Nasa is Airbrushing Nibiru: Exposed By Zetas

Nasa is Airbrushing Nibiru: Exposed By Zetas

In our wonderful world, the headlines are getting more ‘out there’… I share this news that Zeta grey “ETs” have a very fascinating website, where they have been helping humanity to comprehend our experience with Nibiru… including airbrushing that has gone on for years… isn’t it time to make peace with all friendly ET visitors… please welcome them and don’t be fooled by the chaos to come first!  Sananda says “first chaos… the harmony”.

Following the embarrassing Monster Persona of Planet X provided by the Stereo Ahead images on November 28, 2013 during the ISON perihelion focus, NASA has gotten more cautious about what images to release. Clearly, during the period in question – December 5-9, 2013 – there was some evidence of the Planet X complex that NASA felt needed to be airbrushed out. This evidence can be seen in the days prior. Moving moons in a Moon Swirl are apparent at the location in question on December 3, 2013. Then on December 4, 2013 one can see a Monster Persona, this time of a Moon Swirl. Then the image scrubbing began.

Interesting Artifact photo anomaly_zps96602216.gif

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