Theories about Ascension and the Photon Phenomena
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Ariana: We often say at Cloverleaf that we are conducting a vast research project including questions such as “Where did we come from? How did we get here? Why am I here? What is my mission? What is my purpose for being here? How do we get through the changes? Where are we going? How do we get there? “

During our two-week summer “Retreat of the Roses,” which included participants from the United States and Canada Ashtar was asked, through Ariana, to explain more about the curious phenomena referred to as the “photon belt.”


A Unique Look at the Really Big Picture

Ashtar: I am Ashtar, with you now. I would like to take your questions one by one relative to the photon belt. We have given you background information and you have had scientific information from others. We can give you much clarification.

Pat: Ashtar, we are wondering about the origins of the photon belt. We understand how the positive and the negative particles form the photon belt. We wonder if its source is the Earth or somewhere in the universe. Is it a phenomenon that occurs only where we are or does it occur at other times in other places?

Ashtar: Thank you, dear one. We will endeavor to explain this to you. First of all, it is nothing to do with the Earth. It is not caused by the Earth, in any manner. I will endeavor to explain this to you by simile because it has been a while since you have been out in the universe having a look back at the Earth! I will give you the simile of a clock, a very large clock. Imagine a grandfather clock with a very large face. There is a motor in this clock that turns the hands. The clock itself can be a simile of the universe; the entire universe is the clock. The motor behind it is the suns.

Now, there is one central sun in the very center of the universe and then there are other suns. We are going to talk now about the central sun. It is the motor through which come the hands. The hands are attached to the motor. The hands are as rays of light or belts of light…in other words, the photon belt, which comes out from the sun, the great central sun. The hands rhythmically and by design and very systematically go around the clock. Imagine each of the time elements, one, two, three, up to twelve; imagine them as the planets in your solar system. The photon belt is going through each one. The Earth is relatively stable and the photon belt is going around and around. More clarification is bound to come as we discuss this.

Dianne’s First Vision

Dianne: I’m seeing the photon belt as a cloud, although it isn’t a cloud. This is just a symbol in my vision. The photon belt is created by the Creator. Photons are throughout the universe but the concentration of photons is by design in some areas. It’s a concentration of those photons that make up the photon belt and that is by design.

Ashtar: Exactly! Yes.

Dianne: Are there other instances of this phenomenon in other galaxies in the universes? I’m not sure of my terminology here. Our immediate local area, our sun, our solar system plus the whole system of which we are a part, the Pleiades system, is one of the areas where this phenomenon occurs. There would be one photon belt in our local area. There would be other instances and different configurations of photon phenomenon, not necessarily in a belt, in other areas.

Ashtar: Yes, dear one.

Dianne: That’s the best I can get. I don’t understand it well yet.

Dalphiaana: I think the part of the analogy of the clock is tied in with divine timing, as the galaxy is moving towards the photon belt. It is timed precisely according to divine timing. I think this is why Ashtar brought in the analogy of the clock.

Ashtar: Yes, because we get here the timing of the 10,000 years and the 2,000 years. It is all totally timed and this has occurred before. However, it has not occurred with the intensity that is programmed to happen in the near future!

Angel: Is it caused by people? Did we attract it?

Ashtar: Actually, the photon phenomena would occur even if there were no human life on the planet, so it is not as if you are attracting it. It is as if these giant hands that are the photon belt are sweeping across the universe and whatever celestial bodies are in the area would be affected by it, whether there was human life or not.

Dianne: What I also got in my vision was that other groupings of planets, perhaps other universes would experience somewhat similar… maybe not in the form of the belt? They might be immersed in it all the time but ours is quite unique.

Ashtar: Yes! It is unique to have this concentration and it is divine timing. It is this concentration of energy that is going to push you through the Third Dimension to the Fifth. You see, you need something very, very strong to do this!

Dianne: Then, if we’ve gone through it before, why are we still in the Third Dimension?

Ashtar: Dimensions have changed on the Earth previous to this. There have been differing energies as we have mentioned the balancing energies. It is all tied in with the Light and the dark. Now at this time, the photon is brilliantly light and this is occurring. There is nothing that those of the lesser Light can do about it, although they try very, very hard. The fact is the photon belt is so light there is no way this prophecy will not occur, of taking you into the higher dimensions. (The audience went very quiet in a long pause… )
Participants Endeavor To Understand The Photon Belt

Darryl: Since the photon belt cannot be taken away, can it be increased or just stabilized where it is?

Ashtar: There is nothing stable about the photon belt, dear one! You are seeing the energies of it now. In actual fact, they have been coming for over a hundred years. We take a hundred years as a round figure. The energies are felt at this point; they are not seen. They are not energy that moves like weather. They are felt within the human being. They are what we are terming the separating energies. This is what it is, dear one. Something has to cause this separation, right? We are honing in to what it is that is causing this. Only those of the Light will be able to see their way through this photon belt into ascension. Those who are not Light and who are into confusion are going to back away and go the other way. This is fine. This is no problem. They will go to the point and the place in the Universe that is comfortable to them for their own system of evolution. It is no problem. This is the separating energies.

Karen: Is the photon belt changing in shape, in dimension, in intensity or is it a phenomenon that stays within a certain range, in a certain location in space, shall we say?

Ashtar: Back to the clock!

Darryl: Can we affect it by our thoughts?

Ashtar: No, dear one. It is way beyond this. That hand on the clock is steady and stable and it has a certain velocity, almost like the orbit of a planet. It has its own way of being. You cannot change it with thought.

Karen: Are there two cycles going on here? Is the universe in a cycle around the Great Central Sun and this photon belt in a second cycle so they intersect at some point?

Ashtar: Yes, dear one. I do not want you to think that the photon belt is a stable thing in space that you are going to be going through. It is true you are going to be going through it but it is not stable. That is why I gave the analogy of the clock. The photon belt is not stable.

Karen: Would you explain what you mean by “not stable?”

Ashtar: It is always moving. Everything in space is always moving. It is always moving. Thank you; thank you for your thoughtful questions.

Preparing For Ascension is Not Connected With Physical Survival Needs

Dianne: Hi Ashtar! I have a slightly differently slanted question. Being a Third Dimensional person having a behind I’d like to save, should we be particularly concerned with our physical body, our physical survival? Are there things we need to know ahead of time?

Ashtar: Yes, dear one and those things have been channeled for the last hundred years or so and they are continuing at this time. It is the preparation for ascension. There are channels that have brought through many words and, of course, there are many, many channelings that have come through Cloverleaf. It is a personal preparation, it is an attitude and it is the teachings of unconditional love.

Dianne: Okay, so then we need not get mixed up with survival needs, such as packing food and warm clothing as we do in emergency storm situations. This is not a factor in it?

Ashtar: No, not at all, although having a store of staples would be prudent.

Be A Stabilizing Source For Others

Dianne: Okay. Thank you Ashtar. In that vein, since the preparation is along the spiritual lines that we’ve been given as Star Seeds and affiliates, can you give us some idea what will happen to those who are bent on greed and selfishness, those we know as the power brokers of this world? What kinds of things are they going to be experiencing?

Ashtar: Mayhem! The whole of the countries will be upset and in tremendous confusion. Now you have seen confusion already but the first concentrated wave of this energy has not even come through. You can see there is much more to come in the uncontrolled emotional bodies around this planet. If you can stay stable in all of the afflicted emotional drama that will be going on around you, then you will be able to be a stabilizing source for many other people and beings, for even the animal world will be affected.

Bev Nasmith: Are you talking about the governments that are splitting and breaking up and the inner fighting in the various nations around the world?

Ashtar: Yes, I am speaking of this but also about all of the negativity that you see in the news and with people.

Bob: Thank you. The destruction of the rain forest in South America and Costa Rica concerns me a great deal. How is that going to affect the photon belt?

Ashtar: It will not.

Bob: Commander Ashtar, is the first wave of the photon belt the same as the first wave of the ascension?

Ashtar: Yes dear one, yes!

Esther: Due to the photon belt, there could be mass confusion. Will there be any nuclear war in our states?

Ashtar: This is possible. It is very possible. It could be a world-wide confusion concentrated, no doubt, in the Middle East. There are possibilities that it will not materialize, of course, since free will is involved. We are working overtime with the leaders of the nations.

Esther: Will anything precipitate Earth changes such as gas explosions in the United States, specifically New York?

Ashtar: There could be many different occurrences that are very unusual. These things will be occurring in the cities. Yes! When it comes to the time when there are many fires around, this could happen. The explosions will be massive. Another thing, when there is a large explosion, such as a nuclear explosion, even a testing in one part of the Earth, then you will find an earthquake on the other end of the Earth. This has been occurring for much time. These large energies affect and balance each other.

Dianne: Ashtar, there has been information released about differences in terms of whether the Earth goes into the photon belt before our sun or whether our sun goes into the photon belt concentration area before our Earth. Are these correct?

Ashtar: These are theories at this time.

Dianne: Should we be at all concerned with our eyes? Since this is a light source and everything will be light, will our eyes be adjusting to accommodate this or should we be concerned?

Ashtar: No dear one, this will not be a physical manifestation of light. Although we are talking in terms of light, it is a different sort than the Sun.

Dianne: Thank you, that’s what we wanted to know.

Dalphiaana: This was causing a lot of problems to people because of the different channelings, of a frightening nature, that were coming in across our desks. We wanted to be very clear about truth.

Ashtar: People are using their Third Dimensional minds here and I would assure you that there would not be a blinding explosion. It is different. It is different.

The Photon Belt In Relation To The Bible

Karen: We have the cold light in the photon belt and the warm solar light of our own sun. What happens to plant life that is used to going in cycles of light and dark when we have essentially twenty-four hours of daytime? Will plants continue to function?

Ashtar: The entire planet is changing from the Third Dimension to the Fifth and plant life will be different. It will not be as you know it.

Karen: How long does this change take place?

Ashtar: With the last wave of the ascension, it is immediate. Now, you see it, now you don’t.

Karen: There is a 2,000-year period where we’re going through the photon belt. Do we have 2,000 years to change?

Ashtar: No dear one, the change is immediate from the Third Dimension and upward. It is all part of the Divine Plan.

Karen: When will we hit the photon belt and for how long?

Ashtar: You have been within the edges of it for a hundred years.

Dianne: Is it something like passing through a cloud with an airplane? You would perhaps pass through a thin layer at first, then come out into a dispersed layer and then go into a little thicker band, maybe come out into the sunlight again and then go right into the cloud?

Ashtar: It is similar, yes, very much similar. Thank you.

Angel: In respect to what you said about the instant changes, that connects me with what Jesus said, “In the twinkling of an eye, we shall be changed,” and “The corruptible shall put on incorruptibility.” Is that what this reference is to?

Ashtar: Yes! That is the connection!

Darryl: Will the ultraviolet rays be affected by the photon belt? Will that be a problem?

Ashtar: No dear one, no problem at all.

Darryl: You suggested there will be stable individuals who will help the animals. Will it be unconditional love that will be the stabilizing influence they will be looking for?

Ashtar: Yes!

Participants Stretch Their Minds!

Bob: Ashtar, I have more of a personal, Third Dimensional question. I know I need to leave California, as it’s not safe both physically and from an energetic standpoint. I have a lot of concerns about how to know where I’m to go and deal with the fears of letting go of all that I would be leaving behind.

Ashtar: It is wonderful that you are so aware, dear one. I would suggest that you work very hard on your teleportation. (Everyone laughs!) We will get more into specifics with you, dear one, later. Excuse the joke. It is a very serious matter and we will be with you on this.

Esther: Will there be any weather changes? Can you localize any areas that will be more dangerous than others in the United States?

Ashtar: Weather changes are happening; you see it everywhere. This will continue with more and more energy, more and more differences. In the areas where it is normal to have intense storms, they will become more prevalent and more intense. You will find varying changes that are unpredictable. It may suddenly freeze in a place that it normally never freezes, for example. There will be areas where there will be such droughts that the crops cannot come and cannot feed you. This could happen…

Karen: Obviously, this isn’t the first time we’ve gone through the photon belt, so what was its function prior to this time?

Ashtar: There were other times that you know of when the Earth was in higher dimensions and went to the Third and so on. This was the happening of the photon belt.

Karen: Are you saying it came into existence after the Earth came into the Third Dimension?

Ashtar: The photon belt has been here before the Earth, dear one. It is part of creation, the energies of creation.

Karen: Is it part of the Third Dimension?

Ashtar: Oh, dear no. It is the energy that changes the matter into higher dimensions. It is the impetus that will do that.

Bob: So, have other planets gone through this same process?

Ashtar: Oh yes, dear one.

Dalphiaana: Does this photon belt have anything to do with a being in the higher dimensions, using this kind of energy, to come back down the dimensions into the Third again?

Ashtar: It is different, dear one. There are many, many, many planets around many, many, many stars that are in the Third Dimension that were populated, so to speak, with many different life forms before Earth was even thought of. It is the Divine Plan.

Karen: So can any planet progress from the Third to the Fifth Dimension with this mechanism?

Ashtar: It will do that, yes.

Dalphiaana: So, this is the ascension energy. That is why you said the sun has something to do with the ascension.

Ashtar: The ascension energies, yes! It is so.

Bob: Is it in other dimensions as well?

Ashtar: Those of Light who live in higher dimensions than the Third are also affected by this energy. It is actually energy of the higher dimensions that filters down into the Third. It is that energy that can take one right through the scope of the dimensional plan, which I know to your logical way of thinking must be from one to twelve or one to twenty-four but it is not like that. We understand that you need these labels!! (Laughter)

Esther: Are other paths of the Light working in conjunction with your command, as well as Divine beings of the Great White Brotherhood such as Eckankar?

Ashtar: Oh, you mean Third Dimensional societies? Are they working with the Great White Brotherhood? Oh, many are dear one, many are; indeed, unbeknownst to them! There are those such as the Alcoholics Anonymous’ Twelve Steps. Yes! It is all very divinely guided.

Dianne’s Second Vision

Dianne: I got another picture that I’d like to explain. The photon belt is something that has existed since creation and sometime since the initial time of creation and during and after our solar system was formed. Planets formed around other suns in the Pleiades system. Being that these are all on an orbit that at some point intersects the photon belt, if we have been incarnate on other planets in the Pleiades system, it’s occurring to me that perhaps we’ve done this before!! (Peals of laughter broke out here! Realization finally struck! Below are various comments from those in attendance.)

(Tentatively) ….Didn’t Ashtar say that?

Exactly! He keeps saying, “You have done this many, many times before, dear one” and we said, “Well how?”

Because we jump planets!

That’s right! We jump planets when we weren’t even on this dimension. We were out there practising on all of those planets and this was happening all over the place just like balloons popping, right?

Well, we must like this! We keep coming back so we can get on the next ride!

It’s a cosmic roller coaster! (Lots of laughter!)

Why is this happening over and over again?

Because we like the ride! (Great peals of laughter)

It’s like getting in line for the next ferris-wheel ride!

Ashtar: Well, dear ones, I think on that note, that happy note, we will discontinue the questioning at this time and allow you to go into your day.

Dalphiaana: Beloved, we love you and we thank you for all your loving help in our understanding!
Ashtar: …and we appreciate that of your questions and your concern. We LOVE your inquiring minds!

Our answers were from Ashtar
Channeled through Ariana Sheran
Questions by participants of “Retreat of the Roses”
Sunday, June 28, 1992
Tape 239-240

Present: Angel L., Ariana Sheran, Bev Nasmith, Bob S., Dalphiaana, Darryl, Dianne, Esther, Karen W., Lorene, Pat D., Sandy L.,


“Change brings out our deepest emotions.”
~ Pastor Beth Donaldson

“All of you are masters, coming from the far reaches of forever to be here now.”
~ Kwan Yin, “Your Soul Family’s Role in Spiritual Guidance.”

“If the Earth were allowed to disintegrate, it would also grossly affect your solar system, your galaxy, your universe and the many dimensions which are unseen by you. That we cannot allow to occur, and for that reason, we work with those who are receptive in assisting others to awaken to what they can do, in their part of the world, to assist.”
~ Ashtar

“We do, indeed love to use similes so you can feel our love in a more conventional manner…”
~ Ashtar, Cloverleaf Channeling Catching Up On the Past Billion Years Or So

“What you experience is by your choice, and know that you would not have undertaken it unless you knew you had the strength and the resolve to come through it.”
~ Channeled by Mike Quinsey, July 5, 2006

“The Universe is not deaf! The Universe is listening, and will bring what you want. That’ its nature. That’s the nature of God.”
~ Arthur Pacheco
“Attack every problem as if your survival depended upon it.”
~ Author Unknown

“Nothing is complete. This world and our purpose in it is an ever-changing equation of which each of us is momentarily an integral part. Evolution continues with us or without us. Time sees us only as a blink of the eye, and it is this impermanence that makes our lives so precious.”
~ Dr. J. D. Adamo, N.D., Author, “Eat Right For Your Type”


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