“Frost Quakes” They Say… Are You Buying It?

“Frost Quakes” They Say… Are You Buying It?


Mysterious Bangs Are Frost Quakes Say Experts: TPTB Can Use Frost Quakes To Trigger The New Madrid!!!


All of a sudden there’s a new term….. FROST QUAKE…. ta da…. voila…. instant new term just whipped up…  JUST LIKE THE TERM, ‘FIREBALL SEASON’ a new term just started last year….frost quakes eh?….  Perhaps… but why now? Why ever growing new quake activity? Are the quakes related to Nibiru… perhaps Fireball Season is related to Nibiru too????… Perhaps there’s a big giant new sun in our solar system and most were too distracted to notice?…. It’s looking like fireballs are from Nibiru… startdust from Ison…. folks… intelligence and wisdom do not exist without presence.


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2 thoughts on ““Frost Quakes” They Say… Are You Buying It?”

  1. Heck No! Not buying it. Wouldn’t we, from the dawn of time be used to the sound because it would be occurring every year come winter, wouldn’t it? I’m in Northern Arizona. Is anyone else out there being inundated with Chem Trails the last few days. We get them daily, but this goes above and beyond the call of duty, even for evil. I think personally they cover the sky so we can’t see what’s going on. Sign petitions folks. Let’s make this one of our “Important causes, along w/ no more GMO’s, stopping the NSA and “Privacy Issues”, that aught to keep us busy for a few days. Peace and Love.

  2. http://exopolitics.blogs.com/









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