Not all individuals are ready for ascension to higher planes of existence, but Humanity as a collective is ready to move forward. Agreements have been made at Higher Levels for those individuals who will not make it. They will have to repeat the cycle and continue working on their own spiritual growth.


Note from Langa:
In my last contact with Emmanuel, I asked if he could show me the Federation’s starships he mentioned before…

Next day I met him in the same astral spot we always meet. He ‘wrapped’ me with his Light and we become one single magnificent bubble of white light. We flew away from Earth at lightspeed and suddenly found myself floating in front of some building/temple with neither walls nor roof. Basically I could see only the floor, columns and some sort of furniture. The whole place seemed to be a hologram… Emmanuel explained me that that is the Akashic Records of our Galaxy, He introduced me to the record’s keeper… The Keeper told me I am welcome anytime I need information for the use of service to others, and only when I have a genuine need to know…

Suddenly we flew away through space, and stopped in a very quite/silence spot, I don’t know at what distance from Earth, but from that spot our planet appeared smaller than the Moon seen from Earth. From there, I saw thousands of spacecrafts all around our planet…
The vision of the Akashic Records and this one of the spacecrafts were of different nature. The first one had a holographic feel to it, when the spacecrafts appeared to be ‘solid’. I also saw a subtle energetic field all around Earth, Emmanuel explained me that that is the limit of the quarantine zone.
The sight of our planet from space, surrounded by thousands of Galactic brothers and sisters of the Federation of Light was amazing!
Questioner: Are you one of those extraterrestrial beings that we will meet soon?
I am not.

Questioner: Are you a celestial being?
I am a hyper-dimensional consciousness, at service of the One God. I AM Emmanuel.

Questioner: Are the extraterrestrial beings coming to help us?
You can be helped only by yourself.

Questioner: Your last answer seems to contradict information given in previous contacts…
It only appears to be contradictory from your present state of partial consciousness. The words differs but not the logos of it. If you listen to the logos itself you will know, there are no contradictions.

Questioner: Can third-density beings listen the logos?
Every entity can listen to the logos of its own Universe.
Your logos can be heard in your very center, but you are mostly at your periphery, and at the periphery you cannot listen. At the periphery you are the mind, and the mind is not your own, hence you cannot listen. At your center you are God itself.

Questioner: Should we trust the extraterrestrial beings?
It is your choice. But Trust has its own intrinsic vibratory value for third-density beings, because when there is trust there is no vibration of fear. Even if your trust allows others to deceive you, this is better than not to trust.

Questioner: Will the extraterrestrials share advance technology with us, like the use of free energy?
All energy is free.

Questioner: I mean, some sort of device able to create free energy?
Energy cannot be created, only can be used. All the energy that ever was or will be is here now.

Questioner: How will the encounter affect us as individuals?
It will change forever the way you relate to each other on planet Earth.
Many of you will welcome the extraterrestrial beings with love, respect and excitement, while others will find them frightening. However, rooted at the very core of every human being, exists the memory of this encounter. You are here and now to remember. When first contact occurs you will remember that you have been preparing through many lives for this extraordinary moment in Human History.

Questioner: And how will the encounter affect our society?
The majority of your society still holds on to the foolish idea that you are alone in the Universe, and once that that idea is demolished, you will begin to discover the truth about yourself, awakening to the true nature of reality and the real purpose of existence.
If you can understand that your true self is totally spiritual, and if you bring your spirituality to the Universe, to face the Universe you will be able to look into the Divine Plan, only then you will understand your part in it.
You are now at the end of a major cycle, these are truly amazing times, not only for Mankind but for the whole Universe as well. The ascension of Gaia and Humanity is a universal event and observers from many planets and distance constellation are here to witness such unique event in Galactic History.

Questioner: How will Gaia ascend?
Three factors will have effect over Gaia’s ascension: Gaia’s own consciousness/awareness, the anchoring of high vibrational Galactic energy into Gaia’s core, and the vibratory frequency rate of all collectives living within her energetic field.
That is why Human Love is very much needed at this time upon your plane.

Questioner: What is the best thing we as individuals can do to help Gaia in the ascension process?
The very best thing you can do for Gaia is to make the most of yourself, raising you personal vibratory frequency towards the Creative Principle of Love.

Questioner: Will Gaia’s ascension happen before Human ascension, or after?
Each moment is atomic; there is no room for two moments to have any sequence. Everything happens simultaneously in the Now.

Questioner: Will we –humans- ascend? Are we ready?
Not all individuals are ready for ascension to higher planes of existence, but Humanity as a collective is ready to move forward. Agreements have been made at Higher Levels for those individuals who will not make it. They will have to repeat the cycle and continue working on their own spiritual growth.

Questioner: Is ascension granted for those who are ready?
Ascension is a creation, so is not-ascension.
Your individual ascension is a conscious process; it does not happen automatically, it is your creation. Once this is understood, things are simple. If your vibratory rate reaches certain frequency, the ascension starts. If you simply sit there and you wait it to happen, it will not happen. Ascension is uncharted territory, the path to be follow is not there, it does not exist, has to be created. Whenever you focus your attention on creating ascension, it is there. Whenever you stop focusing, it is not. . You have to project the thought-pattern that will start the chain reaction that will create the ascension path. Remember, in accordance with the Laws set by the Logos of your Universe, you get only that which You create, nothing else.
Beloved Brothers and Sisters, you are powerful cosmic beings of unlimited creative power, acting on behalf of All That Is. You have come a long way, through many lives, preparing for this moment, do not miss it. We of the Higher Realms are very excited with what is about to happen. All external help is set in place. The rest it is up to you.
Ascension is a do-it-yourself affair!

I AM Emmanuel
©2009 Langa
Permission is granted to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and without altering content information.

ASCENSION into the fifth dimension by 2012 via the energies of the photon belt and the galactic central sun: Raising your vibratory frequency…consciousness….connection to God/Creator….coming together in Oneness…purifying the body, mind, and emotions….shedding manmade beliefs and embracing Universal Truths. Are you ready or not? If you’re not ready, then you repeat another cycle….12,000 years of more “earth”like learning……if you are ready, then make it happen with much guidance from your spirit guides, helpers and other humans just like you.


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Canada’s False Mask Slips: Government Plans For Vaccine Genocide…mass murderers conspiring within governments and corporations are still at large!…Canadians respond by boosting their immune systems and balancing body chemistry in the presense of God!

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3 thoughts on “Not all individuals are ready for ascension to higher planes of existence, but Humanity as a collective is ready to move forward. Agreements have been made at Higher Levels for those individuals who will not make it. They will have to repeat the cycle and continue working on their own spiritual growth.

  1. Just how pious does one have to be to decide who is and who is not deserving of ascending t.f o a higher plane of existence, clearly the most selfish, greedy and egotistical are not.

  2. i indeed love this as i love all,much is said here and yet,deep inside much has already been their,i will create my ascension, my love and others love for a ascension of both beautiful form and higher feeling for this love,i will create me future ; such a lovely one it will be……… i understand human’s connection for another when they die;however (not saying it’s wrong if you do),they didn’t have the same name before,and they won’t after… remembering them in rejoice instead of remorse should also be looked upon to further this beautiful ascension….remember….your physical may die,however,energy does not……love all

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