Weekly Message from the Ascended Master Hilarion August 9 – 16, 2009

Weekly Message from the Ascended Master Hilarion August 9 – 16, 2009

Hello, once again, Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I would like to focus upon the full integration of all the energy downloads that each of you have been accepting into your Beings during all the great Cosmic Events that have been taking place within the last few weeks. These energies are of the Highest frequency and so what will be occurring, is that each of you will be facing that which does not vibrate with this Highest frequency, coming forth into your daily lives and so what I advise for each of you is that you recognize and understand that all that is required of you is to take note that this is what is occurring so that you do not become a part of that old energy, that you merely observe what is occurring and recognize it for what it is and send it forth for transmutation in the great Cosmic Christ Light.

There have been great Events occurring in the Etheric Realms that are not discernable to you at this time. Great feats have been accomplished. Mother Earth is firmly on Her Path of Ascension and all of Humanity upon the Earth are once again given the opportunity to make the choice to Ascend into a Higher Consciousness, and as you go forth in your daily lives, you will be meeting with people who have just been Awakened and many who come into your resonance will be expressing that which is not of the Highest frequency level and so I am suggesting that each of you remember to place your shields around you, to affirm and decree your daily protection and I ask you to also add in your decrees, that this great shield of protection of the great Cosmic Light be wrapped and surrounded around each of your Loved Ones and their Loved Ones. This is very important, Dear Ones. Each of you are like Lightning Rods and so all that is being released for transmutation at this time, immediately heads for the nearest Light, and in most cases, you are IT, Dear Ones, so know this and ALWAYS surround yourselves with your protective shields. This is to make you immune to these negative energies that are being released for transmutation, so that your energy fields will transmute this energy but it will not affect you on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

It greatly pleases us and heartens us to see the number of Lightworkers who are now on board and online in working with the Spiritual Hierarchies, the Archangels and the Angels and our Galactic Brothers and Sisters. As we continue to work together in this way, great strides are being made in the upliftment of the Earth, all Her grids, and all of Humanity and all the Kingdoms upon Her. This is amazing and wonderful for us to participate in, knowing that we are now working together as a Team, as a union of the greatest forces that exist within the Universe. As above, so below, working together for the Highest Good of the Earth and all upon the Earth. This is wondrous in itself and a never ending source of awe and thankfulness and gratitude from we on this side of the Veil.

Each of you are becoming more proficient in your daily disciplines, those who decree have mastered this discipline and you use it with greater and greater knowledge that you ARE the Creators and that every time you stand and you repeat your decrees, you understand inherently that you are the Creator manifesting upon this Earth and what you are manifesting, Beloved Ones, is miraculous. Continue, continue to stand in your Light each day, for the Light, for the healing of your Beloved Planet, for the upliftment of your Beloved Planet and all upon Her.

Humanity is now seeking the Light, they are becoming aware that there is something in the air, that there is something greater that they should be looking for and this is a very positive development and you will notice in the days ahead that this is becoming very noticeable, where those who once mocked you and scoffed at your beliefs, at your standing in your Light, now come to you for clarification, for greater understandings and so, Dear Ones, you begin your roles of Teacher on a Global scale by becoming Teachers and Wayshowers within your own communities.

You are the Light Beacons and you will be sought for that reason as more and more of Humanity begin to recognize that there are greater and Higher forces at work in this World and the Universe. You and your abilities will be sought more and more. Each of you have your own Plan, your own Mission and each of you will bring forth that which is a blessing to this World and to these masses of people who will be seeking that which you bring forth, so those of you who are Healers, Artists, Channelers, Writers, Researchers, each of you and your work will become more and more recognized, more and more sought after. Be prepared, Dear Ones, to become truly multi-dimensional Beings manifesting upon this World, for your talents, your abilities and your Light will be sought by those who have just Awakened.

Ensure that your hearts are pure, that you are egoless in your desire to serve others. This is very important, for you bear a great responsibility that those who come to you seeking the Light, seeking greater Knowledge, that you impart this to them in the greatest purity as coming from the Light of God that never fails. As you do this, greater prosperity will just automatically flow to you and through you. All aspects of your daily existence upon the Planet Earth will be harmoniously supplied, and your storefronts and your work will be sought after.

If you have not yet begun your life’s work, we advise you now to daily go within and connect within your Great I AM Presence, within your heart space and you will be guided to do that which is your greatest joy and pleasure and this IS your life work, for gone are the days of self sacrifice, gone are the days of suffering, gone are the days of putting others’ Highest Good above your own, and in Serving in this way, with your greatest joy and pleasure, you meet the needs of all and most importantly, your Self, your Great I AM Presence’s need to manifest as the great Being of Light that you truly are. The integration with your Great I AM Presence’s is continuing each day, you will recognize this by quite gracefully and with ease, releasing all that no longer vibrates at your new level of frequency. That which seemed so difficult to do before, now becomes so very easy to do.

You will realize and understand that you walk in a mantle of Golden Christ Light, that you are blessed beyond measure, that you are your Christed Self walking the Earth and you will be filled with wonder that this has come about in such a joyous and wonderful manner. This is your Freedom, this is the Freedom Flame fully manifest upon the Earth. You, in your Sovereign Beings are now walking the Earth fully discerning, fully functioning as the Light Bearers that you are.

We of the Higher Realms absolutely adore each one of you and we bow to each one of you for the great work that you have been doing on behalf of the Earth and all of Humanity, on behalf of the Divine Plan for the Earth, all the while honoring your own parts of the Divine Plan and your Great I AM Presences. Well done, Beloved Ones, well done!

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

This Message may be shared with others provided that Scribe’s name, copyright, and this link, http://www.therainbowscribe.com is included.

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