The Declaration of Consciousness Movement

The Declaration of Consciousness Movement

The Movement declaring a unified effort to create a better world through Intentional Acts of Consciousness.
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4 thoughts on “The Declaration of Consciousness Movement”

  1. The expression of your soul is delight.
    The expression of highest spirit is more delight than joy at/ over sth.
    The expression of combined mind is gladness – a delight love (unconditionally).
    The expression of body is a sense of delight, enjoyment.

  2. Our galactic universe

    Every human has an own universe within – like a best of collection. Through your eyes you make it available for others. It can be seen.

    For many many years we and our souls were holded to mess about with our thirsty of ourselves and had to deal in the known world with self-neglected. You looked in the blue sky for your soul. But the blue is a reflection. Your basics lay deep in the water. We were prevent from ourself for maintenance the universe/ established world you know.

    A new universe is ready constructed. It was softly given in place. Imagine it is like a hot-plug-in for restructuring from windows to an open linx platform.

    The basic layers are ready and give help to evolve yourself, to find and bring your soul back, to live within a higher human society – upright. The open structure allows you to express your cosmos and in this way enrich our new universe – make it galactical.

    You are more than welcome.

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