If you want to make it big in hollywood, nowadays… you gotta sleep with some ugly old fat dude or several… possibly attend the cloning centre… watch a few babies get sacrificed, and eventually kill or torture someone… eventually you will sit in the special chair with the electrodes… this chair can give you superhuman abilities…. abilities to memorize lyrics, dance moves, never get tired, do countless interviews, videos, appearances… and of course, the perks of magazine covers and special promotions… the money people can count on you because they’ve already watched/filmed you at the cloning centre, and have seen you fuck a goat.

It’s a place where sadness is fun…. watching clones get tortured is extra fun, because you can convince yourself they are less than human, and give them drugs so that they feel no pain, and it’s soooo real.

You the reader… your dna is already collected at birth and sent to the dna bank which is contains records of living and dead… all they need is one cell to do this… this is why egyptians mummified themselves… all you would need is one cell to be preserved, and you could come back… this will explain egyptian hollywood connections.

Imagine being able to combine the genes of the most charismatic and talented people throughout history… create a clone from several of these beings, into special hollywood hybrids, who now the masses worship.

Celebrities who often have giant egos, want to be cool by continually being sadistic… they will engage in “acting” at these cloning centres in between the child gladiator battles to the death… the more you can mesmorize/hypnotize with your singing/dancing/acting skills, you will be respected and even worshipped at these gatherings… false idols.

The orgies are extra fun… because you can order up just like a menu…. 10 Megan foxes and a couple of Lindsay Lohans, for a price… it’s a price many can afford….it’s a perk you can offer a world leader, whom you want to control.

Some celebrities are made examples of if they get too big for their britches and try to stop any of this… so most of them will be very “shhhhh”…..Tila Tequila (who is a heroine to hollywood for blogging about “the others”, comes to mind as an example from an outsider, who was once given a glimpse inside something very very bad)… research her story.

Many celebrities get off on hanging with politicians at the cloning centre… it’s almost like sharing world power…. and oddly enough, many politicians will be given the codes of any mind controlled celebrity or clone… to use at will for whatever they desire…

In this luciferian culture, often parents will bring their children for early torture…. it’s seen as an honour, because that’s how you rise up in the ranks… the mind control is BIG. Please research the defunct tv series “The Dollhouse”… these houses exist all over the world.

Hollywood is now a zany circus of humans and clones… where humans will engage in the clone trade… if you’re very very good for satan, you might get a clone for a wife… she will be programmed to your specifications.

Old rich fat and ugly dudes with small penises, who drink blood, will often have beautiful wives…. those wives will at times, will come from the cloning centres or the programming centre. Politicians sometimes get these clones as a ‘perk from the job’… it’s extra security… after all, you can’t just trust anyone… this is a world, where no one trusts the other, and thus, must use any devious way to keep the evil going. The mind control is highly refined… many people don’t realize just how far it’s gone…

People from history who have charisma, or the ability to control the masses…. think of julius caesar, or hitler, will be cloned from a gene-splicing program, where they can combine the dna of a marilyn monroe, with the dna of a madonna, and give you your latest academy award winning “artist” that the masses will be trained to love/hate depending on how that “artist” is designed to mesmorize the masses.

Some organizations like scientology may be into cloning… why is controlled clone tom cruise’s daughter’s name, Suri? (Short for Surrogate).

Many celebrities even the young ones, now have “dead eyes”… these are either the eyes of a human who has seen too much, or they are clones… clones do walk amongst us without a human soul… how many Lindsay Lohans or versions of Vladimir Putin, do you need to see before you accept that this is happening?

Some celebrities are switched outright over night… with slightly different head shapes, faces, noses… Research Eddie Murphy, Paul McCartney, Lindsay Lohan… different skin colour even… no clone is exactly like the original.

Some celebrities will appear to the have the fountain of youth… it’s because updated versions of them will be released to the public… often the cover is that a celebrity will go to a clinic for substance abuse… one version goes in, and another version comes out.

Thank you for shining Light on this matter of worldly importance. If you are involved and would like to break free, it is possible WITH God and Sananda

Many people who have experienced these activities, are trained from birth, that bad is good… and good is bad… freedom is slavery, and slavery is freedom… etc…  it may have appeared to have been logical, but with all planetary veils being lifted… this whole “false idol” period for humanity, is coming to a complete halt.

May White Light surround us all, may all walk free… may we all live with peace in our hearts… and may we have the power and strength to overcome all odds and all illusions… on this planet we learn powerful ways within, we can forgive and move on to the reaaaal good stuff… keep attracting loving extraterrestrial visitation, and watch the skies.

Indian in the machine

PS…. watch for the tricks

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  1. I would like to add that you will soon face the antichrist who will try and make everyone on the planet take a mark on the right hand or forehead some say its the RFID chip please look into it the Bible talks about it in Revelations its the mark of the beast. This is no joke some will be killed for refusing the mark and things are going to get messy. My husband works at UBC where they shut down part of the campus to hold a special military practice using live explosives. Also here in Vancouver they are buying hotels next to where I live they just bought the ramada hotel…. think about it 400 rooms… 400 hundred families processed nice and easy…

  2. Good stuff, God bless u my friend. I urge you to look up my friends videos & books, Fritz Springmeier, if you havenseen or heard his work yet. He is a great man, & in my 28 years on Earth, he is the ONLY person I’ve seen so far that knows truely what’s going on behind the closed doors.also, lookup a vid on utube, titled “Mothers of Darkness Castle”, it will open some new doors for your researech. Killuminati

  3. For law enforcement to deal with an issue like this, there needs to be proof of medical technology to accelerate the aging process of clones. Where they could go from birth to adulthood in a short enough time to participate in the activity described in the article. Without that or other proof, like multiple copies of the same person being credibly documented, there’s insufficient proof of crime to investigate and prosecute.

  4. Beloved Brother,
    You focus to much on things that don’t rely matter in the end. I mean in the grand divine scheme of things it amounts to…. F#$k ALL
    just buy focusing on this rubbish is giving it power “it only has as much power as you give it”.
    Remember, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” For if they did they wouldn’t do it.
    If they actual new the divine universal laws they would not do what they do.
    I know you are trying to inform people and so far you have done a remarkable job, But do not fall in the trap of giving all the problems and no solution.
    I just felt the urge to share this with you so please do not take offense for I Love you as I Love my Brother and I AM so very grateful for you.
    May (God)’s Divine Blessings of Love. Wisdom and Power Surround you and all that you know
    your Loving brother……David
    P.s As I was typing this I had the feeling that some would believe that this is just sticking your head in the sand, as it were, that denial has come into the equation, But I tell you now That Love is not denial but the truth and anything but the truth must be disregarded Remember the laws of attraction and that “Peace will come when thou art Peaceful and not before”
    Divine Blessings to you all
    “Evan the greatest sinners are but sleeping son’s and daughters of (God)”
    Love thine (Enemy’s)
    “Return LOVE for hate”
    “Father Forgive them for they know not what they do”

    1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful energy… one of the elusive keys to ascension is the key of denial… as we end our denial, and only then, will we be able to take back out power…fully and completely… not just a bit…. 100%… as angels of God, we direct our energy where it needs to go… holding our swords of truth high… unlocking the shackles of the caged children and souls of the world… it’s a noble task of divine service, in unity we are victorious… it’s not about freeing people against their will, it’s about offering a way out… truth is the way out of darkness, always and forever.

  5. Satanism exists, and some people with a lot of money and power are undoubtedly involved in it, and are practicing it in a depraved felonious manner. It stands to reason that as medical and industrial technology advances, that criminally inclined people with access to it, would misuse it.

    Life here has always been like this with a struggle between good and evil, virtue and corruption. For someone like myself with access to people in politics and security, it’s just a given, and already baked into the cake. Some of the people being vilified, are people that I deal with on a regular basis, because I have to to get stuff done to create a better future. I don’t approve of war mongers or people torturing their babies to death in abortuaries, but it happens everyday, so who’s good and who’s bad, and who’s virtuous and who’s depraved? People vote these politicians into office every election, so it’s all relative as far as I’m concerned.

    I deal with people on a case by case basis by how they interact with me, and what the evidence shows about them, not what people say about them, but can’t or won’t prove. I don’t approve of criminality, that’s what law enforcement and judicial systems, and the quality control provisions to maintain their integrity are for. Pictures can be photo shopped, people can be falsely accused, and evidence can be fabricated. This is what investigations, discovery, and trials are for, to get at what’s true and what isn’t, and then decide what to do once the truth has been determined, if it can be.

    I don’t think that the ETs are going to rescue us, or that there is going to be a dimensional shift, or an end times, because there’s no credible evidence or basis in sound science for it that I’ve seen. The challenge that we face in the new age of our developing into an extraterrestrial civilization, with extended life spans on a poverty and pollution free planet with expanded rights and freedoms to safely travel the universe on star ships. Is how we develop our working and cultural relationships with other races in the interstellar community, a lot of which are purportedly non human, in a mature reasonable, rational manner. People need to refrain from freaking out, and keep the golden rule in mind, and treat others as they’d want to be treated.

    If I have a friend with three rows of 8 triangle shaped toes on it’s feet, with antenna on it’s head, that weighs 1,000 pounds and bullets bounce off of, not that I’d want people shooting at them, I wouldn’t. And they’re an intelligent sociable person, I’d want people to be nice to them, and treat them decently.

    1. What is that David Icke. My home is Sitting on water… Holy Alien water? Maybe it is a good thing. Maybe I will sail back to where I belong. Xoxoxoxo

  6. However, if you happen to k ow a good plumber/contractor…. I will lovingly trade a million healings just to repair my broken pipe.

  7. Those words do not sound like you. The last paragraph does. I do not research all the Hollywood stuff….. I’m doing the best I can.
    Thank you for sharing .

    Keep those drums beating and have a Beautiful day!!!!!!!

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