9 thoughts on “Federal Reserve Zionist Leaked Photos!… ‘The United Federation of North America’… The North American Union AMERO DOLLARS Submitted by SadInAmerica

  1. better wake up. why do u think they started making all sorts and kinds of money in all denominations since 9-11. it is part of the over all program to desensitize all nations in their own way to their new ideas. the more we are exposed to their antics , the more we will accept the deception in play by the worlds elite. the puzzle i coming together. soon the last piece will be put in and we will all be doomed.

  2. Has to be a hoax. All the Presidents have been replaced with the bankster assholes that created the Federal Reserve. Do you think that the People will accept currency with JD Rockefeller instead of Ben Franklin?

    1. Maybe they intend post-constitutional “re-education,” teaching people how superior Rockefeller is…??

      They could grant David Rockfeller a Knighthood, when the US officially ditches the constitution..?? The N.A.U. is intended to be different, so such graphic images make “sense” to the banksters, if not we the people…

  3. And we are asked often to provide evidence of conspiracy…? Sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy.

    Excellent to see the NAU Amero Dollar note denominations presented for all to CONFIRM what some knew…

    BRAVO, White Knights…!! 🙂

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