Dark Cabal itself is subject to the incoming cosmic rays that are prompting a consciousness shift in even the hardest of hearts, a prompting to re-evaluate their dark paths and seriously consider a Lightshift…an opportunity that has awaited 13,000 years of excess control over human hearts and minds.

      Goliath is falling down, for all his bravado and sabre-rattling….the collapsing world economy will surely end the imperial project for good and that will certainly convince them to give up the vain struggle….if they haven’t already.

      But bro, about your own recent adventure…!!

      Apart from the odd “mad cows” over there, stampeding through the jungle at you, how was Ecuador…??
      Just glad you shamanistically became the Ecuadorian wind and out-paced the heard….


      Namaste, Drekx

      1. Thanks Drekx….Ecuador is treating me very nicely….I’m heading back to the coast soon for some rest, some music and some hammock moments. Right now I’m in a very lovely colonial city called, “Cuenca”….sipping a $1 delicious beer with a view over looking the city, and a fresh market salad….where are you and how are you doing? Dieter

    2. Hi Dieter,

      In an internet cafe in Camden Town, London….
      Currently staying with friends at Gloucester Crescent, near Camden Lock…..shortly I’ll be enjoying a restaurant meal with them and thinking of sipping some 2008 Californian Ruby Cabernet.. 😉

      I’m very well thanks, bro…!! namaste, Drekx

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