What We Are Dealing With Is Reprogramming Ourselves From Systematic Brainwashing – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

What We Are Dealing With Is Reprogramming Ourselves From Systematic Brainwashing – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Dear World,

What we are dealing with is reprogramming ourselves from systematic brainwashing.

Where has the brainwashing been taking place?
Preschool, elementary school, high school, university, family, friends, magazines, movies, billboards, all advertising, television programming, video games, internet and religion.

How can you tell people are brainwashed?
You can tell if people are brainwashed, if they put their egos ahead of God. You can tell if people are brainwashed, if they do not believe in God or if they do not serve God. You can tell people are brainwashed if they put some manmade authority system ahead of God.

Why do people allow themselves to be brainwashed?
Many brainwashing methods are unknown and unrealized to the general public…the public have been fed poisoned air, food, water and soil, and it has affected the public’s ability to think clearly.

Why is it important for people to unbrainwash themselves?
It’s important to unbrainwash yourself, so that you can fully regain your inherent abilities as a powerful human being. A full personal detox is needed by 99% of the population.

Why is it important to detox the body, when unbrainwashing yourself?
The very term “unbrainwashing” isn’t complete since our thoughts and emotions can be held throughout the body…we are essentially going for an entire cleasing of our entire being.

Essentially…people with money an this evil-controlled financial system have spent decades brainwashing the people so that they could control our sub-consciousness.

How can we reprogram our sub-conscious?
This is easy. We simply give ourselves better instructions.

For example if you are an adult still watching cartoons or primetime television, or maybe you read elite-controlled men’s magazines or women’s magazines, you are absorbing basically, how to act like an idiot, how to think like an 8 year old, or how to act like a fool, or how to degrade yourself, or how to act like a satanist, or how to talk like you’re still in elementary school, along with some worthy messages of good over evil, etc.

Provide better instructions here _______________________________.
Once you can input better instructions, they “take” immediately.

Here are some good unbrainwashing reprogramming statements…please make up your own! If you can hold certain thoughts that bring you joy, for at least 68 seconds, this has a very powerful effect and is much more powerful than quickly reading a list and then quickly forgetting it:

“I am a healthy human being”.
“I am in full control of my destiny”.
“I would like to clear my memory of all useless mind controlling data”.
“I am deserving of a clean and pure world…clean and pure food, air, water and soil…anything less would be criminal’.
“This is God’s planet and I am His/Her representative”.
“I believe the Universe is a loving place”.
“I can do my role to attract love and peace to planet earth”.
“I love myself”.
“I am grateful for all the lessons that come my way”.
“I am grateful for God for allowing me to be born on planet earth at this time”.
“I am going to not let evil poison me, and poison my family any longer”.
“I am standing for the truth”.
“I am standing in the Light”.
“I am not going to let other humans suppress my truth, for their own gain and continued ignorance”.
“I am capable of cleaning and purifying my body”.
“I desire to live on earth as a planet of peace”.

Please share freely…keep up your amazing ability to live in joy,
Indian in the machine

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