RUSSIAN SCIENTIST: THE SOLAR SYSTEM IS MOVING INTO A NEW ENERGY “ZONE” THAT IS TRANSFORMING THE MAGNETIC FIELDS OF THE PLANETS, by Art Rosenblum, 27 May 2009, UNCENSORED magazine, September-December 2009. [Quote:] Dear friends: The scientific report below is so strange that I was not prepared to believe it or send it out to you until I contacted my old friend, peace poet, writer and translator, Igor Mikhailusenko, in Moscow to find out if the scientist named below is a respected individual or just some kind of kook. I can’t really investigate the science, but the least I can do is ascertain the reality of the scientist.
Igor reports that the man is well known and respected among Russian scientists, and therefore I pass on the very interesting report below. Now it seems that what may really be happening is larger than just sun spot changes. It may actually be, as Dr. Dmitriev seems to suggest, that the entire solar system is moving into a new area of the heavens where things are indeed different.
We’ve always known that, just as our planet revolves around the sun and in doing that passes through different areas so there are more meteorites at certain seasons than at others, so also the sun itself, with the entire solar system around it, has an orbit of its own. Orbit? That would suggest a centre around which it revolves. I’m not sure of that, but it is clear that the entire solar system is not fixed in space. It must at least move with what some refer to as an “expanding universe”.
So as it moves, there is no reason to think that it cannot move into areas of different kinds of energy. Are these energies physical only? What is the difference between physical energy and spiritual energy? I have long believed that, just as physical energy can be transformed into matter (E = mc squared, à la Einstein), so also it seems likely that there is some similar relationship between spiritual energy (love) and physical energy. Well, that is only my own intuitive feeling, but now we have some evidence that there really can be some vast changes affecting all the earth and all the planets at the same time. Whether the effect is physical only or also spiritual remains to be seen and experienced.
Now Igor also deserves some credit here. Without his input, his assurance that this scientist is credible, I would not have forwarded the report that follows. From the age of 10 when he lost both legs during a Nazi air raid, Igor has been a poet for peace, writing and traveling and publishing books dedicated to a meaningful spiritual change for the earth.
I’ve known him since 1984 and met him personally in 1986 and brought him to the U.S. in 1987. There is no question of his sincerity and dedication to peace. However, since the end of Communism, when disabled people were fairly well cared for, things have not gone well for Igor. But in recent times, he has been given an old computer and is now able to do email with many people across the world.
* * *
Though he cannot himself access the web with his old equipment, a friend has created a website for him. That’s how I found out that the scientific work which appears below is respectable. Please do visit his website and find out about his books. See the scientific report below.
The Russian perspective on “earth changes”
The atmospheres of the planets are changing:
Dr. Dmitriev’s work shows that the planets themselves are changing. They are undergoing changes in their atmospheres.
For example, the Martian atmosphere is getting sizably thicker than it was before. The Mars observer probe in 1997 lost one of its mirrors, which caused it to crash, because the atmosphere was about twice as dense as they calculated, and basically the wind on that little mirror was so high that it blew it right off the device.
Earth’s moon is growing an atmosphere:
Also, the moon is growing an atmosphere that’s made up of a compound Dmitriev refers to as “Natrium”. Dmitriev says that, around the moon, there is this 6,000-kilometre-deep layer of Natrium that wasn’t there before. And we’re having this kind of change in Earth’s atmosphere in the upper levels, where HO gas is forming that wasn’t there before; it simply did not exist in the quantity that it does now. It’s not related to global warming and it’s not related to CFCs or fluorocarbon emissions or any of that stuff. It’s just showing up.
Magnetic fields and brightness of the planets are changing:
The planets are experiencing sizable changes in their overall brightness. Venus, for example, is showing us marked increases in its overall brightness. Jupiter has gotten to have such a high energetic charge that there is actually a visible tube of ionizing radiation that’s formed between its moon, Io. You can actually see the luminous energy tube in photographs that have been taken.
And the planets are having a change in their fields. The magnetic fields are becoming stronger.
Jupiter’s magnetic field has more than doubled. Uranus’s magnetic field is changing. Neptune’s magnetic field is increasing. These planets are becoming brighter. Their magnetic field strength is getting higher. Their atmospheric qualities are changing.
Uranus and Neptune appear to have had recent pole shifts. When the Voyager 2 space probe flew past Uranus and Neptune, the apparent north and south magnetic poles were sizably offset from where the rotational pole was. In one case, it was 50 degrees off, and in the other case the difference was around 40 degrees, both of which are pretty big changes. The overall changes could essentially be broken down into three categories: Energy field changes, luminosity changes, and atmospheric changes.
Overall volcanic activity has increased 500 percent since 1975. On the Earth, we’re seeing the changes even more completely. For example, Michael Mandeville has done research that has shown thatthe overall volcanic activity on the Earth since 1875 has increased by roughly 500 percent. The overall earthquake activity has increased by 400 percent just since 1973. Natural disasters increased 410 percent between 1963 and 1993.
Dr. Dmitriev did a very elaborate calculation of natural disasters. He showed that, if you compare the years 1963 through 1993, the overall amount of natural disasters of all different kinds—whether you are talking hurricanes, typhoons, mud slides, tidal waves, you name it—have increased by 410 percent.
The Sun’s magnetic field has increased by 230 percent since 1901:
There’s a study by Dr. Mike Lockwood from Rutherford Appleton National Laboratories in California, who has been investigating the Sun. He has discovered that, since 1901, the overall magnetic field of the Sun has become 230 percent stronger than it was before. [H: Our long-time readers will recognize the sequence of events as to the “Photon Belt”—even going back to 1962-1963, when you began to enter into the fringes of the belt.]
More than just Earth Changes:
So, all in all, what we’re seeing is a lot more than just what they call Earth Changes. Some people get into the idea that there is an interaction between the Earth and the Sun that’s going on here.
Very, very few people are aware of the research that is being done in the Russian National Academy of Sciences in Siberia, in NOVOSIBIRSK. [H: Aha! Cosmosphere territory! Emphasis added.] They’ve come to the conclusion that the only possible thing that could be causing this energetic change all throughout the Solar System is that we are moving into an area of energy that is different—that is higher.
The glowing plasma at the leading edge of our Solar System has recently increased 1000 percent. Now, check this out. The Sun itself has a magnetic field, of course, and that magnetic field creates an egg around the Solar System, which is known as the heliosphere. The heliospere is shaped like a teardrop, with the long and thin end of the drop pointing in the opposite direction from the direction that we’re traveling. It’s just like a comet, where the tail is always pointing away from the Sun. The Russians have looked at the leading edge of this heliosphere, and they have observed glowing, excited plasma energy there.
This plasma energy used to be 10 astronomical units deep (an astronomical unit is the distance from the Earth to the Sun, 93,000,000 miles). So ten astronomical units represents the normal thickness of this glowing energy that we used to see at the front end of the Solar System. Today, that glowing plasma has gone to 100 astronomical units deep.
Although Dmitriev’s paper does not give an exact timeline, we can assume that this increase happened in the same 1963 to 1993 period as the increase he found in natural disasters. Whenever it happened, that’s a 1,000 percent increase in the overall brightness of the energy at the front end of the Solar System.
And this means that the Solar System itself is moving into an area where the energy is more highly charged. That higher-charged energy is in turn exciting the plasma and causing more of it to form, so you see more luminosity, more brightness. This energy is then flowing into the Sun, which in turn emits the energy and spreads it out along its equatorial plane, which is called the Ecliptic.
This in turn is saturating interplanetary space, which causes the solar emissions to travel more quickly and charge up the energy on the planets.
And this is conscious energy that is changing how the planet works, how it functions, and what kind of life it supports. The harmonics of the DNA spiral itself are altering. That’s the real, hidden cause of spontaneous mass evolutions in previous epochs.
All this is happening simultaneously, and it’s all working up to a crescendo where there is going to be a sudden shift. In other words, we will get to the point where we are so far into the new level of energy that there will be a sudden expansion of the basic harmonic wavelengths that the Sun emits as it radiates energy out of itself.
This increase in energy emission will change the basic nature of all matter in the Solar System. The planets are pushed slightly farther away from the Sun and the atoms and molecules that make them up actually expand in terms of their physical size.
Peace and love,
Art Rosenblum,
Aquarian Research Foundation, 5620 Morton St., Philadelphia,


  1. Those russian scientists know what they are talking about. It all seems to coincide with the myan calander and the christian bible revelations and the alinement of the planets. December 21, 2012.

  2. Hi, I don’t think that we can fully understand that which is not in our density, or we would not exist in this realm. The transition we are all going trough is real. We can use this change/ energy as a catalyst for massive growth or as a catalyst for huge confusion. All judgments we make create separation. The idea that self differs from other selves implies that there is no link between us/ we are not the same. We should embrace these changes as there negative effects will only arise for those who believe/ create them. We can find great comfort in accepting that we live in the space time continuum, we are fixed in time but move in space, therefore in this reality we only exist in the present , one continuous moment, all future and past is illusion. If we think/ believe that bad things will happen, they will and if we choose to receive information that doesn’t sit well with us we will be unhappy. We should not be afraid of the earth changes because as you say, there are guides from higher densities that will assist/ help us if we allow them to, but be aware that they will try there up most not to impose themselves on our free will. We are all ONE and we all have the right to think whatever we want to.


    1. A message for Dove of Oneness, in relation to your message posted on this link, on behalf of the GFL….

      Dove said:
      “Urgent: Earth Needs HelpFebruary 9, 2010 3 a.m. PSTHello Dear Friends and White Knights,There is a terrible problem which is totally interfering with themission to save our Earth.WHY SAVING EARTH IS IMPORTANTAbout 20 years ago, the Illuminati politicians including George H. W.Bush, began building underground cities 5,000 miles under the surfaceof Earth to save themselves from the coming earth changes. MostIlluminati do not know about these cities.According to one of my contacts in US government intelligence, thereare over 230 underground cities at 5,000 miles below the surface ofthe US. However, about 2,000 earth-years in the future, theIlluminati begin fighting with each other and use weapons which blowup the entire Earth. The explosion energy rolls out and destroys thissolar system and then continues to destroy star systems and galaxies. This is why a mission was ordered to save Earth and get rid of theIlluminati, and end the earth changes.In 2002, a mission to save Earth was authorized by theleadership/power hierarchy of this Universe. There was a PleiadianCommander and a ship of Pleiadians assigned to the mission to come toEarth and help solve the problems on Earth and stop the Earth changeswhich have been occurring on Earth every 25,000+ years for millions ofyears. A big asteroid hit Earth and knocked it off its orbit millionsof years ago. The ancient Flood in the Bible was part of the ancientearth changes but in general the 25,000-year+ earth changes have notleft records for humans.Unfortunately, there were lies told in 2002 that prevented the helpfrom happening. The Pleiadian commander has refused to do the rightactions to accomplish the mission. As late as last June, 2009, the Pleiadian commander was told to do themission the right way, but he is secretly refusing. The missionrequires that the mission commander request help of other ET ships topush the Earth back onto its right orbit and totally stop the earthchanges. The current Pleiadian commander is refusing to help due to“politics” among the ETs. He is an evil man who is not following hisorders. He plans on blaming someone else for the mission failing.In the past, some ETs have picked up thousands of humans when theearth changes happened and this saved some human life. The SirianETs, who work with earth-person Sheldan Nidle, are planning to pick upsome earth persons because of the coming earth changes. I do notthink Sheldan’s ET friends know about the authorized mission to stopthe earth changes from happening.If you are in contact with Sheldan, please FORWARD this Dove Report to Sheldan and ask him to have his ETs check to verify themission saving Earth by contacting the Regional Commander who is overthis part of the Milky Way galaxy. We have found almost everyone we need to do the mission to get rid ofthe Illuminati and do NESARA, but we are supposed to have help fromthe Pleiadian ship which was assigned. We need help to REPLACE thecurrent Pleiadian commander and get new help to get the mission done.At one time in the past, I spoke with Sheldan Nidle frequently but hehas moved away from Hawaii and I do not have his new contact info. Some of you may have it; please FORWARD this Dove Report to Sheldan sohe knows I am asking for his help. If Sheldan’s ET friends contactthe regional Commander who knows about the mission to stop the earthchanges, they should tell the regional commander to REPLACE thecurrent Pleiadian commander who is being a traitor and is notfollowing his orders to save Earth! If we do not get the current Pleiadian commander replaced soon, NESARAcannot be done. PLEASE HELP! NESARA Now!Blessings and Love,Dove of OnenessExecutive DirectorInternational NESARA Take Action Teams” END QUOTE

      Drekx Omega response:
      Dove, you have been fed some misinformation by a Dark Cabal psy-ops team, in the vain hope that it will create division within the ranks of the Federation Star Nations and between the GFL and Earth Allies…..

      There is no “rogue Pleiadean Commander & traitor” refusing to obey orders. All personnel are primed to assist in Mother Earth’s ascension and that means all Earth changes must proceed to schedule, without further delay. The Divine Plan has already stipulated the necessity to migrate a greater proportion of Humanity into the crystal cities of Agartha, using teleportation as the transportation method. All star seeds, including myself and my daughter, will be taken into the scout-ships, or teleported to the orbiting Mother ships, by their respective originator Star Nations. Ours being “Akanowai Dajoie,” the Sirian Star Nation, as well as Susan, Coleen and Sheldan and many others.
      Other Earth Humans are scheduled by the Lords of Karma to be transported off the Earth and taken to other 3D worlds, where they will be allowed to continue their journey as limited conscious Humans, as their growth has not been sufficient to allow for an ascension, this time..the NWO Dark Cabal supporters and members are included in this plan.
      So at the time of these essencial Earth changes, we are hoping that nobody will be left upon the surface, where the earth quakes will be so severe, the land will vibrate and mimic the waveforms of a great sea, with waves. The winds will reach 500 miles per hour and no surface structures will survive. All plant and animal life will be evacuated along with Human. The Earth changes allow Earth’s surface topography, atmosphere and geography to be changed utterly and a magnetic pole shift which migrates the north pole accross the surface, the south will migrate to the core. This allows for a 5th density surface to match the 5th density inner-Earth. The continents of Atlantis and Lemuria will be restored and the mean average sea level will be dropped, increasing the land to sea ratio, on a par to early Lemurian times.
      Later the Agarthans will increase atmospheric oxygen and establish the two layers of NEW FIRMAMENTS at their ancient Atlantean altitudes….

      There is no “Pleiadean Commander” assigned to stop the Earth changes. Please contact Sheldan Nidle, if you require confirmation of my statement I’m sure he will confim these facts to you, as I’ve stated them…
      Blessings and light,
      Drekx Omega GFL Ground Crew.

  3. Our solar system does move. It is not static. We revolve around the galactic core of the Milky Way and are located on the outer portion of one of the “arms” which radiate out from the center of the galaxy. Looked at from the side view, the Milky way resembles a plate.
    Apparently, our solar system oscillates from one side of the “plate” to the other. During this transit (passage) through we encounter high energy as this zone is the area which has the greatest concentration of galactic energy.
    We are close to the peak event, having entered the active zone decades ago, and then we will see a decline as we leave the active zone.
    This is all new to us as our recorded history does not go back to the last transit but this phenomenon happens regularly as the geological record indicates.

  4. I am just curious about the energy changing everything, if the solar system has an orbit then it will come out of this high energy field that we are passing through. So the evolution will slow down at this time until the next passing?

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