I’m ready for a new banking system…are you? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

moneyI’m ready for a new banking system…are you? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

The financial system as we know it is like a big game of Monopoly. You know…the popular board game, where the person who “wins” eventually owns everything. This is exactly what we are living now….the shifting of wealth to few individuals who have very little intention to share this wealth, instead they use it to accumulate more wealth.

Capitalism doesn’t work. It’s a system based on competition instead of sharing. This is a highly flawed approach because we end up competing with resources and with talents and creative gifts that we should be sharing. Why should we share? We should share because then overall we can all benefit, there is synergy in people coming together in unity.

The best thing for humanity is to have money based on some standard, instead of nothing. Digital money has proven to be convenient however it’s not really. Why do I say this? Well as long as money can be created by nothing using computer programs, there are those who run those computer programs that can essentially add as many zeros to their accounts as they desire. This system like any system can be abused by those of evil intent. As a species, we have an obligation to ourselves and to other generations to put our energy towards a fair system were evil doesn’t have any advantage to steer humanity of it’s path to the Light.

Let’s imagine our world where money doesn’t represent a struggle to us. Let’s imagine a world where compound interest doesn’t exist. Let’s imagine a world where money can even expire after one year. Let’s imagine all sorts of ways were we can use money to create unity, to create fairness and equality.

There is something much greater than capitalism. Under the current financial system…it’s an empty system that doesn’t bring God into the equation…look who’s on the $1 USA bill….. the all seeing eye of evil. Why not imagine money with Universal Light symbols on it….images of God and the Universe….the celebration of humanity’s triumphs over evil, the celebration of humanity having successful collaborations with the Universe.

The question every human could ask: What are you going to do with all that abundance you are attracting? What sort of life can you imagine under a fair revamped financial system? How can you celebrate a world of equality?

The creation and sharing of money can be an act of love. Just imagine the possibilities as 6 billion human crystals come together in unity…

In spirit,
Indian in the machine

3 thoughts on “I’m ready for a new banking system…are you? – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

  1. I believe what he’s referring to is “NESARA”, which is a transfer from paper money to gold. This concept has been the answer for a long time now, and “now” I think is a good time. This NESARA concept should begin (by all rights) by the end of September (I hope). This will be a fair distribution of wealth for humans, and a means to start a new way of life on this planet. Of course, the dark do not want to see this happen. If it does, then they will take a hard loss with all of the paper money they have accumulated. For, after all, isn’t that what all of this dark against light has been all about in the first place??? Money creates power, and power is control. It’s going to take alot of effort over the dark to make this happen. They will fight us tooth and nail to see that it don’t, but the one thing that they don’t know yet is..they’ve already lost the control game. The light has won once again, and we are victorious!

  2. “Just imagine the possibilities as 6 billion human crystals come together in unity…”

    Wow! This is one of the most clearly expressed ideas in relation to the concept ‘we are all one’ that I’ve ever read. Thank you for the poetic vision you have given to this future possibility of unity.


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