Saskatoon Native Artist Puts Historical 2012 Prophecies In Modern Context.

Saskatoon Native Artist Puts Historical 2012 Prophecies In Modern Context.
Saskatoon artist Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) will be hosting “Expand Your Reality 2012” at the Saskatoon Native Theatre Company on Wednesday October 28 from 7-9:30 (doors open at 6:30).

Braun says, “the prophecies of 2012 have been fortold for 1000’s of years…and since we are a few years from 2012, what does this have to do with us and what we are experiencing today”.

The public is being increasingly bombarded with movies, videos, and music relating to 2012. One of the more notable viral online marketing campaign relating to 2012 is the release of the big budget movie trailer, “2012“. Apparently in Hollywood, 2012 signals that the earth will continue to go through very significant changes…will land masses rise and fall? The movie trailer depicts monks on the mountain perhaps in Tibet looking in to the distance and seeing a large rush of waves several miles high, rushing towards them, the effect is startling especially for those who don’t really have a fuller understanding of all that 2012 entails.

Braun says, 2012 represents change on all levels, and everything that we know to be “real” is about to be revealed to be either “truth” or “illusion”. He believes that Hollywood got 2012 right, when they portray that land masses will rise and fall, and this is something that humanity will have to deal with, and soon, but it’s more like a “cleansing” rather than the will of a vengeful God or planet.

Braun’s take on 2012 isn’t one disaster and destruction and he sees 2012 as creating a large swell of peaceful change…in fact, the end of war is just around the corner because that’s what humanity desires. Braun feels that intelligent spirituals being are currently in the end stages of a “first contact” mission where they reveal themselves to humanity, in order to mentor our struggling species in to a new Golden Age.

Braun says, “It’s not a surprise that fortune tellers and seers from all over the world have much difficulty in seeing what will happen to humanity past 2012…even the Mayan calendar doesn’t say too much, and the reason is this…we are going through a quantum shift where everything gets a boost…. Our bodies too, are proof of this…we are essentially re-harmonizing at the cellular level and even the atomic level, due to the “photon belt”, which is a large band of gamma radiation that our entire solar system is heading directly into. 2012 represents one large step into that “quantum shift”. To use a computer operating system metaphor that most can comprehend, one day we willl wake up as “Windows 98”, and by the end of the day we could be “Windows 7”. We can see in the many gifted children that are born already “Windows 7″….highly spiritually developed and often, much more so than their “Windows 98” parents.

Braun says that there is enough proof around us already to see that we have entered into this final phase of 2012. Ufo sightings, crop circles and channeled messages are the proof that humanity needs, to see that there are benevolent extraterrestials visiting planet earth. Word on the internet says that there have been secret UN meetings about what to reveal to humanity about extraterrestrial visitations and even face-to-face meetings with these ET vistors and some key world governments, and that Obama or some other world governmental figure may make an official announcement regarding the existance of intelligent spiritually developed (and most importantly peaceful) extraterrestrials.

Perhaps one issue more grounded and close to the average person is 2012 and the economy. Because everything is shifting before 2012 in a great cleansing, so too, is the economy. In fact Braun says there is ample proof out there to demonstrate that canadian economy and american economy are both being shaken like large fruit trees, so that all the money falls out. Continued fiscal irresponsibilities are in fact part of one big play, where big daddy (government) creates conditions on purpose, that are devestating the north american economy. Using the problem-reaction-solution scenario….first they create this problem which is a failing and unsustainable economy. Then as the economy falls apart, they manipulate the public via movies, video, radio and all forms of communication, to manipuate the public’s reaction to be a fear-based reaction…..that we humans are somehow need to find our comfort in a world police state….then they offer a solution…eg. a one world military government. This is why Bush came to Saskatoon and this is why there is a big push by government for everybody to get injected with an unsafe and toxic vaccine….Bush is all about creating a one world fascist military government where people do what they are told, even if it brings them harm.

Braun feels that many evil doers in government like the Bushes, Clintons, Harpers…lack a fuller comprehension of 2012, and are thus banking on stirring up more fear and negativity in order to bring in their one world government, (and of course more profits for the international bankers). However this effort is to be met with a more powerful response from humanity who is generally all for peace and freedom and more so everyday in an unstoppable force. Braun says, “I meet very few people who are pro-war, and generally if they are pro-war, it’s because they live in fear and lack a fuller comprehension of the Universe” Braun feels that earth has been a special experiment, where humans have been allowed to irresponsibily and responsibly create their reality not really knowing the fuller picture of what they are experiencing….to much “physical” and not enough “spiritual” has bought humanity to the brink of destruction….however what appears to “destruction” is better viewed as a “cleansing”. We have native communities all over the world to thank for holding the vision of 2012. 2012 and it’s true nature which has been hidden “in plain sight” on the interrnet and even in the sky are proof all around us that big changes are in our near future. No matter what happens Braun believes that we are all in for one wild ride….”imagine when earth receives visitation and of course we already are from a collection of benevolent star nations that together are called, the Galactic Federation Of Light…..the introduction of new technologies will be like a wave of miracle after miracle”.

About Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) is a free spirit born and raised in Saskatoon of Cree and German descent.
Dieter considers “Indian in the machine” to be his native name which means “spiritual being in the manmade world of illusions”.
He attended the University of Saskatchewan and has degrees in Food Chemistry and Business Administration.
Dieter’s websites “Indian in the machine” and “Listen To The Red Shaman”, attract 50000-75000 page views a month and his articles have been posted on some of the internet’s more popular news alternative websites like Fourwinds, and Educate-Yourself
Dieter has played his pow wow drum at many Saskatchewan events including Ness Creek Music Festival, Art In The Heart, Saskatoon Fireworks Festival etc.
Dieter will soon be traveling to Ecuador to spend time in the sun, near the ocean, rejuvenating and detoxing from the modern world, and performing music.

Sounds like a great event. I am grounding here in Australia at the time though. I have noticed lately a really “pressurised” feeling in the atmosphere as though all the 3d molecules within are really bonding together. It heralding a big change in the atmosphere too. I am starting to prepare for 2012 now, and am really starting to wonder what I am going to be preparing for…land shifts aside I am feeling its an inner ascension so the outward change may not be as dramatic as some prophesise. “The great change” seems to be a shift in thinking, ideas and technology…the technology of love.
I am glad I found your blog:)
E-La-Ra-Te otherwise known as


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