Ashtar has a Special Message Decloakings are Seconds Away Be In Joy

russian ufo

Ashtar has a Special Message Decloakings are Seconds Away Be In Joy

Greetings, This is Ashtar. One of these days soon there will be mass
declaokings of our Ships, all over the World, simultaneously.

New developments recently have made this possible.

When this takes place, you will know arrests have taken place. We cannot
make the Galactic presence known on a worldwide scale until everyone is
safe from any threat of danger, including world leaders, news media, and
military officials.

Many in the news media are prepared with specials already crafted that
they will launch which will explain what mass decloakings means. When
Ted Kennedy passed, there were several video tributes ready to go. This
will be the case for mass decloakings.

It will not be a surprise for the news media. KOS has talked to news
media all over the world. Those news media who are penciled in for
removal, already know they are leaving.

Motherships, as you have already seen in China and Moscow film footage,
will decloak in over 120 countries all at once. This will happen in
different time zones, in day and at night. It will happen for millions
of people at once. There will be film footage shot in all of these
countries. This will go out over the internet as it is happening.

YouTube and Servers will be supported by our technology during this
time. Not only will there be Motherships in a large number of places,
but millions of smaller ships will fill the skies in a shock and awe
experience. ALL of these will have their lights on. Some will show in
their Higher Dimensional forms as Light Ships and some will show up as
metal discs. Some will show as a display of lights. There is an
elaborate plan in place for this.

Almost everyone who sees the mass decloakings, anywhere on Earth will be
completely filled with universal love. It will be so moving that no one
will miss the meaning. No one will be questioning if this is Our Family.
Children especially, will be interested in knowing what is going on.
They will help the older crowd assimilate the news. Everyone will
instinctually be aware that this is something they have waited for a
very long time

There will be a raising of energy frequency when this happens. When the
arrests happen, it will remove in one large action, a great deal of
negativity from Earth. All programs in place to intimidate with fear
will, in a blink of an eye, be wiped away. The change will be palpable.
Immediately, those prepared to take their places will be put into place.
They are waiting for a signal. The news reporting of mass decloakings
will speak of the event from a place of TRUTH.

They will also be commentating on recent arrests and explaining how the
decloakings effect everything. There is no part of this scenario that
will be a surprise to tv, radio and newspapers around the globe. There
will be a mass dissemination of Truth following mass declaokings.

This is what is meant when we say there is an incremental increase of
consciousness for everyone on Earth. This will be a half step increase,
a significant rise in intelligence as well as heart opening, together.
The heart mind will work more effectively at once. This allows each
person to fairly decide for themselves, through their own Guidance, what
is taking place, and how they feel about it.

The rigid religious types, of all religions, in all countries, will be
surprised at how easily they accept the new information. They will be
able to see how it fits into the story they now believe, an expanded
view of their story, an expanded view of what they believe.

There will be great relief from worry. This will happen as a result of
an increase in heart awareness. Egos will shrink and have less power
over the individual. This will quiet the mind chatter. The local mind
will reconnect with universal mind and memories of the Truth will pour

we demand world peace
With the criminals removed from the public, with the news broadcasting
truth, there will be an almost overnight shift in the fear powered
senseless actions controlling the world at the moment of this
transmission. The old timeline is, in simple terms, GONE. Nothing can
change that and the result is about to be witnessed by all.

girls dancing
When the news media stop reporting lies about the need for war
conflicts, and the hearts and minds of all on Earth increase a half
step, the result is a swift end to war and a break out of World Peace.
The radio broadcasts of hate will be replaced by beautiful music and
people will be in the mood to sway to the music. Everything will
suddenly “make sense”.

All the bankers who have been running their bankrupt empires into the
ground will be removed, all the corrupt attorneys and law officials as
well as all corrupt doctors-gone, arrested and taken away. Stock
Brokerages in New York, London, and Japan, as well as those all over the
World, will see an end to the corruption as all of the deal makers who
are criminals will be arrested and gone. Stocks will be frozen as things
are worked out.

Decloakings will be massive and happen for a sustained amount of time.
Those awoken from sleep, due to bright lights in the sky, will not fear
they are dreaming. This is not something that will be mistaken for a
strange weather pattern.

In the American government, the government officials who are not telling
the truth, and stealing funds as well as manipulating the system for
their own gain, will be arrested and gone. There will only be a shadow
government as things are worked out. The increase in love and
understanding will have people celebrating the changes, instead of

There will be a striking and sudden lack of worry among all people
everywhere. The jobless, homeless, sick and hungry, will suddenly feel
good again. The almost instant remittance of fear will have a profound
effect on the Earth. Imagine a World suddenly with nothing to worry
about? The initial good cheer just after arrests and mass decloakings
will shortly change to endless questions from all, about what is next?

The answer for what is next, is the Announcement that we have been under
NESARA Law since October 1, 2008. There will be a great deal of
education placed over the news media of what that means, but it will
come directly form the Galactics, in every language, over the Earth, to
all people who receive tv, radio or newspapers. People will feel a need
to be at home and rest and absorb the news. There will be no urge to be
out and about. Not at first. It will be a lot to take in.

We of the Galactic Federation have been working on this with the other
Star Nations in this Universe to present it to you in the most
compassionate and loving way possible. We have worked a long time to
formulate a plan that is the most fair to all involved. There will be
much support in the changing times. No one will be left out. Be in joy
with us, as the changes are seconds away.

PEACE. Ashtar. Beth and Mark



ESHEBA FROM ASHTAR COMMAND SAYS: Heaven has decided officially that it will not be long before we fill your skies for the time is now truly at hand.

Public acknowledgement soon of other civilizations; other truths will emerge later; “open window” for ascension; changes to come; physical death of those who refuse light; Golden Age government; moderate temperatures; emotions, bodies in higher densities; relationship of soul, fetus


Saskatoon Native Artist Puts Historical 2012 Prophecies In Modern Context.

A Description Of A Galactic Federation of Light Mothership

Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent


62 thoughts on “Ashtar has a Special Message Decloakings are Seconds Away Be In Joy

  1. from what I understand this earth is in a period of transiston from 3rd dimension en route to the 5th dimensional plane ?..i also understand that it is the general consensus between the other races in our universe that we are unenlightened,that we are too agressive and in our infancy as far as our planetary development goes..they come from civilizations many billions of years in advance of ours…therefor they have declared we are to be avoided until such time as our spiritual development is on a par with theirs and at such time they have pledged to assist us with our transition to a higher plane.
    However,none of that sounds like it is likley to happen anytime soon as we here on earth face the daily challenges of illness (that our alien friends could spare us from with their billions of years in advance of us medicines )the struggle of living on a planet barely able to sustain us (there are many areas of 3rd world poverty with people starving and desperate)and overpopulation (we have homeless people ..a nationwide..worldwide epidemic)and as a result there are people here who’s only options have been to be to prey on others less fortunate and there are those that have found themselves the prey..I cite drug addiction..forced prostitution. .slavery to name but a few which our alien visitors could also spare us from by providing us with the means to traverse our universe ourselves allowing expansion and also they could provide us with their advanced town planning planet improving methods and technology. .
    All of these issues are preventing us as a race from our transition to the higher planes.
    the air of superiority that is surrounding our planet is transmitting an underlying air of negativity. .the reasons that we are not ready are a prejudice. .we are all created equal and are borne of the same process and as such should strive to do all we can for our fellow beings including the sharing of knowledge that would improve their quality of life..the fact that you hide from yourself to our resources and stand in judgement of us whilst watching us for your own amusement is nothing less than treating us as an advanced version of reality TV entertainment. .and you all have been there up close and personal with every significant event in our history..your ships have been sighted numerous abduct any person from history and interrogate and inquire as too their motives, reasons etc and then erase that encounter from their memory and put them back..but you have been seen and our forefathers have decided you are gods..aan explanation that you have all perpetuated and encouraged..hensee our religion is filled with God the son and the mother..the holy trinity practically of Christianity. .which is coincidently the same more or less as the supreme ruler the son and the mother of our universe..although beings claiming birth right privilege over other beings has been the root cause of all evil for ever so just to say they are our supreme ruler is something I don’t agree if you do wish to be our supreme rulers then step up and help us as I have previously described and maybe that is something we would all accept gladly..or just leave us alone and stop watching every move we make for your amusement. .you policy of keeping us at arms length unless it suits you has caused hundreds of wars and millions of unessary deaths whilst people have struggled to put all your visitations in a context they can understand..and you lot claiming you are gods in our past is mostly to blame.

  2. Either the greatest thing in the world is about to happen very soon or this truly is one of the nicest but fantasy ideas I’ve read.

    But I’m willing to listen and read about it with anyone.

    I am certain a change will happen far for the better. UFO Disclosure and Free Energy Technology will soon become more apparent, whether from human efforts such as the Venus Project or from Ashtar Light Federation and Nesara Law.

    As for spiritual awakening I think the Sylphs have helped me there, got some truly amazing pictures if anyone knows a good website gallery to upload to. Preferably something that caters to these sorts of idea’s.

    1. No fantasy Zuel227, they are here now. Maaaaaany many many ships.

      This one is the third time that appears around the sun. This time for half an hour. Previous times for one hour each. More images and videos to come.

      Great GFOL Ship appears for the 3rd time! Ovni Ufo aparece por 3a vez! FGDL Sept-12-2012

  3. Tell you what, tomorrow night while I’m sitting outside at 9 pm, have a ship show itself to me, i won’t be scared, in fact, I’d be thrilled. As it leaves, I will believe. Peace and love!

    1. I’m all for peace and love, but I’m a pragmatist. You’re corresponding with someone who’s the real deal with a lot of experience.

      The game plan is to get one to land in a remote location where it won’t cause problems, get on it, and go up to the big ships and talk with the ET powers that be about normalizing relations with us once the wars are stopped and we’re no longer a high risk of exporting hostilities into space. I can then tell the PTB here that I’ve got ETs willing to normalize relations with us and help us to safely become an interstellar civilization once we stop the wars here.

      I’ve seen the ships, I just haven’t been on them yet. They can monitor our thoughts, so if you’re of use to them, they may do a fly by for you. Hopefully it will be good ones who won’t abuse you. Be careful, because there are bad ones out there who will use for painful medical and mind control experiments. Which is why I’m armed, I’ve already been shot in the face once with a beam weapon and have a 1 inch diameter 1/4 deep permanent entry wound scar below my left eye. A little higher and I’d be blind in one eye. Some people have good experiences, but many don’t. This isn’t a joke, people get abducted, tortured and killed.

      there are good ETs and bad ones, it’s just the way that it is.

      1. Be careful, because there are bad ones out there who will use you for painful medical and mind control experiments. Which is why I’m armed, I’ve already been shot in the face once with a beam weapon and have a 1 inch diameter 1/4 deep permanent entry wound scar below my left eye. A little higher and I’d be blind in one eye. Some people have good experiences, but many don’t. This isn’t a joke, people get abducted, tortured and killed.

        There are good ETs and bad ones, it’s just the way that it is.

      2. I would suggest everyone buy an ORGANITE Crystal pendant, They are very powerful and hold very powerful energies that will keep the bad ones away, All negative entities will not come near you. Orgonite is said to kill the bad ones

      3. I wear pendents made of metal and minerals in their natural state. Organite is a branch of alchemy that I haven’t gotten into. At this stage it’s unproven metaphysics as far as I’ve been able to determine.

    2. faith will go a long way my sister If you have A little bit It;ll go a long way.
      may you find your peace and live your light see ya on board

  4. I’ll believe it when I see all that’s supposed to happen. Personally, I’m sick and tired of all the “promises” of things to happen to better this earth. Enough already with reasons, justifications, explanations of why it hasn’t happened yet. Let it be done already!

    1. The vast majority of humanity wants to see our transition into the new age of our developing into an interstellar civilization safely. The problem is that it isn’t safe, we’ve got hostiles on the planet’s surface, it’s probably worse out in deep space. So we’re taking it one step at a time to make sure that everything goes OK.

      1. Oh another thing, if it isn’t safe to proceed in “seconds,” then quit saying it’s “seconds away.” I don’t like deceit in any form FROM any form.

      2. I’m not trying to scar you, but there are real monsters out there. If you”d been through and seen some of the things that I have, you’d know that it’s true.

        You don’t want to run into them, and if you do, you want to be prepared to deal with it, or have people with you that are.

      1. Be patient and you shall see! It’s about DIVINE TIMING, you need to find inner peace, The truth will be revealed!! Faith goes far!! Keep it in your heart soul and mind!

  5. When I said this is starting to feel “Harold Camping” like, I didn’t mean doomsday prophecies, I meant the constant reassurance of things happening by him, yet nothing kept happening. I’m sorry, but this earth has been in trouble for far too long. If there truly were another life form that is supposedly going to help us and this earth, I think they’ve waited too long, the time to help the earth and its people, was yesteryear. This is beginning to feel like another form of “control” over humans and how they think, just like Harold Camping. All the reasons and justifications for things not happening yet, sound just like Harold Camping. He always had a reason why things hadn’t come to pass yet.

    1. You can be pessimistic if you want to be. But the fact of the matter is that we’ve gone from horse and buggy to spaceships with a 7 fold population increase over the past 150 years of the industrial age. That’s pretty good I’d say. My perspective is that we have a progressive viable civilization that is taking us to the stars if we manage things properly, which we probably will.:)

      Some of these channels are probably terrestrial and/or ET psyops, and some may be genuine. Good ETs probably aren’t going to be consistently wrong and misleading. So if an information source has a history of inaccuracy, it understandably creates credibility and integrity deficits. Like the bible says, you have to judge a tree by the fruit that it bears.

      1. I am not being pessimistic, rather realistic. Some of these postings are from years ago, stating things such as “seconds away,” nearer than we could imagine,” any day now,” etc. If they mean trillions and trillions and trillions of seconds or days away, then that’s what should be stated. To humans, seconds away means just that, seconds away. Days away mean a few days from now, closer than we can imagine means right away. Just would like the truth, not this carrot dangling stuff. Again, with nothing happening, it feels like a form of control.

      2. That’s what psyops is, control through deceit.

        “If there truly were another life form that is supposedly going to help us and this earth, I think they’ve waited too long, the time to help the earth and its people, was yesteryear.”

        This sounds like pessimism about our civilization to me. Normalizing relations with good ETs and obtaining medical and industrial technology from them to improve our lives is a very viable option in my opinion.

      3. That’s what psyops is, control through deceit.

        “I’m sorry, but this earth has been in trouble for far too long. If there truly were another life form that is supposedly going to help us and this earth, I think they’ve waited too long, the time to help the earth and its people, was yesteryear.”

        This sounds like pessimism about our civilization to me. Normalizing relations with good ETs and obtaining medical and industrial technology from them to improve our lives is a very viable option in my opinion.

  6. I love the love of will, because I have been on a roller coaster ride, as per this shift, I’m pretty glad I’ve just got off it and I’m feeling so much better. Ty x

  7. greetings dear family!!!! i love you all so much and I AM so grateful to be here at this monumental Earth time….lets rock this planet together….with all my love and more…((()))

  8. Thank you ! Peace love & co – operation for All ! It is our Divine good fortune to be here , the power of love & light is upon us All ! Indeed ! Much love , stu !

  9. Posted in: The Galactic Federation of Light…. Sananda…. Tagged: 2009 world peace galactic federation of light ashtar command

    So this is from 3 years ago>??? or is it up to date,,am i the only one noticing this?

    1. I noticed also,,,when you posted it on GFL ambassadors group,,,nearly felt down! but when i saw the date…again the same…need more coherence, I am aware there is no time…but they are aware also what soon means to us. Too much expectations are not good, cause us much “stress” for not mention the “ridicule” we do whe tell others…a lot of peple arround me realy think I am nuts…and is getting tough for me….please “just a smal “Big” signal. Love light power. namaste.

      1. I’m with you on this one. If they are so intelligent, they obviously know that “seconds away” means literally that to us. So to keep reading all of the things that are going to take place and then see the date that these things are written about happening, doesn’t set well with me at all. It rather makes me feel foolish to even be reading these things. “They” talk about deceit and wrong doing amongst us humans, yet I don’t see anything of what I keep reading about happening. To me it is plain old deceitful to say something is “seconds away” or “days away” when it is years that something was written. Quit deceiving us and dangling the carrot with terms that simply aren’t the truth. If something can’t take place until all that has to be done, is done, then give the appropriate time line, not “seconds away”, that really ticks me off.

      2. Governments have used public communications for opinion molding for as long as they’ve existed. Some of what they provide is true, and some isn’t. They don’t always identify the information that they’re providing as coming from government. Sometimes they use fronts that can’t be traced back to them. I’m sure that the internet has a lot of this type of activity. So it’s important to verify information if possible, and if it isn’t verifiable, to keep an open mind, because it may or may not be true.

    2. I began reading these postings with pure hope and excitement of better things to come. Now, as I read these “messages” and notice the dates on them, and the explanations of those dates, it’s beginning to feel very “Harold Camping” like.

      1. “Harold Egbert Camping (born July 19, 1921) is an American Christian radio broadcaster.[1] He served as president of Family Radio, a California-based radio station group that broadcasts to more than 150 markets in the United States, since 1958. In 2011 he retired from active broadcasting following a stroke, but still maintains a role at Family Radio.[4] Camping is notable for using numerology in his interpretations of Bible passages, resulting in multiple failed predictions of dates for the End Times.”

        Source –

        There has always been a tiny fractal of society who are end timers and doomers. You can google failed predictions and the list is long of famous people with large followings who are on it. In worst case scenarios they attract people who are mentally ill and suicidal that cult leaders like Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite (Heaven’s Gate) take advantage of and lead to mass suicides.

        We’re going through a transition into becoming an extraterrestrial civilization that people like myself and many others are trying to lead so that we’ll have a good future with extended lifespans and young healthy bodies on a war, poverty and pollution free planet with the freedom to safely travel the universe on star ships. I think that we’re going to be successful, it’s just a question of how long it’s going to take in my opinion.

  10. I’m wondering if there is a connection between the unveiling and the large amount of tanks and other military equiptment we have been seeing the last week or so. Is the military being set up across the world to deal with this? If so, I’m more worried about a huge all out war. I think the video of the hundreds of tanks being moved by train was posted here if I’m not mistaken. It doesn’t look good from where I’m sitting. I don’t imagine that it will take the UFOs long to overcome our primitive technology if the tanks are what they are going to be using. It’s going to get interesting. I’m a bit worried about the remark about a shadow govt. being in charge. I think it’s been pretty well proven that is what is wrong now. I guess we just wait and see. Prayers going up that we will know the truth when we see it. The old word says even the elect might be deceived if God doesn’t cut the days short. Blessings to all.

    1. LNM (light nuclear munitions) is probably a bigger concern for the ETs. I don’t think that the good ones, who are purportedly keeping the bad ones away, want to go there. They’re more interested in working something out consensually with us.

    2. I have a loaded compact 9mm that I carry and sleep with next to my pillow, and a bottle neck cartridge, that produces velocities approaching that of a 30 caliber rifle, 7.62 mm military sidearm, handguns in my motel room with me. The reciprocity on my FL, NV, UT and XX state pistol permits has gone from 33 states to 40 states this year. Saudi Arabia just legalized hand gun ownership for their citizenry. So maybe something is up. I’ve already evidently been involved in a dust up with an ET hostile, I was unarmed at the time, next time I may not be. If necessary, the guns will come out.

      I’m preparing to head off planet to do some diplomatic liaison work, it looks like that may be a problem for someone. If things go south at the LZ, preparations are in the works to mitigate problems. Hopefully everything will go OK.

  11. You folks are all f**in nuts! You are smoking way too much weed and dropping too much LSD. Ashtar??? Really? How about someones very vivid imagination! If aliens exist they are not our friends and hopefully we can destroy as many as are seen. Wow, you folks are really space cadets to the fullest. Oh, and they are going to arrest people? OMG! Are you serious? I hope they take you folks first… the nut house.

      1. i see tv as orientation like when parents and our leaders used to be for us when we were born, are now replaced with tv and video games. thats the population doing this the have freedom of thought. tv is poison.

    1. how many government official have resigned recently? yeah don’t fear what you don’t understand my child for we shall all gain from this experience even those who still hold their minds closed .

    2. thanks for being ignorant. i read this whole thing and im not really sure about it…but your fucking retarded for saying aliens are certainly not our friends. if aliens exist, they would probably be another intellectual life form just like us. say they do, and they are, it would prove much more lucritive for us to work with them rather than cause a war with them. thank you for being a fucking retard. and have fun voting for mitt romney

  12. I am so exicited to know that there is much help coming to
    all humanity and to know that. Evil will not continue to inslave humanity. I know thereis much love and light coming to our aide…Bless the universe…

  13. patiently awaiting for the arrival of my beloved Ashtar and all my beautiful galatic brothers and sisters! it’s been a long time! AHO!


    A Description Of A Galactic Federation Of Light Spaceship Landing – by Omega Drekx

  15. For the Greatest Good of all Star and Planitary Systems and specifically for all sentient life of the Cosmos, By My Great I AM presence, I so command and demand the First Contact Mission be Revealed in the skies of Mother Gia, Planet Earth, at the earliest Divine Right Time instituting the Greatest Event in our History/Herstory of Divine Intervention towards bringing about Peace and Prosperity for all the Earth signalling the Second Coming of God Aton of Light, aka Christ Michael, Sananda, aka Christ Immanuel, aka Jesus, aka Sananda, and many Master Teachers, Ascended Masters of all Major Religions. Watch the Skies! So Be it! It is Done!

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