ASCENDED MASTER HILARION: “If your heart says no but your mind says yes, please listen to your heart.”

ASCENDED MASTER HILARION: “If your heart says no but your mind says yes, please listen to your heart.”

Dieter writes: I truly feel that this message holds many gems of wisdom that assist us to put our reality and potential reality into an empowering context. I certainly feel that the norway spiral light and blue beam in the sky, has created much interest and dialogue related to many issues: Project Bluebeam, Haarp, Galactic Federation of Light, secret hidden technologies, using the sky as a hologram technology…hidden russian technology, star portals, vortexes and much more! Keep it up….pssst, I bet that norway incident has something to do with a hidden earth technology….keep asking questions…keep looking up! Btw, I was visited by a very small cloudship yesterday (you do know what a cloudship is?), it appeared in a triangle and was smaller than most I’ve seen. The sky is filled with clues…each day, a new veil is lifted and a wider dimensional vista can be observed…

December 13 – 20, 2009
Hello again, Beloved Lightworkers,

This week has been a stellar one in terms of the signs of things that are yet to come. There are many events that are on the horizon and will become a regular occurrence as the days go forth. There is much speculation as to what is being seen in the skies and as these keep occurring, the people of the World will have to begin questioning what it all means. And in their search for answers their Awakening will occur.

I wish to bring to your attention the confusion that is caused by some who claim that your World is dividing into those who are of higher frequency and those who will be left behind. Please understand, Dear Ones, that this is a scenario that might have happened many years ago but did not because there was enough Humanity who had turned to the Light percentage wise and so this probability came to naught. As we have told you many times, Humanity is far surpassing all previous predictions of what will occur in the World and what is now occurring is that the World and everyone on it are going forth into uncharted territory and creating the New World as they take each new step and hold the vision of the World they want and desire.

This is what we mean when we say that you are the Creators. You are literally creating the New World right now, through your conscious decisions and choices. So we ask you to remember this as there will continue to be those that wish to sway you into fear and another direction that might not be for your highest good. Use discernment, Dear Ones. This is the time it is most sorely needed! As we have stressed before, if you hear something or read something and it creates fear, doubt, worry, confusion or distress in you, this is a sure sign that it is not of the Highest Light and truth. Use your own initial reactions as the barometer and you will always be guided to that which is for your highest good.

There are many people upon the World right now who are still playing the games of ego and want only fame and the attention it brings them. On the surface, what they bring forth may seem to sound as the truth and often, much of what they say makes perfect sense, but then this is peppered with glaring untruths that set people into confusion and this is how they capture those who do not remain in their centers and those who do not go within to their heart space to feel the truth. Now is the time to be in observation mode and to follow your heart guidance rather than what someone else might tell you. If your heart says no but your mind says yes, please listen to your heart.

It has been heartwarming for us to observe the efforts of those of you who truly care about what is happening on your World and coming forth and speaking as One Voice and making your calls. This fulfills the Universal Law that Humanity must ask of their own free will before assistance can be given. Your calls are being heard, Dear Ones, and are aligned to the Creator’s intent for the Earth, Humanity and all upon the Earth. By doing this, you have set the intent that Humanity wants the highest outcome for the Earth and all upon Her and do not wish to go on detours that would take them from their Path of Light, Love and Peace. Humanity, the Earth and the Cosmos are in alignment. The glory that Humanity is heading into encompasses all who choose to come and when the choices are clearly laid before you, who will not choose the highest outcome?

Each of you is deeply loved and appreciated for choosing the highest outcome not only for yourselves but all upon the Earth and the Earth Herself. This indicates that you are now moving into World Service and that means you have successfully passed many tests and initiations to arrive at this point. This also indicates Mastery of Self and Life and the laying down of the lower ego. You have chosen once again the High Road and this has created a corresponding response from the Universe. Know that you are blessed beyond measure and that your victory is assured.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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4 thoughts on “ASCENDED MASTER HILARION: “If your heart says no but your mind says yes, please listen to your heart.”

  1. I would certainly have to agree there has been plenty of ego to go around with the ‘experts’ lately. Using discernment to ones best advantage requires wisdom, that may be found from applying knowledge and that may be acquired through study.

    People need to become much more educated and inquisitive than they currently are. I’m not referring simply to higher education such as college, that is good also, but having a firm grasp of things that will actually help one use the discernment you’ve pointed out that they should.

    The sciences, mathematics and general knowledge of the world are all required. It is from a serious lack of such knowledge and the skills to properly apply them, that has caused people to be so easily duped by what they are told by those in positions of perceived authority.

    When suggesting others use discernment, it is not enough to say that one should. One also needs to provide the means of “how”.

    1. SciGuy,

      I agree that knowledge and education are very important in discovering truth..The development of what Esotericists describe as the “concrete mind,” which comprises logic, memory, reasoning and mental dexterity..Yet there is a higher aspect to the mind too, which requires development and that would be the area that deal with intuition, psychic, telepathy and the like.
      The higher mind….

      Discernment is best practiced when both the higher and lower areas of mind operate co-operatively within an individual…Meditation is a superb method to help in such development.

      Esotericists describe this development as “building the Antakharana” in mental substance, which when full constructed, acts as a bridge between the Monad and the persona….The brain itself is but a receptor, not unlike a crystal, receiving energies from the manasic body..

      That would explain why people experiencing the near death experience (NDE) continue to think clearly and see aetherically, in spite of floating above their dead bodies, on an operating table, within hospital, with attached electrical monitor recording zero brain activity……..As with unconscious or clinically dead patients.

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