Archangel Raphael: Look to the Skies

Channeler: Marlene Swetlishoff

June 4, 2009

Archangel Raphael: Look to the Skies

Beloved Ones,

I AM so pleased to be able to speak with you in this way through this scribe on this day. The World that you know is changing moment to moment. Just as each of you have been going through your personal transformation and metamorphosis, so too, is the Earth and all upon Her. At this moment ‘in Time’, in what is known as ‘Time’ there is a great deal of preparation on both the Inner Planes and the Earth plane that is occurring. There is much work that is being done, that has been done and that will continue to be done.

Know that you are all on the most unique journey ever in the history of the Planet Earth. This journey has been planned for eons and eons of time and what started as a journey for only a few that were Aware and Awakened has become, in truth, a journey for all upon Planet Earth. Only those who are the most adamant about not journeying into the New Earth will be left behind, and even they will not be left behind, as you might think, each Soul is always, always assisted and surrounded by the Light of the Creator. Each Soul is a part of the Creator and each Soul will eventually find their way back to the Creator. It is only through the Path of Light that one may find the Creator.

Many of you have been going through deep personal purging and releasing and this will continue in the month of June in preparation for the great events that are even now occurring. The working dynamics of the Ascension of Planet Earth has changed, in that now, the Plan is to uplift one and all along with the Earth into Ascension levels and there is great confusion about ‘Planet A’ versus ‘Planet B’. There is just one Planet, Dear Ones, and that is the Planet Earth, who will be transforming into the Earth Star that she was destined to be.

There will not be different Planets going off into different places in the Universe. There is only the Planet Earth and all is on its journey into full integration. Every man, woman and child is into their journeys of full and complete integration with all aspects of themselves, all fragments of themselves that may have been left in their lifetime journeys in other ‘timelines’.

All is being integrated into this current lifetime and this is occurring also to the Earth, all is being brought into One. That is the higher meaning of the term ‘We Are All One’. Not only does it mean we all come from the same Source, Prime Creator, it also means that each of you as you come to this great momentous event of Ascension, each one of YOU has also gone through the process of integration with every one of your lifetimes along the Path of ‘timelines’. All is being integrated into this one lifetime and so, when this occurs and the process is completed, you really are One. Many people find that a hard concept to work their way through and so we ask you to trust in the process. Trust that your Guides, your Teachers, your Great I AM Presence, are all working together in great synchronicity to bring about this momentous occasion within yourselves and within the Earth. And this is occurring and will continue.

There are many who could be termed ‘sleepers’ who have not yet Awakened but their days of being ‘sleepers’ are numbered, Dear Ones. Through the work of Lightworkers all over the Planet, these ‘sleepers’ will be getting their ‘Wake Up Call’ very, very soon. Look to the skies, Dear Ones, for you will be able, along with the so called ‘sleepers’ to see wondrous sights. It is within the atmosphere around you that the truth will begin to be discerned, that you are all more, much more than you realized and those who have been asleep will Awaken to that realization.

You who are Lightworkers, hold steady in your Light, keep yourselves centered, always go within and connect with your Great I AM Presence, for in these days it is your I AM Presence that you are working with, Dear Ones. I, Archangel Raphael, add myself to your list that you may call upon at anytime. Know that we of the Ascended Host are all working with each of you to bring this glorious transformation to each and every one of you and to the Earth and all upon Her. You are much Loved.

I AM Archangel Raphael

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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