Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent


Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent

An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent. For several months, senior administration officials have been quietly deliberating behind closed doors how much to disclose to the world about extraterrestrial life. Dissatisfaction among powerful institutions such as the U.S. Navy over the decades-long secrecy policy has given a boost to efforts to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology.


The impending disclosure announcement follows upon the secret implementation of a year long openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Over the period February 12-14, 2008, the United Nations held closed doors discussions where approximately 30 nations secretly agreed on a new openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life in 2009. The openness policy was implemented but never publicly announced due to threats against UN diplomats not to disclose details of the secret agreement. h The secret UN agreement was based on two conditions. First, UFOs would continue to appear around the world; and second, the openness policy would not lead to social unrest in liberal democracies. Both conditions have been satisfied making it possible for the next stage to begin – official disclosure of extraterrestrial life.

Cloudship over Saskatoon SK Canada
More cloudships here:

Obama’s September 24, 2009 chairing of the UN Security Council meeting on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, signaled his emerging leadership role in tackling major global issues such as nuclear weapons. The Nobel Peace Prize was an important step in giving global legitimacy to President Obama in making an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement. Obama is therefore poised to play a prominent role in the increased global governance that will be necessary after an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement. The timing would most likely coincide sometime soon after his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech on December 10, 2009 in Oslo, Norway.


There have been various sources that have revealed deliberations are underway to make an announcement concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life by the end of 2009. These include, Dr Pete Peterson, a whistleblower who has recently emerged revealing high level discussions have taken place concerning announcing the existence of extraterrestrial life. In a Project Camelot interview, Dr Peterson revealed that “Obama is planning to disclose the reality of ET contact by the end of the year; and that most, but not all, of the ET visitors are friendly.”


Another source is David Wilcock, a prominent researcher of emerging scientific paradigms. Wilcock has been told by additional independent sources that extraterrestrial disclosure will take place by the end of 2009. He furthermore claimed in a Coast to Coast AM radio interview that “a 2-hour international TV special has already been booked that will introduce an alien species, similar to humans, to the world.”


In addition, popular NASA and space researcher, Richard Hoagland, has publicly come forward to reveal that the October 9, LCROSS ‘bombing’ mission of the moon, discovered an ancient base at the moon’s South Pole. Reviewing the scientific data achieved by NASA’s LCROSS mission, Hoagland concluded, also on the popular late night Coast to Coast AM radio show, that “LCROSS is part of a carefully constructed campaign to prepare the populace for imminent disclosure. The President of the United States will soon announce that scientists have discovered ruins on the moon, he added. Nobody saw the LCROSS debris plume because the probes struck a building which swallowed the effects of the explosion.”

Finally, two independent and confidential sources have revealed to me that face to face meetings have recently occurred between U.S. military officials with one or more groups of extraterrestrial visitors. This has allegedly led to confidence being built for future cooperation with the extraterrestrials that will be formally announced to the world public either at the end of 2009, or early 2010.


In conclusion, a diverse number of sources and events point to some form of extraterrestrial disclosure being made by the end of 2009, or early 2010. Official disclosure will most likely emerge in either of two scenarios. One is that President Obama will announce the existence of extraterrestrial visitors, and describe one or more of these to the world. This scenario is supported by Peterson, Wilcock, and my own confidential sources. The second scenario is that an announcement will be made concerning the discovery of artificial structures at the moon’s South Pole, as revealed by the LCROSS mission. This scenario is supported by Hoagland.


Which ever of the above scenarios is used for announcing the existence of extraterrestrial life or technology, President Obama will figure prominently. Behind the scenes, powerful institutions are ensuring that nothing derails the planned disclosure announcement. The disclosure will follow upon a year of greater government openness on UFOs in accord with a policy secretly developed at the United Nations. If extraterrestrial disclosure does occur at the end of 2009 or early 2010, President Obama will lead an unprecedented effort to promote global governance through the United Nations. The Obama administration and its supporters are poised to take a bold step forward in helping our planet become an interplanetary culture that openly deals with the challenges posed by extraterrestrial life.


This and other messages relating to First Contact can be found here:



34 thoughts on “Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent

  1. How come none of the events above have happened? I believe there’s something out there interacting with us on a way low key level. This stuff here is just a tool to keep us occupied. If there ever is disclosure, it will be disinfo from hell. They’ll play it off that the ET’s are somewhat recent visitors when the truth is they’ve been here for 100’s of 1000’s of years.

    1. You sound like someone who doesn’t have much experience interacting with ETs/EDs. Once a race gets interstellar transportation technology, along with it comes science to extend life spans. Most of the ETs visiting here are much older, more highly educated and experienced than we are.

      When you walk into a day care center room filled with pre schoolers, how do you interact with them? If you want interaction, than reach out and close the knowledge and experience gap on ET matters. But do it carefully, because not all of the ETs here are positive. And that’s part of the learning experience to.

      I can tell you as someone who has more ET contact experience than most people, that rather than complain about the lack of disclosure, put yourself in the shoes of people like myself who are actually doing the field work, and consider what we’re dealing with. Disclosure comes at a cost to the lives of the people who are making it happen. The suppression of disclosure comes from both terrestrial and off planet sources.

      Weapons and special forces are being used to suppress disclosure. I’m all for love and light, but that’s only part of the ET equation. White light protection isn’t going to stop the suppression, it may help in some circumstances, but in others it won’t.

      I have prima facia judicial quality evidence that will stand up in a certified testing laboratory using the scientific method, that cost me a lot of field work, time and money to obtain. And I don’t publish it because I’ve been repeatedly threatened, shot, been in violent altercations, had my vehicle broken into and my lap top and smart phone stolen, had the IRS break the law and put an illegal $150,000 tax lien against me, that for 3 years my CPA successfully blocked with no enforcement and then had released, and the list goes on.

      What happens to people doing extraterrestrial contact work is part of the disclosure process. There is a line that few people in ufology cross that I’m on the other side of. What’s happened to me isn’t isolated, it’s common. The lack of full disclosure isn’t because there aren’t people doing the work, it’s because they’re up against terrestrial and off planet vested interests actively suppressing their efforts. That’s the truth about disclosure.

      I’m 3 weeks into a contact op up in the mountains in a high UFO and paranormal activity area. Are the unnatural lights that I see in the sky on this trip that aren’t from nature or our civilization’s conventional activity good or bad ETs? What do I do if they start coming closer when I’m alone and another human being is miles away? Are they going to attack me or establish peaceful contact? And if they do establish peaceful contact how do I manage that activity and the evidence obtained to further our development into safely and peacefully becoming an extraterrestrial civilization ourselves?

      I’ve already found a mutilated 500 lb elk a week into this trip that had it’s spine severed at the neck and the muscle, bone, and other body parts removed that looked just like your typical extraterrestrial animal mutilation. Was it poachers or bad ETs? If it’s bad ETs, what do I do if I run into them alone in the mountains on the ground or in my air space? Call 911, what’s that going to do for my pistol permits, security clearances and life in general?

      1. The elk mutilation was investgated by a specialist who conducted a forensic examination to determine the cause of death. It couldn’t be determined in this case. It wasn’t from a terrestrial predator. A metal detector was used and no bullet or arrow was found. There have been other large animal mutialtions in the area where the cause of death or cause of the condition of the remains couldn’t be determined.

  2. Hey Dieter, Just did not know that if you watched this video for a while but at 3:05 in this video, and 3:06 there is an orb towards the lower left of your video in the sky behind you. Coming from the tree line area. A small white circle. The only reason I am saying right here on this page is so that you can, check it out. I am into details, and notice small things. But just thought you might be interested in viewing it again.

  3. It seems there is a galactic council, and most likely we are under quarantine, due to our primitive behavior. They are under orders to not contact us or aid us, and this will probably remain until we get our act together and become truly civilized. Look at what we did to the Americas and Oceana. Would we be any different if we achieved real space flight? Aiding us would be like giving a four-year old child a box of kitchen matches – it wouldn’t really be helping us. Every technology we achieve, whether medical, transportation, energy, or communciations, we immediately employ for population control and warfare.

  4. I understand that you think that IF they disclose the information that the world will change, but honestly our other planet brothers have tried and tried again to make peace and show us the light. We have shot them down in the past and have done nothing but try and experiment to understand instead of accepting and listening. What makes you think that these beings of higher intellegence are going to be so willing after everything we have done? Yes we have grown, and yes we have evolved somehat. But the matter of the fact is that we have not really changed our ways. We fight eachother and kill eachother. To me I would not trust the Human race for I dont think that we are as ready as we may like to think we are. We cant accept those of different color and gender, how are we going to accept those of a different world?

    1. Jake,

      Many wars are not being waged in the name of the people…
      Governments use issues such as security, survival, economic strategy…

      Yet invariably they are liars…

      For example, the people did not seek the Iraq war and many were disgusted when the ruse of false WMD was exposed.

      Governments and politicians may enjoy wars, the people rarely do…

      In spite of the Military-industrial complex’s efforts to shoot down Zeta craft in the 1947, 1949 and 1989 incidents, if you were to raise the “security” classification on this subject, fully informing the average American or European civilian, you may find that when asked to ponder the strategy, such reasonably educated and average civilians would suggest that maybe talking to ETs is better than shooting them..

      The problem remains that the military and corporate finacial infrastructure decides tactics and “security” policy with reference to ET….

      Many people in the world would not seek to destroy such beautiful craft, but to share in the technology and benefits of ET civilisation…
      Change on Earth can only come with a change at the top of the pyramid matrix…that allows the people the freedom to choose the better scenario of cosmic friendship..

      Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

  5. Well, I am a little surprised to see Obama being portraited as someone who is actually concerned about mankind here, let alone the imagery of him as an individual with global consciousness.

    Didnt he escalate wars on the middle east, openly lie to the public, constantly enforce ultimatums to Iran, and helped put Wall Street in congress?

    He is about the LAST person on Earth I would put any trust on.
    Ive always enjoyed the articles here Dieter, but this has struck me in a very negative way.

    1. Rudi BR, this is a good comment and one issue that I have spent some time with on many occasions. Is Obama a satanic masonic member of Bilderberg, or is he an Angel from God?

      I believe the answer is BOTH!

      Sure he’s been kissing satan’s ass for a long time, but he’s awakening, as we all are…this is why it’s important to SUPPORT OBAMA NOT FOR THE PAST WHICH IS OFTEN DESPICABLE, BUT TO SUPPORT HIS AWAKENING. TREAT THE MAN LIKE HE IS AN AWAKENING ANGEL OF GOD.

      1. Now you are shedding that duality and becoming the essence of what it means to be complete within yourselves and to, at the same time, retain your body and the familiarity of the gender in which you are now expressing. You are seeing that there is a way in which to be the female and/or male in which you are currently expressing and at the same time to understand and live the wholeness of what it means to be in existence in an androgynous way.

        This can bring to you a deeper understanding of what it means to be a male in a female body and a female in a male body. It can take you to a higher feeling of each other and to be able to strengthen your desire to be both at the same time while being one in physicality. This is what you have been aiming for, and now you are on the path to that understanding. You will feel that and live that from this moment on, in the various ways in which you are inspired in every moment.

        What does this mean for all of you in the society in which you have built a world of man and woman ways of expression and separate ideas of how to express them? You will find that more and more you will know how to respond to each other in a way that brings harmony. It will help you to see what it takes to get along in an atmosphere that used to be very challenging and sometimes would cause you to split apart, while lost in a broken heart.

        sorry this is untrue, fluoride, bpa in plastics, the pill is putting dangerous levels of oestrogen into the water table, this is part of the ongoing eugenics programme, its not natural evolution, nor is it awakening to a new density.

        google or scroogle the facts yourself.

  6. Tao, …your comments are permanently deleted, and I certainly don’t recommend that anyone visits you in the mountains if you can’t be respectful to someone who lives, breathes, thinks differently from you.



  7. CONTACT MAGAZINE: My highest recommended reading for updates on secret elite earthly shenanigans…things that are not revealed to the public – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)


    You will find a link to this very important resource for humanity at:

    Contact magazine’s existence may be in jeopardy…..please support them with your readership. Also this may be a good time to check out Hatonn’s new website Hatonn has been telling humanity the truth for 20 years and he comes from another dimension. Yes it’s true….and humanity is still looking for intelligent life out there….it seems our extraterrestrial star family have been contacting us for a long time. Public disclosure of extraterrestrial contact by governments is forthcoming. Once the public DEMANDS that all hidden technologies are revealed to the public, then we can expect a whole new financial boom, this planet has never seen before. Please check out Contact Magazine….you will greatly benefit from the reading experience…All Is Being Revealed. I will be blogging some of Hatonn’s timely messages that are assisting to free humanity from our self-imposed slavery.

    Wonderful blessings of many new creations and gifts,

    Indian in the machine

    A big thanks to brother Joseph Hallabay for his email sending me the Contact magazine links!


    Indian in the machine – Official Announcement Of Galactic Federation Of Light’s Presence Soon?

  9. They should finally let us know about it. I hope they will soon. All those non believers ( we are alone in the universe :)) will be a bit shocked but i hope that they’ll adapt quickly.
    I know i should be nice and patient with our still sleeping brothers and sisters but come on…

  10. I see most would have reason to think nothing will ever change but guess again, we are all going to witness an amazing event in life all of which has been recorded from several ancienct cultures. There is a reason why you are alive now so my suggestion to everyone is to take a deep breath and mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepare. No different than in the 40’s when archeologist were reading discovered Summerian text which they could not phantom was real, we too in our limited function of being can not phantom as to what or in what abundance exsist extraterrestrial life.
    Good work, keep that info flowing…………..Ocir

  11. Sorry simpletons, but this will never happen. There will be no official announcement that we’re in contact with or being visited by extraterrestrials. Wake the hell up people.

    1. Thank you for sharing your limited viewpoint….me? I’ll keep an open mind to alternative realities that are more comfortable. Dieter

    2. If it was up to our governments than you are right, the problem is, that Governments may have control over their people, but they have no control over ET’s, so the decision is only up to them. Think about great mother-ships sized 3 mile radius hovering over major cities. Do you know what will happen? It will destroy all religious beliefs and crazy dogmas, everything what closed-minded people believed in ” whatever that is “. It will turn into disaster. There have been a lot more sightings lately, over major cities with hundreds of witnesses. Now Governments will try to numb the masses, give their versions of the reality, to prevent CHAOS, they have no choice now. You will see: they will start talking about UFO’s, ET’s and sightings on all major news channels etc. Media will do the trick.

      1. Tyvär så är median köpt av staten, men visst det fins dom som jobbar på vår sida..det är vel dom som är ett stort håp for fler som får veta jo bättre..det blir som en ring på vatten..det sprider utt sig.

  12. Thank you for pointing your site out to me at YouTube. Yes, I understand what you are doing and believe. I would be much more grounded in this knowledge I have of things myself, but I have a had time containing everything with the disipline needed to focus and get it done. It’s that untamed spirit, I suppose.

    1. LOL Galactic Federation of Light…….okkkkkk. Will you admit you’re retarded when early 2010 passes (or even late 2010) and there’s still no disclosure?

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