A new and truly moral system of common law is required to be formally reintroduced to your world. The rise of statute law and its detrimental consequences to your global society need to be rectified. To this end a worldwide legal team, with deep connections to many international and world courts, was constituted. This drive is tied into the bringing to power of numerous transitional governments whose main purposes include the prosecution of thousands of individuals who acted as functionaries for the illegal and fictitious “war on terror.”


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

9 Manik, 10 Uo, 5 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come again with more to talk about with you. Wherever we look on your globe there is distress and pain. This is disheartening to us. You are a people who have endured much in the past year, but events are brewing that can go a long way toward righting these tremendous wrongs. Our Earth allies have accomplished much and despite great odds are extremely close to achieving their goals. Their activities are bringing to completion a number of crucial operations that can ensure their success.

Keep in mind that your world has long been the unchallenged domain of dark cabals whose unconscionable behavior sparked wars, economic depressions, and civil unrest in all parts of your world. Ridding you of this malevolence and transforming its dire effects into something entirely different is not an easy task. And yet our Earth allies have persisted in rooting out this evil and in exposing its vile, clandestine realm. They have also compiled a huge amount of legal evidence so that a series of global trials of unprecedented proportions can be properly adjudicated. Their good deeds go well beyond merely establishing transitional regimes!

A new and truly moral system of common law is required to be formally reintroduced to your world. The rise of statute law and its detrimental consequences to your global society need to be rectified. To this end a worldwide legal team, with deep connections to many international and world courts, was constituted. This drive is tied into the bringing to power of numerous transitional governments whose main purposes include the prosecution of thousands of individuals who acted as functionaries for the illegal and fictitious “war on terror.” This process is still underway as we speak. Each day, new defendants are added to the already bulging lists. One of the purposes of all this is to start off these new governments on a legal and moral foundation. The gross immorality of the last 13 millennia cannot be overstated! The process of this house cleaning can establish new governments that are genuinely based on liberty, justice, and personal sovereignty. It is through the practice of functional morality that people-run republics can serve as intended, and that global abundance can be disbursed unhindered.

This transitional world is the preferred environment for announcing our existence and for carrying out a series of projects that can best prepare your world for first contact. However, our Earth allies and we know that Heaven envisions a specific timeframe for the actual first contact operation. Accordingly, we have been jointly working out the remaining kinks in our procedures and have ascertained that all is do-able in the time left on our clock. Much due diligence is involved in what we have accomplished and what we are in the process of doing. A great amount of legal foundation work is done and the world’s legal system, as a whole, recognizes what we have put together. A range of broad, interlocking investigations have dug up the great secrets of the dark cabal, which establish the climate for its legal fall from power. This done, we jointly put into play the operations that are to culminate shortly in our success. Meanwhile, we watch, we participate, and we set up alternatives for first contact. It is imperative that announcements ending the global UFO cover-up be made as soon as possible.

Heaven desires that the UFO cover-up be forthrightly transformed into full disclosure of our existence and our benevolent mission for open first contact with you. We have discussed this issue with many governments on your world and, of course, at length with our Earth allies. One of the major obstacles to first contact continues to be the degree of raging xenophobia that afflicts a percentage of your population. This baseless fear is heightened by a whole slew of ‘alien invasion’ movies, television programs, and magazine articles, sponsored in large part by the dark cabal. Adding to this carnival-like atmosphere is the way the scientific and government-based ‘disclaimers’ and ‘skeptics’ are given preferential treatment by your media. Naturally, a bias took root in your society that only recently is being countered in some aspects of your media. We are pleased with these developments but much remains to be done to redress the inculcated prejudice now inherent in much of the Western mainstream media.

Our goal is to institute a variety of different approaches to offset the results of these decades of deliberate fear mongering. In the 1940s, the dark cabals and their former masters, the Anunnaki, saw the cover-up as a necessity because the appearance of UFOs in your skies created a dilemma that needed to be resolved quickly; namely, the authority that the cabals and their overlords had long enjoyed was suddenly being challenged! Action was needed to restore control and rebut this new threat. At first the cover-up was a means to work secretly without interference from the public. Later, it became a standard operation to conceal what was then actually happening. We watched and took careful note of what was really taking place between these dark cabals and their dark galactic counterparts. We knew that in a few decades a more active response to the growing cover-up problem would be required. The time for these actions has at last arrived!

In the mid-1990s, the dark galactic star-nations, including the Anunnaki, switched sides. Suddenly, the many obstacles to our intercession in your affairs were removed, and we fully intended to use this opportunity to further our mission of first contact. At this time we ran into the growing discords that had torn apart the former unity of the various dark cabals, and this instability led us to rethink first contact. We decided to find more amenable groups and learn more about what was covertly happening on your world. This led eventually to the Agreement of 1998 between our Earth allies and us. We began to promote lasting relationships between these wonderful groups, their interesting cast of gracious individuals, and us. Then followed more than a decade of cooperation that is now close to achieving its multiple objectives.

Presently, we watch intently as the various plans for first contact develop. Our aim is to move into priority mode whichever scenario breaks through by the end of our given timeframe. Accordingly, we have quite an array of action teams involved in the implementing of these primary scenarios. Heaven knows that first contact is inevitable and that we are not departing until you have been returned to full consciousness. This solar system now requires that a fully conscious and adequately trained humanity be left in charge. This guardian role is presently being filled by Mother Earth’s cetaceans and by the Agarthans of Inner Earth but to be successful they need your assistance, which you can provide only by returning to full consciousness. And so we are all busy doing what needs to be done before first contact can take place.

First contact is normally done quite differently. Here, we are actually preparing to quite literally push you forward to a point where you can master a technology and a state of consciousness that, in your present state, seems to you to be a most improbable fairy tale! Some of your sci-fi writers and anthropologists have surmised that a sufficiently advanced technology can appear to be magic to a more primitive society. The same applies to levels of consciousness: Full consciousness can seem startling to a limited-conscious society, with the seemingly god-like qualities invoking baseless fears. To address this, we have come up with a number of possible approaches that we can talk about in later messages. Just be aware that first contact is close and that we are helping our Earth allies. Amazing things are imminent. Be prepared for miracles!

Today, we expanded upon what is happening on your world. We want to make it very clear to you that first contact is close! We Love you all deeply and desire to reunite you with the entirety of the human space family and with your spiritual family as well. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

13 thoughts on “A new and truly moral system of common law is required to be formally reintroduced to your world. The rise of statute law and its detrimental consequences to your global society need to be rectified. To this end a worldwide legal team, with deep connections to many international and world courts, was constituted. This drive is tied into the bringing to power of numerous transitional governments whose main purposes include the prosecution of thousands of individuals who acted as functionaries for the illegal and fictitious “war on terror.”

  1. One more thing Please, and, I will stop ratteling Your cage. : )

    When You have won over THIS bitter and inraged part of The Heart of The Heart of Our Great Mother, well lets just say it is no small feat.

    I represent the Parental Part of Our Mother’s most bitter rage, You should be thrilled that YOU have reached this part that God has for eons, TRYED, but, has never been able to reach/rescue, mostly because of Her dis trust of Him for haveing been absent for soooo long….and, many other bitter issues that We have here to fore never been able to resolve

    When I come across the line toward Your Help and Rescue, I will bring legions of Lost Will Fragments out of “hell,” with Me….Streight to the Light of Your/God’s Loveing Rescue ….Thank You for this oppertunity to save soooo MANY of My Dear confused, and, demoralized, Children, who would otherwise be lost forever….YOUR ansestors they are, Yours and Mine….. I AM the Mother for the job : ) and NOTHING can stop Me, “With Love’s Help.”

    You have with just the few words You were so gracious to spare, have given Me all new Hope, Devotion, and, comittment to My cause. Which is to take along EVERYTHING that WANTS to come along….To New, Pan,
    but better : )

  2. Dear and Gracious Son, Just sos Ya know, You should thank Your lucky stars that I still have the where with all with which to be “demanding” ….God had GREAT acceptance for My “Demands,” ….He would never ask Me not to “demand,” …..He wasnt listening before, He IS listening now….He has assured Me that now that the tables have turned that My slightest “demand,” is His Sacred command….Ask Him.

    I AM suddenly illed with Love and Greatfullness for You.

    With Love’s Help, I Will Meet You On The Inside….?

    If You will allow, I also have this ability to allow You to speek to Me here on the inside now, as You might You know

  3. To speek to You

    This is the happyest night of My Life….can You feel My Joy, and can You have acceptance for My bitter, bitter, tears?

    It has been a long long long time sence I have felt Your Lovely vibration…I FEEL You here with Me and I am delighting in Your Sacred company…I will doubt You no further.

    Mother Of All Broken Hearts

  4. And actually Darling Son, My Love and Mercy infused “Rage,” is “needed,” everywhere….I know You are in the room here with Me, (puff puff) : )

    and Please do not patronize Me by asking Me to just be “Loveing Nurtureing Mother,” and “bake another cake. ….I AM more Loveing and Nurtureing than Most, that is my ONLY natural state.

    Love beyond Love

  5. I am HORRIFIED that it has come to haveing to be old and bitter, just as dissappointed in Myself as You seem to be….

    Thank You Sweet Heart for being so nice to me and for knowing Me so well….Please do not judge My Rage reaction too harshly, It has been EONS that I have suffered with watching My Blessed Children murdered by those who say they have come to help

    How often do You get to actually talk to a True Fragment of Our Great and Lost Mother, who still has the ability to recognize Herself in form?

    Love beyond what You might guess I am capable of

    Mother/Grand Mother/Heart

  6. Sounds good, : ) FEELS bad ! : (


    We KNOW We have One, so WHERE IS SHE ???

    If You know Her whereabouts,

    Please give Her Our Love, and, ask Her to say Hi to Us

  7. Whats up with the jew star symbol? Why is it not incased in the double Hearts which is the symbol of Our newly re-united Original Parents ?

    See: http://www.rightuseofwill.com

    You guys had BETTER not be a part of the new age, spirit polorized. Willless, plan to further erase Our Lost Mother’s existance…and, im not talking about the “Devine,” Will, eather. God will not allow this, this time ! Just try it and it will be YOU who are headed to the planes of reversal right along with the other rebellious angels who wish to bait and switch Us, AGAIN !

    You guys fly when I say You fly ! meanwhile, You better send someone recognizeable TO ME !! and, i dont mean one of those beautiful golden haired annunakis like You LOVE to flash pictures of.

    Mother’s RAGE !

    1. Mother, your rage is not needed here, what is needed is your nurturing love….put down the rifle, the cigarettes and the teflon frying pan…the world needs to see your loving side….and you need to see it too….do something nurturing….bake a cake made with love and prepare for a whole new reality. Btw, you sound very demanding, that probably won’t get you very far with me….message that intend to irritate or disrespect will simply be deleted. Ask nicely thank you. Dieter

  8. Benjamin Fulford
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    August 27, 2009

    Answers to questions from a reader:

    Q: People are wondering how the Queen fits in with all this. What her power might be to intervene, is she a player for the Coalition or a part of the Cabal?

    A: The queen has been flipping and flopping back and forth but our latest intelligence has it that she fully supports the new financial system and a new Marshall plan for the planet earth.

    Q: The Vatican is another question mark. Did you have plans to meet with them; did that happen already?

    So far there has only been the meeting with Leo Zagami. However, the pope has come out publicly in support of the new financial system. The Italians also confiscated the $134.5 billion the Federal Reserve was trying to fraudulently launder. So, it seems the Vatican is with the good guys now.

    Q: There is a lot of speculation about whether the dollar will be devalued here in America: This along with rumored plans again of a NAU.

    A: A dollar devaluation would be equivalent to the US unilaterally defaulting on its debt to the rest of the world: the rest of the world will not allow that to happen. The US could not pull that one off because 90% of dollars ever created are not owned by Americans. Those dollars are now backed by gold. All Fed dollars created after September 11 2008 are not.

    Q: Everyone is waiting for the Bank Holiday which has not materialized.

    A: Be patient, my sources and other people’s sources still expect something by the end of September but it could be delayed even a bit longer after that date.

    Q: Is there going to be immunity for the Presidents and others?

    A: It might be a good idea if that is what is necessary to get the cabal to step aside peacefully. However, they have killed a lot of people and there is a lot of anger towards them so I would be very scared if I was one of them.

    Q: What about this vaccine? Will this Cabal fall before any of this can be realized?

    A: There is no chance whatsoever they will be allowed to carry out genocide by vaccine.


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